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  1. flakpanzer

    Updated Development Overview - October

    its great that you are thinking of adding new tanks to the game and increasing the ideas of what people can play in the game. but unless you fix the m2a2 in the game that seems to be killing every tank in the game with poor game physics nobody will be around to play your new tanks. The M2A2 is ramming high tier tanks and flipping them which ton for ton isn't possible. Might want to look into this b4 developing something new. As far as I remember on the stream the tier 1 tanks of the light class is suppose to rip armor off the tank and when the armor is gone then start to do component damage. Seems like right now the m2a2 is doing both... The t-38 isn't doing as much damage as the m2a2.... Also you might want to look into the damage models of the tiered tanks.... 12 shots from a heavy tank to a tier 1 tank isn't realistic or arcadish either.... Needs to be fixed. Cannon tanks are just not doing the right damage. Also planes are not doing enough damage from above to tanks... Heavy planes are needing 5-6 runs on tanks to kill medium tanks and TDs. I understand we went to a model component system but tweaks are necessary in order to continue the life of the game. People are already abusing the system of the m2a2.
  2. flakpanzer

    Insane ques

    Here are what the ques look like 5 min in the war... Can we up the numbers again? I don't think this is fair that in 5 min after a war starts the ques need to be so high!
  3. flakpanzer

    R.I.P H&G

    I would rather get 12-15 players in a game in war working a strategy with the team in order to either defend or take a city. The way I envisioned this game in fps .. is tanks infantry planes recon paras all working together. Am i wrong?
  4. flakpanzer

    R.I.P H&G

    to me staged is boring. Its the same shirt over and over. Plus if you win or lose in staged you don't gain anything other then badges. I use stage to grind badges that im going to use in the war. I don't take stage serious like i do in war. And you and I have had our share of good battles. They my as well turn the AR off again since both GE and SU stopped playin the war again and we are back to 8 hr wars
  5. flakpanzer

    R.I.P H&G

    no dude that was the old meta and if you become more powerful in taking out tanks then the game will go back to the old way where infantry just hunt tanks and tankers become long range artillry. Right now tankers knowing that they can't be ramboed so easy they are starting to get on cap points with infantry. More and more infantry i have see out there with wrenches fixing the tanks as its easy exp and tankers are getting used to the idea that infantry is going to help them considering now they are on the point with them. You can't have the cake and eat it too.... Which way do you want it. Infantry to be powerful and tankers to be a joke or Tankers to be powerful and infantry to struggle when they see the tanks? My problem that I currently have is that if a higher tier tank comes around it is having trouble to take out the lower tier tank. The tiger 2 should be the most feared tank out that and should be taking a lot of punishment and dishing out a lot. Currently it just isn't Same as the TDs in this game don't do enough damage. They are TDSSS!!!!!!!! 2-3 shots on a medium is all it should take... 4-5 on a heavy and 1-2 on a light tank.... You can't tell me 12 shots for a TD on a light tank. But again that goes to the idea that i was talking about earlier that cannon tanks need tweaks.
  6. flakpanzer

    R.I.P H&G

    Everyone has to understand that the meta of the game has changed with the current update. They are not listening to the community, they never have. They put out updates when they want do things to the server when they want and you have to deal with it if you want to play the game. If you don't like it go play something else.... No one is forcing you to be here. Once you learn how to play this meta of the game you will see that it is a blast to play. Unfortunetly both GE and SU players have to ruin it for the rest of us by thinking if they boycott the game and not play that they are going to get the game devs to change something to how they want it because that is how it has worked in the past. I just don't think it is going to work this time around. Again people who have figured out how to play this meta of the game are really enjoying the game and the new meta of the game. @drhoops armor doesn't need a nerf and infantry doesn't need a buff for AT rambos.. What needs a nerf is the 1st tier tanks of each faction and cannon tanks need to do more damage. I shouldn't have to shoot a t-38 12 times with a jumbo to kill it with apcr. Those are the tweaks that need to be made. 1 shot to a car with a jumbo or medium tank. Cannon based tanks need more damage.... but the game play is fine the way it is for organised teams.... Its just that people are stupid in this game and its kinda the reason people lose so fast. Again players need to learn to play this new meta and not change the game to suit their old style of game play with the new update. This will take off more players too. I am not a tanker but i understand why the changes were done... Don't nerf tanks to please the AT rambos of the game
  7. flakpanzer

