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  1. Ways to Fix Town Assault (images and notes included)

    Back with a serious suggestion for B-1 @Reto.Desji Why on Earth does B-1 have a platform with a full panoramic view... ...but the AA Gun is placed in a foxhole out in the open where it can't hit anything in the sky? Spoiler alert: I died trying to kill the plane that was heading straight for me. B-1 is situated at undeniably the highest point of the entire map. But it has an AA gun that blatantly throws this strategic advantage to the wind (the literal air current that could be implied to exist at B-1's altitude). I would be lying if I said that this oversight (pun intended) didn't make me even remotely uneasy lol
  2. I've grown pretty tired of how players blatantly camp the deploy zones so I took some time away from coming up with more map ideas to figure something out. Back when Garman struck, there was a mechanic in which players entering deploy zones or near deploy zones would be disarmed but, that was removed because it turned a lot of the map into unplayable areas. Thinking back to that mechanic, I noticed how players that haven't vacated the deploy zone yet have a black/white filter. What if all enemy players were highlighted in red whenever they're in or near an enemy deploy zone. When I say "highlight", I mean, Predator Vision levels of highlight. The in-deploy zone view would give players still in protection a means to calculate their move before leaving the spawn. It won't completely end camping but, it could create a big deterrent for any "opportunists" that want to do it in spite of repercussions. Player should not be afraid of leaving their spawn. Furthermore, why not give players that spawn on APCs a temporary invincibility? That way, the owner of the APC can have a grace period to drive the vehicle away with the camper is attempting to kill them.
  3. Fortifications, Barricades, and Obstacles

    That's true but, it prominent enough to be considered a type of obstacle/cover on the battlefield throughout the war
  4. Fortifications, Barricades, and Obstacles

    Found some time to include more obstacles. Bocage (aka Hedgerows) Here's a small diagram: They currently exist in-game but, only in implication alone. None of the bocages in the game actually follow the pre-requisites that one would associate with a bocage. *they're bushes on a flat plane Bocages/hedgerows can come in a variety of different sizes. From really tall ones... ...to really short ones. Using the Empire at War Terrain Editor, I put together a simple visual to show how the bocage should look and feel: Some other examples that can be used for reference... An oil painting of US infantry using the bocage as solid cover: Note how the wheat fields are visibly shorter in comparison to ones found on Town's C Line and D/E Line and Forward Airfield: An example of a narrow trail used by infantry and farmers: A bocage today: Note the presence of foliage WITHIN the fields: Fallschirmjagers and a field commander in a low bocage (not sure if there's actually a term for ones with lower elevation): Note the lack of square/rectangular arrangements and the presence of foliage within the fields: The end section of a bocage. Note the presence of a house at the end of the hedgerow: A Tank Destroyer driving through a bocage: A Sherman rolling over a bocage: A model of a "gated" bocage: An example of a real gated bocage: A replica to illustrate just how the gated bocage worked: An oil painting of a tank crew driving through a gated bocage by artist, Barry Spicer: A pillbox wedged into a hedgerow:
  5. French buildings for Reto.Desji

    What would also be nice would be more buildings with interiors or apartments higher than 2 floors: Bringing back the First Blood house would also be nice: More detailed interiors with these new buildings would also be nice. Right now, the issue is that the devs think "we" can't navigate buildings with fleshed interiors like the machine shop to the point that "jumping" is somehow too daunting of a task. This isn't speculative either. That's why we haven't had any new buildings with interiors that surpass the intricacy of the machine shop and the Town C-4 apartments (which don't have first floors). If buildings with better interiors are never added to challenge the perception of how competent the players are, then we'll never get any good buildings in the game. Its like choosing to not to get XP because you don't think your characters can truly level up in an RPG.
  6. Forum Interface Glitched

    Yeah. I actually needed to use Internet Explorer to actually do something
  7. New Map Concepts

