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  1. logrouacidskor

    Polls about <Captured Weapon's Modification>

    U can tell any opinion u want, but I just want to let u know that u shouldn't say words like 'barista'? At least its H&G Forum's Rule
  2. logrouacidskor

    Polls about <Captured Weapon's Modification>

    Why would u think like that? Its asking whether 'Reto' Should done Poll or Not and it doesn't matter victimizing or like that And watch your mouth buddy I welcome about criticism so thx about that, but be gentle
  3. Guys plz vote to this Poll about Captured Weapon's Modification Limit Release This will ruined the whole game and should be Roll-Backed
  4. So Reto released the limits of Captured Weapon's Modification without Players Poll or Asking Public Opinions No matter of whether u Like it, or not like it, the fact is sure that this updated one makes huge impact Reto didn't make Poll about this, so I made it Please leave your opinion as Vote on this Poll Lets see Players will like this more, or hate this more
  5. logrouacidskor

    Submachine gun tiers

    I use Window 10 'MSPaint'
  6. logrouacidskor

    Submachine gun tiers

    There u go buddy Its quit amaze that lot of people on forum prefers this kind of Tree (GE Tier 3 Suomi, US Tier 3 Thompson Drum) Having common suggestion is like 'public opinion' between players so I hope Reto listen to us
  7. logrouacidskor

    Submachine gun tiers

    Like this? I'll made thread about SMG Tech Tree soon after I finished Carbine Tree first
  8. logrouacidskor

    Project 'Handgun'

    I wished to tell them "In that same logic, GE does not need P38 too" How shame idea they are Why GE has to get 4 Handgun while US & SU has only 3? => X Why US & SU has to get 3 Handgun while GE has 4? => O This should be right logic. Its not problem about GE has extra 1 Handgun, Its the problem about US & SU had 1 Handguns Missing I hope players who think like i quoted change their thoughts after reading this
  9. logrouacidskor

    Project 'Handgun'

    First, thx for ur support mate What I mean TT33 BraMit Prototype is when WW2 it was prototype but after WW2 and entered Cold War era, it become official product Could u give any link or information about SMERSH's TT33 BraMit? I want to know about it too Silenced SMG? well... at least I heard that there was Test about PPSh41 with BraMit and Reto.Christiano's Model was based on that Well actually we don't have any appropriate BraMit SMG on SU except PPD or PPSh so I understand that Christiano had no choice to make anyway as always thx for ur support
  10. logrouacidskor

    Project 'Handgun'

