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  1. thuggers

    1.13.2 - New Fighter Planes Preview

    Damn, that came outta nowhere. Nice job Reto!
  2. (image by WestaLord) This makes your tank undestructable. Take one or two friends with you, you can't be killed. I propose a system where you can't repair for 10 seconds after you have been hit. Your tank would still be 'hot', and you should not touch it. When you get away, your 10 seconds will have past, and you can let your friends repair. No tank should be invincable. What are your thoughts, thuggers
  3. thuggers

    Flying is kinda broken

    No, that's not my issue. Everyone is motivated to play badly or in a manner that's not fun for anyone involved. As of today, the one with the most paraplanes killed is the highest on the scoring board. It shouldn't reward the most xp to paraplanes, since they aren't the hardest to kill. Sure, it makes you a lot of credits. But should it? Does it make the game more fun?
  4. thuggers

    Flying is kinda broken

    This is a returning argument in this thread, but I don't think you guys got your priorities straight. The main goal of the game would be having fun, and that's mainly achieved by balance. The grind concerning pilots is not bad at all, and if you confess to taking advantage of a broken feature, you'd be wrong. It just takes away all the fun when your teammates are fighting over the paraplanes, and the only thing you think is fun, hunting enemy fighters, got dull as well. Since they are only in persuit of paraplanes, it's not particularly difficult. It just feels wrong when your teammate gets double the xp for shooting twice the big and half the speed of a target which you'd be hunting.
  5. So I really liked the addition of mixing the classes, just like the tanks. It made for very interesting battles, with a real choice to make between heavy's and mediums (hope to see bombers balanced similarly someday). But the thing is that it's way too rewarding to farm paraplanes. You get like double the xp and credits for them, while they're way easier to kill, rather than enemy fighters. Nowadays you see way to much fighters focussing on the paraplanes instead of enemy fighters. No fun for the paratroopers and the pilots alike. Hope this will be addressed soon, thuggers
  6. Good idea, tanks shouldn't be capping objectives. That's what the infantry is for
  7. These sounds on spawn screen could be your tank "repairing" when you've used up all your vehicle points. I noticed it as well, probably a feature though. Kinda like when you hit your tank with your wrench.
  8. On DirectX 11, I get insanly long exit times from Full Screen mode. Screen turns black, stays like that for half a minute and the PC acts normal again. DirectX 12 fixes it almost comepletly, although I lose around 40 fps, so if id still be able to get fixed for DX11, that would be great. Specs: Ryzen 5 2600 16 GB 2400mhz Inno3d GTX 970 ~thuggers By the way, I sometimes receive a message mentioning the following error code: 0x887a0007
  9. thuggers

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    Flying has become a lot more fun, although in air collision seems not to damage friendlies anymore, and if intended, is a bit weird. Furthermore would it be appreciated if we'd hear a sound when getting hit. Often very soft, not noticeable. And a three way with 6v6v6 might be a bit too much? Planes in medium Vs heavy are balanced perfectly imho, various tradeoffs per plane type. Overall good addition concerning air to air combat
  10. Would not consider Driver and Chauffeur as unimportant ribbons - vehicles make out a vital part of the game. Often wether you have availabllity to use cars deters if you could win.
  11. Thanks guys, that's exactly what I needed! The Illustration looks really cool aswell, would like that as a wallpaper
  12. thuggers

    Action Servers moved to cloud

    How does that work? Isn't Rotterdam closer to London? I really am a big network noob I'm afraid.
  13. thuggers

    Action Servers moved to cloud

    Ah shame, the Rotterdam servers were perfect for me with a distance of 80 km . Frankfurt will have to do. Is there any significant difference we will now notice with the servers in the cloud? Not that much of an expert.
  14. thuggers

    Deep Dive: Weapon Configuration on Twitch

    What cheaters? I am a pretty seasoned player if I may say so myself, but I've never came across any cheaters.
  15. thuggers

    Intelligence Bulletin #5

    Maybe the deep dive will tell us more when we get Christiano to talk