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  1. RadicalEdward2

    Emergency Terrain overhaul required!

    The new terrain capabilities are okay. It's just going to take time to really polish it to see what truly can be done with it.
  2. RadicalEdward2

    Retro event with the old maps

    Oh its the old building. Just stripped of interior and exterior details because its a vehicle map but, they could put the props back in for normal map use. If you're curious about the arched walkthrough area with the staircase, that's still there but I don't think the junk upstairs is still there. The boards and palettes outside of course aren't present because they aren't really necessary.
  3. RadicalEdward2

    Retro event with the old maps

    Yeah same to you! I haven't been on much because I've been mostly working my day job and my content output here is a bit slower than it used to be because of the rate it takes for any map-related stuff to even end up in the game. Now that I think about it, with how the terrain works now, we COULD get mountains like the old school version of Mountain Town without it being too problematic.
  4. RadicalEdward2

    Retro event with the old maps

  5. RadicalEdward2

    Retro event with the old maps

    Hypothetically, they could bring back the old makes. Its just a matter of them making the time to optimizing them to the current build of the game and tying up any loose ends behind-the-scenes that they put off from ages ago. The code for the old maps are supposedly held together with rubber bands and duct tape based on what they said in a Q&A regarding bringing back old maps. They're not impossible to bring back. They'll just take time to bring back. Considering they reintroduced the old First Blood building in Tank vs Tank, there's always the chance that they could at the very least bring back older assets while we wait for them to make the time to reintegrate the older maps alongside the current maps.
  6. I think I reported this 2 months ago but, just thought I'd post this again in case it was forgotten about. They're floating because the loading area is missing.
  7. RadicalEdward2


    Remember when I suggested giving Germany Berlin and Warsaw to start with and cutting Rome out of their equation to stop resources from being spread too thin from the get-go?
  8. Yes I have. I'm also aware of how rugged the terrain is around B2. I said the terrain update was gorgeous. I never said Mountain Town B line was any good. Its still hot garbage lol But you can definitely see what is possible now that they updated how the terrain tool works. There's areas that look like they they were actually detailed with a finer "brush" as opposed to "everything is just a hill unless a building or road's elevation takes priority" like it used to be. Mountains can actually be made now. However, one issue I am aware of is that ditches CAN make some of the faster tanks flip over. Aside from the majority of the terrain being updated with new tool (probably computer generated), there are areas of Mountain Town that you can tell a dev (RedBjarne possibly) went in and etched in indents and ridges. E, D, and the entire X-1 area between A and the station were definitely done by hand and not left up to generated terrain to decide. The bigger picture of the new terrain alterations is that there's more accessible tools available for maps that could make them more varied and less "hilly or flat" like they all are. If they went with me as the new level designer, I would have had an absolute field day with the new tools.
  9. If feel like it partially has to do with knowing where to allocate their resources. The terrain update was great but, it took so darn long that I don't even know who was left to admire it besides me. Granted, their finally listening to some of my feedback but, its just a shame that it took them so long to actually go through with it (behind the scenes circumstances not really helping all that much either). I mean... there's plenty of stuff that can still be done based on all of the feedback we gave. We can only hope that they don't take so long that it becomes too late to "stop the bleeding" and recover what community they have left. I will reiterate again, the terrain updates are absolutely gorgeous that the possibilities are now seemingly endless with its potential but, its still a shame that it took this long for it to see fruition.
  10. RadicalEdward2

    Yellow Willys or Easter?

    To be honest, the colors all look very marketable.
  11. yeah. remember when I wasn't the only one making giant posts? there used to be tons of threads with suggestions that I could join in on but, nowadays, it seems like a lot of that liveliness in the community is just kind of gone. Maybe I've just been gone on/off for a long time but, the partial failure of Operation:Glasnost is partially to blame (if that's even still active beyond posting the development pipeline and the unannounced map preview streams). Granted, I would like to keep telling myself that the devs are trying but, the rate that anything is being posted from their end is definitely part of the blame for the state of the community. Just stuff that was on my mind. The optimist in me (somewhere) would like to think that they didn't forget about threads like this one but, they're taking so long to get stuff done, that I doubt how much of this will actually see fruition in a way that someone could say, "hey they listened to what that guy posted about".
  12. RadicalEdward2

    Yellow Willys or Easter?

    would have been better actually on April 1st though but okay 😄
  13. RadicalEdward2

    Yellow Willys or Easter?

    Yeah I was wondering the same thing.
  14. RadicalEdward2

    Ways to Fix Town Assault (images and notes included)

    Looks good but some of the wheat fields (to the far right corner) have to go. There's just too much wheat on this map.
  15. RadicalEdward2

    Upgrading Samree depot encounter

    Yeah they're supposed to be tank traps. Not saying the existing ones should be removed but, more would be necessary as a buffer for the pillbox side team.