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  1. It was briefly discussed in the stream where they introduced the Russia maps. They said they're afraid making "everything" destructible would make a map less fun as if they were going to use Minecraft logic where "everything can be level until its just a flat map". The trick is strategically placed destructible environments. You can read my full thoughts on why it shouldn't be an issue here
  2. I haven't checked out any of the new updates yet. I'm actually out of country attending a funeral for a loved one (my grandmother whom I was very close with). I will log back into the game once I'm back stateside next week because the internet where I am is pretty bad (it took 5 minutes to log into the forum). Sorry for the lack of updates, guys. I promise I'll be back in full swing when I return. I will say the "new" building provides much needed cover from what I can see but, the wall extending out is kind of weird.
  3. Autumn foliage shouldn't be a year-round thing. We need more this... And less this... I know there was the Engine Room update but, it's still pretty close to this. (Also, I'm not the only one that sees that little pixel in-game right?) Again, I'm not saying expunge Fall entirely but, don't make it a 365 day thing. Also, if anyone hasn't seen yet, I made a post about my views on how the forests look in-game. You can check it out HERE
  4. Well, time for me to start cataloging screenshots of all the in-game maps with the new render engine so I can continue making revisions to them
  5. Now that I think about it, why not make the E portion of the river narrower? Trying to take E4 is a death sentence since defenders tend to spray anything that pops out of the trees. I won't go in-depth about that idea because I already have a post dedicated just to fixing Town. I kind of get what you mean (maybe) but, back to that creek and pond idea, a creek flowing from a pond along C line would work. Just add a small bridge for the river to run under (or a shallow crossing) that leads into the main river.
  6. Two or three of the pictures I included were from the eastern US but, the majority are from areas of Europe. I do feel like small ravines and creeks like the ones I posted would add a lot to the game's forests. They could provide ditches to hide tanks and APCs in, actual objects to hide behind to avoid bullets, etc. Right now, the only thing that can protect APCs or tanks in the woods is if they're lucky enough to find a cluster of more than 2 bushes next to each other. Aside from that, forest terrain consists of mostly flat plains with only subtle variation in elevation as it gets closer to rivers. Other than that, it's mostly flat with little for factions to work with. I also noticed that the maps never have more than one body of water (rivers or river but, no ponds) and I'm getting a growing suspicion that placing bodies of water that aren't on the same level of elevation is still a challenge. There's quite a few places in the game where it looks like ponds or creeks could have existed. (I know these aren't my best work but, I'm not going to spend an hour painting a convincing pond with a creek that exits into the river because I'm doing this out of my own free time)
  7. B Line would be moved to the new bridge and leave the broken bridge as a "shortcut" since defenders will focus their forces at the designated capture points. I made this mock-up before the island was added but, the island is still okay where it is. The other lines are supposed to be further away from the existing ones because they would draw more focus to the new section of the Town. The issue with the current Town is chaos does not equate to fun. It equates to mass confusion and senseless deaths that wouldn't even work if Michael Bay directed a movie about Town. A Line's layout is a hot mess. The open space between A1 and A2 make them feel continents apart. No one even uses that grass area and yet, A2 and A3 are literally across the street from each other. Also, if I had gold for every time I saw attackers die trying to sprint out of the A1 forward attacker spawn and through that exposed area with the shed towards A2, I would probably have enough to almost afford a General. The initial A4 Defender spawn is placed in the woods to the south of A3; making it impossible to reinforce A4 since their A3 attacker spawn is just a mere 5 yard sprint away from A4 (between A3 and A4). None of the A line spawns make any sense. Defenders own A4 = spawn behind the 02 defender spawn with an open field and a street to cross to reach A3 (usually losing a minimum of 3/4 health along the way) Attackers capture A2 = attackers still only spawn in the forward A1 attacker spawn before A2 like they did before attacking A2 Attackers capture A3 = spawn in the woods behind A2 (again have to cross a street that if the EU didn't restrict levels of violence in game would be LITTERED with dead attackers) E4 defender spawn should also double as an alternate defender spawn for A4. I won't go into how the area between E4 and A4 is also empty and open because I want to save that for another post. Moving A3 into the actual Town would actually fit the map's namesake. My new A3 and A4 would actually draw attention to the Town itself. If we were going to be completely real with ourselves, the current "actively played" areas of the Town don't even qualify as a Town. A4 doesn't feel like it's inside the Town because it's on what I've referred to as the "cut-off point" of the Town where there Town just ceases to exist like it wasn't finished. To make it worse, it's just a stone throw away from 02 which makes it an extremely bad location considering the moment