    Before read this thread 1. This is purely my own proposal, not Reto's Official Project 2. No 'Bias' included, I'm the Player who plays all 3 Factions equally 3. I try best as I could to keep balance between 'Historical Accuracy' & 'Reality' & 'Game Balance' 4. Remember even if my proposal are accept and release to ingame by Reto, Its all up to Reto who set Detail Specification & Balanced of the Contents, not me 5. Please keep productive conversation on comment, I welcome productive discussion as well Why we need new Handguns? Because Each faction's Handguns are unbalanced and has missing parts US & SU has 3 Handguns while only GE has 4 The Price & Progression is quit Unfair because of that (Walther P38 worth 150K Credits Unlocks at Handgun Ribbon 12, while M1917 & Nagant both worth 117K Credits Unlocks at Ribbon 9) Plus there are almost no difference between Tier 3 Luger P08 and Tier 4 Walther P38 As Reto filled the missing parts of LMG, Grenade Tech Tree, I think there should be time to fill the missing gaps on Handgun Tree too someday I know Handgun is not urgent thing to deal with right away, I just want Reto to consider this suggestion later when they look into Handguns Besides, Handgun Tree is more important than Grenade Tree aren't they? This is the Main Handgun Tech Tree I consider of 1. Main Handgun Tech Tree <US> New US Tier 2 Handgun : S&W 'Victory' Revolver .38 Special, 6 Round Capacity S&W Victory Model is originally came from Smith & Wesson's Model 10 Revolver It chambers .38 Special Cartridge and has 6 Round capacity just like other common Revolvers had The Reason why I'm suggesting this Revolver to US faction is because this gun "Used a lot' & 'Adapted Officially' on US Military in WW2 'The Victory Model was a standard-issue sidearm for United States Navy and Marine Corps aircrews' - by Wikipedia ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smith_%26_Wesson_Model_10#World_War_II ) Even the gun's name is 'Victory' Model cause of Military Propaganda during WW2 (because every model of this Revolver has serial numbers with a "V" prefix) Plus, not only Navy & Marine Corps but US Army Air Crops pilots used this Revolver as well and there are records that some of Ground Unit Army Officers purchased & used this privately as well Same as Colt M1903 Pocket Hammerless, its even not official handgun on US Military but just privately purchased & used by quit lot of Officers so its adapted in-game So there is no need to be argued about whether this Handgun is appropriate to adapt on H&G It chambers .38 Special Cartridge which is much powerful than other Cartridge on GE & Soviet side Tier2 And it has only 6 rounds which is less than GE & Soviet Counterpart Tier2 Because of that, the Characteristic of this Pistol will be similar to US M1917 Revolver Powerful than other faction's counterparts but Low RPM, Low Capacity Giving it extra Special DMG Bullet (like M1917's +P Ammo) that makes it 3 Hit Kill Heavyset will might be suitable (HSB or HSS maybe? idk) I think its okay cause S&W Victory Revolver didn't have Moon Clip or Speed Loaders on WW2, and US Military didn't have nor used that kind of device on this model as well too That means it has to be loaded each single bullet at a time like Nagant Revolver = Overall = As S&W Victory Revolver gets on Tier 2 M1911A1 goes Tier 3 from Tier 2 M1917 Revolver goes Tier 4 from Tier 3 And that makes US Handgun Tree get 4 Handguns Of course there has to be spec adjust to M1911A1 and M1917 Revolver cause they got higher Tier (ex, M1917 Max DMG Ammo get 2 Hit Kill HSB whatever, currently its 2HK non HS) Plus, M1911A1 should be 7 Round Capacity, not 8 Round Current H&G's M1911A1 has 8 Round Capacity which is wrong, the only way it could be 8 Round is 1 Round in Chamber but that system isn't yet on H&G So I strongly suggest to decrease M1911A1's capacity to 7 Round, and Increase its DMG little bit to compensate it Its the only weapon on H&G currently which has '1 Round in-chamber' Capacity, and non of other weapons didn't P.S. I wish Reto fixes M1917 Revolver's wrong Cylinder Rotation, its Minor little detail issue that can solve easily Plz check the thread I wrote before <GE> German has already 4 handguns so no need to introduce new one But I think there should be spec adjust between P38 and P08 I agreed that quit a lot players tolds "there r almost no difference between P38 & P08" Both Pistol has same RPM (which is hightest RPM of all Handguns) Both has similar DMG too just not a big difference P08 is lower Tier than P38 but it has even Faster Reload & Better Accuracy, Recoil too There is no big point to get P38 which has more Expensive Price than P08 but has similar spec (as I told above, P08 has more better part of spec too) P08 should be Tier 3 like P38 should be Tier 4 like but currently P08 performes almost like Tier 3.8 which makes P38 pointless compared to P08 And thats why I think the 'Gap' between P38 & P08 should be more wider Whether nerf P08 or berf P38 or Doing Both, idk but there should be some spec adjust for appropriate to each Tier Position & Price <SU> New Soviet Tier 2 Handgun : M1921 'Bolo' Mauser 7.62mm Tokarev, 10 Round Capacity (there is 6 Round version as well which is minor one, 10 Round version is more popular) This is Model 1921 version of famous C96 Mauser Pistol and its 'Not' German's Pistol but Soviet's Pistol The nickname 'Bolo' came from 'Bolshevik' which goverment import