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  1. *Reto.LadyGarga
  2. I know you tagged me. I just haven't had the time to reply because dev posts keep popping up so I've been trying to keep my productivity in-sync with it. I'll check it out when I get a chance
  3. In regards to the sheets you provided, I enjoyed the read. Game-flow like that is apparent in older games like Battlefront (2005) ; my favorite I like making maps that start out minimal at first with just the lines and points because it's like drawing the foundation of a person. Draw the head (the Starting Point) Use head as a scale for the rest of the body (Measuring distance between point) Draw the spine and the action line (the Assault line) Draw the torso (the spawn locations) Draw the legs and their joints (the attacker spawns) Draw the arms and their joints (the defender spawns) Profiling (adding terrain) Details (adding houses and trees and other misc) I use your approach when it comes to assault lines (that I haven't uploaded yet). It adds a challenge by trying to build an environment with obstacles based on where the assault line was set in stone. Trying to figure out where to place spawns in Spawn 2.0 map designs is like trying to figure out how you want the arms and legs of the figure to bend. Reading the negatives however, I have stated this on multiple occasions (to which I have even been quoted on by multiple users) that the spawning issue can be fixed by implementing the following: Spawn 2.5 Remove the notification about "Entering Enemy Deploy Zones". Reinstate the ability to spawn on Capture Points as a Point Defender when the Capture Point is not contested. Reinstate the 15 second delay before allowing players to spawn on no longer contested Capture Point (if the respective team owns said Capture Point). Keep between Capture Point spawns (like they are now) as alternate spawns for when a Capture Point is contested. Offer two Tank Deploy Zones instead of one. Mountain Town 02 Depot has two but, tankers don't have a say when it comes to selecting which location they deploy from. I know the alternate exists in the event that the primary Tank Deploy Zone is overcrowded but, that doesn't change that tanks need two Deploy Zones to avoid being camped (like they always are at 02 Depot). It doesn't "revert" back to the previous spawn system but, it borrows the strong points of Spawn 1.0 and builds upon them to improve Spawn 2.0. I wouldn't say spawn zones are being used firing positions so much as it is players being unable to leave deploy zones alive. Farming is alive and well and I've documented it from Hallowes until now. These are just my some of my favorite examples. You say "Don't call for reverts" but, Spawn 2.0 was implemented without the say of the community. It was implemented in the same update that marked the game as "launched"; making all of the quality assurance, testing, etc. pointless. That's why there's a demand to revert. Because the move "forward" was a step backwards with little to no feedback considered before or after the transition. Essentially, feedback was given and you guys seem to dead-set on discrediting it. If you want the game to progress forward, then consider my advice about improving Spawn Mechanics by borrowing the redeeming traits that the player-base (the consumers) liked about Spawn 1.0 and allowing them to coexist with the current Spawn Mechanics. If you say that there was more negatives about Spawn 1.0 than Spawn 2.0, then that's because there wasn't a greater evil thrown upon us. Spawn 1.0 might have been the Kaiser but, Spawn 2.0 became . . . you know who Blend the two Spawn styles together and make one that we all will enjoy and not demand blood over it.
  4. Just thought I'd clarify why I wanted the damage to reach a certain extent. The floor indoors was always collapsed. It was like that during the stream that the castle was unveiled. I suggested destroying the roof in that particular section for a few reasons: 1. It doesn't make sense that the 2nd floor would collapse down to the first floor unless the floor plan is shoddier than we think. 2. The castle itself is too "pristine" and enclosed. Chances are if the roof of that section isn't busted open, everyone and their mother is going to camp in a corner instead of exploring the castle. 3. If I don't address that the floor is collapsed there, we're going to get a repeat of the debris-less/rubble-less Church. 4. If that roof section isn't broken open, ALL of the rooms in that corridor WILL be potential camping spots that would require entering the castle itself to flush the campers out. 5. Destroying the roof (in that particular section) would compliment the collapsed floor. 6. Destroying the roof to compliment the destroyed floor would imply that ownership of the castle warranted the use of artillery fire from an unseen rail gun miles away; similar to ones used on Stalingrad.