A4 is contested, attackers are already shamelessly cooped up in the church rafters or ready to sniper camp the 02 defender spawn (because my proposed cemetery wasn't added yet). A straight shot up the C4 street to 01 and the swim or bridge crossing for E4 to 01 offer little in terms of urban combat. At least when C4 and B4 were in the Town, there was at least actual fighting outside of the Objectives. The only time I ever see "urban combat" in Town nowadays is if attackers are trying to the spawn camp the 01 spawns (next to the main street) or across the street from main street 01 defender spawn (usually to camp spawning defender tanks). Moving over B line would allow 02 defenders to safely spawn in the lot with the tree without having to worry about attackers passing right through their deploy zone. Since C4 and B4 were moved out of the city, the new bridge could be counted as B4. The tower on the Town side of the bridge wouldn't count because it would be too cheap of a vantage point for defender snipers to hold and pick off attackers. It would only be fair to have the tower outside of the capture area as a trade-off between being able to snipe attackers from a safe distance but, at the same time render yourself unable to actually "defend" the bridge when it's being captured (like the houses on the Town side of the bridge). Also, moving A4 south of where A3 was would give the devs a chance to make new buildings or bring back under-utilized ones (*cough* First Blood house *cough*). The only "new hall" I ever want if they make a new A4 is the training level building. That was (and still is) the most fleshed out building in the entire game. I thought the area "below" A4 would have served better as an attacker/defender spawn point for once A4 is captured by either faction. It's both out of the way of immediate combat and placed in a higher elevated area; safely placed out of the way of disgusting spawn campers. The only way attackers could camp that spawn would be by standing inside of the spawn. Having A3 and A4 one the same road (in my version) was intentionally because even though its not a grass field (like everywhere else in the map), there would at least be an visible push back and forth between factions. It would also allow moments like this to actually happen in-game: The last time I ever saw something like this happen was before the game even launched. I know a while back some users complained as to why my A line strayed so far away from 02 but, the better question is "why did Reto allow A4 and A3 to be so close to 02 in the first place? Leaving open space between them to get sniped doesn't make the area between them feel larger or fun to play. If the map is going to be called, "Town (Assault)", I would expect it to actually involve fighting in a town. Forward Airfield has more town assault than Town and it doesn't even have Town in its name. One of the biggest issues with Town's innermost areas is how packed-in it all is but, at the same time how unnecessary any of it is since its mostly comprised of spawn areas (because the ability to spawn inside uncontested captured CPs was removed and the negative effects are still being felt in painful bursts). The fact that spawning on unoccupied but, owned Capture Points is EXACTLY what has led the recurring event where "attackers sit in 01 or at the top of the 01 spawn stairs and shoot the defenders the moment they exit the spawn area". It has literally become, The Stairway to Heaven. The only thing I could think of to make sense of it would be that the water flows from the wider section behind D1 and splits with the islet in the fork acting as a buffer before it parts to E and B. I could also theorize that the islet between C and B also buffers the water flow while the heavy duty D4 bridge acts as the other buffer. The only way the water could possible exist as it does would be that the water currents in those particular areas are extremely weak but, I won't let myself lose sleep over the way the river flows. I do lose sleep over thinking how impossible it is to cross the river to take either E4 or D4 though.
  8. That's a good point. The same applies for the mountains in Battlefront 2's Kashyyyk map. Except they implemented both a soft kill boundary and made the surface not climbable (looked like it could but, you would just slide back down).
  9. Thanks for the compliment. Also, if anyone hasn't seen yet, I replaced all of the old revision mock-ups I made with high resolution versions. If you don't feel like skimming through the past 4 pages to review them, you can view them below: For your convenience, I timestamped all of the image sets in the order that I posted them. 10-19-16 11-20-16 11-26-16
  10. Again, the issue with that is the game lacks a built-in invisible barrier or a soft kill zone with a timer to discourage players from utilizing areas that are obviously intended as just scenery. From what I remember, there were no invisible barriers in Beta. Also, here's higher resolution versions of all the map concepts I made:
  11. The issue with that is the game lacks a built-in invisible barrier or a soft kill zone with a timer to discourage players from utilizing areas that are obviously intended as just scenery. Because that was implemented, we were left with a Mountain Town that doesn't even have any mountains. I wasn't around for this version but, it looks absolutely gorgeous with the mountains towering over the map in the distance. I came up with the idea for the Mountain Lodge Encounter when I saw that first screenshot with the house and the mountain range in the distance. Also this image has a high resolution because I realized imgur doesn't compress images as badly as Photobucket.
