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  1. It's golden vs APCs. It's closed vehicles such as tanks that are it's problem. P40 is incredibly powerful against infantry, cars, motorcycles and APCs. Clears them out in no-time.
  2. Personally, I'd go with the BF-109. I find the Me-410 to be too big cumbersome, as I like to close in with the enemy. Me-410 is bigger, and thus it's harder to fly through forests, in between obstacles, etc. Regarding command points, I'd always go for more infantry. Especially considering your army doesn't seem to have too much of it. Personally, I stick to a 75% ratio of infantry. That being said, every army should have about 2 to 6 motorized recon ATs for scouting purposes (do not use in battle), a small selection of tank ATs (I don't use them all that much). Fill up the rest with paratroopers and aircraft. Given the queue sizes, you can never have enough of these, as you can keep them in reserve and use them when they're needed. But for now, you should really focus on getting more infantry, mechanized in particular. Assaulting towns without mechanized ATs is hard work.
  3. Awesome suggestion, have my upvote!
  4. Yes! Full support, I've been suggesting this concept myself as well, as it would reduce the repetitivity of replaying the same handful of maps. 2 more suggestions to add to this would be to mix up the formation of assault lines so that more of the map's surface is being used. Since conflict is almost exclusive to the cap zones and the areas in between them, most battles only use a fraction of the map, and always the same areas at that. So, for example, when only C/B is present on town map, it would be possible to reform the assault line so that the base point is C2, after which the attacker would proceed to capture C3, B3, B4 and eventually the objectives. There's never been that much fighting between C3 and B3, meaning players would get to explore new parts of the maps, without the need to create entirely new maps. Another example would be E1-E2-D3-D4 on the town map. I'll try to upload a map to demonstrate later. Another idea I had was to recycle parts of the assault maps to create an encounter or skirmish map from them. Perhaps these wouldn't be the most balanced, but it could significantly increase the amount of maps, without a need to create them all from scratch. So for example, encounter map created out of the C4 steel bridge on town map. Whomever controls the bridge wins?
  5. A Balance between Arcade & Realism

    Yep, this is exactly my point of view as well. It's just basic logic; bigger and higher powered rounds carry more energy and will typically inflict more damage, at the cost of requiring more power, and thus produce more recoil. Generally speaking of course. And a mechanic like sway should just be tied directly into the weight of the weapon, where heavy weapons produce more sway than lighter weapons, which can be completely negated by going into the prone position. This would also completely kill the balance debate, because weapon stats would be defined almost entirely based on indiscriminate rules; - damage based on the mass (caliber) and velocity - recoil based on several factors, including caliber - sway based on weapon weight - historical rate of fire - historical clip/magazine size And of course with some tweaks by Reto and the weapon modding of the player, this still leaves plenty of room for versatility and customization. Which brings me to another thing; Reto, please analyze weapons by their combination of mods. Some build can be really powerful while other builds of the same weapon can be complete trash. Sometimes, it's not the base weapon that needs adjusting, but rather a specific combination of mods.
  6. Another one won

    Rumour has it US is just deploying for free warfunds and wants Soviets to end wars quickly for bigger profits. One might even say they're doing it for the greater good of all players, seeing that every faction (and new players in particular) stands to gain.
  7. question about the new army strength info

    The statistics are completely flawed. It simply demonstrates that which we've already been saying for a long time; reto isn't able to generate accurate statistics about their own game. And as a consequence, they make decisions which don't always make sense. Yesterday, the victory statistics showed 450 more victories than losses. Since every battle features at least 1 opponent and up to 2 opponents, having more total losses than victories is technically possible, but having more total victories than losses most definitely isn't. Plus that your statistics show more Soviet than both American or German troops deployed, despite Soviets being on 70% underdog bonus all the time. Which again goes towards the earlier point, that Soviet generals gained an unfair advantage as a consequence of the underdog bonus and were able to far outgrow any counterparts on the American and German factions. Now I'm sure we'll see someone show up any time now, who's going to tell me the statistics are very accurate.
  8. I have a few ideas on this, but I don't have time right now to put them on paper. Will get back to you later.
  9. Update 1.08.1 - Weapon Tweaks

    MG42 now is how I want all MGs to be.
  10. Acronym list

    Battle Director is the game mechanic that's responsible for calculating the outcome of non-fun battles. Army Group and/or kampfgruppe is basically a clan thing. I just copied over the whole list that accompanies our documents, so it may not all be relevant.
  11. Acronym list

    RPM - Rounds Per Minute TTK - Time To Kill DMG - Damage DPS - Damage Per Second / Damage Per Shot RNG - Random Number Generator (refers to armor penetration and randomly distributed headshots) RHG - Random Headshot Generator (see above) CP - Capture Point / Command Point(s) EP - Equipment Point(s) AUX - Auxiliary seats HQ - HeadQuarters BD - Battle Director AG - Army Group KG - KampfGruppe SL - SquadLeader SQD - Squad Squid - Sarcastic alternative for squad. Meant to mock the squad mechanic. BH - BugHunter TS - Teamspeak (3), 3rd party software that allows voice communication SA (on TS) - Server Admin RQ - Random Queue Bonus 1: German faction field communications Bonus 2: terminology reference list of German faction: Extra edit: When it comes to directions, there are 2 ways to do this. 1. North, East, South, West. These are based off the map and provide absolute directions. 2. Up, Down, Right, Left, Front, Read, Behind, etc. These provide relative directions and their use is dependant on team's (and the players') relative position. Assume they were given as if from the base spawn point that the team originally departed from, unless a point of reference is given. So, if deployed from A1; 'Tank, right flank!' - There is a tank on the right flank of A line (no point of reference was given) 'Tank, right side of the bridge' - There is a tank to the right of the bridge. (point of reference was given) 'Tank on your right, Axe' This is a communication directed directly at me. Tank is on the right of where I am currently headed. (player is the point of reference) QFTW Panzerfaust is shortened to faust.
  12. PTRD AA clan

    It baffles me, the debts to which some people sink.
  13. Massive contributing factor to losing the war

    Don't get me wrong here, because I fully understand your perspective, but I believe you're confusing cause and effect. Demotivated Germans, inactive Germans, these are not causes of us losing. They are the consequence of 2 years of playing without a chance of winning. If you dangle the carrot for too long, there will be a moment when the donkey will stop believing in its ability to catch the carrot.
  14. Questions from the Red Army

    In my view: Garand has least recoil, in the sense that the Garand recoil is straight up and G43/SVT's recoil is diagonal. However, Garand's scope is only half as powerful. SVT has highest rate of fire and is therefor most viable on close range. however, it's recoil is quite bad if you follow up your shots too quickly, especially at longer ranges. G43 has least rate of fire, but has the most powerful scope. It's recoil is somewhere in between the other two. My personal preference is the SVT, because you can learn to deal with the recoil over time. However, that's only viable if you spend a fair amount of time using the weapon and most players won't get to that level of proficiency. Garand has best iron sights IMHO, but you only use iron sights for the first 4 hours of gameplay if you're going for the scope. So that's not a huge advantage. Overall, they're some of the more balanced guns. Is it perfect? Nope, and it never will be with the current system. But it's good enough and no faction has a clear advantage on the SA-rifles.