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  1. flakpanzer

    New update not cool

    Captured vehicles when? Captured camo's when? Captured captured captured when? I mean this is what the community wants. People want the gun play to be fair on all side. They put the update out on what people wanted because some of the gun play wasn't fair on all sides so now it can be if you get the mods on it. People might be more inclined to now buy that captured weapon because they can mod it. The real funny part about writing on the forums about the gun play and what yall want in the game doesn't really happen. You have no say on what RETO decides to do with the game. IF you don't like it... there is the door. No one is forcing you to play a FREE TO PLAY game! Really what the complaints should be more about is things that have not happened in the game for long time. Maps is what should be focused on and new things on the RTS side to grow this game. RETO good job on this update. May it bring you some money from players now buying some more guns on the faction they like to play. Can't wait for the next update of when you do bring out real content!
  2. flakpanzer

    RTS Main player

    So on the SU side I have found more joy in just pushing boxes everywhere. I have over 300 ATs in the game for the SU side. I am looking for a group who would like to have anything and everything in a battle. I can support side battles with ATs and watch the map as you are all in the game. I am not interested to much in playin the game of the FPS part. Will join from time to time just cuz I get bored and I need my daily requirements to get to my 20 gold :). Hope to find a new home! Flakpanzer ps will consider going other factions if needed but don't have as much on those other factions
  3. flakpanzer

    CHANGELOG 1.18.1 - Combat Rebalance

    between the buff of the AA guns and now the nerf of the planes... Reto you are making planes obsolete. The nerf on the planes was not needed. Now planes go down to fast and they are the most expensive unit in warfunds. Please buff the plane health back to where they were or maybe even higher. Its not fair to get melted by AA guns in a heavy plane within seconds of being seen by an AA gun. Either nerf AA guns back or buff the plane health back. Right now its to much damage to planes. Not to mention that a PTRS can shoot planes down in 2 to 4 shots. Thats not fair. Here is what i mean about ptrs and stupid https://clips.twitch.tv/PrettiestUglyHareKeyboardCat
  4. To the original person who started this post. SU clans are being foolish! If you think that Reto is going to change the game for your benefit you have another thing coming. Reto doesn't cater to threats by players. The way they see it is if you quit the game it just leaves the faction with a hole but room for new players to come in and pick up the pace. Reto will never give into demands for nerf and buffs of guns by players on a faction that they are fighting against. Now on alting Reto doesn't know how to catch alt'ers.... They claim that having an alt account is legal and fair game. As long as you try for that faction they find it to be fair play. I don't see it that way but that is my opinion. So if you see alt'ing in the games then just do the same back to the faction you are seein it done on. Its simple... just use alt accounts to pop battles. If reto has a problem with it just report it that you told them the enemy was doing it and now you find its fair game if you do it. When they decide to be able to fix the problem then you can stop then On resources Up until now the SU faction's goal was to hold off the GE on choke points for a few days till they ran out of resources and because SU didn't have enough generals like GE did when GE would run out of jeeps and bikes and certain tanks then SU would start to push GE to win the war. That doesn't work anymore because the the distribution of resources per win of battles. I find that the way Reto has designed the resources now is right. Win your battles and you get some for your faction. Surround the enemy and you take them off the map and get those as well. The way it is right now the game has it right because GE can't complain that they don't have resources to win wars and now you are seeing more and more battles on the GE side with tanks in them. Gunplay Reto doesn't care if you think the mg13 needs a nerf or you don't like the mg42 buff it got recently. The end result is the gun they had for GE that was priced at 217k credits no one bought it because it was to hard to use in battles. The sway was impossible to use no matter what badge you put on your character. Now with tightgrip working as intended more people are starting to use it. To Soviet players and clans, Stop with the strike thing and play the game. Work the game to your strengths and stop looking at what gun is op and you can't handle it cuz some noob get the gun and is now op with it. Right now with the strike going on all you make the game look like is how the SU first started... just infantry and light tanks. Stupid Stupid Stupid.... Learn to play the game SU
  5. its stupid to say that if you buy a stg on your US/SU side that if you promote it then it goes to the GE side. So you pay 4-5x the price of it originally on 1 faction and when you promote it then you can't get it back. RETO fix this idea and make the captured weapons faction specific!
  6. @RussianSniper01 well we produce 1 medium plane AT ever 1.5 hours and if there is 300 people looking for medium plane ATs you will get 1 AT every 450hrs.... Kiss plane ATs good bye if you are not on when the war starts. Plus you can't encircle planes or pilots so you have to wait your turn to get it. This new system sucks! And here is the thing too @RussianSniper01 you only get 1 AT. For your second AT you going to have to wait another round of people so another 450hrs. Where as the system b4 you could have waited your time slot but you would have gotten them all because they were in line... And they weren't stopping the rest of your qued up stuff. This system sucks!
  7. So @Reto.Hades what you are saying in this post is you don't give a shirt about your player base that has been playin the game since 2014 (as to when i started) you care more about the players that are coming in new to the game and want to see what the RTS system is about. That is messed up. I have on 1 faction almost 300 ATs that i put on the battlefield. A lot of them are toys ie tanks planes recons. I use every unit if i can through out the war. They are not the type of units that sit at the major capital and not move. But now with the new system i can't get them out of que. As an example. If I deploy late in the war and i want heavy tanks (mind you i have 11 heavy tank ATs) you produce 1 heavy tank assault team every 1.1hrs. if there are 300 people waiting for heavy tanks that means i have to wait what...330 hrs for 1 heavy tank? thats fair? The war will be over by then. Not to mention but your new que system clogs up the que for my other units that want in on the war action. This new system you have in place all it did was cater to the newbie player nothing else. Because the newbie player will have 8-10 assault teams. But as soon as he starts to grow with more and more assault teams he will realize that the new que system sucks. But i have 1 better for you.... I deployed in gold... but because of your que system it won't let me deploy because there is a que. SO what you are saying is you don't want my money because there is a que. Great system you have!!!! I don't think there is a way for you guys to revert back to the old system because in the history of this game you never went backwards with any update you put out. I have to accept things the way you put them but i do have some tweaking suggestions. 1. deploying army units should be separate from armor and airforce 2. deploying armor units should be separate from army and airforce 3. deploying airforce units should be separate from armor and army units 4. reinforcements will be given like it is right now in the system. 5. Production rates need an increase (because 2 heavy tanks every 10 min is a joke) I hope you understand that if you don't make some changes in your system rapidly you will lose your entire player base that likes to play the RTS. Remember its the players choice that he would like to play the RTS over the fps... Don't force players to have to play the fps just because the system you have in place forces them to play fps because they can't play the RTS anymore. Also do you know how many men are used in lets say a 1hr battle? i can tell you its between 500-700 men. That can be more then 20 ATs. So because my ATs found a good battle they have to wait 24 hrs to come out of que again? Another thing. People have been playin your game for a long time and their armies have grown very high... Why do you put a system that now limits them? Why not instead encourage them to play the game more and more because this person has a higher chance to reinvest in the company rather then taking a chance on someone new to invest in the company. I for one kinda want my money back from the money i invested because i didn't sign up to such a shirt system and i will never reinvest real money again in your game till i can get assurances that you won't pull shirt like this again. Limit players is what reto.redbjourne said he didn't want in the game. Now you are limiting me to 20 ATs a day. Lastly if you ban me because of this post I really don't care... its more you lost a payin customer to your game. I am sure the investors of your game will love to know that another paying customer left the game because of stupid updates you guys make to the game.
  8. flakpanzer

