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  1. Everyone understands in this game that infantry is the most important in the game to win. And everyone wants to win but there a few factors that hinder a game to win. People push points as infantry and cap and get good exp (but not enough) We encouraged people to play defense which helped! But now its time to expand on that idea. Here is what I mean Infantry should get exp for killing on the cap or killing on defense. If you get a 200m kill you still get a normal 5-10 exp for the kill. Infantry is not a sniper. You should not get extra exp for getting that long range kill as infantry. That was not your role. Infantry should get exp for capping main lines of attack. If infantry goes down a line that has no supply on it they will receive no exp or warfunds. Again not your role. Infantry can not mark targets as this isn't your role. Infantry killing a tanks also get no exp or warfunds for this as this isn't their role. No exp will be given for infantry trying to kill planes as well. All personal warfunds will be calculated at the end of the battle based on how they performed in the battle on these new ideas Snipers should get exp for marking targets 5 exp per mark (they are the only soldiers on the field that can mark targets) and for killing at 200m the 50+ exp. Recons should get exp and warfunds for capping lines with no supply on it. As an example if the main line is a line on a town map and O2 is capped.. Then recon going on the b line will get the normal exp they should get and the warfunds as well. Recons killing tanks will get no exp or warfunds. Recons can kill the tanker and use the tank but that is a different story :P. All personal warfunds will be calculated at the end of the battle based on how they performed in the battle on these new ideas Tankers have the role of support. Each kill they get should be a standard 5 exp for infantry/recon/para kills. The current system for killing other tanks is fine but there should be an increase in exp for killing jeeps and bikes. Tankers will get warfunds based on how many jeep, bikes, tanks, planes and infantry they kill. Extra exp will be awarded if the tanks are on the cap with infantry. No exp will be given or warfunds for a tanker to go and cap a line that has no supplies on it. That is a recon role only!... All personal warfunds will be calculated at the end of the battle based on how they performed in the battle on these new ideas Paratroopers--- Their main focus is to attack. They get exp for capping and killing while on the cap. Anti tank paras get no exp as this isn't their role or get any extra exp for a 200m kill. Paras are not recon so capping outside supply lines that have no resources on it get no exp or warfunds. Pilots--- Anything that they kill from the air they will get personal warfunds for it. Pilots can't cap so if they kill anything on the ground they should be rewarded something in credits and warfunds too.
  2. Thats is garbage! I have been put in a game where we were at A1 and they were taking it and my group came in and we turned it around and won the battle. It just goes to show that a few extra people can turn the tide back but by not giving the players any chance because 1 side has 20 people and the other side has 15 is just BS. Or reto can bring back the idea of the deploy que in battles so that if 1 side has more people then the other the side with the more people can wait to spawn so the game is now balanced again. It just isn't fair for the team that started the game 18 on 18 and cuz some people didn't feel like playin that battle they leave and leaving the players in the game to have to struggle down 5 players. I have said it b4 that MM is broken. I have waited in game wanting to start certain games where I had my ATs in the battle and sometimes I wait 50 min to 1 hr to get a battle to start and sometimes that battle ends in 8 min. There just isn't enough players because they are all in staged. Something has to be done with the players who feel that its more productive in the game to play staged rather then play war. Force players to play war! Meaning when you get to gold level with your character and if he is past lvl 12 rank... This character can no longer play staged. This will make vet stompers have to play with stock guns or play war! PERIOD!
  3. Beautiful problem

    @Greater007 you are out of your mind if you think the stg needs a buff. I personally think its way to op. People are so good with it that this gun doesn't miss. But hey if you you want a buff you can have a buff to the gun. Im all for it getting a buff... Get the rate of fire you want and the damage you want but you will have the accuracy of the prtd. That work? I personally love what they want to do with the vehicle 2.0 update. Not only will there be a variety of vehicles out there and tanks but they are also doing it with the guns too. STG players will be less on the battlefield. Because if the whole team decides to go STG... They will lose! Great idea from RETO on this idea... 2 thumbs up!!! We are going to see more variety weapons on the battlefield because the spawn timers are going to go up for all the high power weapons and I think that is a good thing
  4. NA timezone is dead

    When playing on the EU timezone you can que for a battle and within 2-10 min the battle you want will start but on the NA timezone you can wait between 35 min to 1 hr for the battle to start. I am finding it hard to find battles now even vs the Germans. I am not looking to play against clans but there are no players left on my timezone. Can you implement a bot system to get the battles going? Not fun for me to have to play staged just to enjoy your game. No one is left playing war!
  5. Update is a known issue now and it is prolly going to take them as long as it did to find the bug that used to lauch players 200 m up in the air when they got off the bicycle. Took em 2 years to figure that 1 out. I think reto claimed they will have a fix when they put out vehicle 2.0 out. Personally i think its going to fail...Because they are not testing it with us. I don't see why its so hard to code
  6. Overly Rude Cupcakes Antagonizing Monkeys

