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  1. RadicalEdward2


    I know he's gone or "stepped down but still involved". I never asked for rocks. They just do literally everything but, listen to me.
  2. RadicalEdward2


    With the news of flamethrowers (god knows why) being added or still in development, I'm honestly convinced that every possible effort is being made to do literally anything before even considering focusing on improving the quality of the game's existing maps. Also congrats to Schilli for getting onto the community content thing (even if the community outreach thing is like 3 years too late).
  3. RadicalEdward2

    New Map & Building Concepts

    making maps on stream right now Working on Town C line Twitch: RadicalEdward2
  4. RadicalEdward2

    New Map & Building Concepts

    I got Photoshop CS6 to work on OBS. Expect a REAL Heroes & Generals level design stream today!
  5. RadicalEdward2


    Not seeing much transparency about what's going on in the level design department. Just vague statements that terrain fixes are being made. Also, still not really sure what the "content creator" program is.
  6. RadicalEdward2

    where reto.redbjarne gone

    Well, I appreciate it. As for me meeting them in-person, my biggest regret is not doing more to convey what needed to be done to fix the game. And as for why, I've been MIA for so long, for the most part, I'm waiting for the devs to get back to me or for them to actually take the time and effort to apply what I've been post for years (or at the very least contact me if they have questions about anything I sent them via email). Also, I was recently let go from my full-time job so I have more time to check in I guess I'm currently dabbling with the CnCnet FinalSun editor (the Tiberian Sun level editor) and plan on streaming that once I figure out how to make the editor work for me because the Petroglyph EaW terrain editor (for the most part) is broken and inaccessible due to a Windows 10 update so I'm involuntarily out of the Star Wars modding community until I figure a workaround. I didn't forget about the H&G community, I've just been dealt a lot of bad hands for the most of 2020 so far. I know I shouldn't be getting too vocal about what's going on with me since this is supposed to be about Jakob but, in a way, it kind of relates to H&G since I'm still open to working with them (especially since I don't really have anything to lose at this current time).
  7. RadicalEdward2

    where reto.redbjarne gone

    I mean...my new job kind fell through so I have free time again. What do you mean by GOAT? I'm not down with the new hip words lol I met with them when they had money and resources to use. they kind of don't seem to have any right now (or at the very least its trickling in with sales but not much beyond that). I still want to help them but they need to help themselves by actually following through with the stuff I sent them. Like how paras are omitted from like every skirmish maps because they couldn't figure how to make them work and how they still didn't add an AA gun to Village's forest CP's foxhole.
  8. RadicalEdward2

    where reto.redbjarne gone

    I want in. Please. I already DM'd Isanohr about wanting to help (or seeing that anything discussed sees fruition in regards to level design). There's so much stuff I've made that's backlogged since like 2015 that there's little for me to really pitch besides enforcing (or strongly urging) that proposals for existing maps are actually carried out. I do have plenty of ideas but, I hope Isanohr will do a better job at seeing that existing maps get the TLC they need. Granted, I do have plenty of more ideas but, I want them (Reto) to do something first with what I (and the community) have offered before I lose more nights of sleep drawing up plans like a madman again. Already followed her and messaged her. Lets hope 2020 (in the game) improves when compared to the current state of the world lol
  9. RadicalEdward2

    CHANGELOG 1.18.1 - Combat Rebalance

    Is the swimming on Colmar gone? If so, then that's good I guess.
  10. RadicalEdward2

    Update 1.18.1 - Combat Rebalance

    I heard Colmar Hamlet was changed again. I'll check that maybe tomorrow if my day job doesn't kill me lol
  11. RadicalEdward2

    Update 1.18 - UI and Anti-Air Overhaul

    Colmar is still broken. The ENTIRE river is supposed to be crossed on-foot (without swimming). Why is this so difficult to pull off? Also the inclines on the river side of the map are worse. April Fools to me I guess...
  12. RadicalEdward2

    Ways to Fix Mountain Town Assault (images and notes included)

    I genuinely appreciate that you took the time to provide your input even though you're a moderator and not a dev (who haven't said anything in these threads in ages). I feel like after the Garman update, aircover (anti-air in general) became more and more underutilized to the point that when it is implemented, it doesn't make sense. Also, the changes to the maps are promising but, there's alot that still needs fixing.
  13. A target...but a challenge for the medic lol
  14. RadicalEdward2

    Lost Assets

    Update: The water spouts were restored ♥ Also, some of the old buildings were preserved so they old and new buildings can coexist for asset variety (or so it seems)
  15. RadicalEdward2

    Update 1.17.2 - Hero Controls Update

    I stand corrected. There are some improvements. The water spouts are back. '' BUT... the railroad by B3 on mountain town No idea how this stuff keeps happening every update lol Also, glad to see you guys preserved some of the buildings that the bakery was going to replace (not just another overwrite of existing assets).