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    Knife noises

    Keep hearing random knife noises even though there is nobody near me. I confirmed in the chat that I was not the only one hearing this. I also noticed this during the prototype.
  2. Ha ha, I remember a very long time ago we had a horses thread and somebody complained about how it would be wrong to be able to kill horses in a game literally about killing people. Let me see if I can dig it up... EDIT: lol, here it is, though they weren't as outraged as I remember tbh-
  3. I have been saying for some time that this mechanic is primarily responsible for unrealistic headshots-for example if the enemy is right next to you and they could not possibly aim a gun at your head from the hip without contorting their wrist, they're more likely to hit you in the head than ever since when two soldiers get closer together their upper body (and eventually only their head) fill each other's field of vision. It was a step away from skill-based CQC. That said, I can see why the devs implemented it. It was frustrating when your bullets hit your cover instead of what you were actually aiming at. I think that the solution here is not to remove the feature altogether but to introduce (or reduce) a maximum angle by which the bullet's trajectory can be adjusted to land on-target. They discussed it in one of the dev blogs-the timestamp is when they talk about the photos that have already been posted here, at about eleven minutes in they demonstrate their points on the dev server:
  4. McChimp

    Infantry Scopes

    Yeah, see, that's legit.
  5. McChimp

    Infantry Scopes

    In the first two images what I described has been implemented-they haven't hidden the surroundings but the whole screen has still zoomed in rather than just the scope aperture. That last one has implemented the two-render solution (or is that a photograph? it's a very pretty game.) You'll note I never said it was necesarrily impossible, just resource demanding and probably unsupported in this game's home-grown engine.
  6. McChimp

    Infantry Scopes

    I for one was very happy to see that the ~4x scopes had been taken away from infantry. Over the years I've gotten sick of struggling to take points alone because the rest of my team's inf is hiding in the bushes being trash at sniping. Discouraging them from camping like that should force them onto the points and make the gameplay more dynamic. The only bad thing about this is that it happened after I had to go work and won't have access to my PC for a few months, this is what I've been asking for for years. Thank you, Reto. If you want to snipe, play recon. It's literally the whole point of the class. The queues aren't even that bad ffs. What happened to the scopes that were "lost"? Did they actually just straight up disappear, were they swapped out for the new ones or are they sat in your depot or something like that? You're wrong-with few exceptions games apply a zoom across the entire screen and then disguise than by either covering or blurring the region outside the scope. Zooming only the scope area is technically difficult because it means you have to render the two different zooms seperately, which is very resource-demanding and might not be supported by the engine.
  7. McChimp

    Class restrictions my butt

    Yeah, it's frustrating af when your team loses because half your inf has decided they'd rather play pilot. Squad 3.0 when?
  8. McChimp

    The SMG 'Dilema'

    Should just remove the PPD and make the PPSH the SU tier one SMG, adjusting prices accordingly. The PPD's sway makes it the worst gun in the game by far and I don't really think the PPSH can truly be thought of as second tier.
  9. I may be mistaken, but I think the M2 was in fact significantly changed at some point after that thread. I just don't think it was a buff. At the time, if I remember correctly, the M2 was an absolute CQC monster with an absurd RoF and a TTK so low that it literally made me jump out of my chair on countless occasions. Seriously, it was traumatising enough that it even happened to me in a dream once. I'm not sure exactly how they nerfed it, but I'm fairly sure that's what they did.
  10. I'm having the strangest sense of deja vu. Players have been complaining about STG stealth nerfs and the smoke basically since the gun was introduced. Nothing has changed, you were probably just having a bad day.
  11. McChimp

    Vehicle Gameplay Update - Handling - Round 2

    The animation when you hold shift while riding a bike is really janky now, presumably as a result of terrain effects. I would like to see off-road speeds buffed slightly.
  12. McChimp

    Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy - Round 2

    Couldn't spawn on foot for a whole minute, watched the enemy team cap the last point utterly unopposed because of it. Very, very, very frustrating. There shouldn't be a time cap on foot infantry spawning.
  13. Honestly, I think that the meta in this game is fairly healthy aside from pilots topping the scoreboard whenever they're in a battle. It's not so hard at all to be at the top of the scoreboard if you equip yourself for CQC and get on the points. I mean, there are other less helpful playstyles that yield results but they take more effort. Really I think the problem with the game remains the grind-new players are faced with an almost impassable wall of experience they have to earn and the importance of modding the weapons they do have isn't impressed upon them well enough. Seriously, that starter rifle they get can be turned into a total killing machine but all too often I pick one up and it's still stock junk.
  14. seems fair did you have to highlight it all tho?
  15. I think this was one of the rationales when they reworked the maps to have larger capture points. Sadly they then utterly destroyed the benefit of that by moving the spawn points a hundred metres from the point, meaning that if you don't have a car you have to run a hundred metres (in some spots utterly exposed) in front of a row of enemy tanks. If they're going to reduce the number of vehicles available to inf per match, I'm going to be greatly upset. It's just going to mean there'll be turkey shoots of inf desperately trying to get points. If you've ever been in that position before, you'll know how outright frustrating it is. Exactly the kind of thing that drives players away. Please, reto, think through this very carefully.
  16. McChimp

    Big Weapon Changes Thread

    I disagree. The Scout-II-s barrel is just about the only thing reto ever listened to us about and frankly they executed it right . It should be possible for an SA rifle to be viable in CQC. If anything should reduce SA hipfire accuracy, it should be equipping a scope on it. This would mean that the player would have to choose between an SA rifle that is CQC viable and one that has a scope.
  17. tbh it's always bugged me that tankers can HE spam objectives. They're meant to be captured, not destroyed. Perhaps HE could not explode if it lands in a capture point.
  18. This game may never change due to what we say here, but what we say here has entered the academic sphere. Our dear forum-trainwreck that it used to be-has been cited in a master's thesis entitled "Hitler Was a Silly". Rarely am I given cause to feel proud, but today is a good day.
  19. McChimp

    Why the US isnt OP

    Can't argue with that. Think I'll be backing back out of H&G, honestly. Still not the same rush it used to be.
  20. McChimp

    Restore my faith O'Lord

    The new spawn system and squad 2.0 were definitely the start of a big decline, I think.
  21. McChimp

    Restore my faith O'Lord

    New maps are needed pretty desperately. I'm not entirely convinced the extensive changes they made to the existing assault maps were improvements.
  22. I'm glad you could join us, brother.
  23. McChimp

    Why the US isnt OP

    Since when did Brosky muddy his boots with this US/GE/SU OP crap?
  24. I suspect this will be a tricky thread-no doubt people will tell me that such threads already exist. Perhaps they do, but many have been authored or derailed by trolls, or are not constructive. The STG-44 has not been nerfed a great deal since I was saying it was my favourite gun; instead, it has been a victim of "power creep". A combination of the introduction (and possibly buffing?) of the Johnson and the buffing of the AVS has left the STG-44 lacking when it meets it's counterparts in the other factions. Against both it is overwhelmingly outmatched in terms of DPM and against the AVS even the STG's versatility, formerly it's redeeming feature, is behind-the STG-44 used to be quite good at medium ranges in fully automatic, but with the introduction of the new sway mechanics and the bizarre and unrealistic muzzle smoke, this is no longer true. At medium range I have therefore had to switch to semi-automatic to make hits, which given it's poor damage (four hits to kill) is impractical and will only get you killed. The AVS has more single shot damage (which makes sense given it's 30 cal rounds) allowing it to behave more like a SA rifle at medium ranges, making it far more effective there than the STG-44, which rather defeats the STG's supposed selling point. The Johnson isn't so good at medium ranges either, but whereas it has DPM and therefore supremacy in CQC to fall back on, the STG does not due to its comparatively lower DPM and again the smoke, which even when your in a room with your enemy can obscure them, making it impossible to track their movements. I compare the STG-44, the AVS and the Johnson because although the Johnson is technically an LMG, it's exemptions from the mobility buffs other LMGs experience make it the default assault weapon for US infantry. I propose that reto increase the STG's stability or give it mods to that effect, and rework it's muzzle smoke which is beyond absurd. Then it will have a truly useful but unique place in the meta. Alternatively, You could unlock the FG-42 for GE infantry. Given that the US/Canadian troops who used the Johnson were no more regular infantry than the fallschirmjagers were, I see no consistent historical argument not to. This would give the Germans a weapon similar to and able to compete with the Johnson but would give a less diverse game than slightly buffing the STG as I detailed would.
  25. McChimp

    Fixing the STG-44

    If it was six points, I could carry grenades, a first aid kit and a knife with it. My, what a killing machine I'd be.