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  1. RadicalEdward2

    Mountain Town 2

    That could be one possible solution. I think one other thing that could have been done was add more buildings along either side of X1 to and from O1 and O2. The "scrapped" brick structures could have worked.
  2. RadicalEdward2

    Ways to Fix Mountain Town Assault (images and notes included)

    After taking some time away, I've come up with some ideas to build upon what was done to C line thus far. I've been bothered by the clearing between O2 and C4 for some time now so I decided that it was time that I got to work on conceptualizing some possible ways to fix this as well as the woods directly behind the O2 defender spawn. I don't have an ETA for when I'll ever post these mock-ups but, I do plan on posting them sometime this year at least.
  3. RadicalEdward2

    Mountain Town 2

    // Are you referring to that misshapen set of polygons in front of the station that looked like a Dragon Tooth? Also, the X1 doesn't have to be a capture point again. The buildings could just exist as a halfway point since there seems to be a weird habit of not including anything between Capture Points.
  4. RadicalEdward2

    Upcoming Tank Map "Gorge" (Work in Progress)

    I understand the importance of working with a team. Communication is one thing that's key with making sure everything ACTUALLY turns out working as intended. The only thing that's holding me and Reto back is getting working visas approved (allegedly). I can guarantee that with enough time, I could have easily banged out the more prominent issues with the game by tackling all of the ones that only required moving around existing props (hedgehogs, sandbags, etc). *cough*Forward Airfield O1 and all of Airfield*cough* Also, the hundreds of hours in-game don't even contribute to why I know how to fix issues with the game. Its just a little extra on top of the existing stuff I already know about level design. Desji is also fine and everyone is on good terms. He even left DropTable some notes about stuff that was on the drawing board prior to his departure. I don't even have to say "allegedly" about that one
  5. RadicalEdward2

    New Map & Building Concepts

    Gameplay comes first and foremost before visuals but, it doesn't take a genius to realize that H&G's lack of obstacles between Capture Points plays a big part in why so many Assault maps are frustrating to play. Also, the fact that most CPs in the game feature buildings with easily campable attics (accessible via ladder almost exclusively) doesn't help either. At the same time, maybe if all the interiors for the existing French buildings weren't so shite with how barebones they all are, the gameplay would improve. It's almost impossible to critique any map or asset in this game without delving into the realms of aesthetics because game flow goes hand-in-hand with visuals. TLDR: Almost every French themed building can be secured by aiming at the door/ladder/stairs because there's no windows to counter campers until its too late. And yet the modelers bother to place exterior window fixtures.
  6. tfw one of the few (if not only) cool helmets is at a convention on another continent.
  7. RadicalEdward2

    New Map & Building Concepts

    Exciting news: I finally started dabbling with the Unreal engine ♥
  8. RadicalEdward2

    New Map & Building Concepts

    So, I'm putting out a major update for the mod I keep mentioning with a map that's been almost a year in development this weekend. I got some of my mojo back so I might try to have some new concepts out at some point
  9. RadicalEdward2

    Forward Airfield B Line Props and the C-3 Hedgehog

    Is the fix coming in tonight's maintenance shutdown? Just thought I'd ask since its going to be Wednesday.
  10. Yup and it somehow bled into the Russian maps (their one chance at making maps without the Fall theme).
  11. @Reto.Colding because I don't think I rang you into this new part of the discussion
  12. RadicalEdward2

    Give the players a map making tool

    Through my months/years dissecting all the little 'habits' and 'quirks' of their buildings and prop placements coupled with the occasional confirmations from former Retos, I have a pretty good idea as to how their level editing software works and basic idea of how their building "modules" work. Take the "new" Factory B and D buildings for example. They were made used with bits and pieces of existing Factory buildings that (until the Factory update) we were probably all under the impression that every building in the game had a set layout when in reality, their parts can all be mix and matched to make new ones in a way similar to Halo: Reach's Forge editor. How it applies in H&G: The giant doors used for the Factory's B-3 consists of mix and matched parts of the building between O1 and O2. Every wall and windowed-wall of every building could potentially be swapped out to make a new building entirely. The houses on Colmar Hamlet have windows and doors that are obstructed that normally are open on every other map that they are featured on. The extent of how non-restricted the software they use, however, is a mystery to me because I got too carried away discussing the game's need for a lighting overhaul with @Reto.Colding that I forgot to speak with RedBjarne to get a better insight into their level editing software's inner workings. Similar to @d|ng, I blame jet-lag and my belief that 1 day was not enough time for us to recover from jet-lag AND remain coherent at the Summit but, boy, did I try to stay functioning lol They have two new tank maps in the works (Gorge & Crossroads). There's screenshots of Gorge's new implementation of cliff tools floating around somewhere on the forum. As for Crossroads, last time I spoke with Desji (prior to his departure), he mentioned that there were destructible props for tanks to run over that were in development limbo. These new props were destructible "hedge walls" (not to be confused with the bocages lines of bushes on every map in the game). But going back to what d|ng was saying, at the Summit, @Reto.RedBjarne mentioned that the software they use in conjunction to their level designing pipeline has become obsolete and is now in dire need of updating because the version of Autodesk that they use has been discontinued. The issue that they are currently facing involves either the process of migrating everything over to a newer version or an internal issue where the newer version of Autodesk has plug-ins (that H&G uses) that are no longer supported. Why the hell I remember this nugget from the discussion in RedBjarne's office is beyond me but, I remember this discussion very vividly
  13. RadicalEdward2

    Forward Airfield B Line Props and the C-3 Hedgehog

    Oh. I was worried you didn't actually see an issue with the missing section of B line lol Well, I'm pretty sure the hedgehog was supposed to be removed a year ago because its in its same location from before the Game Flow update (when there was a line of hedgehogs in front of C-3). If I'm not mistaken, the hedgehog is also preventing a pickup truck from spawning in the garage as well. The garage was a creative liberty that Desji took when assessing my original concept for C-3 but, there's a good chance that he might have forgotten to remove the hedgehog after the fact since it was around the time that he had to go on his holiday. That's just my theory. I like the garage but, the rogue hedgehog was definitely an oversight that just went unchecked.
  14. RadicalEdward2

    Upcoming Tank Map "Gorge" (Work in Progress)

    I'm sorry, what was that about only having ideas?