    @Reto.RedBjarne @Reto.Desji I'm back with the colored version. Back when the Map Talk section was added, @Loopping_Louie posted an idea for a Hedgerow style Skirmish. During the days leading up to the Summit, I recalled his take on a Hedgerow map and decided to give it a try. This is Hedge Encounter For inspiration, I used these three images and my memory of a handful of Medal of Honor levels for reference: The layout of the map was something that gradually evolved throughout my flight to Copenhagen. At first, I wasn't entirely sure what I was going to do with the hedgerows but, the more I added to it, it just sort of came together. Seeing as how there would never actually be aircraft on the map, I wanted to make the map as labyrinthine as possible. At the same time, I also tried to keep in mind that the map had to look believable. To do this, I added several properties with houses that lacked 3rd floors in order to give both teams an equal field advantage. Sure, the map might look simple because its a bunch of bushes but, there's one thing that needs to be remembered... It's not a flat plain. For this map to be a success, the road must ALWAYS remain on a lower level of elevation than the rest of the map. Even if someone was to use a house as a vantage point, the dug-in roads would discourage snipers from camping in any one location because their target would be too low to hit. Ideally, land should be around a meter or half a meter higher than the road. Creating this effect shouldn't be too difficult since roads have a property that keeps it locked in-place even when the land around it is elevated. The ditches alongside the road can probably be accomplish with some strategic terrain manipulation. Having the roads lower than the rest of the land is VITAL. If a corner is cut with this detail, the map will not work because it will just be people driving cars through the Objective. The off-road areas need to be high to also create areas for cover since the hedgerows will be more-or-less passive barriers that can be crossed through. When this is done, regular vehicles should have trouble dealing with the terrain while tanks could just roll over them with ease. I ( of course) am referring to when this implemented on other maps with hedgerows like: Town Forward Airfield Village Skirmish Village Encounter Hill Skirmish Here's a collection of the assets I used: I made a lot of the overhead views of assets pretty distinct but, the list above should help paint a better picture of what is required. One last thing, at some point, this game needs to get out of Fall. For the sake of this map, Fall needs to change. I know snow is coming eventually but, please, just make Summer or Spring. Heck, I'll pick out the colors for the leaves! I was taught color theory by the apprentice of Norman Rockwell! I know colors
  8. French buildings for Reto.Desji

    I've been saying this for months See?! I'm not crazy! lol
  9. French buildings for Reto.Desji

    I love these! Also, you should add these to the Reference Regiment if you haven't already
  10. Forum Interface Glitched

    I'm going to try disabling some plugins Oh my god....the Youtube Dark 1.5 extension was the reason. No clue how but, it was.
  11. Forum Interface Glitched

    Originally, refreshing used to fix it but, not anymore. Now it might work for a brief second but, if you click to close it, then it won't re-open.
  12. Forum Interface Glitched

    Nope. I'm up-to-date and I can't open it. If you could try that out that would be great. The thing that makes it weird is that its been a gradual thing. Initially, I didn't pay much mind to the tagging thing because I assumed there was something being updated on the backend but, then the spoiler tabs wouldn't open anymore. I don't remember if it was before or after I updated the browser.
  13. Forum Interface Glitched

    Huh... maybe I need to update then. I can't open that tab.
  14. Forum Interface Glitched

    The UI on the Forum has been getting progressively more buggy in the recent weeks. The Spoiler tabs won't open. I know they used to not open if it was a post that was just edited but, now they don't open at all. The mentioned users in a post are no longer linked. They're still tagged and the user still received notifications of being mentioned but, I can't click on the user and the preview window displaying their profile no longer appears. On Firefox, attempting to change you profile image (avatar) crashes the browser.
  15. New Map Concepts

    Not if you know how to duck~ In other news, my first big update in quite some time is coming! Over the past couple of months, there has been a lot of demands for a French hedge map. As some of you may have seen in the photos from the Summit, I actually pitched the idea for a French Hedge Encounter. As promised to @Reto.RedBjarne, I'm hoping to have the colored version done by tonight complete with notes for clarity.