and used this It featured smaller grips, a shorter 99mm (3.9 inch) barrel than Original C96 It chambers 7.63x25 Mauser, but it can also chambers 7.62 Tokarev very suitably (Same Cartridge of TT-33) Thats why Soviet Government didn't retire this Pistol from service even WW2 broke out, because it has common Cartridge to supply I'm suggesting this Pistol to SU because its 'Officialy Adapted & Used' by Soviet Union Military on WW2 widely It use same cartridge as TT-33, has no Balance or Historical problem to adapt this on H&G = Overall = As M1921 Bolo Mauser gets on Tier 2, there should be spec adjust to TT-33 & Nagant Revolver for they got Higher Tier As TT-33 goes to Tier 3 & Nagant goes to Tier 4, I think it would appropriate to berf both Handguns (DMG or RoF or Both) Considering Nagant's horrible reload, giving 2hitkill non Heavyset on Max DMG Ammo might be not bad choice I think This is Main Handgun Tech Tree I'm suggesting The goal of this Project is to make all 3 Faction's Handguns performs similar as its counterparts P.S. I saw not a small number of players wish Skin for Old Pistols like C96, M1911, P38 I think it would be more better to get Skins on Handguns that didn't have Skins yet for long long time Can we get it plz? 2. Suppressor Handgun Tech Tree There are Suppressor Tech Tree too, I saw Reto.Christiano had interested on Suppressed Weapons since 2017 So I personally made Suppressed Version Pistol Tree as well I don't know how Suppressed Handguns gonna adapt on H&G, whether for Recon only or whatever But as Reto had interested on Suppressed Handgun, I strongly suggest this kind of another Separated Tech Tree (Putting Suppressor as modification on current Handguns isn't good Idea as I think cause there some Suppressed Handguns totaly different Model, like HDM) <US> Tier 1. Hi-Standard HDM .22 LR, 10 Round Capacity Used widely on OSS & other special operation during WW2 Tier 2. M1911A1 with Maxim Silencer .45 ACP, 7 Round Capacity There are some reports and documents about suppressed version M1911 before Korean War & Vietnam War <GE> Tier 1. Walther PP with HUB-L32 .380 ACP, 7 Round Capacity Suppressed version Walther PP series was used on WW2 with Suppressed Walther PPK Tier 2. Luger P08 with HUB-L3 9mm Para, 8 Round Capacity Same, Luger P08 with Suppressor was used on German side during WW2 <SU> Tier 1. TT-33 BraMit 7.62mm Tokarev, 8 Round Capacity There are some documents said there was prototype version of TT-33 with Suppressor during WW2 Tier 2. Nagant M1895 BraMit 7.62mm Type R, 7 Round Capacity Used on Soviet during WW2 as Patrol, Scout, Reconnaissance Considering about Nagant's horrible reload, remove DMG Ammo Mod from Suppressor version Nagant and switch Tier between Suppressed TT-33 would be not bad idea I think Like this Yeah I know there must be some of players ask me this kind of question "where is P38 Suppressor?" => In fact, telling the truth there was NO Walther P38 Suppressor version made or used during WW2 All of Walther P38 Suppressor made and used was after WW2, during Cold War Luger P08 by the hand was used on Suppressed during WW2 so I put it on Tech Tree rather than P38 "But why TT-33 Suppressor? isn't it Post-War thing too?" => Yes thats true, I can't find WW2 era TT-33 Suppressor But there was no choice to make, in Historical View its fairly wrong, but in Game Balance View its Good Choice Plus, there some documents said there was prototype version of TT-33 with Suppressor during WW2 so not a huge historically wrong choice either I can't find more better thing than TT-33 Suppressor for predecessor of Nagant Revolver Suppressor "Cz 27 with suppressor was used on German during ww2 too, how about that?" => I know that, but its from Czecho, not German There are already decent suppressed german handguns, so I think its more appropriate to use german made Handgun on Tech Tree Same as Welrod pistol, its British and singleshot - manual cocking system so unappropriate for US Suppressor Handgun "Why Walther PP rather than PPK?" => Walther PPK's spec is .32 ACP version with 7 Round Capacity (or .380 ACP, 6 Round) While Walther PP has .380 ACP, 7 Round Capacity (or .32 ACP version, 8 Round) PPK is more weaker & has less capacity than other faction's counterpart Tier1 Suppressor Handguns so not appropriate for game balance, + there was Suppressor version on PP too Why we have to choose unbalanced version (PPK) while we have can choose balanced version (PP)? "Was M1911A1 with Suppressor exsist on WW2?" => Maybe Yes? or No? I saw few Books and Documents telling that there was suppressor version M1911 made before Korean & Vietnam War But I can't find the real Photo or evidence of WW2 era M1911A1 Suppressor as well What I'm sure about is that there are Maxim Silencer Products for 45 Cal Hunting Rifle, which fits on 45 Cal Pistols as well on that Era The Battlefield 1 & Battlefield 5 has M1911 with Maxim Silencer based on that too, so I don't think its not appropriate on H&G as well, why not? This is Photo of Battlefield serise M1911A1 with Maxim Silencer I considered all options that I could thought and I had conclusion that this is best way for Suppressor Handgun Tech Tree on both Historicaly Accurate & Balanced way 3. DLC & Bundle Package only Handgun I'll explain everything "What is DLC & Bundle Only Handgun?" => Its concept of Handguns that Same type of Main Tech Tree, Same Spec of Main Tech Tree, but different Handguns that can only gain by purchase DLC or Bundles "Why we need this?" => This is not necessary of course, but this will bring benefits to both Players & Reto "How?" => Take a look at few ingame bundles or DLC that includes Handguns Lot of players tell "Why u buy that kind of stuff? u can just activate boost, play some First Encounter and that will much faster & cheaper", "U don't have to use real money on it" But what if current DLC & Bundle included Handguns aren't same as Main Tree Handguns, and only can gain by purchase DLC or Bundle? 