    Players leaving the game

    ^ AT rambo that wants his AT gear back like in update 1.11
  8. flakpanzer

    Players leaving the game

    im sorry but i find that this update is possibly 1 of the best updates they have put out in a long time. You all still think that this update is a tweak on 1.11 ... This is a whole new update and 1.12 is change in game play for the game. If you look at the game with your team of players and think how to use 1.12 to your advantage you will see that you are going to beat teams in 5-10 min just like our team is doing in war. You just can't have anymore a 6 man squad carry the team anymore.... The whole team has to work together. The team that spams tanks is going to lose. There are some maps that if you spam tanks its useless because all the caps are indoors. As infantry you just walk right around the tanks... They become useless. You have to stop complaining on the forums that this update is bad and adapt. Once you get the hang of what the devs did with this update you will see that its a really good update for "teams" people with some coordination! Its hilarious because people complained so much on the forums about squad 2.0 and how the fact that they didn't want to be limited and when Reto removed the limits now people are complaining that there are not limits. Right before they put out this update i asked @Reto.Millan how are you going to stop the spam of aux seat type units... Response was we don't want to limit players on how they play in a game. I was upset with that answer because I was afraid that people were just going to jump in all my planes of heavy planes in a game and waste them all... Seems like people are doing it more in tanks then in planes. But the same problem arises. And the funny thing is that we in this game went backwards in this game because people wanted no limits on the way they play the game. That is what squad 2.0 did. It limited the type of units out there and how many of those types of units existed. Overall if you have a 10-12 man crew in a game this update is by far the best update in the game. The clans are now going to dominate in the game because they are coordinated in the game and can take the city quick if they choose to do so.
  9. flakpanzer

    1.12 update zerg problem

    i don't mind playin clans anymore in this update. I now enjoy it... Cuz now you have to work together as a team rather then having a 5 man group dominate the whole team.. Can't do that anymore. You now have to work as a team to win battles. As far as no game sense I don't get that part.... what do you mean by this statement? Its hilarious that you claim to me about how my clan has to always attack another clan and then when the defending clan of a city wins they claim they are good. Its easy to defend... Attacking needs strategy and coordination. Which in this update is what it has enhanced. people are upset that they are not getting their way in game and on the forums because the meta of the game changed and they don't want to change the way they play the game. Get over it... the meta of this game changed and until you find your ways on how to win in this new meta your going to have a problem with the game. @geschlittert don't be disrespectful.... i didn't do anything to you... im just stating my ideas about the update and how its actually a really good update for teams that are organized. Change your methods of how to play the game and we will have a good battle. I do agree my friend that there are tweaks that need to be made.
  10. flakpanzer

    Players leaving the game

    Oh right this isn't an infantry only game .... Tankers were hurt to much over to long of a period of time and this is what we got now... Wait so the problem is people don't like the tank spam? Sheet if there are only tankers on the other team you can take the battle in 5 min... just go around them. Here is the problem @HitnRun2016 tanks should be more powerful then infantry... not the the other way around. The problem we have right now isn't that tanks are to powerful... its just that there is no counter to them. a tier 1 light tank is doing more damage then a heavy tank and that is what needs tweaks. The cannon based tanks arent doing enough damage... And then on top of that the planes are not doing the right amount of damage to the tanks. But as infantry you should not be able to take out the tanks. As infantry your point is to cap and kill other infantry to take the city. The tanks give support to the infantry and help take or defend the city. Protecting the tanks helps too! Planes help take out the tanks from above and the other classes help in other ways. People just want the old meta and that is gone. If you learn to use combined arms in this game you will find that the game is really easy now to win. People who use the old meta are going to find this update a nightmare cuz they don't know how to play it!
  11. flakpanzer

    1.12 update zerg problem

    Wait so what you are claiming is that you need people on defense? Wow what an idea! Apcs way to hard to kill? Oh so 1 h3 was the meta and now you want it to be the same? how about the guy who spawned it... fair to him? How about you do some coordination or use another badge to cap that car fast :).... Oh wat an idea!!!!!!!! They even changed the idea so you couldn't camp the APC... do you not like that change? We did it the old way and people complained.... Get used to the new meta! Stop coming on the forums and complaining that you want the game in the old meta... Its gone !!!! get over it! As for clans zerging in games and capping out fast.... Its just that they are more organized then the randoms.... The reward is a 5 min game.... If you don't like it get with an organized group and don't let the clans do it.... get better battles that way. Right now organized teams with combined arms are going to kick butt right now... and that is the way it should be! PERIOD
  12. flakpanzer

    How to traffic jam your own team.

