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  1. Thunfireman

    1 Man Army (ATs)

    Probably, but WHALES EXIST! and our developers are like Ajab trying to not to die by their own hand while they deal with this huge sea of whales 😅 lol it's hard for me to believe that but lets say you forgot a 0 next to your 7 😂 Is not the place but i will say it again, my sistem 12Inf+3tanks+1sniper+2planes is i guess the most simple and structured solution. So so... A single introduction of some visual system where we can deploy and see all the active clans with a flag maded by them or something could help to new players and solo players to find a way to a clan community, just an interface like the one when you are choosing faction, that would help a LOT 😁
  2. Hi community, i'll be short, i've been playing this since BETA, i'm not that experienced in the generals map, and after all i still don't find the reason for something like this: 4 QUESTIONS: 1-Why is capitalism / Pay-to-win, so pronounced in this game? (don't start with idelogies please, it's just an expression) This with the Autoresolve system combined, makes Players/Clans like him unnstopable just because of the large amount of ATs, those numbers probably never run out in a single war, because they never use them all, only for their personal battles, not really helping out the faction to push spreading them out around the map (then you see a capital as a shinny garage for saving your tiger2s instead of using them...), this has to END. 2-The man is the ENTIRE LUTWAFFE! and i have to wait HOURS before deploy a single heavy fighter AT...i don't want to blame a single player, it's not personal, he probably purchased/grinded many generals, but there are other players (like me, yes) trying to use some resources, is this fair enough? there should be a limit/cost increase for having more than idk maybe 5 Generals?. 3-Don't this gives too MUCH power to a single player? 4-I don't want to imagine how many ATs use: AAA-Clan PIB DVB KGB ORB (and others i don't remember atm) <<<<These guys are holding the game with their $$$$$ ???? I guess this is the reason Reto doesn't fix/take radical changes because they are affraid of the massive veterans leaving they will suffer if they take their power away... All this combined with the fact that i've seen them using all their ATs in a single battle ONLY when they are above to finish/win to get easy XP, or even worse, they keep all those ATs "SAFE" and AWAY from battles where they could be used or where they probably could be really NEEDED...i feel like something is wrong with the resources management of the strategy game, it gives too much power to a single Player/Group...i've like 15 ATs of different types after almost 5 years playing and i'm not affraid of losing some warfounds, because i do know this is a MULTIPLAYER-GAME and i'm helping out no matter if they are randoms or not.
  3. Thunfireman

    New use for Schwimmwagen

    Interesting suggest, +1 this would make the people use more the brains and plain tactics instead of just spawn and run to the targets, it will even reduce the amount of "Heavy infantry" making people think before equiping heavy stuff. This would help too... hahahaha i see it, the first guy you pick up whistling starts firing the mg in the middle of the river like wtf dude?! shh! *headshoot* 🤣
  4. Thunfireman


    Are you telling me that your ONLY "strategy" is to use a horde of APCs to infiltrate the enemy lines because you AREN'T good enough to destroy the enemy defenses then get inside the points? 🙄 Really?, there are tactics like "COVERING FIRE", you know, maybe you can also "COVER BEHIND A FRIENDLY TANK" , or maybe, "USE THAT APC AS SHIELD", there are tanks / snipers / planes in your team are just assuming the APC is the only option you have because of "static battles", when it's not. 🤔 ...then how is that there are battles without apcs that are fun and not static?, how could it be? magic? OFC it is, but right now it's too way OP, shouldn't be nerfed into uselessnes neither, just a few changes to avoid exploit...😉 In BF you can't spawn 15+ players with a squad leader, just the SQUAD MEMBERS, wich only are 4 i guess...not 18.😵 If i could just switch back before 2.0 i would just combine the 2hk apc with the cooldown system increasing the spawn for it like up to 5min. 😁 Oh YES, i've been in the western german front, it falls as fast as the entire USA army sends APCs to ALL the battles curiously...just coincidence i guess? (9/10 battles against USA have APCs on their side, just saying) Its SO OBVIUS that they just almost don't send tanks or planes because they ONLY need APCs to win...been seeing that for 5 years, EPIC. 😤 Yep It's the 100% victory key TBH, but there are other strategies of course, just that ppl doesn't use them well. 😩 THAT is what i mean. 😟 Yep Clans exploits mechanics in ALL games, but here in H&G this is the MOST used one. 💀 It's what i said
  5. Thunfireman