'The Scarcity' makes huge difference on that point Even some of players who didn't need that kind of Handguns would buy it cause its Rare Value Thats why players are very interested on Promotion Items (Bloody Shovel Skin etc), it attracts people's mind of containing rare things that u couldn't gain normaly Release those Handguns with Bundle or DLC name like 'Sidearms for Veteran Officers' would problaly attract players mind I think If it includes special promotion skin etc will be more dramatic The players who don't get any attention to DLC & Bundle will get attention too, cause its not normal Main Tree Handguns that u could farm it "The Handguns that can only gain by DLC & Bundle? Isn't that Pay 2 Win?" => Absolutely Not, cause specs of those Handguns would be almost same as same Tier Main Tree Handguns Thats why I choose almost same variant of Handguns from Main Tree DLC&Bundle's Tier 1 Pocket Pistols had little more DMG than Main Tree Tier 1 Pocket Pistols, but has less 1 round capacity so not a big deal (although NKVD Nagant should get rid of Max DMG Ammo for balance) Tier 3 are just same as Main Tree counterpart, same caliber, same RoF, same capacity TT-30 = TT-33 / M1911 = M1911A1 / Mauser P08 = Luger P08 "Will Reto afford to develope those Handguns?" => Thats why I choose same type but different variant from Main Tree For example, M1908 Pocket Hammerless is just 380 ACP version of current ingame M1903 Pocket Hammerless M1911 is just WW1 version of current ingame M1911A1 which almost no difference TT30 is just previous version of current ingame TT-33 as well which almost no difference Mauser P08 Byf-41 is SS Officer version of current ingame Luger P08 which no difference except skin Nagant NKVD Officer Model is shorter, smaller version of current ingame Nagant Revolver Walther PP? there is suppressed version on Suppressor Tree, just un-suppressed it and Ta-Da All of those Handguns had just minor detail difference between MainTree Handguns and that makes Reto more suitable to develope (modeling, spec adjust etc) As I debate about Handgun trees with Korean H&G Veteran Community & Forums, there was lot of option that people suggested like Steyr M1912, Mauser HSc, Kongsberg Colt, etc but I'm suggesting those handgun tree above because of 'efficiency' for Reto who develope things There is no need to make up completely new-model Of course I wouldn't stop if Reto gonna make completely whole new handguns like Steyr M1912 or Mauser HSc, etc which quit lot of GE Playerbase asked for I'm just suggesting the most easiest way for Reto As U can see, there would be no Balance or Pay 2 Win Issue Its easy to model those handguns cause its almost same one as main tree So its easy to burden Reto's afford to do create new BM (Business Model) What DLC or Bundle that Players prefer between 'Same Handgun on MainTree' VS 'Handgun that similar but different unique Model and skin' I have full confidence that this would be Win-Win to both Players & Reto Hope Reto consider this as positive way 4. Overall So this is overall result of Handgun Tech Tree that Me & other my fellow Veteran Korean Players suggesting This is 'Consistencey' way Suppressed version of Nagant Revolver didn't get origianl Nagant's DMG Ammo Mod and that makes of Balance (Commander version Nagant as well) This is 'Alternative' way In this case, Suppressed version Nagant Revolver gets its DMG Ammo (Commander version Nagant still can't have DMG Ammo) But Suppressed TT-33 quit be overpowered compared to its counterpart suppressed Tier 1 Thats why I prefer 'Consistencey' way more than 'Alternative' way cause its more Balanced & has Consistency As ending this Thread There are another good option of Handguns for new Tech Tree like Steyr M1912, Mauser HSc, Kongsberg Colt, 1942 baltiets pistol, etc I read lot of previous threads about Handguns on Forum, and Me&Korean Veteran Players considered every option to make better Tech Tree but we had conclusion that 'Overall' Tech Tree that I suggested above is Best Option to choose in both Historical way and Balance way As reading many Threads about Handguns, I can see that lot of Players be eager to get new Handguns and Tech Tree I think its really time to filled up current Handgun Tree, even Grenades got its place of complete Tech Tree @Reto.Hades @Reto.Christiano Yeah, I know DLC&Bundle only Tech Tree is quit Fresh Idea that some of players or even Reto might not delight about it, and thats okay Its just a brand new concept that me & fellow korean veteran players suggesting, we're okay that idea has abandon But as Main & Suppresor Handgun Tree, we sincerely wish it come true and released on game one day Especially Main Handgun Tree is necessary for In-game Balance Issue too Thanks for everybody who read all this long-thread Please tell us ur ideas on comments - by logrouacidskor & Korean H&G Veterans Discord-Forum
  11. logrouacidskor

