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  1. תודה לך,גם לך חג שמח !חיילת! איפה הכומתה שלך
  2. Aibolit666

    Видосы от Бога войны.

    штааа , ну вот незнана я точно мочил на глобалке
  3. Aibolit666

    I might have been a troll

    and I troll the enemy players without even shooting them right during the fight, running around with them with three spares and just curing when they chase after me and sometimes fall for me and then weakened and my allies are killed with the end of cartridges.
  4. Aibolit666

    Book you read this week .

  5. In the winter of 1944, six partisans, were ambushed on the Luban-Urechye road. According to the intelligence service, a platoon of policemen was supposed to pass there, but instead of a platoon a whole company of punishers came out from behind the turn. It seemed necessary to be saved, but the guerrillas were armed with a miracle weapon, PRGSH - partisan rifle grenade launchers Shavgulidze. Guerrillas on command raise to their shoulders carbines with strange-thick trunks and in the midst of punitive men grenades and not just grenades, but grenades Shavgulidze. The surviving Nazis fled in panic. Here is such a partisan "Katyusha". Partizan grenade launcher Shavgulidze (PRGSH) Mortarc grenade was made unifi cally from shooting 45-millimeter shells. At the bottom of the sleeve, a fastener was attached from the Mosin bayonet, with which the grenade launcher was mounted on a rifle. The shot was made by a blank cartridge. The effectiveness of the PGSH was quite high: a massive 45 mm impact grenade, stuffed with a strong explosive from aerial bombs, proved to be much more powerful and effective than the hand grenades used for partisans. The production of PGSH was put on stream - in 1943 they produced more than 120 pieces with 3.000 grenades. Tengiz Evgenievich Shavgulidze GRANATOMET NAYMANA RMN 50 (1941) RMN 50 - The barrel was made from a 50 mm company mortar. - Ammunition was made from 50 mm mines and improvised shells based on them. The simplicity of the design of the grenade launcher made it possible to use homemade ammunition with large tolerances. RMN-50 was issued to some subversive groups NKGB-NKVD, which crossed the front line for guerrilla warfare. VAG - 42 (rifle agitation grenade) The rifle agitation grenade is intended for transfer of propaganda leaflets to enemy troops. The throwing of the rifle agitation grenade is carried out with the help of a rifle cartridges of rifle arr. 1891/30 with the rifle on the barrel of the rifle. The rifle agitation grenade (VAG-42) consists of a body with a coil, on which flyers are wound, and a stabilizer in which a fuse is placed. The body of the grenade is a paper cylinder, inside of which is placed a coil with leaflets. The coil consists of a wooden rod, one end of which is pressed with a glue wooden head, and to the end of the other end nailed metal washer. The wooden rod of the coil serves to make up the leaflets. The wooden head is the lively part of the body of the grenade. The metal washer is an obturator for the powder gases of the knockout charge. A wooden pallet serves to connect the body of a grenade with a stabilizer. A wooden pallet consists of a thickened part and a shank. On the thickened part of the pallet is fixed four nails body grants, and the tail of the pallet is put on the stabilizer tube and rolls on it. The pallet has a cylindrical opening for the fuse location. Serdyukov's ramrod grenade on October 13, 1941. Serdyukov's rifle anti-tank grenade of 1941, VPGS-41, refers to the type of so-called "ramrod grenades". Armor penetration up to 30-40 mm, the throwing method affected the range of the grenade's flight - up to 60 m for a single target and up to 140 m for the accumulation of equipment. The grenade launcher Dyakonova Adopted in the Red Army in 1928 by the decision of the Revolutionary Military Council of the USSR of February 8, 1928, the first order (for 1929) for the production of grenades was 560 thousand pieces and cost 5 million rubles (about 9 rubles for one grenade) Widely used in prewar conflicts, during the Soviet-Finnish war and at the initial stage of the Great Patriotic War. According to the staff of the infantry regiment in 1939, each rifle unit was armed with a grenade launcher of the Dyakonov system. Invention: March 1916 The muffler is one of the first serial Soviet silencers. Received the name "BrahMit" in honor of the inventors - the brothers VG. and I.G. The Mitins. The first model, intended for installation on the revolver of the Nagan system, was developed in 1929. Later, in the 1930s, a version was developed for mounting the Mosin Standard rifle (BRAMIT). A special cartridge 7.62x54 mm with a reduced gunpowder charge (0.8 grams instead of 3.6) was used to shoot the rifle, which reduced the initial velocity of the bullet. The cartridge retained a regular bullet type "L" weighing 9.6 grams, painted completely in green. Handicraft rifle "Death of the Chairman"
  6. Aibolit666

    War is too short

    No players , no war . this phrase should be retouched into your brain, and read it as a prayer before every attempt to do something new in your project without consulting with players independent of the retomoto.
  7. Aibolit666

    Стрельба сквозь стены..

    да , радуитесь что в гиге никто под картой не бегает и оттуда валит всю вашу команду , это большой плюс . вот в сталкере помню читеры гдето высоко в небе друг с другом бились летая как супермены и не мешали простым игрокам .
  8. Aibolit666

    Soviet Vehicles

  9. but its old maps , them deleted by reto
  10. Aibolit666

    Видосы от Бога войны.

    похоже арес испарился из игры , осталась только тема , он ушел увы .....
  11. since we do not have officers in battle here, some soldiers who play as they want, then the reorganization and organization of the unit directly in battle is impossible. You can only reorganize if at least one officer is left. soldiers without an officer are just a crowd that got into an unpleasant situation.
  12. Aibolit666

    Remove the AA guns on maps

    first you need to remove all the boxes with panzerfaust 60 from all points, then put the medical tent over the boxes with medicine, the boxes with infinite ammunition put in the body of a civilian truck, and only then do you think whether to touch stationary antiaircraft guns or not, since their moving counterparts are not completely modified . namely: the crew is only one person, there is no respawn on it. disinterest of own infantry in antiaircraft guns as it is impossible from it shoot at the infantry. the anti-aircraft guns lack anti-aircraft missiles. lack of optimization in the existing projectiles for anti-aircraft guns (they fly along the 2D trajectory and not along the 3d). pilots always have an advantage since they have a third-person view and they do not need to get out of the cab for this. the aircraft satellite guidance on the illumination, highlight the aircraft is useless. although during the second world coordinates the pilot could only be transmitted from a fixed radio station (or on a technique), but not with a running infantryman in 1 second.