  13. flakpanzer

    I find myself rage quitting more

    People who complain about this update just don't understand the mechanics of the game. People want this update to be a boost in their game play from before. Really what happened is the whole game changed and the meta of the game changed as well. Now the game requires combined arms fighting. As a team when joining the battle you have to have a balance of power of units and as a team you have to figure that out on the battlefield of what the generals have sent you. Infantry isn't god anymore on the game. You now have to use all the assets in the game now to win. This update aside from some small tweaks to pen values of what tanks can do and how handling works in the game is prolly the best update they have ever come out with. People who are complaining about it just don't use the combined arms method and are having a very tough time with this update. The Russians should not talk.... they have every resource and have no que for them. Once they learn how to use a different methods from apc's and infantry they will be the true power house in this game! And @GRINGOJS if you want to fight americans come find me in the game and i will get my group to play you... we would love to play the russians and not have to wait 50 min in que for a battle!
  14. flakpanzer

    new update tweaks

    First I'd like to say that I love the new deploy system and handling of the jeeps. But there are tweaks that need to be made. 1st tweak: First the tier 1 tanks are out performing all the tanks because there is a glitch in the system. The tier 1 tanks are doing 2 things at the same time where they are suppose to only do 1. The tier 1 tanks are doing component damage and armor damage to every tank in the game which is to high. They are ripping thru the armor of higher tier tanks and doing component damage at the same time. This needs to be tweaked so that the tier 1 tanks can only do armor ripping damage and when the armor is ripped off then they can do pen damage. Not both at the same time. 2nd tweak: High tier tanks need to do more damage to lower tier tanks. There is no reason it should take 12 shots with APCR from a jumbo tank that has 76mm cannon to the front side and back of the tank. 1 APCR round to the front of a tank like that would rip it in half if the jumbo came across it. Same thing i have found that if my jumbo hit a t-38 its the same amount of shots. I understand that things have to be fair but still that is to much power for a little tank to have. 3rd tweak: Motorcycles have become stunt bikes. They are really hard to control and if they hit 1 bump on the ground they are launched in the air. Was this intended? Hitting a curb and going 20 feet in the air? Also bikes have had a tendency to lay down if they hit the side of a curb or another vehicle and can't be picked up by the soldier.
  15. Having a new clan and lots of players who are qued up for a game the match maker is still having problems finding us people to play against. Most people complain about the Russians just AR everything but I feel that its more of the match maker that is the problem more then the system. Here is an example my team and I (12 players) que for the battle and wait for the battle to start 40-50 min for the battle to start. Then (if starts) the battle starts it puts 6 people who were not even qued for the battle before any of the players who were qued for the battle in first. Why??????? Why do random players who are not qued for the battle get in first? Second thing that i have noticed in the match maker that needs to be fixed. We have a group of people who are qued up for the battle and while we are qued with 12 players I see the nearby city that had no players for both sides pop before our battle to start.... Again why? Lastly the last problem I see with the match maker is that finding players for our battles takes to long. If people random que for war and you have a battle that has 12-15 people qued up when the person is looking for the game our game should be put at the top of the list. Its so interesting that it take so much time to get the battle to pop but when it does pop the battle fills up with players immediately. Where were these players the whole time when we were in que? The problem i see with the match maker is that when people are queing up for war it tries to find open spots to fill up the battle to 18 vs 18 or higher if it can fit them in the right squad. Instead can we make the battle go up to 17 vs 17 and if you still want in on a certain battle you have to que in to get in on that battle to fill it up to max. If one side fills up to 20 its up to players who are clicking on battle of what is playing to jump into the battle to even out the numbers. (or you can put up the old deploy que) for uneven numbers again. Either way something has to be done