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  1. I don't use Paratroopers in War because there never is Paratroopers for Germany in War I also have the FG42.
  2. If you consider slowly descending towards a hoard of enemies trying to shoot you and dying before you get to actually play as "fun" then, yes, it is very "fun".
  3. Agreed. What also didn't help is during the demo on the devstream, they used the open space because Forward Airfield C1. That area is far too flat and open to test how sound travels. To be honest, I think the sound system needed a lot more testing both on the effects in regards to indoors, outdoors, firing in different rooms of the same building, and how sound travels through areas with a lot of varying barriers (like trees and rocks).
  4. I totally understand that programming the entities is equally (if not more) important as making the assets but, that doesn't excuse the lack of common sense when designing buildings. To use the argument that "its a lot more complicated and requires a great deal more" is like telling ones mother that they can't clean their room because it's harder than it looks or explaining to a teacher that you left half of a test unfinished because it was too hard and still expect to receive a passing grade. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to discredit the programming side because I wish I could take my work to the next level with programming but, the fact of the matter is: What we have, shouldn't have carried over to the launched version of the game. Also, I'm pretty sure that RedBjarne mentioned in the devstream where the Russian maps were introduced that there was a team of artists and programmers that would be working on adding textures and programming collision surfaces. That might not be verbatim but, if there is other team members working on those aspects, then what's going on in the level design department that we were left with these film set houses with no real interiors? I mean, the way the windows only exist on the second or third floors while ground levels are left either filled in with solid walls and unfurnished leads me to believe that the "real" windows only exist so that "bad guy stuntman #2" can get shot and fall out the window with a Wilhelm Scream. Analogies and comparisons aside, what I'm trying to say is, if it requires a lot more work, then that shouldn't be deterring them from doing just that. I'm sure not getting discouraged. I'm halfway done with making a brand new Church that rectifies all the issues in the current Town one (even going through the effort of researching French architecture to apply real-world building techniques that could further add to gameplay at the same time) and I don't even have a team of employees and interns to help me. Forget interns! I get my own coffee (I don't drink coffee. I prefer smoothies lol )
  5. What about bringing back older assets? As for buildings, yeah, they're time-consuming to create but, this game needs new ones or to have all the old ones redone because their current state of lacking rhyme or reason with floor plans simply won't do. Also, they're not too time consuming. I made that Airfield Control Tower with an interior and exterior within a month.
  6. > dat moment when you see people using British soldier models you made in early 2007 that you'd rather forget you ever made. I made a new SketchUp account to distance myself from my older work. I won't link to my old account ._.
  7. Agreed. German paras can't use any equipment because the FG42 uses all the slots with only one pouch of ammo and yet the US get a compacted version that allows them to carry more equipment. Wanna use grenades? Forget about it. There's no way you can unless you pay and arm and a leg for the brand new Heroes and Generals Hammerless Pocket Pistol!!! Sponsored by Reto-Moto. I mean, seriously, though. You can't use anything as a paratrooper. That's another part of why I rarely play as one.
  8. I struggle to find matches to even use my German airborne (especially in War).
  9. Like I said, just borrow some pointers from MoH: Airborne. They perfected paratrooper mechanics. Botched landings, flared landings, gliding controls, etc. And the "kicking" while landing <3
  10. I have fired entire rounds of the MG42 that didn't even hit a target 2 meters in front of me. The person promptly headshot me with a grease gun. The MG42 is so nerfed and neutered its a joke.
  11. I just want to be able to choose to deploy my chute when I damn well please. If I wanna deploy the second I jump, then let me do it and let me adjust the gliding and speed of descent. If I wanna deploy just before the top of the tree lines, let me do it. None of this dumb "automated" parachute deployment. Let me live my life but, don't let me go unscathed if I deploy inches above the ground.
  12. I understand that but, I'm not the greatest sniper in the world. I wouldn't even consider myself on-par with average lol I suck at it
  13. Oh I know the MG 42's sway is atrocious. Lucky for me, I've grown used to using MGs as a ranged weapon. Back during Halo 4 (I know not many were crazy about it), I actually used the SAW in short bursts like a battle rifle. I use that same method with H&G's MG 42 and it hasn't steered me wrong (at least not all the time).
  14. @Marv2.0 What would be nice is if they implemented something like the classic wall-hugging ability or even something for leaning forward onto objects (in my character's case, the 02 bridge crates) to add some stability while aiming. But, based on what you have said, I can kind of understand the sway a bit more now. Whether it should be to the extremes found in-game, not too sure.
  15. We're not exactly referring to that issue but, I have seen that countless times in the past. All I can say is this is me whenever issues (like the glitchy texture in the Factory objective point) go unresolved for longer than two or three updates: