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  1. When GE is coordinated, it can hold Scandi for almost a week If there's no coordination, it'll last maybe a day. What would possibly mix things up would be if the farthest north connector between Russia and Sweden was severed or maybe downgraded from 3 lines to 2. It looks like a rubber band trick. The bulk of the forces flood towards Stockholm from there. But, I won't go too much into that.
  2. At the end of the day, resources will always be burned through but, I see your point. But isn't the point of a war game to allow the factions to clash? Berlin wouldn't fall so quickly if it wasn't so isolated from its sister city. I mean... having US being a nuisance from the west while Russia comes from the east is kind of the point behind how their offensive was so solid. When I say, "nuisance" I mean that in a sense that 'that's just how it is'. It's a sandwich but, that's just how it was lol Warsaw falls first, then Berlin. But, it seems like giving the option to dump the potluck into Rome is what's holding Berlin back. Most of the time, the Romans just gravitate towards Marseille or Istanbul anyway. Imagine the hard offensive the Germans took this war but, in the center of the map with two closely knit cities. Warsaw's essentially insurance for Berlin on the War map.
  3. I might like a broken record but, am I wrong? I do welcome the change but, the way it was executed doesn't sit well with me because it didn't make sense. Also, I never said the oblique order was anything new. I'm saying that moving the starting point for Germany won't stop the RTS's history from repeating itself. By telling me that it happens every War just proves my point. The main focus behind moving in favor of Belgrade was because of how close it was to Rome but, Rome isn't the star in this show. Berlin is. So why move down towards Italy to have the starters closer when Warsaw was literally a minute travel distance away from Berlin? That's what I don't get. Part of my issue is that the layout with everyone getting their own little corner of land along the borders is too clean cut and simply but, I digress. I know I might be the minority in this situation but, I'm simply stating my opinion and choosing to stick to my guns because I have confidence in my plan. No. Germany doesn't start with Berlin because theoretically, that might stop Germany from losing their ATs in Berlin and give them time to assess their surroundings before fanning out to other locations (even though that unintentionally gave the US ownership of all of Scandinavia). Long story short, the movement of the starting location has no impact on the AT queues. The AT queues DID get a production rate boost a while back though.
  4. Tank Rant: Why Bother?

    Oh okay. Better business strategy would be to release them with the vehicle update.
  5. Tank Rant: Why Bother?

    Were it so easy. To be honest, I could care less about camos for tanks (since there's no foliage/canopy attachments). I would rather have them focus on fixing the tank mechanics before directing any attention to cosmetics.
  6. Seeing the current state of the Russia front, the results could have been produced by having Berlin/Warsaw as the starters for Germany. My oblique line offensive prediction is still happening just as I predicted on the US fronts. Zurich fell and Prague is on its way out. The Russians are also regaining their footing in the east. The only reason Berlin didn't work in previous Wars was because it didn't have a neighboring starter city. Naturally, the resources stationed at Berlin had be sliced in half because half would deploy at Rome at the bottom of the map. Rome only lasts because its protected by a natural barrier in the form of bodies of water on all sides but one (and mountains which are irrelevant in this game). If Berlin had Warsaw (like it did historically) then Berlin would have been quickly reinforced whenever other factions got too close. London/Edinburgh and Moscow/Leningrad are hard to conquer BECAUSE their adjacency to one-another allowed for a constant output of ATs to push invaders back (like a series of waves on a beach). While Rome/Belgrade is yielding favorable results, that doesn't mean that its right. It sacrificed immersion and historical precedence for gameplay exclusively (rather than a balanced mix of the two). Eventually, a test should be made with Berlin/Warsaw to see how it fares.
  7. Berlin/Warsaw isn't out of the question. If these results were possible moving them south, then imagine what it you be like if there was Rome.
  8. Tank Rant: Why Bother?

    I'm still looking through it. Sorry if I came off as snooty. I just REALLY hate how much the tanks slide ^^'
  9. Oh okay. I wouldn't know because I can't level up my paratrooper enough to actually unlock a Paratrooper AT lol Paratroopers in-game shouldn't take forever to spawn anyway. The spawning time for paratroopers takes so long that you can briefly see the icon for when you get a TK time delay penalty but, I digress. Oh, actually, there was that time that a paratrooper AT landed at Rome and then all hell and madness broke loose. And just look at those US ATs complimented by Underdog Bonus and a unnatural overstacking of players (that may have included me just to see if the system was truly broken). It's like admiring the Mona Lisa... in flames and with a Duchamp mustache defacing it On another more relevant note, the night shirt advance is happening earlier than I predicted and the oblique line offensive from the US and SU is starting to form~
  10. Tank Rant: Why Bother?

    It's interesting but, if we're talking about how tanks shouldn't slide down hill like snot out of a kids nose, I don't need to be a historian to tell you that lol On a serious note, loving the reference images ♥
  11. Does this also impact the deploy queue for paratroopers in-game? Because I don't even bother trying with my paratrooper character anymore because I can't equip anything BUT the faster deploy badge.
  12. Oh I know that the Germans are pushing into Russian territory and there's a well-rooted line from Warsaw to Marseille (with a US envelope formation about to swallow Zurich). But remember, the night shift of AT commanders haven't made their moves yet. Tomorrow morning is when the real results with show. I know I'm done deploying ATs for awhile because I lost all the funds I made playing US last war I agree with the other factors as well since it cost me my morning ATs. 2.4k infantry, 100+ tanks, 200+ recon, AND planes and yet.... "Underdog" One BIG thorn in the side is the fact that the US and SU have had Underdog for unarguably the entire past year up to this point (with microscopic hour to half-hour German Underdog bonuses sprinkled in the mix). So even if they were to remove the Underdog or rework it to ACTUALLY follow the definition of the word, this lack of foresight as to the long-term effects of Underdog will be felt for months or even years to come (US/SU slush warfunds). I don't have anything to hide either. I worked for everything I have in the game and still haven't spent a cent of real-world currency. I only have veteran whenever there's an event.
  13. Tank Rant: Why Bother?

    Bumping with another issue with tanks. If it can't climb this: Then the traction needs more work. This area is along the riverside to the right of Town B4 (waaaay far right). Right now, the issue is two factors: Lack of surface traction Lack of movement power When I say movement power, it doesn't feel like the tanks can actually climb hills. I think part of the blame can be found in the that surfaces work. I'm going to stay optimistic and assume that tank tread traction on surfaces will receive some sort of revamp (hopefully) during the update where @Reto.RedBjarne mentioned that they would be implementing difference between on-road and off-road driving with lighter vehicles. Personally, I feel that this update should not be "rolled out" (pun intended) unless tank traction on-road/off-road is part of the equation.
  14. Yeah but, it makes sense that the US starts in the UK because it was their staging area before tackling the rest of Europe (at least for the French offensive). I still believe that it would have been better to start with Berlin and Warsaw instead of Rome and Berlin or Rome and Belgrade. The issue that should have been clear as day was that German forces were spread thin because half of them were spawning in Rome and not next door like all the other factions could. The only reason people gravitated towards Rome was because that was the other parent city; so ATs would rendezvous there or meet halfway. I get that Italy was pals with Germany but, why does Germany have to stay at his friend, Italy's house to play SEGA instead of having the Italy bros come over to Germany's to play SNES? Germany's adjacency to Warsaw could have easily allowed the two starter cities to sustain themselves long enough that ATs could gradually trickle out in every direction to cap the southeast cities while still being able to hold off both the Russian and US offensives. On a completely random note, do we NEED to have the map change colors to show the time of day? SU just orange/brown blends in with red and Germany's purple/mauve blends in with everything. Just leave the map grey and spare everyone the eye sores. At the very least, change Germany's color to teal like their uniforms and give Russia red since they're the RED Army.
  15. Well... it happened. The test has begun (half of it at least). To commemorate the event and the anniversary of the Garman incident, here's my full documentation of War #512. I'm late with my post because I had another family emergency yesterday and the War ended this morning. Day 1 9-11-17 Day 2 9-12-17 Day 3 9-13-17 Day 4 9-14-17 Day 5 9-15-17 Day 6 9-16-17 Day 7 9-17-17 Day 8 9-18-17 Day 9 9-19-17 End Result 9-20-17 11:24 AM EST I posted the loss of Berlin first because it happened before I finished putting this post together. Things that could be noted about the 513 though... Germany NEVER set foot in Berlin. So you can say the test was a success because Germany never got a chance a experience losing Berlin. If there was ever the equivalent to an evil Genie granted a double-edged sword wishes, THIS update would be the result. Germany now NEVER gets to see Scandinavia (as opposed to every other war where they would at least get Oslo and Copenhagen. Germany gets to hold Sevastapol for the first time since War 503 back in July. Aside from these differences, nothing else changed. The only thing that still needs to be changed is the German faction being renamed the Italian-Yugoslavian faction (I know its a bad joke). I'm wondering when the "no auto-resolve" Wars will start though.