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  1. I survived until the end of the match. I just wanted to post about getting this issue fixed because its too easy to accidentally get yourself back into that spot than it is to get out. The fact that you can get stuck in there is a big issue. Also, this isn't the only location, this specific barrack is also used by the 02 control tower.
  2. Remove the hedgehogs that are the furthest out from C3. Tanks are getting stuck on top of the ones that are partially buried into the ground. I get that the point of tank traps are to trap them but, it's literally right by the 03 (Church) Tank spawn. Either remove them or elevate them higher up. However, if burying the hedgehogs was part of the plan, then leave them as is because they're working as intended.
  3. In the Airfield B2 Barracks, there is a unaligned bed in a corner that if you were to accidentally jump behind that bed, you would get stuck there, When you're behind the bed, the curved ceiling makes it impossible to jump free. Remove that bed.
  4. The story for Wolfenstein and it's portrayal of the Nazis isn't supposed to be compelling. It's Wolfenstein. It's a series that was built around Hitler's obsession with the occult and mythology (like Indiana Jones except with more shoot or the alternate timeline in Justice League where the Nazis were winning). I'll stop there before I drone on too much about the concept of alternate universes and secret weapons in WW2. But yeah, an old fashion hospital would fit in nicely on maps like Town or Forward Airfield or even Mountain Town. It could even exist as an Encounter map if the hospital's interior is designed well enough.
  5. Just saw the version at 0:48 and wow! That version looks a lot nice! Especially loving the little archway. They should have a version of a train station with that design! That version looks so much nicer. The current one and Beta ones are nice but, they look really dilapidated with the almost rotting looking wood. I'm not saying remove the train station design (again) but, make a version with the design from the trailer! From what I've seen even with old screenshots, that trailer version is nowhere the be found because they all include the "current" version. At some point however, I would like to see a full fledged train station with terminals, luggage rooms, and offices. There's also something that just dawned to me. There's no hospitals in the game. (I know this concept art is from Wolfenstein: The New Order but, it's what made the thought come to mind) I'm still working on another interior. Once I've made more interiors, I'll get back to the skirmish design I posted about earlier.
  6. That is true but, this isn't the same as the automatic version so the scope could be useful. Kind of wished there were scopes for the stockless version but, then again, one extra slot for an item AND ranged capabilities could make having the stockless version a bit overpowered and rambo-centric. So with that logic behind it, I would understand why the stockless version doesn't have a scope feature.
  7. If there's no difference in performance between the two, I don't think I'll bother buying it again lol
  8. At the very least, I wish they made the bullets interchangeable considering they both use the same upgrade bullets. I tried switching the Jackals I unlocked from one carbine over the other and the game said I not only didn't have it purchased but, I didn't have it unlocked either.
  9. When you say the "Beta" versions, do you mean in the past year? or were there other versions of houses with attics? I personally think all the buildings with 1 room per floor should be redone and have the attics removed. In fact, if they DID make some parts of environments destructible, the attics (with roofs included) should be part of the list of destructible objects because it would eliminate the level of cheapness provided by hiding in attics. Basically, if you didn't have a grenade, you're stuck downstairs waiting for a friend to arrive with explosives or the attic dweller to give up. That's how it's been since I joined last November or October 2015. I also understand your concern over the "X"s but, as I said, old and new Mountain Town can coexist as they're both different enough that their collection of issues can be worked on separately. For example: The area of land across the river from X1 (the weirdly placed and unused winding hill road between the C line and D line pine tree forests) could have been made into a village or quarry with buildings that lined the winding road. The long road connecting E3 to A1 could have had another line of railways beside it along with some more houses and maybe even a checkpoint train station like "new" Mountain Town's A4 or E3. They could even fixed that dreaded barn spawn by adding a line of hedges or even a perimeter wall that connected it to the actual farm property. E1's spawn camping situation could have been fixed by elevating the hill range next to E2 enough that it reached the terrain height of the elevated train tracks. They could have even moved some of the trees from behind E1 to the big open field in the front. OR they could have added more houses and cottages to fill in that open area. As an added bonus, they could have tried the tree cluster treatment that's in the current Mountain Town D line to old D line (minus the crazy hill job). Eventually I'm going to try to make my revisions for old Mountain Town based on memory because I don't think anyone actually took any spawn selection map screenshots like I do. I have aerial map screenshots for every map in the game post-launch which I use for studying how maps can be improved. That's how I made all my other map revision posts. As for your mentioning of the Forward Airfield, I honestly believe the current Forward Airfield is the best map in the game with by far the least flaws. Even with it's open field areas, there's plenty of places for cover. There's even enough room for diverse gameplay without catering too much to one specific class. Examples: - the fields are just open enough for jeep and tank combat - there's enough coverage in the open areas for infantry to take cover or hide from vehicles - the fields and "inhabited" areas are open just enough that planes can provide ground support - there's plenty of AA guns to counter planes before they can become too "overpowered" - the abundance of flat terrain makes it easy for planes to land for repairs - all of the spawn locations are in secluded enough areas that spawn camping isn't as rampant as on maps like Mountain Town or Factory - snipers can set up in locations that aren't too far out of reach that no one can find them but, offer just enough adjacency to other buildings that they could relocate even if they were found - it's the only map that offers street-by-street firefighting without being too crowd or rambo-centric (like Town) - the ends of bridges aren't completely open areas that hurt attacking forces like Town's D4 - none of the Objectives over easily camp-able hiding spots - the distance between Capture Points doesn't feel too far - there's medkits where they are needed and strategically placed (example: there's one in the dugout at old X1 ) Long story short, even if Forward Airfield still needs more fleshing out, it's the closest the game has to a "perfect" map.
