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  1. AxeHeadSlam


    Post is literally a year old, I don't see the point of replying to it. It's a completely different game now.
  2. AxeHeadSlam

    GaiusBaltar won the game

  3. AxeHeadSlam

    LMG Leaderboards

    The post is from last year.... Right now they do, back then, they didn't.
  4. AxeHeadSlam

    LMG Leaderboards

    It's always been considered an LMG. The post has absolutely nothing to do with the FG-42, but simply demonstrated that MG-42 and MG-34 weren't used nearly as much as their US and Soviet counterparts. Thus showing that the only German player on the leaderboard was in fact playing as a paratrooper. For quality gameplay, it would be preferably that players of each faction have access to a variety of weapons that they deem capable within different situations. MG-42 has been buffed since the original post, nullifying it entirely as German LMG's are now being used once again. Why'd you dig up a 7-month old post anyway?
  5. AxeHeadSlam

    Mobster01's Content

    I feel I'm being taken only mildly out of context there.
  6. Of course it does, and in much higher quality (10K) too. While I'm happy to send it to you personally, it's going nowhere near the forums. Wouldn't want my hard work falling into the hands of the enemy.
  7. AxeHeadSlam

    No more UD was a bad idea

    Soviets have the PPS, which is comparable to the end-game SMGs of other factions. I won't deny I'd prefer the MP40 over the PPS. But the difference is quite small, and I'd still prefer the PPS over the Thompson because of the damage drop-off over range. Meanwhile, the PPsH is not your end-game SMG. Consider it to be a bonus. You've got an SMG that compares to everyone else's, the PPS. And as a bonus, you've got the option of going for the PPsH. Yes, the PPsH is like playing the lottery. If that's not your thing, go for the PPS. Here's the unmodded version of all 3 end-tier SMGs As you can see, they're all quite comparable with each other. Agreed about the headshots. They're not reliable. But as I explained in the post above, there is also the PPS, which doesn't rely on headshots. Adding the fedorov avtomat would be awesome, but I'd like to see this as a paratrooper weapon. Personally, I don't want the FG-42 for infantry (and I'm a German main) and would like to see Johnson moved to paratrooper-only. USA and Soviets will then both need an LMG added to the game, which would hopefully make the board more level for all factions. M2 Carbine could, in my opinion, still benefit from having a bit more range, perhaps at the expense of a bit of rof. Right now, it's basically a scoped SMG with high rof, but the USA already has the Thompson. Regarding the prevalence of STG-44 and MG-42, we see this on all factions. The weapons that are commonly being used are; SA rifles, assault rifles and top-tier LMGs. Very few SMGs are being used in competitive matches (clan vs clan), because you will be dead long before you enter the range at which SMGs excel. The only exception is fighting within the town and capzones. Increasing the range of all SMGs by about 10 meters could help make SMGs more competitive.
  8. AxeHeadSlam

    No more UD was a bad idea

    I hope you're aware that all weapons are affected by cone fire, not just the Soviet SMGs. Reto is looking at starts, and they have been doing that, and they've found AVS is the best gun in the entire game. This idea that SU doesn't have any competitive weapons simply doesn't correlate with stats. While Germany was whining about STG-44 and MG-42, they were actually performing slightly worse than their counterparts on other factions. That's why Johnson got nerfed and Mg-42 and M2 Carbine (another underperformer) got buffed. Soviet SMGs did indeed underperform in the past, which is why the headshot multiplier was increased. Now they're performing better. Regarding Soviet SMGs not being competitive, none of the SMGs really are. They all suffer from lack of stopping power over range. When fighting skilled enemies, you will typically be engaged at distances of 50 meters (or more), which is something that SMGs are inherently bad at. All factions experience this the same way. You'll SMGs only really start to get used when the fighting has moved into those areas of the map that allow closer ranged engagements. Btw, I don't think anyone is saying FG42 is underpowered. Quite the contrary, it's one of the most powerful guns in the entire game. And regarding the clans, pretty much everyone posting in this topic right now are competitive players who regularly obliterate clans of opponent factions. Don't see what you're hoping to achieve by throwing that accusation.
  9. AxeHeadSlam

    Is an unmoded M2 best weapon for grinding credits?

    Try unmodded FG42 in staged. It's really cheap to repair and still quite a good weapon.
  10. AxeHeadSlam

    No more UD was a bad idea

    To be honest, the Thompson could use a slight buff for range. If you're having trouble hitting barns, perhaps the problem is not with the guns.
  11. AxeHeadSlam

    No more UD was a bad idea

    If being blunt 'and calling it', is the way to go here, allow me; AVS is by far the best performing weapon in this game. It outperforms any other gun, period. And it has been doing that consistently, according to Reto's own statistics. You've been allowed to keep this weapon because Reto was under the impression that nerfing it would be too much of a negative impact on FPS performance of your faction. I say; count your blessings. And PPSH and PPD were both buffed when Reto increased the headshot multiplier from 4x to 5x. Yes, you've had some toys taken from you, but every faction has gone through that. Germany lost their MG42, which was recently buffed again. The STG has also been nerfed, as was the Panther, the Luchs and several others. USA had their Thompson nerfed, the M2 Carbine (recently buffed again) and now the Johnson. For a long time, the USSR had all the advantages it could get, to help them close the gap with the other two factions. You received powerful weapons, underdog bonus, the best chokepoints in the entire game and at some point were even able to spawn faster than other factions. As a result, the USSR has been able to grow stronger and now it's time to cut the welfare checks so that it can learn to survive on its own. This is just part of the process. Reto doesn't give a flying love which faction is winning, as long as the math works out and every faction gets equal opportunity. Else they would have intervened when Germany was on their win streak, or when USA was on their win streak. Draw your conclusions.
  12. AxeHeadSlam

    RedBjarne's Bridge Demolition Idea Fully Realized

    It's a detail, but for sake of things making sense, place the charges in logical places, such as on piers and pillars. Having said that, I think the addition of new objective-based game modes is wonderful! I'm a big fan of the fact that Heroes and Generals is exclusively a team game. The absence of deathmatch and similar game modes is something that I've always been happy with. So adding in new types of objectives, such as destruction, capture or sabotage of an asset, is a great way of adding new content that would entirely refresh the gameplay, while sticking with the proven concepts, is something I'm absolutely excited for. And Edward, please accept my appreciation and thanks for putting in so much effort into something that we all benefit from. Whether people agree or disagree with your suggestions, this community owes you some gratitude for the work you're putting in.
  13. AxeHeadSlam

    Future of infantry scopes?

    That's what's dropping my jaw, the fact that all my jerries are supporting something that benefits the game overall, at the expense of themselves. I was expecting they'd be more biased, lol.
  14. AxeHeadSlam

    Future of infantry scopes?

    Drops my jaw how all these German players support the removal of one of the few truly OP elements in GE weaponry.
  15. AxeHeadSlam

    Pls explain me this

    There are good reasons to not just blindly increase production; 1. There are only so many ATs that can be used in battle 2. Thus the potential for profit is limited. 3. Any deployed AT is at risk. 4. Players need to break even to keep playing. 5. Thus the risk to troops can increase indefinitely, bankrupting players. 6. More ATs inevitably lead to more overstacking. 7. More ATs would encourage AR-based strategies, typical wide-front offensives. 8. More ATs would limit battle-based strategies, typical spearheads and breakouts. As for increasing GE production, I've suggested a similar thing myself. Rather than waiting for an equal balance of population across all factions, just roll with the overpopulated Germany by letting them fight more battles. The main issue is the amount of available players to play battles however, and would require more of a semi-2v1 approach. Faster matchmaking as a bonus.