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  1. Most of the game search meet Germany

    thats bec germany has the biggest player base... summer slump symptoms
  2. Lol. Noone is deploying.

    = accumulated needs xD
  3. US Army AT Boycott?

    typical summer slump, as always ...
  4. Well done Axis.

    France wasnt empty at all dude... generals have been inactive, or trying to push scandi... simple as that and only a few were complaining in chat about alts (not even generals) i think he just likes to mix stuff up for shirts and giggles i think you guys are just confused... i never wrote it wasn't - i only stated its sounds "a little" ludicrous given the facts... But no worries im already used to that you guys like to make an elephant out of a mouse ...thats what i hate about these forums, i better stop writing my opinion, people tempt to read only inbetween lines instead of taking a constructive criticism as is but whatever, this game is dying anyways, who gives a shirt about your war win anyways
  5. Well done Axis.

    hehe, dont put words in my mouth... i never said that did i insult you with my honest opinion ? please accept my sincere apologies, oh great true warrior of the German faction *bows*
  6. Well done Axis.

    I would never doubt the effort of GE players fighting persistent for hours and winning a lot of battles, they really earned it... And for the alt accs im justing saying that it's what i've heard from others who have been on and playing during the morning hours. (seems familiar to what i've seen so far from the SU side) "true" war win , aha - having no Oppostion and call it that, hmm seems a little ludicrous, ya know but true, US players fault - too bad most of us got a real life hehe
  7. Well done Axis.

    I dont want to be disrespectful, but to claim it as a "true" war victory is a little ludicrous... After the weekend Allied TS was practically empty, only in the evening (EU time) i saw approximately 20-30 players (and a good part of them was just grinding in staged) No one was pushing out, the majority of generals pulled their stuff back during their "off-time" I also heard that a lot of battles during the morning hours were pop'd by alts, thats how we practically lost the whole coast line in record time over the night. Same thing happens on scandinavia all the time - i takes us at least 2-3 days to conquer scandi, once secured on the chokes and the majority of generals relocate their ats, soviets take it all back overnight... makes me question how is that even possible ? If it takes us 3 days of hardcore fighting while soviets gain all that ground back in record time ? The answer is momentum and alts ! They just wait for us to be offline and than the magic happens, majority of battles gets either ar'd or pop'd by alts and won in 6 mins... (i admit that probably some of those battles are just getting pop'd by matchmaker plebs, who also loose battles in 5-10 mins) This has become a routine practice. thats just my honest opinion... Sorry for putting it here, it is not my intention to make you guys feel bad about your win, its just those "foul" things that become routine for some players which pisses me off... ultimately i also play for GE every once in a while, greetz to all my VGD buddies and despite all that - congratz to the war win !
  8. The P-38

    there you go :
  9. The P-38

    In my opinion the Me410 and the Petlyakov perform as good as the P38... the statement that the P38 turns faster (or tighter) is wrong. I've seen Me410s and Petlyakovs out-turning me, doing tighter turns depends on the speed (and also you get a better maneuverability if you get rid of the bombs first) From my experience the better and bigger team dominates the sky. I played a lot matches were there where more (and probably more experienced) enemy pilots, and we got the short straw... I've seen one single GE pilot dominating 4 P38 pilots ... i've also witnessed 2 SU pilots dominating a bigger team of P38's So from my POV i dont really think the P38 is better or gives you any kind of advantage compared to the other heavy Planes...
  10. The Butcher

    ...yea, thats basically the idea
  11. Mal so richtig Dampf ablassen!

    bruhahaha , bayerman vibration ftw
  12. The Butcher

    nice one marv too bad i never finished my 100 knife kills in 2 mins video - but your post is motivating me to do so !
  13. The music you're listening to - Post it here!