  5. To be fair, they called it a moat first. So I just default to calling it a moat but, regardless of that fact, why pontoon bridges? It's an island with 3 bridges connecting to it. Does it need pontoon bridges or do you want pontoon bridges? That's an important point that needs to be considered when it comes to designing a map in any game (especially when caution seems to be stressed whenever optimization is part of the equation). I would be okay with the pontoons on other maps but, this one doesn't seem to need it.
  6. That's all well and good but, it's a moat. Not the Mississippi River Plus, that makes a whole extra model for a problem that's easily fixed by adjusting terrain. I get pontoon bridges are cool but, this map doesn't really need it. An assault map maybe.
  7. I know you like pontoon bridges but, there's reasons it was removed. The ones closest to the river leaving the map could use docks from Airfield as bridges. The ones "inland" could be shallow crossings though. I'm not really enthusiastic about there even being a river/moat so I'm trying figure out how to work around how easily castle occupants WILL camp the spawns. The ones closest to the crossroad town can't be pontoons because vehicles need to have enough clearance to swerve in towards the island from the outer-laying areas.
  8. I'm kind of all over the place today so I will certainly read through this when I get a chance
  9. On a completely random but totally relevant note, the use of a moat makes be VERY uncomfortable given the history of maps with rivers.
  10. Using screenshots I've taken from the stream, I'm taking a shot in the dark with some of my predictions but, I think they're well-placed. Orange = trees and bushes Deli Mustard = marsh I did a cross-analysis of the map with Devstream #86 and the tree and marsh placement appear relatively unchanged. The main difference being more buildings in the version Desji uploaded today. Every change made was done with a reason behind it. I previously made this suggestion to either Desji or RedBjarne but, I don't see any evidence of it in the map so I took the liberties of adding it myself. The courtyard should not be completely barren. Instead, it should be littered with a labyrinth of crates to make the castle look like it was converted into a supply depot; making the map a Russian parallel to Depot. Think the warehouse from Indiana Jones but, outdoors... ...or Shima Field from MoH: Rising Sun. A health crate could be hidden in the maze of boxes to make using it seem less cheap because you'll have to remember where in the maze it is. An large antennae next to the radio in the center would be nice. Visually, it will serve as "weenie". Something that would serve as a landmark amidst the maze of boxes and castle walls. The trenches are a necessity to keep the balance between attackers and defenders. The idea came from experience with Depot defeats as well as the trench combat from the Mamayev Hill level of MoH: European Assault (not the CoD one). One thing I would definitely suggest would be elevating the entire castle onto a hill to make trench combat and fighting for control of the castle more interesting. I will admit, I put WAY more effort into this than I should have but...
  11. Since I need to catch up on the other posts, here's what I have so far. The 01 revision isn't done but, I just wanted to share what I had in the meantime. I finished modelling the Machine Shop and the Gas Station today. I'm going to put together my thoughts on the castle since I've wanted to do that for quite some time.
  12. OOOOOHHHHHHH !!! I've wanted to give feedback for this map for a while! Give me a moment! I'm working on Village still ;A; Me right now:
  13. That would be great. I could definitely work on some drafts of Soviet maps but, one point that will be important is that the inclusion of Soviet propaganda will be a must. Germany, I understand that there's a set guideline but, Russia's a bit more lenient because they're not ashamed of their history (at least not entirely). I know this is going to be a weird analogy but, hear me out. While we have been working on our own maps in our own respective vacuums, in that period of time, I made a draft for a Russian Encounter map around the same time that you guys were working on the maps presented in devstream #86. We're functioning like two civilizations inventing similar technology without any actual influence on one-another. Like the FG 42 and the Johnson (I know its a weird comparison). Despite having similarities, neither of them were influenced by one another. When I designed the Russian Encounter in my own 'vacuum', I was told that you guys were working on a Russian map as well. Working in our own vacuums, we can see that we're at least working on a similar wavelength.
  14. Just a heads-up, I'm slowly restoring all of the broken images using imgur cause Photobucket is apparently trying to destroy itself by disabling third party image hosting without a paid subscription so you have to pay to make images available at any given time (even if you posted the images ages ago). So that's why a lot of images are broken. I hope that clears up the confusion.
  15. Take your time guys. I'd rather have everyone's work read and appreciated equally than have them all rushed through to meet a deadline. I would do the same