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  1. KriegsSchwein

    Brazil Server Wars

    You should go on Ink Master and get that tattoo redone !
  2. KriegsSchwein

    Its important

  3. KriegsSchwein

    What is the Forums turning into ?

    Did you guys even read my first line in the OP ?
  4. KriegsSchwein

    This game is dying, so...

    BIG PROBLEM you forgot .What happens when these (new Players ) run into the Clan meat grinder ?? It may sound good to give the Free stuff but in the long run its just a pipe dream . After the Free time period , what do you thing that new players decision will be on doing the long grind or buy a bunch of gold will be ?
  5. KriegsSchwein

    What is the Forums turning into ?

    This is just for shats and giggles 😁 . It just seems to me that the forums have just become a skipping vinyl record where you push that needle so it can run to the next scratch and start skipping over again. 99.9 % of the time if the OP would just do a topic search he would easily find his answer he's looking for ! It hopefully will not turn into ....
  6. KriegsSchwein

    will RETO ever do something about traitors in war?

    "else I don't see how humans can waste their time like that" You wasted your time making making this topic !!
  7. KriegsSchwein

    NEWS BIKE......

  8. KriegsSchwein

    Randoms are the salt of the earth

  9. KriegsSchwein

    The salty welcome back I was looking for.

    Its Back !!!
  10. KriegsSchwein

    Epic match which we'll never watch (
  11. KriegsSchwein

    Nerf Sturmgewehr

  12. KriegsSchwein

    New Countries

    Joke about it if you want . But would you honestly do it ???????????????????????????????????????
  13. KriegsSchwein

    New Countries

    I only know of 1 way it could happen and that is for you " DarkPhoenixRising " to win a lotto of at least 5 million Euros and donate it to Reto .BUT make sure you have Reto sign a contract !!!
  14. KriegsSchwein

    Game is disappointing

  15. KriegsSchwein

    New Countries

    I would advice you to do a Forum search of the message you are trying to relate on in this Forum . This topic has been hashed over many,many, times ! and there are many,many posts arguing for and against and lots of trolling all so .