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  1. LMG Leaderboards

    That's the point. The only German on the list is a para, LOL.
  2. That's entirely unrelated to the topic we're discussing.
  3. That's not an argument. Doing things for sake of doing them is outright silly. What do you hope to achieve? What are your goals? Evidently, the goal of creating a challenging but worthwhile and rewarding RTS is being missed here. Not to mention that this does not influence the real time element at all. Problem is that currently, the attacker can launch attacks while the defender can't. This gives the attacker an advantage that he will retain indefinitely, or until he makes a sizeable mistake. I've pinned clans like KGB for entire days in the same town by doing this. How enjoyable do you think their experience was, having to fight the same town 20+ times? And when you boil it down to its basics, you'll find that the only ''skill'' you need to pull this off is to be able to keep track of time. There's no deeper strategy involved.
  4. Fully agree with OP. The current system is very unfriendly to borderline everyone who isn't glued to the screen all day. For gameplay's sake, I would suggest cleaning the skirmish lines when a battle ends. So when the attacker loses their assault, any troops on the line would retreat as well (without morale loss). That would inevitable also lead to a lower skill requirement on the RTS. That may be a bit more boring for some guys, but we're the minority here. I'm quite confident the bulk of HnG players would enjoy a game that is a bit more forgiving that the current RTS. Anyhow, this is one would require RTS2.0 to be fully deployed before Reto could work on this, so it won't be happening anytime soon.
  5. RTS Masterclass for (aspiring) German generals

    My apologies, I haven't checked the thread since you wrote this and missed your message. Yes, you are of course welcome to join. I'll leave the channel open as long as it doesn't get too crowded. We just finished our first class today. The next one has been scheduled for September 30th, 22:00CEST/16:00EDT.
  6. RTS Masterclass for (aspiring) German generals

    You are, of course, most welcome to walk in any time! Always a pleasure!
  7. RTS Masterclass for (aspiring) German generals

    September 16th, 22:00 CEST/16:00 EDT is now the official date of our first session. We're doing the first session of the masterclass on the German faction's TS, which you can find here: The session is scheduled to last about an hour, but there will be an opportunity to ask more questions and/ore discuss with each other afterwards, In the meantime, I've prepared some reading to cover the most basic aspects of RTS mechanics. Please read this document if you're not familiar with mechanics like: - Auto resolve - Battle director - Morale Generals @WFCDecker @GeneralDecker @Muskelmann and masterclassers @conyn3496 @Konigschmidt @Raven-Reaper @Wilfrith @geschlittert @Wehrmacht1941 @jolygold1337 @Dillaz @DanFordtheGreat @lobintjev @bebras @WERMACHT_3 @LuisCyphre @TONES @Sgt.DonaldO'Brien @Cirne @Belgwyn @SigitasLT @HerrCrusader @g397
  8. RTS Masterclass for (aspiring) German generals

    Yes, I will. I'm not the type to just quit and disappear, don't worry. For the next few weeks, I'll still have numerous projects to finish, loose ends to tie up, etc. After that, I'll see in what shape or form I can fit life and HnG together.
  9. RTS Masterclass for (aspiring) German generals

    Generals @WFCDecker @GeneralDecker @Muskelmann and masterclassers @conyn3496 @Konigschmidt @Raven-Reaper @Wilfrith @geschlittert @Wehrmacht1941 @jolygold1337 @Dillaz @DanFordtheGreat @lobintjev @bebras @WERMACHT_3 @LuisCyphre @TONES @Sgt.DonaldO'Brien @Cirne @Belgwyn @SigitasLT @HerrCrusader @g397 Please let me know if you can make September 16th 22:00CEST / 16:00EDT. If not, does this time (saturdays 22:00CEST/16:00EDT) not suit generally, or is it specifically September 16th? Masterclass can be moved depending on everyone's schedule. Aiming for the weekends where possible.
  10. TotalAxis Phoenix Division

    You are most welcome, of course! Visit us on the German Faction's Teamspeak server (IP, where we're active every day. After playing a few matches together, we can get the measure of you and you will get an opportunity to get to know our group.
  11. HQ Staff Member Vacancies for German Army

    Headquarters Staff: 1. AxeHeadSlam 2. WFCDecker HQ Cadets: 1. Micklife 2. Hdawg 3. Friedrich-Paulus HQ Ministers: Minister of Propaganda: Afonso Minister of Relations: DerAlchemist Minister of Internal Affairs: Baumhauser (Sir_Jack) Will we all receive anthrax letters now, with the courtesies of AHQ?
  12. RTS Masterclass for (aspiring) German generals

    Seminars will be held by WFCDecker, GeneralDecker, Muskelmann and myself. Between us, we've got almost 20 years of RTS experience, over 1000 ATs and last but not least, Muskelmann is an actual teacher in real life.
  13. War 508 3-Faction event

    you guys can forward me any of your ideas for future events by PM or send them to the suggestion box.
  14. I Was Banned Wrongly

    First of all, ban appeals aren't handled through the forum. It's understandable that you want further information after getting banned, but please understand that we, the players, lack the information and insight into your case to properly answer your question. At best, we can speculate and guide you to the proper channels. As previously stated, the only way to appeal and inquire after your ban is by sending a ticket to support. Try to remain calm and polite, and give as much information as you can on what might have caused your ban. If you truly, honestly have not used any kind of cheat, chances are you have some kind of 3rd party program running on your PC that interferes with Heroes and Generals. Chances are you're running some kind of macro on your device, or perhaps have been using software such as cheat engine for other purposes than HnG. Heroes and Generals anti-cheat will pick up on these programmes if they interfere with HnG. That is just the anti-cheat doing its job. But this is pure speculation, which leads me back to the earlier advice; contact support!