    Today's Twitch Live Stream Feedbacks

    they can just make it not Real Model, just graphics
  12. @Reto.Hades Today's Twitch Stream feedback (Sry guys this is fast review so no modification or font difference on thread) 1. LMG Changes I think its good concept of reduce modification's ROF nerf of all LMGs LMG is major and strong weapon groups currently, so Its weapon group nerf might be good for balance But I think its too much of Nerf As far as I saw on stream, johnson's full ROF become 714 -> to 667 1919 : 741 -> about 690 DT : 741 -> about 690 MT : 679 -> 636 Hades said modification ROF nerf includes all LMGs except MG42 which has rpm increased So it will be same on BAR MG13 MG34's modification ROF reduced too So what will be problem? MG42's Basic ROF and Full ROF both increased + every LMG except MG42 got Full ROF decreased = Even before there was quit many people on War Mod has Captured MG42 because of ROF If that LMG balance updated to live stream, will US veterans choose Johnson or M1919 which has Full ROF become less than 700? MG42's Full ROF and Johnson, 1919's Full ROF Difference will become almost Double Just like US & GE War Veteran Players use Captured PTRS to AA Now the meta become Captured MG42 with Tight Grip or etc As I told early, I love the Concept of LMG ROF decrease but Its just Too Much At least keep 690~700 ROF on Full Mod for all major LMG of each Faction : Johnson, 1919, DT, MT As current revealed LMG balance, ROF Difference from MG42 and all Other LMG become more significant Unless 1919 and Maxim have Basic(Not Mod) 2 Hit kill Damage model or something else significant good option, 1919 and Maxim can't beat MG42 on Close Range Because 1919 and Maxim MG42 3 of them had similar Damage, 4~3 Hitkill when unmodded But ROF Difference is now almost Double, Double 4 Hit Kill 1150 ROF LMG vs 3 Hit Kill 660~690 ROF LMG Who would you think Win? Hades u said "MG42 got huge Recoil (Accuracy too maybe?) Nerfed so don't worry" but really it will be okay? Heroes and Generals is the game that only has 'Captured the Object Point Mod' and CQC is almost major battle you know that And talk about Ammo Belt again I don't know the reason of why M1919 and MG42 have to get 100 Round Belt As I told before, 100 Round the Ammo Capacity was Maxim and SU LMG's identity Hades u said "1919 and MG42 accuracy is now worse than Maxim so it will be fine" but I don't think thats best solution If 50 Round of 1919 and MG42 was not enough, give them more than 50 round and less than 100 round Whatever they want, 60 or 70 or 80 Round Belt or sorts of things can possible so Pick them one u like, because its Ammo Belt I think 70 Round would be great choice Maxim didn't have Pros exept 100 Round, and it shouldn't stolen like this not getting buff at all even Modifaciton ROF got Nerfed while MG42 got Buffed serious? 2. SMG Changes Not Bad, but I think PPD's ROF Increase is quit too much Basic ROF is 600 for Tier 1 SMG which has 71 Round Drum?? 450 ROF -> to 600 thats quit much Buff doesn't it? I think 500 or 550 ROF would be more suitable What about PPS43? I know it got 3 hit kill buffed just like US & GE SMG's had But PPSh41 which is Tier 2 SMG now has over 900 Full ROF with 71 Round Drum PPS43 now become more less qualified for Tier 3 SMG No just me but So many people request this since so long time ago, but its really time to switch Tier of PPS and PPSh = PPSh go Tier 3, PPS-43 go Tier 2 But I love the concept of SMG Damage increased close range and less stronger on far range Now thompson & Greasegun feels some kind of 45 Cal's Power now, thinking about its Damage was less then 9mm MPs back then I think 1911 should get similar patch like this, more powerfull on close range but less stronger on far range 3. Rifles Making basic 2 Hit Kill on SA Rifle is good choice for New players, this is very welcomed ROF increase...? well maybe yes But same as PPD, aren't you think SVT's ROF increase is too much too? I'm little bit worried about it StG's ROF got backed as old 500 ROF, thats good too M2 Carbine's ROF decreased to Full ROF 702 is welcomed too but I think its Damage & Range should slightly increase for its AR role Current M1A1 Carbine's Damage & Range Model might be suitable for M2 Carbine I think (almost no difference on Close Damage, just Range difference) Its Sad that AVS didn't get its ROF Back or at least getting some ROF increased Current Full ROF 631 is too much nerfed, and Its good to get at least over 650 ROF for AVS is needed 4. Flamethrowers First of all, the New Burned Soldier's Screaming Sound is good try Good try yes, but Its so awkward and Funny like someone said chat on Twitch Live stream that sounds like Alien or someting I know Reto you try hard for it and I don't think its that bad, but just little funny and awkward (Should I say 'unnatural') Second, what? No Fuel Tank on back of Soldier? Really? Thats quit disappointing really, I can understand Bazooka or LMG's Ammo pouch aren't shown on Soldier but Flamethrower is different problem It shoot out Flames with Fuel by itself, and U know its Fuel Tank is So large I don't expect Shooting Fuel Tank with Tracer Bullet and explode something like that complicated, but at least I think Fuel Tank was essential part Is it only me who thinks like that? PS. I love the concept of Ingnition Cartridge Reload, way better than reload Fuel itself 5. Grenade Reload SpeedNerf Yes good for preventing Grenade Spam, No Doubt about this 6. Feedback for Live Stream itself I know circumstance is not good enough for Live Stream, but YOU are Official Game Manager;; You representing your game to players but Stream is just bugged out, lagged whole time and shutdowned many times Its good for you and Reto's Image of good Stream Quality Thats for all Keep productive on comment, and be no Toxic please Hope all of you Players and Reto be safe from current pandemic
  13. logrouacidskor

