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  1. CommanderZORG

    My grandfather's infantry unit

    amazing stories... im glad that i could talk to some of my relatives about the war I remember stories that my great granny told me.She had to flee the country side bec of the red army, I've been told also by my grandmother that russian soldiers were up for vengeance, raped women aso (thats what the nazis did on their campaign in first place) She had to walk(hike) like 150km through weather and terrain, not using public roads until she reached Viennas safety. another story my grandpa told me that had kinda of an impact on me when i was younger : after hitleryouth my grandfather was stationed at a luftwaffe airfield at prague, it was about the time at the end of the war... The airraid alarm sirens went off, the airfield was targeted by allied bombers. So my grandpa and his fellow comrade (and best friend at the time) went running for the bunker, but they had to run all across the field to get there... unfortunately they couldn't make it in time, and as the bombs went off a chunk of steel or some kind of debris cut off his comrades head as they were running. He said he was probably 3 feet away as he looked at him that moment... but my grandfather kept running and did make it to the bunker. I believe my grandpa is certainly a little traumatized from the war, my grandmother once told me a story of an earthquake. They dont occur very often here in Vienna, and when they do its probably around 1 on the richter scale.(maybe glasses start shaking on the cupboards etc) So my grandfather started kinda panicking and running around shouting stuff like "i dont wanna die, were all gonna die" My grandma had to calm him down and told him to get underneath the doorframe and keep calm bec its gonna stop soon. She found it kinda hilarious, but at the end i think its remains from the war... There are alot other (not so cruel) amazing storys that my grandpa told me about that time. For me this is always interesting and precious, to hear from someone who was there, witnessed that time... my grandpa is still alive btw
  2. CommanderZORG

    The music you're listening to - Post it here!

    ^^ damn, killah! for everyone who doesn't play bass or guitar - thats not an easy thing to do the only bass player i know playing the bass hanging that low is Ben Shepherd from Soundgarden...
  3. CommanderZORG

    Where is DT-29 recoil?

    the DT-29 is awesome, i really like it... despite the almost non existent recoil it sucks at range, the first one or two bullets are precise the rest is kinda "coning" out, really good for cqc but at range you need to mount the bipod
  4. CommanderZORG

    Do you have a WWII Relic?

    uff, good question ... i know that he drove 80-ton vehicles over the alps after hitler-youth, than he joined the Luftwaffe, he was stationed in prague when the war was about to end... he used to tell me stories from the war when i was a kid, crazy sh*** but also my granpa likes to amplify a story, sometimes im not sure if its 100% true
  5. CommanderZORG

    Hitdetection still a problem?

    got the same problem, since im playing a lot ptrd and ptrs i realized that im shooting some blanks doesnt matter the ping, sometimes i hit a plane - it starts smoking but i didnt get the "base structure damaged" or so msg also shooting a guy point blank in the back of the head (a friend was watching this from aside) - nothing happened or in general when the shot was definitely a hit and nothing happens.... im not so sure with tanks, could've been the range and not penetrating (ricochet) or so by using guns with a higher rate of fire i probably wouldn't even recognize that, but when every shot has to count and you can see the trace hitting (going through) the target, you know thats quite convincing...
  6. CommanderZORG

    Do you have a WWII Relic?

    does my grandpa count as relic ? he fought in ww2 and is still alive
  7. CommanderZORG


    ah ok, you join from the selection ...aight got it ! thx @Juggernaut9631
  8. CommanderZORG


    @Juggernaut9631 yup thats how i do it, but even tho i get into battles with un-selected maps or do i get in the un-checked ones ??? (reto logic ?)
  9. CommanderZORG


    too bad map selection doesn't really work...
  10. CommanderZORG


    hm, i thought we've been past that point, war is not what it used to be, the player base in general is at a all time low... I can only speak for myself, i don't see myself jumping bandwagons or so... i just wanna try the new stuff, also of all the factions SU is the one i played the least, you know now or never, before the game eventually dies *doh* i didnt really care about war for the past 2 years, and i still don't care ...i dont even care if we win a match or not, you see after all those years playing this game it came down to the core element for me - "fun" Mainly i just wanna hang out with my buddies and have fun playing some H+G I've seen so many updates, isn't that what happens all the time when a faction gets new stuff ? When US gets some new guns it will be all vice versa again... my advice enjoy the game as long as it lasts