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  1. To understand the importance of my post, here is a short recap: 1) Before Bauer update : very playable, no graphical lag, though about 40 FPS. 2) After Bauer update (I had stopped playing a month) : FPS fell to 14 (19 with everything low) and was very laggy. Everything seemed shadowy and heavy. 3) Fixed back up to 40 to 80 FPS after fiddling with my NVIDIA Control Panel settings. I believe, from reading about some who have low FPS with powerful gaming rigs, and from my current experience, that there is a glitch or graphics conflict that explains why some have horrible FPS even with a 2010+ GPU. It may have little to do with the Bauer update, and simply be a conflict with my NVIDIA Control Panel settings this last month before coming back to H&G. Guide to tweaking NVIDIA GPU settings (free, very well written and you can tell reading a paragraph or two that the author really knows his tech) nb: sent to H&G Support in case it helps debug the probable graphical conflict.