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  1. RadicalEdward2

    Post-Flamethrower Implementation Thoughts

    Your guess is as good as mine. I mean look at other big companies like Bethesda. Anyone can slip up.
  2. RadicalEdward2

    New Map & Building Concepts

    Seeing as how there is currently no news about new maps or substantial existing map changes, I thought it would be fun to have a map making stream for a hypothetical map (wishful thinking). I'm going to try making an Encounter map on-stream. Twitch: RadicalEdward2
  3. RadicalEdward2

    Bots shouldn't have Heavy Anti-Armor Weapons

    Yeah I hate when they do that. The fact of the matter is, obstructions don't matter to the bots unless its a solid object but, even with that logic, they would still actively seek you once you're in their immediate area (hypothetically 10-15 meters around them)
  4. RadicalEdward2

    Bots shouldn't have Heavy Anti-Armor Weapons

    I don't think they shoot at players unless they're directly within their line of sight. Not exactly what we perceive as a human line of sight but, more like the turrets and cameras in BioShock one but, with a shorter grace period before they fire.
  5. RadicalEdward2

    Post-Flamethrower Implementation Thoughts

    As much as I would like new gametypes, that would be setting the bar too high. I'm not saying this to sound mean, I'm just saying realistically, that would be expecting too much. A new Encounter map shouldn't be too far out of the realm of possibility. Since things involving Desji are probably fair game for discussion, I'll share why I think a new Encounter map is possible. Back in October 2017, Desji DM'd me about helping him design Colmar Hamlet because of my eye for placing buildings in a functional and rational way. I was in talks with him for about a month leading up to the Summit where I gave him feedback on how to go about designing the new "village" encounter map. The back and forth communication leading up to the final product spanned from October 13 to November 5. If we were to use this timespan as a projected development time for a small-scale map, that would be it would take them a little bit over a month to make an Encounter map from scratch (with a clear vision in-mind for the end product). So hypothetically, I'd see making a new Encounter map (sans a dedicated level designer) with their current staff taking them about a month to two months (expecting that they have at least a basic understanding of how the map editor works). From there, they could probably try experimenting with making a new Skirmish once they feel like they're comfortable with making a map with more than one capture point. Honestly, aside from saying they don't have a dedicated level designer, they could just try to learn and experiment on their own with a learning curb so we could get more content that isn't a different shaped gun that shoots out different shaped bullets lol
  6. RadicalEdward2

    Post-Flamethrower Implementation Thoughts

    I've been fighting for older iterations as maps for ages and I'm still waiting on them. I would love new assault maps but, I don't see it as feasible right now. Until we can see that they can fix the existing maps to have them in a more playable state, I can't see the viability in new maps because it would just repeat the cycle of things not being fixed.
  7. RadicalEdward2

    Bots shouldn't have Heavy Anti-Armor Weapons

    Yeah that's definitely a problem too. They always know where you are whenever you're in their radius (regardless of how well you're hidden).
  8. RadicalEdward2

    Post-Flamethrower Implementation Thoughts

    I don't even care about new Assault maps. I just want them to focus on what exists instead of wasting money/resources by creating new potential problems lol Look at the Russian maps. How many resources were wasted working on them instead of improving/fixing the existing maps. Heck, if there's a chance for new maps, I would be okay with them just working in the old Beta maps even if it means working on making them updated (not Garman updated). I don't even care about new models at this point. It was a nice gesture/sign of improvement (even if they still lack furniture like everywhere else) but, just fixing the actual layouts of maps with more than just trees or spawn relocations would be a godsend.
  9. RadicalEdward2


    I didn't even play with flamethrowers yet and I KNEW someone was going to complain that fire is too dangerous to be fire.
  10. I've ranted about this on almost every stream that I've done with tanks and I will still stand by this opinion that the bots should NOT have anti-armor equipment like rockets. They completely suck the fun and point out of having a tank only game mode because tankers can't even enjoy their tanks when human rambos aren't present. Also, I'm pretty sure the bots have unlimited equipment and/or is spawned equipment by the game whenever a land vehicle is nearby so that just makes matters worse. If anything, the bots should just have fragmentation grenades of their respective faction (not tank grenades)...just fragmentation grenades that chip off little bits of armor like they normally would. My only theory as to why the bots don't have grenades is because the AI doesn't know how to throw (because I don't recall ever seeing the AI throw grenades back when First Blood was a thing). Also, if bots do get rockets, maybe have it be limited to like one or two special bots that have like armor that distinguishes them from the regular infantry. There I said it. Now, I'm going to assume this opinion is going to disappear into the ether and/or get one or two contrarian counters because the hypothetical person responding doesn't like tanks anyway (even though we're talking about staged). Meh lol I REALLY wanna tag a dev in this but, I'm going to practice restraint and hope one notices this anyway 😄
  11. RadicalEdward2

    lower enemy faction gun prices

    No, because "exotic" captured weapons are suppose to be rare so the hardware is hard to obtain = expensive.
  12. RadicalEdward2

    Shotguns when?

