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  1. Gamepedia is changing its wiki hosting. This will make the moved wikis read-only for some days. So this will disable all edits for the wiki during the move. Heroes & Generals Wiki is allocated in Phase 2 of wiki move batch, and these are not yet being moved on Oct 4th. Will Edit once the time for move has been confirmed. EDIT: Apparently they are having trouble, and the Phase 1 has been moved all the way to the 16th. Our Wiki will still be editable at that time. EDIT2: And the move has started on the 13th. No edits possible ATM. No end date is posted, but seeing others took a week, we guess before the 20th.
  2. Brakke

    What is up with the Wiki?

    LOL. Says the guy who ran off to do his own wiki But hey, good luck for you all!
  3. Brakke

    recon vehicles

    I think the data I have access to does not include vehicle armor thickness values. The values used before were from the tables posted to the forum by the Devs. I really don't have enough time nor motivation to dig deeper these days, as I'm playing games more fun than this. I really miss the Beta days.
  4. Brakke

    light tank damage

    Again on this topic too, values on the wiki are correct. The AP high damage is probably just gameplay element, opposed to the high penetration of the APCR rounds, making ppl choose one or the other.
  5. Brakke

    sherman E8 damage values

    If the values have not changed since last big update, the ammo tables are correct. I get all the data semi-automatically from the game, so all gets updated when some things change. The damage is armor damage, so explosion caused damage and penetration is not included, but is almost always 0.
  6. Brakke

    Wiki Editing Competition

    Thanks a lot Dave...
  7. Here in Finland: *) Pelaaja ( Contacts through H-Town Oy ( Mediacard on: ... aaja_0.pdf *) Pelit ( Contacts through Fokus Media Finland (
  8. Brakke

    New Wiki staff

    So... Nemotoad and I have been given rights for administrative tasks on the Wiki. Not that Reto or any of the ppl reading this will care. Nemo will handle all clan page updates, while I'm occupied with other (more or less) important matters.
  9. Well, if you have some skill in digging through the game files, you can find references to these (and more), that some sloppy dev forgot to remove before release
  10. Brakke

    M4A3E8 Wiki Page Errors

    Oh how I love you trolls coming in here, spouting your nonsense... The tank armor thickness is found from here: viewtopic.php?f=55&t=14499 The penetration values are a little off, I already uploaded the template that shows correct values some time ago, but it hasn't been added to all vehicle pages yet. Real penetration value of every shot is some random value between the defined minimum and maximum values that table shows, and so is the damage it does. These are all from in game data. As for penetration values of Panther APCR, it is between 80mm and 130mm. And for another seed of your debate, the example of said template here covers the top tier heavy tank rounds: ... ehicleAmmo
  11. Brakke

    Advertising on the wiki?

    Well, we can be certain that it's not good for H&G. But since Reto has no money, they'll keep the gamepedia wiki.
  12. Brakke

    Churchill – Inglorious Guns update is here!

    It has been requested before a few times. I, for one, hate when I unlock a tank, just to have some barista spamming 'e' beside me getting it after I spent the time unlocking it.
  13. Brakke

    Churchill – Inglorious Guns update is here!

    Well, at least my PTRD can still OHK Jeeps...
  14. Brakke


    You are on a wrong place new guy...
  15. Brakke

    Panzer V Panther Ausf. G

    What do you actually mean? The wiki has the page already: The only problem is that it has rather low amount of content.
  16. Brakke

    Wiki Status

    Sad to hear this Dave. We try to keep things together until you come back. The migration to ID based updating of stuff is moving forward nicely, so hopefully we can put more time on the data organization/styling later on.
  17. Brakke

    please change it

    Dave has been lazy in moderating Wiki Army Talk >_>
  18. Brakke

    Let's collect the tank prices!

    Just wrote new templates for vehicles and weapons prices in the Wiki. Ppl can start implementing the prices on different pages with the help of provided ID's listed on the Wiki TODO list's Talk page. The ID's will get provided automatically in the future, but I need to manually edit out Unreleased content for now, so it'll take a bit of time first...
  19. Mmm, yeah. There is a lot of stuff, and atm I have no way to create an easy to manage automatic/semiautomatic system to update the prices nor other stats on the wiki pages. We have experimented a bit with Nemotoad on different templates, but the definite good midway between human and machine editable stuff is still out of reach... Having a huge list that you could use to generate "difference report" between builds is currently the most likely method that I'm going to go with. Whether I'll just keep it to myself or paste it to wiki (along with the changes that ppl with more time could update to different pages) is still yet to be seen...
  20. Are you talking about the wiki? If not, then you are in the wrong place. If you are, then know that the wiki is a place for facts, not your wishes for the game. And after all that, I'd probably still Undo it cause it'd be written 100% in caps...
  21. Or just the locations? [thumb][/thumb]
  22. If you could extend my weekends, that would be nice Wrote a parser this morning to get the battlefields on campaign map. Will now look into overlaying them on a surface of some sort.
  23. Well, as I have talked about it with Africandave, I'd guess we'd need to go through Robotron up to the Reto-moto ppl making the strategical decisions. But that is for the day when I actually have something I would need to make public.
  24. Yeah... As I have said on the wiki, the thing is huge (65536x65536 pixels, 65536 tiles, each 256x256 jpeg files). I don't have it on my disk, cause there is no real need for that kind of file for anything and it changes whenever devs update it (and as I was devising on the strategy planning software with interactive map download, but dayjob gets in the way). If you really want it, I can patch it up and put on somewhere. Without the cities and supply lines. Those take few KB, as it is just name,coordinates or coordinate_start,coordinate_end type of data. Tho I'd really want some devs feedback first, on legal issues etc...
  25. Brakke

    [THE TEST IS NOW OVER] - Test new unreleased map

    Well, would have been better if they'd saved that for devstream. "So, US and SOV got new guns, so we might add something for the GER too" "A new vehicle would be nice?" *Twitch chat goes crazy, everybody shouting: PANTHER, PANTHER!* *drums roll* "A new moped! The SdKfz 2/2 !" *The whole GER faction facepalms*