    You are assuming that all games are well coordinated, try joining alone in war and you'll see that this issue should be treated as it is, an exploit, lets be honest...what could you all do if the APCs have never existed in first place, will you take a jeep full of 5+ players? , no , you would need to decimate the enemy defenses first (like in a normal action game) , as i see the INFILTRATION TACTIC is too overpowered with the infinite spawns of a single apc, just 2 of them are enough to destroy any medium-organized team, and if you get one destroyed is just too easy to tell your friend to spawn his one...🙄 I Agree with you 😁 Yes, but as it is now, you only need to spawn 2 apcs in the first minute of the game and take it to the back side of the town and hide it...will you tell me that is natural in any other game of this kind? Lets see how can you play without them, lets say that reto takes away the posibility of spawn inside an APC and check how will you play?, you would probably take a most logical tactic like picking up 5 friends in the spawn and then going slowly and carefuly breaking enemy defenses using it as it is, an armored car well protected, wich i can consider a normal action...but that doesn't happen in H&G thanks to the "HURRRAAAA" tactic supported by a hided apc, it's not regarded to strategy, it's just a shortcut that benefits one side way much, most than the game itself, i've seen games being lost only because the enemy hided an apc behind a wall and even having tanks-planes-recons nobody was able to stop those 18 players spawning there constantly because they jumped all over the defenses with not penalty or even worse a single error of not destroying that apc that went in the woods and you lost drives the entire battle against the defenders easyly, have you experienced that? its way too op , see...what is the purpose of spawn locations for infantry if you can spawn the entire game in a truck inside a garage that nobody saw crossing the river?, clearly breaks all the strategys maded for defenders / attackers can expect to "have some soldiers" behind the lines, but its too much when they keep spawning and coming from "nowhere". That solution is so onesided ...and i understand why you suggest it, but play the game without clans and check if you can face that situation 3 times in a row, not funny for new players that doesn't know how to stop 15 members spawning behind your lines 🤔 , it just too obvius, you quit after check the enemy list being composed for more than 10 members because you know there is no posibility unless you have another 5 friends well coordinated at least, thats something i want to change...not forcing the players to make clans but give them more chances reducing the impact of this mechanic, factions should not be heavly penalized because of not having clans, this is an indirect issue that benefits one faction more than other. True True 🤣🤣 Insta zerg rush HAHAHA good one
  6. Thunfireman


    I've fired many times in many areas at those "poor trucks" and they can hold up to 5 rockets or even more if you miss the mass center, don't come at me with that, they have too much HP , also it's almost impossible to destroy them with only 3-4 AT granades, wich makes them even more powerful, i think only the H3 is able to take it down using 3, wich is one of the most dangerous granades to use because you have to get close to it (facing the 999 players around it). Those are rare situations, not because it happens it means it is frequently...most players here don't chase apcs like a dog behind a cat, wich makes too easy to sneak them inside some bush or town. You are telling me that 18 enemies are behind your apc? i've to say that rarely 1 each spawn usually sees you and it is not enough for an "experienced apc driver" to drive away and hide, it's very easy now that they can hold up a lot of fire, + once the mark of spot is down it can spawn the entire red army 🙄 Oh nice, so i have to live with the fact that the infiltration tactic is the Achilles heel and feel ok when i see 3 apcs going directly to the primary objectives? not being able to chase them all because my team is "not good enough"? and having all those more Hitpoints and players inside makes the mission more difficult...😤 It is both stageds and war battles wich are affected, the team with more APCs well hided usually wins because of the easy spawns, these vehicles has become the most powerful weapon in the game, being able to avoid a defensive line and getting inside the point like there is nobody is just too OP...looks like nobody notes an APC behind a wall until they got like 5 years playing this game and they finally note they are already losing the battle...😵 Ammmmm....No, you are not taking in count that you have more than 18+ players able to spawn don't see 1, you see many in the battlefield, it is just too much, there is ALWAYS an apc active in the battlefield, no matter wich tier is it, if they get destroyed, the other 17 players are free to spawn one too, so, i don't agree with you in that case, making it costly doesn't mean a team is not going to spamm it, they can just take turns to spawn one...EASY 🙄 Your welcome 😁
  7. Thunfireman