    Made this post ages ago but, this is how I thought the shotgun could be worked in from back in like 2017. Flamethrowers were in-development since 2017 (as far as the Insiders know). There weren't any plans explicitly discussed for even considering them at the time and as of 2020, all of the tangible stuff they showed us at the Summit has been implemented (with the exception being the VR stuff since that was just an experimental proof of concept thing at the time). But seeing as how all the stuff they said they were going to implement has...well...been implemented...anything is possible (if it doesn't have to do with maps).
  13. While I think its cool and all that the flamethrower was added, I still don't see it (or any new weapon or vehicle) as enough of an incentive for me to log in/buy things. HOWEVER... ...just hear me out. This shouldn't be any surprise as I had previously stated on multiple occasions that without more substantial map changes/fixes (not even new maps at this point), there isn't really a big incentive to invest in purchasing new in-game hardware since it will more/less be more of the same experience; just a different weapon in-hand. And without a sign of new major changes to the literal landscape of the game, the new weapons (even if they were obtained) would function no differently than any other weapon in the game since there aren't any new ways to experiment with them that hasn't been done countless times before. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the flamethrowers are bad (I just don't like that backpacks weren't worked back in to make the flamethrower look less like every other gun in the game since it lacks an complimenting equipment model that distinguishes it cause you could honestly just take the moderately easy route by restoring the airborne backpacks as a placeholder and I wouldn't even bash it and I'm being completely honest. You guys could just put the backpack on when the flamethrower is equipment....please). The way I look at it, I'm just glad all the back catalogue of "pertinent things that wouldn't be ready for a while because they're still in early stages of development" from the Insider Summit are done and sorted because it paves the way for more resources to be dedicated to map quality-of-life improvements. And I know I'm going to get the same manufactured PR-mostly friendly response from the devs that "while we would like new map changes we simply don't have the resources or someone dedicated to working on maps in the office right now that knows the software" because I've heard that song already but, here's my suggestion. Instead of waiting for a dedicated map guy to show up in-house to work on map related things, why not experiment with the dev kit yourselves and see what sticks instead of tinkering with the terrain values every so often? RedBjarne can't really be the only guy in there that knows how the software works, right? And if so, why not show everyone in the office a little bit of how the software works? I mean, its not like its a matter of having to hire a person that knows how to use the software you guys made in-house, right? It's kind of a catch 22. You guys need a dedicated map guy but, no one knows how to use the software you guys made for the game. What was that saying about giving a guy a fish and he'll be fed for a day but teaching a guy to fish will feed him for life? Yeah, so have a few guys (or everyone in-house) experiment with the editor and let them see what sticks and then have everyone see if they can implement some of the simpler map feedback stuff suggested by the community. I'm not even going to say what needs fixing because that should be obvious (7 year later lol) but, yeah, tying this all back to the immediate topic I started the post with, if the community sees that there's more substantial changes that aren't cosmetics and guns, then more people will have an incentive to invest in the game. ...I still don't know who to offer this info to so I'm just going to assume its still @Reto.Hades lol I guess Hades can relay the message to whoever this would all be pertinent to in the office. Made the post about the update here because I noticed the trend of not posting the discussion thread for new updates 😅
  14. RadicalEdward2

    Spawn locations, the hidden cause of many map problems

    When looking at E line, I would say the most major and glaring problem is the lack of cover between E2 and E3 because there's literally nothing there and medkit location there is in no mans land. Additionally, its so open that defenders just camp next to E3 while attackers spawn and exit the patch of trees between E2 and E3 (part of why I took another small break from the game lol).
  15. RadicalEdward2

    I Want to Apologize

    Sorry for the super late reply. I've been busy with a lot of IRL stuff. But, yeah the changes are indeed nice but, more substantial map updates (fixes) would be nice. I saw that the flamethrower was added but, now that its finally implemented, my main interest is the small possibility that more map tweaks will come since all of the major stuff shown at the Summit are now in-game for the most part. I know that RedBjarne isn't the head in charge anymore but, I'm still wondering to what degree he is involved at this current moment in time.