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  1. mambooman

    New technologies and gaming communities

    We always have the reddit. Frankly, the moderation of the forums was exceptionally poor. Though, to be fair, it was mostly one moderator on a power trip. Discord can be useful....but, at nearly 50, I grew up with forums and am just used to that form of information sharing. You could see the forums being used less and less as time went by. So, I can see why they don't want to invest the resources into it. I do get a laugh out of it knowing...just knowing...there is a mod sitting in a dark room right now talking to himself about how he won't be able to ban people anymore or close topics.
  2. Not enough resources to do it properly. Not enough players in the game to effectively play it. Game is not designed in a way to handle adding factions in a way that could/would work.
  3. mambooman

    Goodbye forum warriors

    LOL....goodbye certain forum mods who think they are more important than they are.
  4. I kept looking to see if this was an old, old necro post...because this has been an issue for awhile (atleast AT in general being far more efficient at killing tanks than other tanks are).
  5. mambooman

    Heroes & Generals: The Sad End

    Correct. But, I used the terms I did specifically because I think they have long since passed a point of no return (so to speak) regarding realizing the potential. Therefore, the potential of what this game could of/would of/should of been is likely lost. I would love to be wrong about this point. But, I don't think I am.
  6. mambooman

    Heroes & Generals: The Sad End

    Optimization is a problem and has always been. Though, I have never had the issues others complained about. I had been running a rig that had an intel processor from 2017 (an i5) and a 1070 and was hitting 100 FPS no problem. I recently upgraded to the AMD 5800x and a 6700 graphics card (because that is all I can get my hands on for a decent price) and am clocking in at over 170 FPS (at the low point). Bots were a bad addition to assault. Agreed. I would like to see them go. I would also like to see captured weapons go. I think that ruined faction identity. The game is old and tired because the player base is stuck playing on the same maps over and over and over again. Despite some of their incredibly short sighted decisions and poor execution of ideas, the game can be an enjoyable free to play game when played with friends. The most disappointing things about HnG is simply the wasted potential the game once had.
  7. mambooman


    And this is exactly why I use HSG. I wouldn't care if they changed it to only impact BA damage.....but to not have it just makes you easy prey for bush wookies. I pull my 0hk inf sniper every once and awhile and most long time players that I hit with it are obviously running with HSG for that exact reason - to keep from being 0hk. I see nothing wrong with it and would be fine with moving HSS down lower to help new players.
  8. mambooman

    many esp and radar hacks

    Do cheaters exist in this game? Sure...I am sure that there are some low skill people who look for those online and use them. Are they as rampant as others suggest and literally behind every tree and rock? No...not by a long shot. I have played this game for going on 7 years and every once and a LONG while I will see someone I am suspicious about. But, it is not common by any means. What is common is people spamming in chat that player X is cheating.
  9. mambooman

    Message to Tacotim or TacoMex

    It isn't worth trying to apologize to someone who wants to go into nuclear rage over getting ran over in a bot match.
  10. mambooman

    This game is dying, so...

    Well, that really depends on what your vision of 'dead' is. A living game, in my opinion, is one that is expanding, adding updates to expand the game world, etc. A dead game, imo, is one that is not adding meaningful content, not expanding the size/scope of the game. HnG may still technically be a game that is still "live' but I think it meets many criteria that many would list for a dead game. Yes, they do still 'develop' the game...by a very generous reading of that term. They haven't added meaningful content to the game in a long time. New weapons, new character skins, etc may be ok/neat but that hardly qualifies as healthy development geared towards expanding the game. When you see and review what this game could have been with a few different decisions along the way vs where it is now, it is hard to believe that it isn't dead.
  11. mambooman

    My latest Feedback

    The fact that they force snowballs and stuff on you in the first place ruins the experience.
  12. mambooman

    buff german pls

    I still remember people saying "but you have doors on the kubel that protect you from tank fire". Brilliant. But, when you are upside down 90% of the time, nothing else matters.
  13. mambooman

    Why is there no UK side

    Ok....and Monty was the great savior, right? LOL.
  14. mambooman

    buff german pls

    The kubel is absolute garbage. Anyone questioning that assessment needs to have their mental capacity checked. You have laid out many of the issues with it. The biggest in my mind is that a pebble flips the thing over. I would take a GAZ without a MG in a heartbeat over the Kubel, each day and everyday.
  15. mambooman

    are we GOD?

    I suspect that there is a fair amount of reporting going on from the tab menu...but I doubt anyone at Reto looks at it - unless they get an outrageous amount of reports on a person.
  16. mambooman

    Returning... Maybe

    I think you mean HnG HAD a certain charm about it. The laughingly titled "Immersion" update is actively trying to kill off most of that charm. When they ram captured vehicles through, the conversion to red vs blue will be complete. Pre-school aged children could make better decisions than the group "leading" the "development".
  17. It will continue to keep going downhill BECAUSE of Reto. In the 6 years I played this game, there were SOOOOOOO many great ideas presented to them and SOOOOOO many requests for things that would have pushed this game to be a continuing growth game. The community has tried for literally YEARS to help make this a game that would be a big success. However, Reto knows best is there motto. You see how that is working out for them. They have a game that is jettisoning it player base faster that it can attract new players. Their top streamers can't be bothered to play it remotely consistently anymore because of the constant bugs that have been around forever, no new maps as requested for eons, etc. It is only a matter of time at this point.
  18. mambooman

    Game is getting better

    Captured weapons themselves were a mistake...although a tolerable one. Allowing them to be fully modded is a cluster. Never should have entered the game. So, I agree with you that they were a mistake....a massive mistake. The 'Immersion' update totally killed the faction immersion I so enjoyed about this game. I have played since 2014....and there have been lots of bad patches and decisions since that time....but honestly, to me, this is the worst patch. I could find ways to play and enjoy myself through all the other clusters they created. This one does it for me.
  19. mambooman

    Game is getting better

    LOL Why exactly do you have a reason to play any other 'faction' since you can get any weapon on whatever blue team you want to be on?
  20. mambooman

    Devs broken matchmaking again

    I don't know why everyone is surprised that there are persistent, ridiculous bugs in this game such as this one. This bug has been around for a long time...though, it has only gotten worse. 'Superb' development. While they worry about captured weapon mods, the core of the game is falling apart.
  21. mambooman

    War battle without being in a faction?

    It is a bug. A bug that has only gotten worse. Does it surprise you they haven't fixed it yet? Doesn't surprise me. Inaction on things like this just makes the game into a joke.
  22. mambooman

    are we GOD?

    It does in limited circumstances. 1 F1 report does nothing....Reto isn't looking at those. But, if you get something like 6 or 8 in a match (or something - I forget the number), you get auto kicked from the match. Further F1 reports within a certain time frame gets you a temp ban (automatic as Reto can't be bothered to enforce anything). But, you are right that a solitary one here or there means literally nothing.
  23. mambooman

    P-51 Mustang Buff

    I was just going to reply to OP stating - Really just ask Vief what he thinks about the Mustang. Guess I don't need to now.
  24. Are Recoons related to Racoons?
  25. Game suffers from a lot more than just no in game voice. The biggest issue is lack of staff. Why is there a lack of staff? There is a lack of funding. Why is there a lack of funding? Because they keep losing people who supported this game. The exodus exceeds the inflow. Why do people leave and stop supporting a free to play game? Terrible development and pushing ideas that harm the game. Community has for SEVERAL years tried to give great ideas. If you have an idea for Reto, you might as well go outside, turn and look at the building you just exited and explain your idea to it. You will probably have more success talking to that building than Reto.