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  1. AP Mines: Why Bother?

    No AP mines are the same as AT mines... Just cuz you didn't see the symbol you should make it so that its immune to your teammates. I say keep it the same as it is now. Might be a little to expensive to use but then again they are powerful in the game specially if the enemy team doesn't see them and you get 10 kills for defense. I feel that this is a real power tool for the defenders on the team as an attacker might not see it coming. Most of the noobs end up shooting your ap mines which is where you should get mad because they aren't paying for it and all they see is a skull with an x on it. Some still think that is a bad thing because again there is no manual to this game. A good coordinated team knows how to walk around the AP mines and to stay away from the areas that were placed
  2. Nerf AT Gear

    I played against a team that had 7 tankers on the enemy team on an A line assault on a town map with a C line and D line open. the enemy team had recons and pilots with about 2 infantry playin. We capped out the city in 8 min. Just goes to show you that tankers don't win you the battle. You need infantry to win the game. The amount of tankers on the battlefield doesn't matter. As infantry you main purpose is to cap out points. The devs made it clear in the latest update giving more exp for defensive kills on the point. Tanks have a high amount of blind spots that they can't see anything that comes at them laterally or from behind. Don't tell me they are powerhouse's if infantry can kill them in 2 shots and they can't get away EVER! I suggested nerfing the power of the AT rambo but all the rambos in this thread jumped against the idea. We all agree that there are to many rambos and we all agree that there are to many people with the zooka/shrek and AT gear in the hands maybe inf we increase the price to a ridiculous amount people will stop using them as often.
  3. Nerf AT Gear

    This game is called heroes and Generals where we have infantry, tanks, para, recon, and pilots. What you are suggesting with COD WW2... Go play that with that idea
  4. Nerf AT Gear

    OK so reto did something interesting. They nerfed everyone salary causing to be an AT rambo to cost you money ... Can we take this one even further. to replace zooka/shreck amo it's currently 18k... Can we increase the price to 40k? and then double the price for the throwable/h3 AT gear as well... Causing people who run a main gun and AT gear to think twice b4 using it. I mean i have been in matches where everyone on the other team had a zooka/shrek in their hand. That isn't fun to play against! But maybe if we increase the price at a crazy price maybe that will deter people from using these types of weapons all the time. I originally called for a nerf... All the AT rambos in this game want infantry to act like god and b able to take out the tanks with ease. Maybe this will give tankers a chance! Think about it why do you not see as many people run the AP gear in this game. Cuz its super expensive to run... Not to mention all the morons who step on them that are friendly or blow them up cuz they don't know.
  5. Defend and earn more experience

    Grinding to make good credits in this game has become stupid. Looks like Reto is asking players to stop using fully modded weapons and AT gear. By lowering the xp gains in the game and keeping the upkeeps the same means you will not be able in a few months to run fully modded gear or AT/ AP gear because it would be to expensive to run. Unless they want to lower the price of AT/AP gear again and lower the price of upkeeps for guns then the grinds are understandable again. People took advantage of the cycle of characters to make extra money and now with the nerfs it hit players hard. Hey RETO next time you want to put out a nerf at least let the community know what you are planning instead of getting all the grief ... I don't understand you... Nerfing things means you are going with the game in the opposite direction. Are you trying to get us to just use un modded weapons again so we can make the credits again in the game? I don't understand you! Other then the credit nerfs in the game the other parts of this update are kinda cool. The update for top down viewing of cars was cool.. The update for not being able to unlock friendly apcs was cool. A funny bug of not being able to take any vehicle is interesting... Hey fans what if it is not a bug and they leave it that way :P. The extra xp for defensive kills was kinda cool. I think 10 xp extra was kinda low but hey its better then nothing. So all in all its not a bad update but definitely hit people hard on the credit earnings everywhere. I know you want us to grind for stuff but sheesh now its going to take you a couple of months to get 1 item and you have to be super careful on what you spend things on. @reto Lower you prices for stuff and with the new credit earnings we have today people will stop complaining as much!
  6. Credit farming

    Since every class has gotten nerfed and the character swap method is gone. What is the best way reto for us to make money? I'm only looking at profits now of about 4k a game.
  7. Defend and earn more experience

    well it seems fix 1 problem and create 3 more
  8. Defend and earn more experience

    If i make 753 exp for a battle and you have vet membership you should make 753 exp for the vet membership according to the what the membership claims to give you. In total the reward should be 753x2 = 1506... What i ended up getting is 1239. Also the ribbon boast for having vet membership is also being shorted!
  9. Defend and earn more experience