    CHANGELOG 1.17 - Cold Front

    Here is my suggestion on the ques for resources. There should be a separate system for each type of unit. So have a list when ordering from the faction for army units Have a separate list for armor Have a separate list for airforce Place paras in the airforce department This will allow every player to get armor and get infantry units out because the current system for players to get armor and their army out at the same time sucks!
  9. flakpanzer

    The Snow

    I shouldn't have to change my settings in my computer because the settings of the game changed from regular maps to snow. Its not my settings that have to be changed. The snow is literally to white in the game and its hurting my eyes. I have tried it with brightness to the lowest setting and all that does from ingame settings is lower the amount of light coming in the game but it doesn't change how white the snow is on the ground. I can only play the game now for 1hr fps side because anymore and i have a headache. If i start messing with colors on my monitor that isn't fair because when they revert this shirt back to regular maps then i have to play with settings again.
  10. flakpanzer

    CHANGELOG 1.17 - Cold Front

    OK so what i have realized now is we have a double que system. Bye bye anyone trying to que up a toy. Because as an example if you qued up for some heavy tanks because there is a production rate of 2 heavy tanks every 10 min and in order to get 1 heavy tank AT you have to wait like 1.1 hrs to get 1... now you have to wait your turn in the order to get that tank AT out of the que. So you went from 24 hrs to maybe getting the AT to maybe 7-10 days to getting that 1 heavy tank AT out. By that time the war will be over and you won't be able to use the heavier toys in the game. This new system of the queing for ATs isn't not what im looking for in the game. Instead of helping the productions and helping players push their ATs on the battlefield you make the ques longer and make people have to wait even longer to play with toys you designed for the game. Can i get a refund in the gold purchase because when i did my purchasing i didn't have a que on that... Or are you going to add a feature soon that we have to que to buy your gold too? Purchasing your gold there is no que but playin your game has ques everywhere.... I worked to get that AT and i purchased all the things needed to get the AT there i shouldn't have to wait in a double que to get it now. Bring back the old system for queing ATs or change something for the toy department!
  11. flakpanzer

    The Snow

    the Snow is to bright and i don't feel like i should have to play the game with sunglasses to enjoy the game. Please make some tweaks to the map with the snow so that its no so bright. Even turning settings on my display isn't working. Either the map is to dark and can't see the players or to bright and it gives me a headache in 20 min. Pls fix.
  12. flakpanzer

