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  1. Old Mountain Town as a 2nd Mountain map

    I can say that my best memory with Mountain Town was having it altered while my worst memory with it involve all the lines for the exact same reason that plagues all of them. I love old Mountain Town but, I feel like new Mountain Town encapsulated the most glaring issue from the old one. The open space between deploy zones and their respective Capture Points/Objectives. More specifically, old O2 depot's barn to depot deploy zone situation.
  2. Player requested UI improvements in Update 1.11.1

    Wow, I'm actually the first to comment on this? Showing up late to the party, I would say that the decision to add more boxes to the War map UI was a weird decision since it decreases the visibility of the immediate map area by a small margin. Also, there's still too much dreary newspaper grey tones. Some other colors for boxes would have at least added some variation (especially with the farthest right boxes with three small icons in it).
  3. Old Mountain Town as a 2nd Mountain map

    I'm pretty I posted how they need to soft introduce aspects of Old Mountain Town into the new one somewhere. Found it.
  4. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy

    Got that quite a few times so I gave up trying to test stuff. Not in general, just for that particular prototype
  5. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy

    I hope this isn't going to be another Garman where we will only get one or two prototype tests before the Token system is thrusted into LIVE. The system is off to a good start but, I don't think its ready just yet.
  6. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy

    So...the APCs are now Spawn 1.0 ?
  7. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy

    Also, I like that I can deploy what I want now with low rank squad commanders. From what little I could play (because I downloaded late), that and the physics added to objects near explosions are really the only positives I could account for.
  8. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy

    I don't have any screenshots but, the tanks kick up WAY too much grass when in motion and the colors are so intense for the particles that I thought they were sparks flying since they looked like they were spewing out of the cogs. This applies to all tanks (regardless of how slow or fast they are).
  9. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy

    Is it just me or does doing literally anything with a tank decrease its component health (everything) by 1 ?
  10. What Heroes and Generals needs

    I would be lying if I said I didn't know where I wanted to have my desk lol Also, I would like to continue maintaining a good connection with the in-house level designer (like I did with Desji) so @Reto.DropTable feel free to message me if you want me to fill you in on solutions to fix issues with existing maps as well as potential maps (I helped design Hamlet).
  11. Forward Airfield B Line Props and the C-3 Hedgehog

    Understood. Lets just hope all the issues in question are accounted for this time around lol
  12. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy

    The Town-side B-4 was removed because someone (and I don't know who) thought moving the Capture Point out of the Town would somehow divert attacker traffic away from the Church's defender deploy zone and oh~ baby did it not do that at all To elaborate on the "logic" behind moving the Capture Points out of the Town, the implication that the devs were trying to go for (if I'm remembering this correctly) was that they wanted the assault to look like the entire Town was the defenders HQ / base of operations where defender soldiers would flood out of Town and all over the map to assume their battle stations but, to be honest, it just made the majority of Town into a ghost town that's collecting virtual dust with how rarely its ever utilized beyond the occasional hiding of attacker APCs. If anything, it made the push from B-4 to the Church worse than stepping across a field of legos to look at a cookie. Not eat a cookie. Look at a cookie. Because as some as the attackers take B-4, the game pretty much grinds to a halt (unless the defenders are just grossly incompetent enough to leave the Church 100% undefended). Furthermore, moving B-4 out of Town only made the likelihood of urban/town combat even less because oftentimes the attackers will travel NEXT to the town rather than through it to reach the Church. Realistically, the map should probably just be called "Wheat Field, River, and Church" assault instead of Town because there's so little focus on combat in the actual Town. Hell, I would even say move ALL of B Line closer to the town so B-4 could actually be inside the town. If a system was RE-implemented to allow deploying at Capture Points where they weren't being contested, we could have had a more dynamic Town B-line assault where the current defender-side B-4 deploy zone (that plaza with the tree in it) could be a Capture Point so the attackers would stay the hell away from the deploy zone. More town would be nice too. Agreed. Just ditch the whole river dependency angle of the game's level design doctrine (or whatever fancy word you would use to make a bad habit sound like a sophisticated philosophy/guideline). Also, as I've said time and time again, the maps need to calm down with the wheat. I get it, people eat bread but, 1/4 of the map is wheat field. Sure, this is from the Beta but, I honestly thing there's even more wheat in the current build. I would go into a tangent about elevating the terrain directly beneath bush lines to make them into actual bocages but, I and dozens of other users have probably voiced this point countless times in the past.
  13. Forward Airfield B Line Props and the C-3 Hedgehog

  14. So I noticed something was off about the area between Forward Airfield B-2 and B-3 and it didn't become apparent until I switch to 3rd person in a truck. Why on earth are all of the haystacks in the ground and the starting portion of the bush line going to the shed (closest to B-3) underground? What could have possibly warranted tampering with anything in that particular area of the map that the hedgehog in the C-3 garage that I reported 7 months ago still hasn't been fixed yet? c. January July 5 (yesterday) I think I've reported this hedgehog maybe 3 times now.
  15. Letter from the CEO #4

    Watching the AMA now and providing answers for the questions that stuck out the most while I'm listening to it. 1. Someone asked what was Reto's formula for reviving devstreams. I made a post highlighting what they needed to do in the last Q&A feedback and it was addressed in this post: i.e. vetting questions better and don't answer the repetitive (when new maps and guns and where remove scopes?) questions until something worth reporting can be...well... reported. 2. Something about updating plane combat. I had some mock-ups for GamePad support controls that I intended on posting but, they kind of sat on the backburner for a few months. I might release them at some point. 3. Why are you putting trees in random locations? 4. When will player profiles be added? Soon ™ 5. Old Maps Only moving to the future and forgetting about the past? But in all seriousness, I've gone on more than enough tangents explaining how the old maps were so drastically altered that they could be reintroduced as their own separate maps and how the extremes that were carried out in order to fix small issues only created even larger issues that eclipsed the initial problems. The game went from having about 11 maps to 12 maps when it could have had 18 maps: 5. When will the H&G wiki be updated? I actually started work on a Wikia version that was a bit more user-friendly for editing than the Gamepedia version about a year ago. It already has templates for weapon stats and map directories as well as a feed for the H&G twitter and the server status twitter. Perhaps the existing Gamepedia content could be exported over to the Wikia version so users can edit articles without encountering any technical issues that are present with the Gamepedia version (i.e. all of the page content disappearing when attempting to edit and multiple broken links). If I could get members of both the community and the dev team to help, the wiki could probably reach efficient capacities by September. 6. Spawn Protection for Pilots? The entry locations of fighter planes are far too predictable and can be camped relatively easily (especially the lower tier planes). It needs even more randomization; maybe even varying deploy altitudes. The question I'm still wondering though is... When will questions be accepted for Q&As again?