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  1. So I've heard a reply on this suggestion by RETO.Millan in yesterday's discord AMA event. He said it was too complicated and they didn't have a conversion gold to credits. Lame excuses. When there is no will rather say "we don't want to" than making up false excuses. I'm pretty sure coding this extra option is quite easy and feasible for professional programmers that work on the game and the gold conversion has already been made for each item. Thank you for listening.
  2. MegaBertz

    Finnish's recon school

    To add to want he said, I think the only time when it's useful to go far away 200m+ and camp, is when the battle is in a stall, the fight is not moving to another objective for some time due to the teams being even, or one team defending is superior to the other and not wanting to progress on the map. That's when going far away and get your kills at a safe spot can help your team.
  3. MegaBertz

    Finnish's recon school

    Also, any tips on 1shotting pilots, if there's even one ?... I do fairly good at killing tankers that pop their head out, people inside cars or APCs but pilots flying planes were always more problematic for obvious reasons. I don't think I ever killed one with a sniper rifle, yet.
  4. MegaBertz

    Upcoming Tank Map "Gorge" (Work in Progress)

    It's been so long since this has been talked about and the community never really asked about it anymore (not that I've seen) that I thought this map project had gone down the toilet, dead, buried and forgotten. Looking forward to learn more about it and wishing it comes a reality in the game.
  5. MegaBertz

    Finnish's recon school

    How is the distance bonus awarded ? do you know in detail ?... as in, from how far away you'll win x more points per kill and how much is x, etc.
  6. MegaBertz

    You Ask! Veteran Players Answer!

    Can you please explain how the Cache Size parameter affects the game performance? My graphics is a GTX 1050 TI with 1024 kb L2 Cache Size memory, how much is recommended to set in the Cache Size option to optimize the game's performance? full 1024 ? I've been playing with 64 only and my FPS is good. What difference does it make ?
  7. MegaBertz

    H&G blocked in entire Russia?

    Not necessarily. I use a vpn from Portugal to Germany or France and I get pings of 50ms on battles with good latency, and 100ms on battles with bad latency. If I play without, I'll often get into battles with 150ms+.
  8. Hey! - thanks for that.
  9. I have thought of many possibilities using this mix option, I'm not a business manager, I'm sure one competent could find nice sweet spots between what players would do and what RETO wants from it if ever they implement it. For example minimal and maximal values could be set for each shop item, depending on the popularity of the item, among other things, for example minimum of 200 gold, or a maximum of 50% bought through that way. Whatever values the management thinks it's best for each item. There could also be a small fee in gold for using this service, it could be set as a % of the total value or as a fixed price, or as a fixed price scaling with the amount of gold that is spent in one purchase that way. For example to buy the PPsh-41 from the example taken above, the final price could be 128 000 credits + 361 gold + 15 gold of fee for using the mix option. This would counter, or at least minimize the use of the 4 daily gold by hoarders, and would also mean the company selling the weapon for a slightly higher price in gold. Again the fee would be determined to best suit everyone's needs in the management point of view. I do not know if it would be beneficial in the long run for them or not, I think it might change significantly the way people spend their gold and ultimately the business model. I mean the model would be about the same, just a different version of it. Right now the way the shop is presented to us, if you want to buy something you have to buy full price in gold or grind for it. This leads I'd think to a bigger focus on big spenders, or those who don't mind spending 5€ on a gun. The suggestion given would turn the model more into a microtransaction type, where each one decides when and how much is his gold spent on items. The important part I guess for RETO is to monitor closely the players interaction with this buy option, and impose restrictions if needed and constantly adapt over time,, to better profit from it. Anyway, just a suggestion that I know I would use occasionally with pleasure if available.
  10. @killer553 I think this purchase option would go in RETO's favour, I for one would never the buy full price of guns or vehicules with gold in the shop, but would certainly at times spend small amounts of gold to complete a purchase, up to 300 or 400 gold. That would drain some of the gold I bought, which may lead me to buy more after awhile and after many purchases done partially with the currency bought with real money. I actually believe it's an idea that can please both sides of the counter, the players and RETO, but I don't know if it fits their business model, or if they would have to change it entirely to implement with profits such idea.
  11. Sometimes I'm short of buying a new weapon of only about 5k or 10k credits, and I have gold with me that I seldom use. Why not allow the shop purchases be done with a mix of credits and gold? For example I'm currently aiming at purchasing the PPsh-41, it costs 158 000 credits or 1900 gold but I only have with me let's say 128 000 credits. Doing simple maths: 158 000 - 100% - 1900 128 000 - 81% - 1539 This leaves me having to give 361 gold to complete my purchase. I'll buy the gun paying 128 000 credits + 361 gold. I don't think this has been suggested before, I did look in the (search here before posting) thread but I didn't search exhaustively the entire forums so apologies if it's a repost.
  12. MegaBertz

    Ask questions for Q&A & Why #14

    This isn't the first time it happened, you are the child if you think it's me pressing the wrong button. Being a Targetted Individual sucks, if you don't know what that is go look it up, but I'm pretty sure you know what's up. Either RETO doing it from their offices, the dutch server providers or my computer being hacked by I suspect might be through Microsoft services. I use Glasswire to monitor every outgoing and incoming traffic and didn't find anythning suspicious other than normal Microsoft services. Whoever the F-CKER that's doing it SOMEONE is spying and sees what I see on my screen in real time and makes my computer think I pressed keys that I didn't. Very disruptive and annoying, no one affected under those conditions can enjoy the game properly !!!!! MAFIOSI !!!
  13. MegaBertz

    Ask questions for Q&A & Why #14

  14. MegaBertz


    There was an idea of bringing a tank-only mode map discussed not too long ago but I don't have the link to it right now, nor have I ever heard of anything again.
  15. MegaBertz

    Warlentine sale and a gift from RETO MOTO

    Thanks for the 24h membership!