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  1. Getting banned on every account i create!

    How is this thread not locked?
  2. Some textures have much worse quality than the others.

    no, it isn't. This game's suggested minimum requirements expects you to have at least 512mb of VRAM to run it, even then buying a 2GB VRAM card is dirty cheap nowadays.
  3. MG42

    wait... MG42 was buffed? Since when?
  4. anomaly

    Maybe you didn't refill your ammunition or haven't repaired that weapon, try doing that and see that still persists. If it does, please take a screenshot as suggested by Circinus.
  5. Let MGs penetrate armor again...

    Sorry but this would only give opportunities for rambos to use even more weaponry on armour, I'm sure alot of light tank owners would not like this at all.
  6. Make tanks even more useless than they currently are now? Yeah, great idea... Reto are already working on modular damage A.K.A armour 2.0 to increase effectivity of tank armour against AT weapons, making them less redundant against rambos. That being said, AT specialist class infantry should be bought back IMO.
  7. Grunting from afar

    This isn't Roblox m8

    Naming & shaming on the forums is not allowed, if you believe a player is breaking in-game rules, use the in-game report function or submit a ticket via support.
  9. Meltdown and Spectre?

    Community staff can answer questions, as seen above.
  10. When will reto do something about scripted mouses

    Guess that confirms it
  11. Nerf M10

    M10 is the biggest T1 in terms of its size and the easiest to spot compared to its counterparts, I still prefer to use the Hellcat but IMO it should not be nerfed.
  12. Meltdown and Spectre?

    /Thread moved Though I am also concerned about these vulnerabilities.
  13. Stg 44 op

    Same can be said for the PPD
  14. Stg 44 op

    Another useless, pointless, obvious troll thread.
  15. Tiger 1 worth it?

    Tiger 1 for speed, price and small size. Tiger 2 if you want to play competitively, but watch out for rambos.