    Badge changes

    If Reto should have to Nerf Fast Reload Badge, than there must be Reload Mechanism Rework too Like Battlefield or Call of Duty Series, H&G should get its Reload Mechanism Lot of people request this for long time, and Its the right time to do 1. If there is 1 Round in the Chamber, didn't have to pull Slide or Bolt to back Only thing have to do is just put new Magazine in it Pulling Slide or Bolt to rear is thing when you spend all of your rounds include 1 round in the chamber and insert new Mag 2. 1 Round in the Chamber For example) StG has close-bolt system so it can do 1 round in chamber = 1 + 30 rounds Its more important to Pistols especially 3. Slid or Bolt locks back to rear For example) Some weapons, like Thompson M1A1 has Bolt Lock mechanism, so you don't have to manually pull bolt back to rear even you shot last round of magazine MG13 too, current MG13's reload animation become so wield because H&G didn't have bolt lock system Old MG13 has Bolt Lock kind of reload animation, you don't have to pull bolt 4. Clip Reload should be more accurate For example) No scoped BA Rifle reloads with Clips, but its very wield system too because no matter how many shots are fired, it reloads 5 Round Full Clip Clip Reload should done when Rifle was fired all of its 5 Round (or maybe 1 round left might ok) Same happens to C96 too, even you shot 1 round, you insert whole 10 round clip to the gun Plus, Infantry Fist Nerf? What about made Flack Jacket Badge effects to Fighter Health as well as current Pilot Health Then made Infantry Fist effects on Fighters too That makes fair doesn't it?
  14. Before read this thread 1. This is purely my own proposal, not Reto's Official Project 2. No 'Bias' included, I'm the Player who plays all 3 Factions equally 3. I try best as I could to keep balance between 'Historical Accuracy' & 'Reality' & 'Game Balance' 4. Remember even if my proposal are accept and release to ingame by Reto, Its all up to Reto who set Detail Specification & Balanced of the Contents, not me 5. Please keep productive conversation on comment, I welcome productive discussion as well Since Reto released 2 SU LMG, and 1 GE LMG that filled the missing Gap of LMG Tech Tree, I thought it could possible to complete other Weapon Groups Tech Tree too For example) SMG, Pistol, Close Combat Weapons, etc I'll start out my Project as Close Combat Weapons first, the Small and Simple part of all Weapon Groups Here are some of the Issues & Solutions of current Close Combat Weapons on H&G 1. Knifes(Bayonets) are Unbalance & Not many options to choose US has 1929C Combat Knife which Blade Length 7 inch GE's Seitengewehr 98's Blade Length is 14.6 inch SU's AVS Bayonet has 13 inch Blade Length (NR-40 Scout Knife is 6.08 inch) And Ingame, Both GE & SU's Bayonets has almost twice or even third times more Reach(Range) than US Combat Knife But all of Bayonets has no difference of Stabbing Speed & Damage too (Every Melee Weapon has same 70 Damage, Only Wrench has 30 Damage) As conclusion, US has 1 Short Blade Knife GE has 1 Long Blade Knife SU has 1 Short Blade, 1 Long Blade Knife I think Option of Melee Knife that Players can choose is very very limited Only Soviet has 2 Knifes while GE & US has only 1 each It should be more than that Solution => Add New Knifes on Tech Tree to Fill the Gap & Solve Unbalance Issue (just like Reto did on LMG Tech Tree) New Bayonet Tech Tree is Most Vital Part of Project Close Combat I will upload Detail about New Bayonet Tech Tree on Reto Reference Regiment 2. There is no Badge related to Close Combat Weapons When First Aid Items released, there comes 3 Badges followed up 'Combat Medic', 'First Aid', 'Hand of God' Think about LMG has 'Tight Grip', SMG has 'Fast Reload', Pistol has 'Point Quick Fire', etc But Close Combat Weapon doesn't have any of its Own Weapon Group Badges such like those Solution => Add Close Combat Related Badge Its very simple to get Idea of it, just use concept of other Badges that are currently exist ingame For example) 1. Just like 'Grenadier' which Increase Damage of Explosives, add Badge that Increase Damage of Close Combat Weapons 2. Just like 'Hand of God' which Increase Influence range of Heal more further, add Badge that Increase Reach Range of Close Combat Weapons 3. Just like 'Mechanic' & 'First Aid' which Increase Speed of Repair & Heal, add Badge that Increase Stabbing(Attack) Speed of Close Combat Weapons 3. Desync of All Close Weapons are Real Its not the Issue that I have to prove its real, There many different players reporting of Close Combat Weapon's Desync Problem Even I had lot of experience of Desync on Close Combat Weapon's Hit-Box ex) I hit enemy's head 6 times with my Shovel and didn't get any hits (40 Ping, No Lag or Internet Issue) I can hear the Sound of Helmet struck by my Shovel, and I even saw Blood came out too If you don't believe me, go to First Encounter with your Shovel or Bat and try to hit AI's Head or Body until the Game is Over You can experience it too Same thing happens to not only Shovel, but Wrench, Knife & Bats too Plus, its not problem when against AI, it happens on PvP too PS. What is Desync? -> In game designing, desync is that server issue in which some important real-time movements of the hitbox didn’t get registered in the server or gets registers lately. Solution => Readjust Hit Scan of Melee Weapons (maybe Server Issue?) 4. Bats are indeed under power Go Check it out this Thread if you want to know more Not a Big Part, but indeed Bats need some adjust First of all, it has 2 Equipment Points Its the Main Reason why so many players didn't use Bats, usually Bats are consider as 'Meme' or 'Troll' Weapon to use Bats neither Fast Attack, nor Hard Attack Melee Weapons So I think its okay to buff Bat's Equipment Point 2 to 1 Second, as I said above 3th Problem, the Desync Issue is typically serious on Bats the 'Hit Scan' of Bats are not good condition too Third, this is not important one but current Bats aren't look like 'Combat Type' weapons For example, WW1 era Bats has Barbed Wires or Nails pinched around to make more Damage Just like this Additional Re-Modeling to HnG's Bats just like those 'Battle' kind of looking would be more Realistic & Reasonable looking than before (Consider Bat has 70 Damge and 1 Shot Kill to Head) It would be more nice if we had those Barbed Wires or Nails as Modifiable Parts that increases Damage PS. This Idea is from @dat.duck 6. Shovels I don't have any big major problems with Shovels, only