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  1. Notorious Cheating Clan up to old tactics again favorite gun on US is still M1/M2 coreabine
  2. Notorious Cheating Clan up to old tactics again

    thats what i thought, so lame... btw i play all factions (i only started out with US, and its still the "main" faction that i prefer to play in war)
  3. Notorious Cheating Clan up to old tactics again

    please spare us with your 0815 comments...
  4. Game needs a better anti cheat system

    @_Rainbow_Dash Come and fight me and my buddies and i'll show you how unskilled i am @BrandonSolo10 who the f*ck is orcam ??? @_Finnish_Gamemaster_ many cases i have to admit that i am not sure if players are really cheating or not (and its not me to decide, i'll leave it to the developers) I know a lot of insanely good players, i've been playing this game for a long time now and i think i developed a good sense on who is legit and who's not... ...but when i see a guy just spamming bullets and every single shot is a hit, and as i take cover behind a wall he still keeps spamming at me - even when i move left and right behind that wall his bullets seem to follow me, thats just obviously suspicious in my pov (aimbot) or when i'm the only enemy inside O1/O2 (factory map - which has a lot of hiding spots : roof - 2nd floor - or ground lvl) ..hiding behind a box in the corner (no one saw me going there and no one is able to see me there), and a guy that just got into the objective comes straight at me already prefiring around the corner - thats just really fishy (esp) btw the same guy also did some impossible headshots through bushes and trees and always seemed to know our positions... and in such battles i'm not the only one calling this guys out for cheating. Most of the time im playing war battles, playing with my clan buddies or other clans - lets just say i keep it very competetive... i wouldnt consider myself a elite player (like BAD or Z.b.v guys) but im better than the average, i play every class (pilot, tanker aso) and i got really good at it... And let me tell you - there are clans known for their shady gameplay and they already got banned many times - im not making this up... I also know a lot of clan players who share my opinion, they just never go on the forums (beeing part of the so called silent majority) And i think most of the players that are constantly posting in the forums are just part of the loud minority who know bs about the game... nuff said...
  5. Notorious Cheating Clan up to old tactics again

    yup, really suspicious these pricks
  6. Cheaters are getting really annoying in this game ! Since a couple of weeks the numbers of cheaters seem to be dramatically increasing... You can call me paranoid but almost in every battle there is at least 1 cheater, if not a whole group or clan of cheaters... Also the game seems to lag and bug even more everytime i encounter a group of cheaters - maybe the cheats kinda f*ck up the code ? Anti cheat definitely needs improvement ! I get the impression that this game attracts cheaters and makes a lot of players leave because of that... (or even worse it makes them start on cheating by themselves) Something has to happen on that section...
  7. The Moscow Server...

    yea pls reto just get rid of this unstable server... and btw pls get rid of SU faction too (its full of cheaters and exploiters anyways, no one needs that)
  8. The Alliance

    not really... i decided to play US bec it was the weakest faction when i started playing this game - and found a lot of friends over here - you could say i've been loyal to my buddys but i also play for other factions now... hard to tell but i guess i got a loyal attitude in real life (nothing political or whatsoever)
  9. The Alliance

    lol, you brought it up dude never said that im a patriot in any way, kiddo
  10. The Alliance

    @Akinaba i dont want to trigger anyone here - this is just my opinion, the way i see things... for me all those comments all sound like just cheap excuses... you know in our clan we fight, no matter what ! even if we loose a couple of battles, even outnumbered or beaten up by better players, that would not break our will to continue fighting... no matter how hopeless the situation is - we still stand and fight ! there is always a way ! I can recall a war (cant remember which one) where US was pushed back to 2 Capitols (London - Edinborough) and we managed to (slowly) gain back ground and finally won the war in the bitter end... For me its just obvious that attitude reflects on gameplay and the outcome in a virtual arena... But maybe thats just me ? Some others are always looking for the easy way... I'd like to quote WarDaemon, a phrase he posted in another thread : "Some when faced with a challenge rise to it. Some walk away." nailed it for me
  11. The Alliance

    some are just cowards.... patriots dont care about profit... and you can always make some profit somehow - i was playing 1 1/2 years on US when we never won a single war - both factions ganging up on us, still i was able to make profit... thats all just cheap excuses in my opinion ... i never cared about the UD bonus anyways ... pathetic
  12. They blocked me for no reason

  13. The Alliance

    I never wanted the UD bonus (and i dont know anyone who wanted it) was just there, stop blaming us for retos inventions ... I think SU deserves it bec its the most exploiting and cheating faction in the game... i just feel sorry for the players who are not into such foul gameplay... calm down, its just a little revenge - if you can remember a certain general threatened to AR Rome and destroyed the whole US pleb army around London recently... now he is hiding like the coward he is... speaking of super power, i'm sure you know who im talking about and dont you think that GE deserves some war wins too ?