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  1. CommanderZORG

    The music you're listening to - Post it here!

  2. CommanderZORG

    The scale model thread

    ^^ yea, exactly... i use those techniques since my warhammer 40k time when i was a kid
  3. CommanderZORG

    The scale model thread

    yup, true its still too bright (lightblue), needs to be more grey-ish ...thats why i experiment on the cheap ertl model first. so far i had a hard time to develop and figure out a technique to get that fu*ked up worn out look, but im getting there this is the original model i used as reference (but still colors look different in different lighting) for the star destroyer model i can only recommend the Zvezda kit (Revell in US), its the most accurate out there, plus there are lighting kits available exactly for this model which makes it look way kooler 😃
  4. CommanderZORG

    The scale model thread

    I've been working on the "Millenium Falcon" for quite some time now... i kinda stopped that project, but i'll carry on finishing it when i got more time and passion again. So far i was trying to achieve a proper color and painting - for this i use the mpc-ertl kit (this one is not so detailed and smaller in scale compared to the fine mold one) Once i got it right i'll move on to the fine mold model (which is a exact replica of the smaller studio model they used in the original trilogy) I also got some blue-ish neon light for the exhaust and light sheets and panels for the inside of the cockpit ... its gonna be really detailed when its finished. here the top part that i've already been working on : the finish should look like this section :
  5. CommanderZORG

    P-38 Lightning Issues

    no we dont... i stated we dominate the heavy tier, but this is mostly bec of other reasons that i already mentioned before... I dont really get why it is so OP - bec it has a slightly better maneuverability !? the differences are not that significant... are you even pickin' up what im puttin' down ? ...did you play the game before planes and ladders ? you seem to be one of those typical sulky GE players who only see what they want to, you dont really seem to read and process... and you call people biased ? XD its somehow senseless to continue conversation with you
  6. CommanderZORG

    P-38 Lightning Issues

    im sorry to disappoint you but i just really got a different pov on that... i dont want anything in this game to be nerfed anymore, the thing is i only see GE players complaining about US stuff... i know this game delivers incredible asymmetrical balance, and thats how i always looked at it... I mean if you nerf the P38 - a lot of voices will get louder that GE tanks are too OP, i guess they'll have to get nerfed than too ... and so it goes on and on ...until the whole game is nerfed to death and no one can play it anymore. but i admit, you are maybe right that we dominate the heavies the way whos dominating the mediums ? *g* "P-38 is blatantly unbalanced for years already" yea he so knows it XD years ??? lol, light planes got introduced about 1 year ago, planes and ladders update was 12.9.2017 before that no one ever complained about the p38, players complained more about its disabilitys compared to the Messerschmidt or Yak
  7. CommanderZORG

    P-38 Lightning Issues

    ah ok, no one ever told me that ... good to know
  8. CommanderZORG

    P-38 Lightning Issues

    no, i dont mean turning radius and turn rate !? seems to be argument no1 on this case... in many situations i got out turned by Pe3 or Me410 pilots, i never had the impression that the p38 turns tighter or faster - only when i picked up more speed before we went into flying circles i am able to slightly out turn the enemy pilot.(but that does not necessarily get me to the kill) In my experience out turning or circling each other does not really work (its just plain stupid) and the slight differences don't have that much impact on the dogfights. If you are being chased by a enemy fighter the only thing that can save you is your wingman, if you dont got a wingman youre pretty much f**ked I wrote "skill" because in my experience that is the only thing that separates the cracks from the wizen. Recently i joined a battle with 3 wingmans, after a short time there where 3 SU pilots joining in... my teamates were really inexperienced and low in rank, the SU fighters were vets, it looked so easy when they f**ked us up ...they totally dominated the scene. I will also never forget a battle against 1 single GE pilot (forgot his name, he must be legend) We were 5 against 1, and this guy managed to dominate us... very impressive ! I have to say he had totally maverick tactics, mostly flying in the outskirts... kinda hit and run. ...talking out of my experience, when i started flying in this game i was always outnumbered So i started teaming up, queue in as single was a no go. And that is probably the best advise i can give : team up ! fighting superior forces and blame your plane wont get you anywhere edit : but thats just my point of view, as we all know impressions not always correspond to reality
  9. CommanderZORG

    P-38 Lightning Issues

    the only one biased here seems to be you , hehe the problem with the p-38 is that guys like you keep complaining about its OPness in the forums, so every new player starts to think that the P38 really is OP (lol) - so they all buy a pilot and a P-38 on US faction, as result GE or SU pilots are frequently outnumbered vs US When i play my P-38 there is maybe 1 or 2 enemy pilots - and offc. they get rekt But ive seen also battles with even numbers or either beeing outnumbered by the enemy, sometimes the tables turn, and with even numbers its a fair competition, i dont see much difference on the heavies except for skill... actually you must be the new one here ? Do you know how many nerfs/buffs, re-nerfs and re-buffs this game has already seen ?! apparently not ... i think we already had enough of that crap, there has to be an end to this bec im gettin really tired of nerf this / buff that / OP this etc threads
  10. CommanderZORG

    War is too short

    lol, game goes to shirts and the only thing they care about is the damn war victory ribbon ? ...what you gonna do with that if no one is playing the game anymore ?! u did get the fact that GE already doesn't play against SU for quite some time now ? ...and u did get the fact that US can not withstand both factions at the current state ? besides that, rts and war is not really entertaining if no one is participating except a handful of SU AR generals ... ya know ? its funny how certain SU players always claim US ARs the most while the reality tells a totally different story... and yes, offc. you are winning battles, its not a miracle to do so when the enemy team consists of 80% fresh outta staged plebs...
  11. CommanderZORG

    Do something or this good game will die soon

    there couldn't be a better time for a non-AR trial run !
  12. CommanderZORG

    Troller in game problem

    just kiddin' *g* ...better write support a ticket on your issues :
  13. CommanderZORG

    Troller in game problem

    Solution : play US or GE