    Oh... sorry i though you recognized the rank... 0 Im on the German side this war!
  10. Defend and earn more experience

    Since this poor excuse for an update was put out that has so many bugs because you just didn't test it b4 putting it out how about the exp bonus for players that have vet membership not getting the right number of exp and credits they deserve per battle. All you do is nerf stuff to hurt your community. Here is an example. I have vet membership. I had a poor game but still earned 753 exp for the battle. According to the vet membership I should get 100% rank exp so i should get close to that number for exp for my game... instead i get 486 exp for vet membership bonus... thats 65%... The credits earned is also incorrect. here is proof!
  11. Defend and earn more experience

    Don't get me wrong its a decent update but some stuff i would have left it the way it was and other stuff i would have made. For instance I would not have touched the character swaping thing. And here is why. Some people bought guns on other characters to make more money in game if they won battles so they had the same build set up on multiple characters. Now you are punishing them for having that.. You going to give out refunds to players who want their money back to spending the time to build the characters that way? I can agree that the full amount was kinda high but not to the point of nerfing it into the ground. Second the apc not being stealable is a good idea but now you can't get a rid from him either unless you spawn on him? Not being able to steal other apcs and vehicles i get its a bug and its going to be fixed. Soon I hope! Top down view of where apcs are on the map removal was a good idea! But again why do we have to steal our own teams trucks and bikes. Why not leave that as you can take anyones vehicle as long as they died or jumped onto someone else's vehicle. This would cut down on the amount of cars spawned and possibly speed up the game cuz people might take a vehicle that someone else spawned instead of waiting for a ride. Increased exp for defending points....AHHHHHH 10 exp? thats as much exp as they gave to people who defend tanks on the battle field. Do you see anyone doing it? Its not going to change anything with 10 exp. Its not enough. Capping outside lines for noobs to rank up= This should be a feature that should be removed or nerfed to the ground. It breaks the game as far as people wanting to win specially when they are forced on a 1 line attack of a line in war. There are lots of updates that need to be placed in the game but the devs are just not implementing them into the game because they fear that it will break their game
  12. Defend and earn more experience

    So what are you asking for here binson? If you don't have the right number of vehicles in the game it gets a 10 min autoresolve? Do you think that is fair? Just cuz your team doesn't send out the right number of resources of vehicles then you get auto'ed? Well then how would the noobs level up. It sucks that we can't teach people how to play attacks but the outside lines give people useless exp. The best thing you can do is give them less exp for outside lines and give double for main caps and make it visible somewhere when you start the game that main objectives give you more exp and money. I like your comment here. We have not had a major patch in 9 months and yet here they come up with another small minor hot fix to screw people over on a small advantage people knew about the game. If only the devs would sit and look at the forums and see what people wanted in the game and see how broken their game is. This patch should have been on the test server first and see the feedback of the players b4 making radical changes to the game. The fact that we can't take vehicles in the game is a result of not testing your game.. PERIOD! Hey RETO NEXT TIME YOU PUT OUT A PATCH maybe you should test the features out!
  13. Defend and earn more experience

    LOL ... Hey lets make the apc un destroyable too by the enemy team so you can leave the apc in the middle of the point and the enemy team can do jack shyte about it.
  14. Defend and earn more experience

    Thats' the problem when you put out an update without testing it. This update should have been on the test server for us to try out and for us to give them feedback. Looks like reto you have some work to do and it looks like we are going to get several server shutdowns!
  15. Nerf AT Gear

    So what is your solution because if i go on the bridge of the town map on D4 a guy on the other side with a panzashrek can pen the front of my t34-85 from the front of the tank hit in the right spot with 2 shots. What is your solution... attack with just infantry? just apcs? The tanks don't have a place anymore in this game because infantry have op weaponry against the tanks and they have no defense against the infantry. As infantry you get to spawn right next to the point but the tanker can only go from the start of lines or O points. All I am asking for is a slight nerf to the gear giving the tankers some time to either run away or take a few more hits from the AT rambos. I don't want vehicle 2.0 as they are talking about because the meta will change and I don't believe for the better. This could give the game a interesting twist. The problem is you people who don't play tanks and people who only play infantry are afraid that if your AT gear is nerfed that the tanks will take over the world in the game and you won't play anymore. Frankly ya shouldn't be here then if you can't take a change. What are you going to do when vehicle 2.0 comes out and you won't be able to take out the tanks anymore.. Then what.. My solution would fix the problem and not make infantry completely op and you as infantry would be able to take out the tanks and not have to suffer of what vehicle 2.0 is suggesting!