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  1. OddBall06

    Stop the cheating

    business wise, no one invests time in programs that don't sell.. (apart from reto :P) No cheat maker will invest time in cheats that don't sell or are impopulair. You can say whatever you will. but that's the simple truth. Seeing that there are still new cheats available for HG, means there is still a good demand.. Nothing to do with "i've (never) seen one" personal experience. Cheats are business.
  2. OddBall06

    PTRD (and other weapon) ghost rounds

    or worse, you only see his head, you hit it but as a miracle, you get a wounding.. kinda weird when headshots are always 1 shot kill.
  3. OddBall06

    Airplane sound crashes regularly.

    out of 10 spawns, 9x i fly without sound
  4. looks like the fired the wrong half of the team
  5. OddBall06

    Stop the cheating

    yes and no.. as tanker i shoot also at marker spots and without even seeing the tank itself, i manage to or damage or kill it. Remove the stupid marker in my opinion as well
  6. OddBall06

    Stop the cheating

    There are no cows, because the blind man cant see them 😉 That said, i think many suspects actuall come from bugs and RNG in this game. Nothing works as it should..
  7. OddBall06


    it's a cristy design and certainly meant as a fast tank that ALSO could use roadwheels only.
  8. OddBall06

    Germany > to US&RU

    it's not. Historically accurate means, US hardly would face a tiger let alone a kingtiger. Also, no constant breakdowns and loooong repair times for GE tanks. The GE faction always gets the long end of the stick in this game.
  9. easier, no more than 2 hops within 5 seconds. every 2 hopes you have to wait 5 seconds..
  10. OddBall06

    Hellcat Nerf

    loads of broken promises as well.. can't take that stream serious anymore
  11. ehm.. i just had to wait 4 minutes for a tank.. i of course quit the game.. so no.. timers are not gone at all.. The only thing reto accomplished with these times, is more irritation of a game that is allready irrritating because of it's immens amount of bugs . i don't see the use of these timers.. me and many others just quit that game. Also removing these map selections, just make me quit the game when factory is on for the 1000th time.
  12. reversed engineering. every developer makes a new version better. RETO screw up more every version..
  13. haha it had it fun part true..
  14. i remember we where all happy when they fixed the bicycle eject to the moon bug.. I guess my last moment of real happiness
  15. OddBall06

    1.15 - THE WAR UPDATE

    yea and yet they are still blind for it..