minor Issues 1. Desync Issue Same as other Close Combat Weapons, Shovel has same Desync Issue And as I said, Its not only me who had those Issues, not have to prove that its real But for someone who didn't know about that, let me show some examples 2. The way of Shovel Swings As you know, H&G's Soldiers hits enemy with 'Flat Surface' of Shovel (Blue Part of that Picture) But usually, when situation that Shovels are used as Combat Weapon on WW1, WW2, Soldiers struck enemy with 'Edge' of their Shovel (Red Part of that Picture) Sometimes they grind the shovel's edge to make it sharp like blade This is not a big problem, and I don't think its 'Issue' but I think it would be more great if Reto change to swing shovel with Edge, not Flat Surface + it looks more natural This is all of my personal project 'Close Combat' Part, please check out New Bayonet Tech Tree too I know Close Combat Weapons are not 'Big Part' of H&G, but it has to be get some love for sure Close Combat Weapons needs improvements just like LMG gets Bipod & Full Tech Tree I'll meet you guys next time with Project 'Side-Arms' Again, I welcome every productive comment, but no toxic talk Hope you everybody safe from current pandemic & have fun on H&G
  15. Before read this thread 1. This is purely my own proposal, not Reto's Official Project 2. No 'Bias' included, I'm the Player who plays all 3 Factions equally 3. I try best as I could to keep balance between 'Historical Accuracy' & 'Reality' & 'Game Balance' 4. Remember even if my proposal are accept and release to ingame by Reto, Its all up to Reto who set Detail Specification & Balanced of the Contents, not me 5. Please keep productive conversation on comment, I welcome productive discussion as well This thread is about 'Bayonet Tech Tree' & Issue of Current Bayonets Please check it out Project 'Close Combat' before read this 1. Each faction's Bayonets are unbalanced As I told before on Project 'Close Combat' Current H&G's Bayonets are not balanced US has 1 Short Knife GE has 1 Long Knife SU has 1 Short, 1 Long Knife So as Reto filled the missing parts of LMG Tech Tree, I think its time to fill the missing gaps on Bayonets too This is the Tech Tree I consider of Just like LMG, I think 3 Tier of Tech Tree on Bayonets will be appropriate for adjust balance & options that players can choose Plus, it would be great if there are some different characteristic between different Tier Bayonets This is my personal Idea of getting balance for each Tier Bayonets 1. Stabbing Speed : Tier 1 > Tier 2 > Tier 3 Tier 1 Bayonets are Lightest and Smallest Bayonets, so their Stabbing Speed is Fastest Stabbing Speed gets slower as Bayonets gets Longer, and Heavier 2. Range & Damage : Tier 3 > Tier 2 > Tier 1 Of course, as Bayonets gets Longer, the Range gets Longer As Blade gets Longer too, the Damage would more deadly because it would punch more deeply on flesh 3. Spawn Timer : Tier 3 > Tier 2 > Tier 1 Its the Weapon Tech Tree that has different specs, so the Spawn Timer must different for each Tier Bayonet Ex) Tier 3 Bayonets have Longest Range & Highest Damage, so they should get longer Spawn Timer than Tier 1 or 2 These 3 Concepts above would balanced between Different Tier Bayonets Plus, giving Different Specs to Different Tier makes players have options to choose which bayonets as their play style It would be like this Tier 1 Bayonets are Fast Stabbing, but Short Range & Low Damage Tier 2 Bayonets are Middle Ground of all Spec, Decent Stabbing Speed, Decent Range, Decent Damage Tier 2 Bayonets are Slow Stabbing, but Long Range, High Damage (Remember that setting Detail Specs are Reto's job, not mine) Now, I'll explain the Detail of each Bayonets on Tech Trees US Tier 1. 1219C2 Combat Knife -> M4 Bayonet 1219C2 Combat Knife Blade Length : 7 inch (18 cm) Full Length : 11.8 inch (30.16 cm) Its already exist in game, and I found no evidence that the Size or Length is wrong compared to real one on H&G's 1219C2 Combat Knife No Problem on in game Size, but had Issue about Model itself Almost none of this 1219C2 Combat Knifes aren't used on US 'Army' at European Theater during WW2 The 1219C2 Bayonet so called 'KA-Bar' is for Marines & Navies on Pacific, even H&G's Combat Knife has 'USMC'(United States Marine Corp) Marking on its Blade I found no evidence that any of US Army Soldiers used 1219C2 Combat Knife on European Theater M4 Bayonet Blade Length : 6.75 inch (17.1 cm) Full Length : 11.75 inch (29.8 cm) It can attached to M1 (Later Type), MA1 (Later Type), M2 Carbine The US Army on European Theater usually used 3 major types of knifes 1. M1 Bayonet for M1 Garand Rifle 2. M3 Fighting Knife (Trench Knife) 3. M4 Bayonet for Carbines M4 Bayonet is Modified version of M3 Fighting Knife to be Bayonet of Carbine family (usually M1 Carbine, later M2 Carbine) M4 Bayonet should must replaces current 1219C2 Bayonet, because its more Historically Accurate and make sense + Have possibility of attach M4 Bayonet on Carbine Families on H&G But I know Reto didn't want to remove what they already introduce in game, but I think they should change this (Hope Reto had enough time & resource of it) Its almost shortest US Army Bayonet used on WW2, so I put this on Tier 1 Tier 2. M1 Bayonet M1 Bayonet Blade Length : 10 inch (25.4 cm) Full Length : 14 inch (35.6 cm) It can attached to M1903 Springfield Series Rifles, and M1 Garand Rifle The famous M1 Garand Rifle's Bayonet, The M1 Bayonet was designed on 1943 as shorter version of early M1905 Bayonet Its was originally M1905 Bayonet which was M1903 Springfield Rifle's Bayonet, so M1 Bayonet can attached to M1903 Springfield Rifle too, but usually that didn't happened a lot It was largest numbers of Bayonet that used on US Army during WW2, its literally 'Service Bayonet' that almost every Army Rifle Man was given I put M1 Bayonet on Tier 2 because it has Medium Length & Size Can't find more appropriate Model than this on Tier 2 Tier 3. M1905 Bayonet M1905 Bayonet Blade Length : 16 inch (40.6 cm) Full Length : 20 inch (50.8 cm) It can attached to M1903 Springfield Series Rifles, and M1 Garand Rifle Just like Gewehr 98's Seitengewehr 98/05 Bayonet, The M905 Bayonet is WW1 Era Bayonet too Its originally designed for M1903 Springfield Rifle Series but it can possible to attached on M1 Garand Rifle too, and it was Official M1 Garand's Bayonet until 1943 when new M1 Bayonet was introduced The WW2 version of M1905 Bayonet was called M1924 by Collectors but that designation was never used officially on