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  1. Major_Woody

    change account name

    Says you
  2. Major_Woody


    ^what he said also just a reminder that discussing bans is not allowed
  3. Major_Woody

    Can I Get Unban? Please...

    Discussing bans on the forum is not allowed, contact support if you want to try and resolve this issue.
  4. Major_Woody

    when is the next update coming out?

    This, also it's not only tank physics that are getting tweaked, but physics in general. All ground vehicles, including civilian transportation are being worked on. Check out the prototype if you want a taste of the update, but keep in mind that things are subject to change.
  5. Major_Woody

    Airpanes are flying tanks

    This is interesting feedback, however no bug has been reported. /Locked
  6. Major_Woody


    This sounds like a case of rubber-banding, have you tried turning off all WiFi devices that aren't in use?
  7. Major_Woody

    True balance

    Exactly, this isn't Halo
  8. Major_Woody


    Easier said than done, however you can't say the same for using the search function
  9. +1, the old cap jingles had a sense of uniqueness for all factions.
  10. Major_Woody

    MG34 and MG42

    Except for rate of fire, everything else I agree with. My solution to taming this beast after all these years is to use high mouse sensitivity and acceleration, that with TGG and it is somewhat bearable.
  11. Major_Woody

    Slight buff for STG44

    Poll should be renamed "slight buff for German faction?" where the "yes" answers are from GE and of course everyone else votes "no", because this exactly what it looks like to me.
  12. Major_Woody

    M4A1 Sherman unplayable on long range

    Last time I checked it does and it's not x0, sure the zoom is lesser than the other tanks but what your saying is just pure baseball. Indeed
  13. Major_Woody

    The P-38 Problem

    Very true. Considering that the Yak-9 outranks the P38 whereas the Pe-3 has become it's equal counterpart, but you don't see anyone complain about them as much.
  14. Perhaps adding a 10 second spawn protection timer would help? Should give enough time to check your surroundings if need be and flank the spawn killers.