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  1. Meet the Developers – Reto.Typhon

    After looking at another image from "meet the developers" I honestly think that there is an easy explanation on why reto started to make improvements. No alcohol.
  2. Official Spamming and Trolling Thread the Third

    Tip of the day "If Internet Explorer is brave enough to ask you to be your default browser, you're brave enough to ask that girl out."
  3. Official Spamming and Trolling Thread the Third

    I washed my car ... then it rained.
  4. Reto, take a look - Coastal Town Map

    Imma gonna bump this thread cus I cant find the other topic that gathers all map ideas. I found a nice idea on that thread of a skirmish coastal map.. so I basically just mixed a couple of things and et voila, my piece of crap work
  5. Multi-Echelon Command Teams

    Dude, this is something great. I really hope reto puts a little bit of effort to read and visualize how it can be developed in game. But it will definitely be a way to make things more interesting. I think it would be a huge step towards a more strategic and cooperative game, but the more simplistic it can be done, the more chance it could be implemented.
  6. Sub factions are useless. In my opinion, the devs should just let the players decide the nationality of their soldier, i.e if Axis -> player chooses Italian soldier; In the meantime, other weapons/uniforms/vehicles could be added, maybe some special ones, without creating another faction from zero and nerfing/buffing everything else to get everything balanced. Just for those talking about italians:
  7. You know the US faction is in trouble when....

    White hair eh? .. That's what you get by playing in the US faction
  8. Map ideas have been posted in this forum even way before I started playing almost 4 years ago. I'd rather prefer the devs to select a type of map idea created by the players than giving away their software. As far as I know, it's "easier" to create a map than fix it according to their standards.
  9. How many money you spend on this game per day/week/month/year

    Not as much as you creating new threads.
  10. You know the US faction is in trouble when....

    Lets face it, the US needs Reto.Lourdes for a miracle
  11. The Official H&G meme thread *Post yours here!*

    Bring him back!
  12. New meme for you nerds!