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  1. RadicalEdward2

    New Krepost Encounter map test on prototype - round 3

    But in all seriousness, they are listening (in areas more related to my specialty) but, they need to get their shite together with Quality Assurance by actually working on getting that auto-fill feature working for the prototype.
  2. Anything is worth a try at this point (especially since they haven't removed AR yet).
  3. What do you mean give Germany to compensate? The consistent issue with Berlin being lost almost immediately came from the fact that the Germans were spread thin with half their resources being in Rome and the other half being in Berlin. With Warsaw and Berlin as their central hub, they could create a self-sustaining stronghold where resources are exported to all of their surrounding areas with their closest available city for capturing being Prague. Here's a snippet from my old Summit Report series to explain in some better detail:
  4. I still firmly believe that Germany shouldn't have Rome or Belgrade and should instead start with Berlin and Warsaw since Germany is the only faction with their resource starting points in two completely different sections of the map (not to mention to actual sense it would make for Germany to have their capital and the one other capital that made everyone want to fight them in the first place).
  5. RadicalEdward2

    Forward Airfield B Line Props and the C-3 Hedgehog

    Can anyone confirm if this was fixed before I boot up the game? Or is it all still partially buried in the ground?
  6. RadicalEdward2

    Forward Airfield B Line Props and the C-3 Hedgehog

    So...it's been 4 months...when will this be fixed? In tonight's maintenance possibly? 😀
  7. RadicalEdward2

    Our community to blame for 1.12

    The only thing I would say was absolutely fluff from the summit was the VR. Aside from that, I'd like to hope that they'll commit to finishing the progress they showed us sometime before 2019 (especially with how functional the bipods were when we saw them). Colmar Hamlet came out so there's that. Also, there's a good chance that the other aspects of Armor 2.0 will only be implemented once they finish polishing what we have now. But there's supposed to be vehicle armor upgrades that affect the cosmetics at some point but we just don't know when. I'm of course referring to how the community used to complain that the skirts of the Stug did nothing but, at some point they might actually be removed so they can be re-applying as an actual means of up-armoring the tank's hardpoints. I've been on and off playing the game but, nowhere near as fervently as I used to a year ago. However, I am still active just not in a way that I feel like publicly stating yet (no I wasn't hired).
  8. RadicalEdward2

    New Krepost Encounter map test on prototype - round 3

    As for the opposite side of the river being a hotbed for snipers, I called that it would happen a year ago and a soft kill zone boundary still hasn't been implemented and trees kept BEYOND the playable boundaries in that particular area of the map I can also see hasn't been done. In fact, it looks like quite the opposite. Here's the feedback I posted a year ago (note the lower left corner)...
  9. RadicalEdward2

    New Krepost Encounter map test on prototype - round 3

    I was queued for a match with 1 teammate and 3 enemies and the match cancelled itself out. The bots need to count as part of the player list like they did back in First Blood training and during the Summit player test of Colmar Hamlet (the devs can add bots to fill the empty slots of a match to make the matches start). Why this hasn't been implemented beyond the local server is still unknown to me.
  10. RadicalEdward2

    New Krepost Encounter map test on prototype - round 3

    Welp, I can't join any games cause bots weren't added to populate low player number matches yet
  11. RadicalEdward2

    skirmish mode in Assault maps

    Agreed. If the map was set smack dab in the middle of Forward Airfield's 3 Objectives, that would situate the skirmish map in a deploy zone, the airstrip and the main road. If you think about it long enough, it would be another variant of Colmar Hamlet but, with a church (thus making it a village). At the same time, even if they could make that area into a skirmish, I would much rather have them make new skirmish and encounter maps altogether. I get Krepost needs all its assets built from scratch but, what about maps using the slurry of resources already available so we're not waiting for a new map to crop up every year as opposed to 3 or even 5 new smaller maps using the hundreds if not thousands of ideas and suggestions the community has submitted over the course of almost a decade. If my memory serves me right, the game went into development in 2011 and 2019 is creeping in so, yeah, almost a decades worth of ideas that they (the devs) are sitting on.
  12. RadicalEdward2

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    🤔 A valid idea
  13. RadicalEdward2

    How are the new maps going?

    As I've stated for the past 4 years, MORE furniture is always a must. Also, less licensed music would be nice so the stream doesn't get VOD muted. 👀
  14. RadicalEdward2

    How are the new maps going?

    Looks promising but, the collapsed areas need more debris. Whether its gameplay enhancing debris like fallen supports that can walked on to transfer from the ground floor to the second floor or piles of miscellaneous brick and dirt to add character to the area, something NEEDS to be added to make the damaged area look like it wasn't a hole in the structure simply because the devs wanted one to exist. If you guys can figure out how to make the damage area look burnt, that would be an added bonus. No need for flame or smoke particles (if they're too taxing) ; just something to show that the damage is just that. Damage. Also, I'm somewhat impressed with how far that particular area has come since Summer 2017