  12. I was on an out-of-state road trip with some friends and I took some time to soak in the vast forests that lined both sides of the highway we were traveling when I sudden came to a realization that the forests throughout Heroes & Generals suffer from a lack of forest assets and variation in terrain. I don't know if many players noticed how limited the object variety is when it comes to forests (of any kind) in the game but, let me break it down with a list of the only objects you see in the current build of the game: - a rock (in varying sizes and orientations) - a rock with moss on it (in varying sizes and orientations) - jagged cliff rocks (used at Mountain Town's train bridge and D2 incline) - thin pine tree (varying sizes) - Scots pine trees (small ones only) - generic tree (varying sizes and warm leaf colors) - lily pads - bush - bigger bush that doubles as a tree - one type of derelict ruined building - vaguely Spruce tree but, the sprite and lighting work degrades too much to tell by the time you get too close to it - ferns (Osmunda regalis) (in case anyone was confused as to why there were jungle looking bushes in H&G Europe) These assets might sound like a lot but, how they have been utilized in the game make them seem pretty bare-bones. Here's some screenshots of almost every I previously mentioned being used in one place for the "countryside" style forests: These forests tend to consist of sprinkled bushes and trees either on a slanted area of land (like a hill) or on a flat area like in Forward Airfield's forests and Town right before the bridges. Here's a screenshot of the "mountain" themed assets as well: The "mountain" style terrain is definitely more varied than the "countryside" one in the sense that there's plenty of divots in the land for soldiers to hide in and noticeable hills and high ground areas. I know this might not sound like that noticeable of a thing in-game but, look at maps like Mountain Town. There's randomly dug in areas of land along some of the hills (not to be confused with trenches) and more varied placement of elevated areas. When I think of a countryside or mountainous style forest, here's some visuals that come to mind. Countryside/Generic forests (no pine trees) The issue with Reto's French forests is there isn't enough character put into them. It's very straight forward in terms of gameplay in the sense that it usually consists of hiding behind a tree for a game of peek-a-boo with a sniper behind another tree, running and spray, and going prop beneath bushes. These aspects can be easily seen in areas like between A3 and the 02 bridge in Forward Airfield, all of Town's D line forests, and the Hill and "Village" (it's more like two homesteads than a village) Skirmishes. All those forests consist of open spaces of leaves and grass with no actual rhyme or reason with tree/bush placement to the point that it doesn't even come off as natural-looking but, more like a brush tool was used in order to quickly create a large wooded area within a short period of time. Granted, I did like the old sunken ruins in the old Village forest (even though it would have made more sense in a pine forest (like the Black Forest in Germany) with castle ruins instead. Now that it's gone, it's a forgettable cluster of trees. I mean, the old Village forest even had some stumps and logs but, those were cut; leaving just trees and a listening outpost in the middle of nowhere. Hill Skirmish was the same way. It used to have logs, stumps, and rock formations everywhere to break away from the monotonous ocean of trees but, those somehow didn't make it into the post-BETA version; making it look like a completely different map all on it's own. At the same time, it also sacrificed the diversity of objects for players to interact with for firefights. There used to be disputes outside of the Capture Zones (at the campside between 01 and 03, the left and right of the hill, etc) but, now they're almost exclusively in the Capture Zones. The closest I've seen to a break from the usual tree, tree, tree, bush, tree, bush routine was the sunken creek between D2 and D3 in Forward Airfield and I feel like the user of it could have worked between in the actual forest or in a skirmish (like the Forest Skirmish). Mountain/Pine Forests The current pine/mountain forests are just... What happened? The presence of the old trees at least gave the illusion that the forests were denser than they really were. I get some effort was put into making the pine forests look a bit more lively but, it just made it look more artificial (referring to the current build). Rocks, trees, and bushes aren't the only things that makes up forests. There's ravines (as seen in the images I presented), natural trenches (only appear by the hill next to Forest Skirmish's 02), fallen trees, and ambient lighting that actually matches the foliage it compliments. I don't understand why everything in the game is orange or pale blue in the forests. Black and greys aren't bad. The pale blue just makes the in-game nights look like Disney's 1950 Cinderella's night color palette. Translucent trees, sun-like moonlight, etc. I won't delve too much into color theory but, you get what I mean. I think that should cover everything I could think of right now. Let me know what you guys think. I would also love to get @Reto.Desji's input on this as well. If you guys haven't seen already, check out my other post on Tree RNG where I proposed for having trees that aren't strictly Fall colors added randomly like the day/night and weather mechanics.
  13. Why I would love to gain access to their map editor software, I totally understand that it's not as easy as it sounds because of Denmark laws (whether they apply to this or not). While would love for Reto to make a public version of the software to promote a greater creative presence within the game's community I would rather not have them jeopardize their company by risking having some snooty fun-killing politician/law maker take notice that Reto is allowing their community to make stuff for free because of some uptight law that's probably more vague than we think. I mean Gold could distributed as a prize but, at the same time, it's risky allowing public access to their editing software because we always should take into consideration that hackers WILL try to exploit its accessibility. Sure it's a bit of a buzzkill and I know companies like Valve have allowed access to assets to see what their community could make but, Valve isn't having their arm twisted by the EU (at least to my knowledge they aren't). If they could figure out a way to work around the legal nonsense, that would still be great. Speaking of access to map editors, I actually just made like six or so maps for the OpenRA map making contest. The difference between the two though is the fact that the games in OpenRA are actually classified as freeware. Also, the software for OpenRA is far less robust than a full fledged 3D rendered game because it's all sprite work.
  14. Is there any actual proof of this? Because rocket prices still seem astronomical even if they do destroy armor.
  15. That's the point I'm trying to get at. Why pay an arm and a leg when you can get repair cost deductions for all those kills. Instead of spending 9k for 90+ kills, it could be cut back down as much as 4k so you can make more bucks for your bang. I don't see what the opposition is all about unless people are misinterpreting my message. You and I both know, the costs will never go down across the board (especially with rockets) but, at the very least, small discounts here and there for actual skill wouldn't be as daunting of a request because the prices won't change. Landing shots and kills could provide a small safety net for those that do use expensive loadouts as well as something for players to strive for to improve their playing skills.