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  1. keymaster1234

    Remove the tiger 2

    This whole thread is pointless, "remove the tank I'm having issues with nao" Personally I've never had any issues killing the Tiger II in my perishing.
  2. keymaster1234

    Weapons in First blood.

    I think to a certain extent Reto sort of rely on players being miss informed about weapons, no one would buy the STG or AVS if they tried it first etc.
  3. keymaster1234

    New Website Feedback!

    But in seriousness, the old forums were so old it had ICQ and AOL messenger input fields (and Fax #). While I’d have personally preferred PHPBB 3.0 or 3.1, and archiving in place the old forums, it’ll just be a few days of lacklustre functionality of new forums. Yes but they could of just as easily updated the previous forum, it worked fine. Theres literally nothing this new forum offers over the old one except for a horrible UI. Even once it fixed it won't offer anymore functionality than the old forum did either. Its that classic thing, Reto can't leave anything alone regardless of how well it works. Hopefully, frontend dude will be getting this version into something usable in the coming week. Edit: The Edit option is timing out/disappearing. The reply function doesn't work either....
  4. keymaster1234

    Banned for playing too good

    Your ranting here would of undermined any chance of Reto taking you seriously. Creating a alt account to rant on the forum is against the ToS too. :roll:
  5. There already pushing the game engine really, what your saying would require four times the players and bigger maps with better assets. Who knows what they can do really but the lack of destructible objects and completely static world sort of shows how basic their engine is IMO.
  6. keymaster1234

    Upcoming User Journey Changes

    Agreed These changes look like they will be for the better - Hope to see them SOON Nice Work Reto Cheers I heard the same thing about squad 2.0 [ Post made via Android ] DX12.. Map changes... Ribbons... Scopes... UI revision MK9999... Its hard not to be extremely pessimistic when nearly every major update has in a literal sense kicked the chair out from under the game in some way or another. It would be nice to be proven wrong but Reto's track record isn't good.
  7. keymaster1234

    Earlier Version of H&G vs. Current (Graphics)

    It is, especially when you consider the time frame he pulled it off in.
  8. That's what I was preaching since they annouced it last week. If they just add the new system on top of the old broken matchmaker, it'll end in a disaster for assault maps with tanks/planes No point telling them really, they know best...
  9. keymaster1234

    Earlier Version of H&G vs. Current (Graphics)

    Yes you're right :lol: Games still use it today, but add alot of grass models on top But when you look at HnG grass, they look like 2D models which are randomized with different angles: [thumb][/thumb] Their using "sprites" for the grass, something else from and before the 90's, there still used even now but the modern take is far more discrete and advanced. Making grass in cryengine:
  10. keymaster1234

    MG42 or M1/M2 carbine?

    I find the stock M2 to be a decent gun personally, alot of the modded setups effectively ruin it.
  11. keymaster1234

    Insane pricing needs a nerfing and rethinking

    Sorry miss information, the mods don't carry over anymore, Back when they did people were having to buy the weapon again and regrind out the ribbon before they could reequip the modded version in the depot, they made it so no mods carry over to avoid that problem. Basically the depot is half broken... If you don't want to lose a year or mores worth of progress you have to buy a General basically. Wait... WHAT? So they basically are saying "yeah, we can't program the game where all mods are automatically removed from the weapon, but they'll be waiting for you once you unlock them."? This is the icing on the diarrhea cake. I'm surprised less people don't actually play at this point. Alot of the reason people do is because a large portion of things like this aren't documented properly or actively publicized. To actually find out what i told you i had to search the forum even then i only found out this because i knew the right search terms, a new player wouldn't and the wiki doesn't mention anything of this and is vague at best. The simple truth is players don't really realize what their walking into and the amount of pit falls waiting for them when they first join.
  12. keymaster1234

    Earlier Version of H&G vs. Current (Graphics)

    The "grass" texture reminds alot of the "photo realism" game developers used to try and aim for back in the late 1990's and early 2000's. :roll:
  13. keymaster1234

    Why is Germany overpopulated?

    It used to be true back in 2014/2015, the skill difference used to be a lot greater but its sort of leveled out a bit as vets/clans have left. You used to have to pick a faction at the start of a war before you got to the lobby and were stuck in that faction until the end of the war, Reto used to offer 1 day of vet membership for joining the least populated/underdog faction which was always the US which encouraged new players to join that faction. When i joined back in 2014 the squad leader was the person with the highest rank, that person was normally me after not that long of playing in US matches to the point it was REALLY uncommon for me to encounter players of higher rank, this was before you could buy levels and leveled up soldiers too. I don't know if it would of been the same for me in GE matches because by the time i started on GE Reto had made it so you had to buy and equip binos to be a squad leader. Who knows what started it really, It was enough of a problem that Reto was trying to candy bait people to play the US faction back when i joined though.
  14. keymaster1234

    Upcoming User Journey Changes

    In such case i'll stop playing right away . Yea, I've been looking for alternatives to H&G for a while, and a reset is exactly the kick in the butt I need to get me out the door. Its not even the money that's the issue. I don't mind patronizing a game that I enjoy. But I really, really, really doubt I'm going to have enough patience for the BS this game is perpetually shoveling to do it all over again. As if I'm going to grind and/or buy with real $$$ all the ribbons and credits for a different colored shirt that isn't even historically correct or functional in any way... AGAIN!?! The original speech was that Reto would at least refund everyone's gold if they reset, If they do that I doubt anyone will hang around.
  15. keymaster1234

    Hardest weapon to handle