    Alt to win

    Well you now have a new problem on your hands RETO. You may think you have 10 million accounts but 3/4 of them are alt accounts. Here is what I don't understand. Why do you allow this behavior? People have vet membership on their main account and then use the alts to screw with the game. Now let me ask you something else. When I pick a faction I am locked to that faction.... Why??????? Why can't I switch factions mid war? What was the reason to keep me on that faction for the duration of the war? I should be able to play any side of the war at any point I would like. Because here is the thing with alt accounts people are doing it anyways. Now comes the real problem. People lets say I play SU, and get a team together and decide to que up for a battle. There could be times that they wait for that battle for 30-60 min for that 1 battle to start. And when it does start the players might not be as good as the team that qued up for it and end up losing the battle in 10 min. So they could wait 45 min in que and then get a 10 min battle? Is that fun? So what players seem to be doing is just creating alt accounts and getting on another computer in the house and signing in on that account and popping the battle. Now the push is easy! See your matchmaker is stupid. Because if players leave a battle there is no penalty and it seems that the matchmaker can find players for that battle almost immediately after that player has left but for other battles that have players queing for it they sit in que for hours. The alting has started to get the battles to start faster. Now here is the crazy part. Well you could say yeah but we ban the alters and ban the main account too. How would you know who is the alter and what is the main account. What if as an example i push my ATs in the battle and then get my clan to play it and then just be the alt on the other side. I never played the fps on the main account in game all i did was play the opposite side. You would never know what my main account is because I never played it. Do you see where im going with this RETO!!!!! Now here is another problem with alts.... the army chats. Some people in the game use the army chats to communicate with other players in the game that they are not clanned up with. Asking for resources in areas that they plan on pushing. If you have enemy players with their alts in the army chat they can go back to their main accounts and tell them what they saw in the chat to counter it. UMMMMMM hello???? how is that fair? Here is what you should do RETO .... 1 account per person! PERIOD! And @doramass if RETO doesn't change it just create doramass1 thru 10 and jump and play against the faction you want and let the players sit idle in the game and cause the battles to lose within 10 min each. Maybe then RETO will understand why alts are bad for the game. Because with words they don't see the damage. I remember how it was when we used to go on other faction and main account pop the parablocks back in the day when you could do that, and Germany got really mad when this happened and threatened RETO that they weren't going to play the game anymore if they allowed this behavior. It was the reason that they changed the game and made the system of the "fun" games. @GaiusBaltar remember those days? They just don't understand with words. Here is what I would do RETO... 1 account per person. IF the player creates a second account.... Ban both... make them start over. New policy....1 account per person only!
  13. Well it seems that the armor system is gone now that the AT gear goes right thru the armor and hits the tank on its armor hit points rather then its armor. Nothing has impact angle to high anymore. And it seems like the AT rambos got what they wanted back in the game. I like to tank and i love the combined arms game in this game but since the rambos if they don't get their way to kill tanks easy go on strike and say they won't pay any more money or play the game till they get to play AT rambo again then the devs find a way to give it back to them. So the tankers now suffer again. Right now there is no difference of how it used to be of having 2 h3s on any tank. But i have a compromise that can fix the problem so that we can have tanks on the battle field and have AT rambos too. And not to nerf the power of the AT rambo. First tankers can only spawn on main objectives or main lines if A1, B1, C1, D1, E1.... This should be the same for the AT rambo Second takers have respawn timers that they have to deal with if they spawn a high value type of tank. This should be the same for the rambo. The current timers are to low. I understand that tank spam is a problem but now the pendulum has swung the other way and now there are to many people with AT gear that can take out the tanks very quickly.
  14. Generals be aware the Armor system in the game is now broken. AT rambos are killing tanks to fast. Tank vs tank game play isn't hitting the tanks armor any longer . There are no armor plates. Everything is hitting the health pool of the tank so all tanks are now glass cannons. If you don't want to lose your warfunds don't send tanks. RETO PLS FIX THIS or you will lose your tank community on this one. Also armored cars have no armor. 1 shot zooka/shrecks on them. Recons beware !
  15. flakpanzer

    Nerf AT gear again

    if you have the entire team as tankers the team with infantry will just walk right around them and cap every point and win the game in 10 min. But to nerf the tanks into the ground by just bypassing the component damage is stupid. We took 2 steps foward and 3 steps back with this move. Now no one is going to play the tanks anymore when they see how easy they die from infantry. The tanks are taking damage with the components at full health. Even if another tank is shooting at them the tank is taking health pool damage and not armor damage. @Reto.Christiano is this the type of game you wanted ? No one is going to play the armored cars or tanks anymore if they die so easy to AT gear. People will stop spawning them. Some people are saying that the clans are coming back to the game because of this because tanks are not super OP anymore for it. I say that BS... Tanks are suppose to be OP. Thats the dam point. Buffing AT gear is a slap in the face to the tankers in the game. Here we have components and tank health and track problems and tanks to deal with and now AT gear gets a buff to the point that AT gear does more damage then a tank does to another tank? I don't want a COD game. The tanks being powerful made the game unique. Now infantry is back to being the jack of all trades and can do anything in the game again. Oh they have tanks break out the AT gear and lets make some warfunds boys.... Thats dumb!