    Hello guys, i'll try to be short, since instant spawns are avaliable for soldiers in APCs i've only seen players spamming them like there is no tomorrow, plus this gives a BIG advantage to the team with APC resources, because it just need to use the common tactic of sneak behind enemy lines and hide the magic apc and then spawn the WHOLE team IGNORING all the enemy defenses (the key of victory for USA clans since BETA) making games where we have RANDOMS VS CLANS a 5 mins battle just because of this exploit, and right now even with the possibility of disable it just sppoting or standing near it, it's just too hard for most players when there is like 0 coordination wich is the most part of war battles... SOLUTION so, in order to bring some more balance for all and change the use of this vehicle to something more tactical, i suggest to set up a number of tickets to spawn inside a single halftrack with a reasonable cooldown for it, like 20 spawns every 5 minutes or so + some mechanic to block the Spawns if the APC is inside an enemy objective its just dumb to kill an enemy and just see him spawning and spawning again just a few meters next to you and not to be able to stop it because there are like 10 enemies near the APC ...i'm sorry if this has been already suggested but can't find another topic.
  8. True, i got a bad feeling about this, if it is too easy to handle a 10kg weapons at 700rpm then there will be no reason to use smgs or ARs , also pure vertical recoil only will mean that everybody just has to increase the mouse sensibility enough to be able to just shoot an entire clip in 5 secs in the same spot, in other words = No skill required . The spray and pray tactics will conquer this game 😱, taking it back to the old arcade games styles. True, no matter how much they tweak all the weapons, they just like to put more difficulty on the STG 😩 sending it to the bottom of the list of "good weapons"...but wait, an m1919 machine gun / dp28/mg34 are WAY lighter and easiest to handle, that logic is killing the game once more time 💀
  9. Thunfireman

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    Why is everybody crying about FPS? i've got the same numbers and i'm playing with a computer from the stone era...and yes you are right about the APC...i've seen clans playing with 10+ members in a single battle just spawning 1 apc and taking all the map and the whole world Berlin , Paris, Moscow, London, even Washington and the H&G devs offices has fallen to this new "smart" tactic, nobody is prepared for 18 players spawning constantly without penalty in a single point, is madness. Ironically this is increasing the number of players playing inside objectives more than ever, but it is too easy for attackers, specially when the defenders have to stop an apc runing at 250kmph while on fire but alive and working 🙄
  10. Good idea, but i guess 2 mins is enough, so that way defenders will have chance to come back to the objective instead of being constantly killed by the spammers spawning inside 1 overpowered apc. It's fair enough as i see, i've seen clans playing with 10+ members in a single battle just spawning 1 apc and take all the map and the whole world Berlin , Paris, Moscow, London, even Washington has fallen to this new "smart" tactic, nobody is prepared for 18 players spawning constantly without penalty in a single point, is madness. Ironically this is increasing the number of players playing inside objectives more than ever, but it is too easy for attackers, specially when the defenders have to stop an apc runing at 250kmph while on fire but alive and working 🙄
  11. Thunfireman