US Army I put this M1905 Bayonet as Tier 3 because its longer than Tier 2 M1 Bayonet There is also the M1917 Bayonet which is similar to M1905 Bayonet, but I choose M1905 rather than M1917 Bayonet M1917 Bayonet(17 inch Blade) is more longer than M1905 Bayonet so it might be more unbalanced compared to SU & GE's Tier 3 Bayonet (besides, M1905 is already longer than SU & GE's Tier 3) + almost every M1917 Bayonet that used on WW2 was 'Trench Gun' Shotgun version and none of them are for M1 Garand or M1903 Springfield Rifles GE Tier 1. Seitengewehr 42 Seitengewehr 42 Blade Length : 7 inch (18 cm) Full Length : 12 inch (30 cm) It can attached to G41, Kar98k, MKb 42(H) Seitengewehr 42 is latest model of German Army Bayonet, designed at 1942 but produced small numbers before WW2 ends No more new model of Bayonets has designed or produced after Seitengewehr 42 Its designed as Multi-Purpose Utility Knife (as you can see second picture), also can used as Bayonet of Kar98k and other Weapons Its not famous, nor produced large amounts but I put this as Tier 1 Bayonet because its most appropriate model of Tier 1 I found other Short Length Bayonets too, but this one was 'Official Army Bayonet' so I think its more worth it Tier 2. M1884/98 III Bayonet M1884/98 III Bayonet Blade Length : 10 inch (25.4 cm) Full Length : 15.25 inch (38.7 cm) It can attached to G41, Kar98k, MKb 42(H) (G43 and StG 44 can't attach Bayonet because lack of Bayonet Lug) M1884/98 III Bayonet, known as 'Seitengewehr 84/98 III' is German Bayonet of Late WW1 ~ WW2 Era German Army It replaced previous Seitengewehr 98/05 and became Standard german army rifle Bayonet Its designed as Kar98k Rifle's Bayonet but can attach to G41 Rifle and MKb 42(H) too Just like US Tier 2 M1 Bayonet, this Bayonet has 10 inchs of Blade so I put this Model as Tier 2 + Its Standard Issue Army Rifle Bayonet on WW2 PS. lot of people misunderstand that MP34's Bayonet is this model too, but it doesn't MP34 Bayonet is Completely Different Model Tier 3. Seitengewehr 98/05 Seitengewehr 98/05 Blade Length : 14.6 inch (37 cm) Full Length : 19.75 inch (50 cm) It can attached to Kar98k Just like US M1905 Bayonet, Seitengewehr 98/05 was developed during WW1 as Bayonet of Gewehr 98 which was Standard Rifle of that Era, but can attach to Kar98k too Original version was Seitengewehr 98 but it was too long and that leads to shorter version Seitengewehr 98/05 Its known as 'Butcher Blade' by the Allies during WW1 due to its distinctive shape (The Blade Surface gets wider like machete) Early version has Teeth on top of the blade and that version was called 'Saw-back' but soon became very unpopular on both sides of the frontline. The French and British soldier killed the German soldiers on the spot if not tortured when they captured Germans carrying such bayonets. For this reason German order was issued in 1917, that all 'Saw-back' bayonets have their teeth removed. (see the picture below) (Saw-Back version beneath) As I said on Tier 2 GE Bayonet, just before WW1 Ended, The 'M1884/98 III Bayonet' was introduced to replace longer & inefficient Seitengewehr 98/05 and used as Standard Bayonet during WW2 But, Seitengewehr 98/05 still used during WW2 as well I put this Model as Tier 3 because its one of the Longest Bayonet that was actually used during WW2 by German Army, and can attached to Kar98k too Seitengewehr 98/05 is already in game, as Seitengewehr 98 H&G Official Wiki approves its Seitengewehr 98/05 But, I spot something wield Is that really Seitengewehr 98/05? First of all, Its not longer enough AVS Bayonet is 13 inch Blade while Seitengewehr 98/05 has 14.6 inch Blade But in H&G, Seitengewehr 98 isn't longer than AVS Bayonet at all + H&G Official Wiki said AVS Bayonet is longest Bayonet in game And second, It doesn't look like Seitengewehr 98/05 at all So I find out what happened myself , The result was amazing 1. I compared AVS-36 Rifle & Bayonet with Real AVS & Bayonet I found out H&G's both AVS Rifle and Bayonet are almost same size as Real One Then, I compared to H&G's AVS Bayonet to H&G's Seitengewehr 98/05 It turns out that H&G's Seitengewehr 98/05 has about 3.6 inch Shorter Blade, Total Length was 1.7 inch Shorter than Real Seitengewehr 98/05 2. After that, I compared H&G's Seitengewehr 98/05 to Real Seitengewehr 98/05 And it turns out that H&G's Model has many difference compared to Real Model Almost looks completely different Model 3. Yep, case solve H&G's Seitengewehr 98/05 isn't Seitengewehr 98/05 at all Its M1884/98 III Bayonet, known as S84/98 III or Seitengewehr 84/98 III which I suggested to Tier 2 Bayonet Tech Tree So, I thinks Reto should change the name of current Seitengewehr 98/05 to M1884/98 III Bayonet SU Tier 1. NR-40 'Scout Knife' NR-40 'Scout Knife' Blade Length : 6.08 inch (15.2 cm) Full Length : 10.6 inch (27 cm) Its Fighting Knife, not a Bayonet so it can't attach to any weapon The Winter War revealed a number of deficiencies in Soviet weaponry, among other issues, the Soviet infantry lacked a good combat knife. As a result, in 1940, the Soviet Army adopted the NR-40 know as the 'Scout's Knife' Its just a small but popular and mass-produced Fighting Knife I put his as Tier 1 because its Size & Length are appropriate to its Tier Tier 2. SVT-40 Bayonet SVT-40 Bayonet Blade Length : 9.5 inch (24.2 cm) Full Length : 14 inch (35.6 cm) It can attach to SVT-38, SVT-40, AVT-40 and SKT-40 Its the SVT Rifle series's Bayonet, especially for SVT-40, this Bayonet is know as M1940 Bayonet too Its shorter version of previous SVT-38's Bayonet, the M1938 Bayonet It has 9.5 inch blade, almost 10 inch just like other Faction's Tier 2 Bayonet so I put this as Tier 2 Tier 3. AVS-36 Bayonet AVS-36 Bayonet Blade Length : 13 inch (33 cm) Full Length : 17.7 inch (45 cm) It can attach to AVS-36 Only AVS-36 Bayonet, known as M1936 Bayonet is designed as AVS-36 Rifle Only Bayonet Its shorter than other Tier 3 Bayonets like M1905 Bayonet or Seitengewehr 98/05, but its still worth of Tier 3 There is other option, the SVT-38's Bayonet 'M1938 Bayonet' and its about 1~3 inch longer than AVS-36 Bayonet But AVS-36 Bayonet is already ingame and I don't think its worth to replace it Its appropriate for Tier 3 in my opinion Its the end of my New Bayonet Tech Tree Explanation Although I didn't mention about Bayonet Attachment System, I'll talk about that Topic later at 'Project Rifles' chapter as well as Scopes Thank U all for reading my Thread, hope U all safe from current Pandemic Crisis - logrouacidskor