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  1. Introducing a new anti-cheat system

  2. 3rd party Software ???

    What this guy said. I myself use MSI afterburner & RTS to enhance frame-rates, however any software used to tamper with the game files e.g SweetFX will most likely get detected by the anti-cheat, don't risk it. If you have any further questions regarding what software you can and cannot use, I suggest contacting support.
  3. Ps4 and Xbox One compatibility

  4. Can i get unbanned ?

    Discussion of bans on the forum is not allowed, contact support if you want to appeal the action taken against you.
  5. unrightfully banned

    What he said ^
  6. This isn't Fornite, so it will have to be a no from me.

    Vietnam war scenario would not suit this game at all.

    Not even 2HK since everyone and their dog wears some kind of HS badge, even those who aren't veterans.

    Please tell me this is a joke
  10. A sandbox-like scenario for the prototype server doesn't seem like such a bad idea. A game-mode that allows anyone to roam the maps endlessly using their desired vehicles and equipment, without having any countdowns to worry about. I was just pointing out how trolling exists even on the prototype, which does tend to irritate players that actually want to test out the new features. Perhaps maybe it's just the trauma talking...
  11. Never heard anything so ridiculous in all my time of playing this game, when the aim of the game is to literally kill the enemy team. However in universal context, griefing involves harassing players or generally disrupt gameplay with the intention to instigate negative reactions from said players. I.e deliberate teamkilling, resource depletion, etc. You know what I mean, just use common sense. Edit: if the prototype battles end too soon, try and communicate with your team and let them know that you are testing something.
  12. Editing Game Image Files for Customized UI

    Tampering with the games files in any way can lead to the anti-cheat detecting what changes have been made, thus resulting in a ban. It's best not to risk your account just for some minor visual adjustments, contact support if you have any further questions regarding this, but personally I think it is not allowed.
  13. Griefing counts as breaking in-game rules, period. Doesn't matter if it's on prototype or live servers, the same rules still apply.
  14. Retro published stats? I didn't see any of that, care to share it? Now I'm curious