    Bring back no autoresolve

    SU generals are the main cash source of this game, they are just wining all the wars trowing $ to the game like mindless chickens 🙄 First idea is not bad at all, AR is not good for factions with generals AFK, so we cleary need some way to push all those ats to the front, just click on Rome and you'll see all those thousands of tickets drinking coffe and having a nice day around the city, if all those tickets were in the frontline, the AR thing wouldn't be that painful...and, about the random queue, that would just mean chaos + there aren't enough players in all factions to real push all the fronts, WHO is going to lead the faction battles? the devs? 😅 The SU only spawns infantry in all the battles because of propaganda war across the history, they just want to be 17 infantry players screaming "UUUUUURRRRAAAAAAH!!! 😵" + 1 Sniper trying to be "vasili zaitsev" 🙄
  12. Thunfireman

    Remove this bad update

    Sorry there, is just that uh, there is a lot of people complaining about things that could be better with some tweaks but instead they charge with all the hate against the devs, making their work even harder...would be great some "This isn't that bad, maybe they can do this, or that..".
  13. Thunfireman

    Remove this bad update

    I can taste your salty tears my friend, but ramboism is over. Now you need some skill to destroy a tank/vehicle, i'm sorry...but you can already disable them, so thats not bad at all. (yes, i am a main tanker that loves to HE spam everybody, call me that 🙄) , now is hard to do that lot of dmg to the infantry for more than 2 mins, because of the lot of troubles coming when all your components are destroyed and have to get out to repair them. The planes combat are fair enough now imo, you can't just keep thinking you are the red baron taking down all the planes in the air without recieve dmg in your components and just using the god blessed Flack jacket gold, these days are over my friend. Community is ALWAYS toxic, too many people just aiming at the issues but not aiming at the good stuff that had come in all the updates, is like when they ask for a pizza but they recieve one without pepperoni, still a pizza, but they cry about it and then they open 200 posts like this one hating the devs...too much perfectionism imo. The only thing i don't like in this update is how some light tanks can hold up too many shoots in their base structure and how fast they desintegrate a heavy armor, like m2a2 does. And the fact that now everybody switch to anything and leaves the points alone, the rest is good enough, not perfect ofc, but can be worse. Then why are you playing this game, then? go to COD / BF and be happy with the arcade like games, H&G is for real mens 😎 , oh and leave a comment with all the things you would like to be implemented in the game, so that way devs will know what NOT to implement, thanks. As i see, the game is going in the right direction, just need some tweaks ofc, piece by piece, i have enough time to wait and enough hope in H&G devs. So, are you telling us that a tank (someone that has to wait 2-3 mins to spawn and survive the way to the hill) worst enemy should be an infantry soldier?, i like the idea where you need ANOTHER tank to take it down, this logic [1 tank= 1infantry] =/= balance for me, and that is why this update is relased, things are not supossed to be balanced all the time, but the people starts complaining when they see a tiger in a hill 500mts away and they cant trow a flying stickie at it, they expect the same all the time, i feel they are all like kids playing a game on hardcore mode and when they get killed too many times because of their nonsense actions they reset the console and switch back to easy mode 🙄 , people don't like disadvantages, they want the devs to remove them otherwise they call it "bad update".
  14. Thunfireman

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    Can you destroy a bus attacking it with an rpg irl just hitting the middle of it? the rocket would probably pass trough the windows or any other plate or some non critical spot,'s good as it is right now, what we need to balance is to reduce the movement of all vehicles 50% or so when they get the base structure down to 60%, giving the infantry more chances + increasing the damage to the base structure when recieving a hit from a tank up to +50% just to make it stop when they shoot at it a couple times. It's not a bug dude, that's the new secret german gravitation technology! Allyes, beware!!
  15. Thunfireman

    Poll about damage system

    I am not 100% agree with this, for the gameplay it would just mean that 1 shoot if it is a critical hit in the engine/transmission/fuel depot would mean that you are not going to move, and that's too easy to do for 18 players with all those antitank weapons avaliable + enemy tankers, it's not practical, the only thing i suggest is to increase the movement penalty around 50-70% just allowing you to move but not that fast.