    @Pupparino not fun to play against orcam because the players are scary good and I don't have a chance with them. I am friends with almost all the members and even had 2 of orcam in my clan at 1 point in time. I have nothing against ORCAM. They are just above my playing abilities and I proudly admit it! GG ORCAM you guys are amazing players. Join Russia so i don't have to play against you :P.
  7. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy

    So i have a question now. Since we don't have any more aux seats in the game what is the purpose of squad lead and squad member exp on those ribbons?
  8. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Handling

    Ok so i have been waiting in que for 1 hr looking for a game on the prototype server... I don't know what to comment on when i can't try it Can you make it so i can play some bots so i can see what the new update will be about? It seems like my timezone is dead in this game
  9. Match Maker is Broken

    @Vudu_guy seems like the devs like you and always put you in the patch notes. Maybe you can get them to fix the match maker too. The battle did eventually pop at 1.02.15 but I shouldn't have to wait that long for the battle to pop. Now after the battle did pop the battle was full of players within minutes after the battle was running. This isn't fair!
  10. Match Maker is Broken

    How long do I have to wait till Match maker decides to put people in this game? Been waiting for 44 min
  11. Summer Sale: 15 days of sale

    Today is the bolt action rifle sale but the ptrd doesn't fall in this category? @reto people what do you consider this gun?
  12. Too Few warfunds awarded to generals issue

    The game devs have their own agenda as to what needs to come out in the game. Even though the RTS is time critical b4 the game completely collapses. They just don't care. The new map was what the community was asking for so they put their efforts in to that. Don't get me wrong the new skirm map is fun to play but wasn't a critical need in the game right now. Next was their summer sales because in the end of the day its not the vets and the players who play the war who are important.... its the staged noobs who they are catering too now because they are getting into a game they have no idea about and when they see a sale on a gun or soldier that they could get the idea is 1-100 may pull out the wallet and pay for something with real money. The devs are catering to the staged players and not us VETS on the RTS. Soon this game will become like COD because the Generals part will disappear. WARNING RETO.... Because people are not making money via rts the wars are going to end fast again and not because people are on strike.... They just won't be able to deploy cuz they are out of money. Is this what we are going for in this game?
  13. Changelog 1.11 'Skirmish at Khutor'

    Why does the tractor sound like the t20? Can't find another sound?
  14. Changelog 1.11 'Skirmish at Khutor'

    Thank you... AT least there is someone out there who feels that this update is a sham to making us think that we are getting real updates. Again the devs thinking about their own agenda and what they think what the community wants. Its true 1-2 yrs ago we wanted new maps but we didn't mean new skirm and encounter maps. They took what we said and took the easy way out and made small versions and claim .... Hey this is what you asked for! That is utter garbage. If they don't fix the major problems soon like I said there won't be a game left. All the updates they push out will be for nothing when the community of new and old players is gone. Then they will ask themselves but we did what the community asked why is no one playing our game.
  15. Changelog 1.11 'Skirmish at Khutor'

    My tone of voice has nothing to do with the fact that your game is dying because things you should be working on first. You are pushing it to the side and developing things that people really don't care for. A New skirmish map? REALLY????? This is just another place for the vet players to roffle stomp all the dam noobs in the game. Come on think about it. IF this happens what game are you going to have left? Also how much do you guys actually look at your forums? I am mean there is only like 20 pages of people complaining about the warfunds. If people run out of warfunds then what... What war are you going to have left? UNLESS you plan on giving ever account in the game a 10-50M warfund package. Or do you want to have another free deploy month to get people to have warfunds again. Don't get me wrong the new map is fun and all... But how about a tier system to work the way it was designed. Like if you spawn in a game with bronze level weapons you should only face bronze level players on the other side and not be able to switch to other characters that are gold level. Making all the vets be on the same player level. Real fun to join a battle with a basic starter rifle with no mods and the guy on the other end has an stg or johnson. What noob player that comes in the game is going to stay? You have real problems on your hand and you don't listen to your community. You put out the updates once every 6 months. I can go on and on about all the problems you have with your game and what needs to be fixed. My suggestion is to meet with your community and actually listen to the players that play the game everyday and see what people want instead of having your own agenda and following that. You should meet with these people on a regular basis as well.