  10. Yup. I'm a die hard Command and Conquer fan and Renegade X screenshots can provide some beautiful scenes of Tiberium warfare that couldn't be achieved back in the 90s. I won't get too carried away talking about C&C but, I will say that my love of the Red Alert universe (excluding 3) is the only reason I put up with dealing with the Soviets in this game. Edit: This was my signature at the time of this reply.
  11. I thought the same thing. Mountain Town's riverfront properties are all paved when they could have trees or even shrubberies. With how the game looks right now, one would think the cabbage/lettuce industry was BOOMING in the 1940s. (there's too many) Also, the "village" Skirmish that's currently in the game should be renamed "Farm Skirmish" because three houses each over a kilometer away from each other doesn't make a village. Instead, they should make a new actual French village skirmish. I say "rename the old one and make a new one" because that would mean there would be more map variety. Mountain Town was reworked so many times that the pre and post-Beta versions are two completely different maps. We could have probably had the old and new Mountain Towns coexist as two separate maps with two separate plans in terms of how they could be reworked. As for the houses, I think I've been pretty vocal on my thoughts regarding the lack of rational architecture and I would honestly take interiors that match their exteriors over new maps. Just changing the interiors for all the houses (and adding some new ones like the ones I posted) would be enough to change the entire dynamic of how all the maps play. Right now, ALL of the indoor combat involves killing everyone downstairs in close-quarters (due to lack of windows), surviving the guy camping the staircase, and ends with a stalemate between the units that got into the house and whoever is hiding in the attic. That's literally the ONLY way indoor combat has played since I joined last year and judging by the videos I'm seen online, that's been going on since long before I joined.
  12. In-game, is the metal frame stock even visible? I don't think I ever the stockless M1 Carbine being used in-game by anyone but me so I'm not sure.
  13. To be honest, I would rather there be a fourth bridge lol French towns have a weird obsession with bridges so I thought Town could carry on that tradition. When I say "obsession", I'm not referring to historically but, in games like the Command & Conquer series, this, Age of Empires during the Joan of Arc campaign, etc. The bridges are fine where they are but, if they do follow the design I pitched, it should be a bit more interesting. Better yet, they could strip the broken bridge of it's "letter status" and make the new proposed stone bridge into the new B line while the broken one serves as a middle "shortcut" (since all the defenders will gravitate towards wherever the Capture Points are). Also, my proposed B4 location would be just far enough from the objectives that it wouldn't hurt defender spawns as much as it did prior to the attacker spawn relocations (for about 2 updates ago). Also they could make the dock below the Police Station a bit wider and maybe even have connect to the E4 dock. As for the gunboat, I'm not opposed to the idea but, the game needs a lot of work in other areas before they figure out how to implement those (as in where will the owners spawn, how would they affect the flow of gamplay, etc). Gunboats aren't exactly feasible considering where they would spawn in relation to the other spawning areas. Instead, I would say they could add use-able rowboats. Sure they would be slower than belly crawling and crouched walking speed with "sprint" but, it would be interesting. They could hold maybe 3 or 4 units.
  14. That explains why I can't switch the sight. I can switch the trigger but no the bullets or the sight. I think the bullets should at least be. They're the same. So is there any actual difference performance-wise aside from the obvious difference in Equipment points?
  15. Aside from the obvious difference in Equipment Point counts, is there any other differences between the two M1 Carbines? I'm referring to the Airborne one, not the spraybine. Also, why can't I interchange the weapon upgrades between the two? As far as I can tell, they're the same weapon and the same parts but, I can't even switch the Jackals I unlocked for my M1A1 over to my M1 Carbine or the sight upgrade but, I CAN switch over the trigger to the other one. So what's the deal? I understand the M1/M2 because it has Automatic but, neither of the other two have that distinction to separate them. Also, these are both owned by one Paratrooper.