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  1. Use MG42 as AA

    You propose that infantry weapons should easily down planes and call it "balanced"? Handheld weapons were never supposed to be a threat to aircraft both in-game and historically in WW2, *cough* PTRD *cough*. The only flaw I see is in the current AA, particularly the mobile variants.
  2. Showcase your strongest loadouts!

  3. Clans disappearing?

    This, only the mature players use teamspeak
  4. Great effort, however we both know this will never happen.
  5. Use MG42 as AA

    I know about the 42 damage output, even with max damage/rpm + infantry first build. I meant this won't work on vet pilots who are rank 17 and have flak jacket gold that know where to fly, I know I should've rephrased that. I've been on the recieving end of someone dedicating their entire time in a battle trying to shoot me down with said build, sure they damaged me quite a bit, but still not enough for me to even smoke. After landing to repair, I fly a bit higher and faster so that he can't land shots anymore, while still getting a bunch of ground kills. I even killed said dedicated guy because of clear tracers, still not a threat IMO. U.S AA is still the better AA, just exit it when you see a plane turning around to strafe you after landing a few bursts on it.
  6. Use MG42 as AA

    They pose a serious threat to recon plane pilots without flak jacket, that's about it. Don't even bother trying to take down mediums and above using the 42, especially when those pilots will most likely have flak jacket silver or gold.
  7. OH MY GOD 5.000.000$ RETO

    watch those caps
  8. Console

    Explains a lot on why I keep getting killed out of usual line-of-sight...
  9. New Anti Recoil Hack in Town ?!?

    MP40's recoil are extremely easy to handle, you sure you weren't fighting a clan?
  10. How do you exchange my game nickname?

    Use Google translate, to answer your question again you can't change your name.
  11. Do you have the same problem with heavy set gold?
  12. Surprised at the amount of "yes" votes on this, did everyone suddenly forget about upcoming armour 2.0?
  13. As a K/D prostitute myself, for once there's something we can agree on.
  14. OH MY GOD 5.000.000$ RETO

    More like multiple life-time supplies of beer , nah I'm sure they'll put that money to good use.
  15. Suicide Kills

    it really isn't