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      On our prototype server you will now find a very early preview of the Soviet Skirmish map called 'Khutor', that we have in development.   Please note that this is a preview, and not a public test as such, which means that you should expect that a lot of things are not final yet.   The 'Khutor' map will be on the Prototype server until Wednesday the 24th of January.   Read more here:    


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  1. The Alliance

    All of you genius who wanted the UNDERDOG bonus gone made it so that people flocked back to their original faction. Thus causing less people to play the Russian faction. Now you take 2 super powers of the game and gang up on the littlest faction with the least amount of players and then say Russia deserves this. So after you win the war time after time for 1-2 months you will go back to being normal? Or will reto bring back to the underdog warfund bonus to balance out the factions?
  2. The Alliance

    Still kinda funny that GE needs US help to beat SU... They can't do it for themselves... They have to get the US to stop pushing them in order to possibly win a war
  3. The Alliance

    Never thought I would see the day of the Germans and the Americans to team up. But I guess the 2 factions hate the Russians so much that they want to wipe the faction off the map each war.
  4. So because you don't know how to place your ATs in effective areas to get the most exp and WFs you want to hurt everyone in the game with less numbers causing people to get more command points and get the numbers back up to where they are now? Is this a smart solution or a bandaid
  5. You all are crazy. The map to small? So what you are saying is that every battle is playing and you don't have a place to put your stuff to get played? When like only 50% of the battles are being played at any given moment. You also have to remember that the main timezone to play the game is evening times EU timezone. So if you are an american based player you won't have places to get your stuff to play because the battles don't play and most of it goes to autoresolve. Now removing autoresolve will be the worst mistake this game could make because now you will have battles that are 216 everywhere and then when the battle starts you will then see 10k in that battle because everyone wants AT exp. Its not that there is to much infantry on the field or to many ATs or to much in each battle. The problem is that not enough people are using everything they have for the faction so you end up with a lot of ATs that are not used in the background just standing around doing nothing. Listen I understand your frustrations with the game but you must look at both sides of the spectrum b4 you make a statement!
  6. Russian side of the War

    Without the underdog/underpopulation warfund bonus what incentive do you give player to play a faction that has the least population to come and play it. The underdog bonus is what was keeping players there. Removing it will drive more players to play as GE or US leaving the SU faction player less. In my opinion it is not a smart move to remove this bonus. But since you did Reto what other incentives are you going to give the players of SU to come play this faction? New Gun? Better Tank? I know GE and US were mad that they had the highest underdog bonus in the game and had the most advantages but GE remember if you have no one to play against b/c they have no population then all you will see in the game is autoresolves against them.
  7. Discord groups/clans?

    My clan FMR is on discord. We have about 90 members atm :). We play all factions. Mail me in game for a discord link. Flakpanzer
  8. Public Test forum information

    i can have my clan play on the test server and play each other but it all goes to staged is there anyway we can buy higher level ATs for the war map to try out all the lines on the map? Cant tell you what is broken on the war map having to move the walking guards everywhere.
  9. Faction Resource

    I just wonder if Germany considering it has so many players on its faction and there is always a que for stuff. If Germany didn't have a que but retained all of its players would Germany still lose every war like now? Meaning that when you qued for something you get it and you get an unlimited amount.. Would the faction still lose every war?
  10. Hey in my perspective I kinda like this. I get WFS and victory ribbon exp everyday. Oh and I play my stuff to so my characters get exp. Why should I complain to reto that they are doing a bad job for this month. Not my fault that the american/german players whales are just sitting back. I can tell you that the Russians aren't sitting back because in the end you will make the WFS back and you will build the account if you actually play it! Can't make RETO make people play the game. Hey for x-mas bonus can we extend this 1 more month? LOL
  11. Stupid Tactic

    GE doesn't lose wars because of WARSAW. They lose because none of the player base ever push the ATs. I never see the Generals on my timezone push the ATs forward. They always sit on defense. Which make me think that GE doesn't really know how to play offense. All they know is Defense. IF you don't push the ATs forward you will never win a WAR. While defense will make you more exp and WFs because defenses tend to win more you still will get cracked and lose in the end. WARSAW isn't a bad idea to have you just can't go there and sit back and watch the enemy team crack your ats.
  12. Ask questions for Q&A & Why #6

    Is it possible when calling for reinforcements for an AT to chose which city they come from and not what the game thinks is the closest city? Sometimes the closest city might have been taken and may have enemy cities around it and will cause the reinforcements to go into a battle that I didn't want.
  13. Anyone else see that they are not getting the full 100% exp for the character after a battle if they have vet membership?
  14. Losing a battle

    So when my AT loses a battle they go on a friendly line but they seem to go down a skirm line too. Is that normal?
  15. Ask questions for Q&A & Why #5

    Would you consider giving us the possibility on the RTS map of us having way points to direct the ATs where we want them to go and to take a specific route, rather then us have to baby them going from city to city. At the moment when we drag and drop the AT to move they take a short route that may take them thru and unwanted city that is under attack.