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  1. Nerf P40

    P-40 still can't penetrate heavy tanks and even some mediums using AP ammo unlike the Yak and 109's, the teeny-tiny bombs do less damage than water balloons also.
  2. M1919 mod + badge

    HSG + TGG combo 2 ammo pouches, alongside with a 2HK 1917 Revolver sidearm.
  3. anti BS badge

    This belong in suggestions, not feedback.
  4. code 23

    Hi please contact support regarding error codes, thanks. /Closed
  5. Selfish Germans

    [citation needed]
  6. Somebody had to tell him... Back to the topic, recon could use some love due to how lackluster their weaponry is.
  7. help? code !514

    Hi please contact support regarding error codes, thanks. /Closed
  8. Selfish Germans

    says you
  9. Selfish Germans

    High population = high demand
  10. Neubaufahrzeug

    it really isn't
  11. Neubaufahrzeug

    There's already a thread about this, as seen here
  12. 42 buff not enough

    the magic of reading, you should try it sometime
  13. 42 buff not enough

    Same can be said for the M1919 IRL, except it doesn't suffer as much lack of performance as the MG or even the DP does in-game. Skirmish maps are pretty small, so CQC-wise the gun does well but anything further than 25m as you said it is still not as useful IMO. I would still do better overall with a stock MG34 which is a tier 1, even though its supposed to be worse than a tier 2 (MG42), however in this case it isn't... which is ironic, right?
  14. 42 buff not enough

    pocket pistol is only good if modded correctly . everyone knows stock sucks. If the enemy is standing 5-10m away from you it may be possible to hit them with MG42, any further and it would be trouble for the user, especially without tight grip gold.
  15. 42 buff not enough

    I can get a K/D ratio of 10+ in stage just by using a stock pocket pistol, so that argument is invalid