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  1. OddBall06

    Low Usage on both GPU and CPU.

    i'm using an i5 with a 980. i locked it at 100. sometimes it goes 90 but mostly steady at 100FPS. so maybe new drivers ?
  2. OddBall06

    Germany Loses War, again?

    it is as i see many many clans sealclubbing in staged, leaving warbattles unplayed. With that many players, you also should have the best players around.. even with 18:18
  3. OddBall06

    Germany Loses War, again?

    rofl.. so overpopulated and still loosing... amazing game..
  4. How come the team with the least pilots in the air, has to wait the longest ? when playing in the overpopulated GE, i never wait. In both other factions all the time.. It becomse soo anoying that i just quit games with waiting times over 1 minute now... para 1 minute every time, tank 3 minutes everytime, plane 2 minutes everytime.. Is this still your definition of fun ??? i play the game WHEN i am bored, not because i want to get bored!
  5. OddBall06

    German Tanks Are Now Trash

    there are so many now as GE is overflooded with clans.. they still win tankbattles.. just the opposite from the real thing..
  6. OddBall06

    German Tanks Are Now Trash

    used to love the stug.. now it make me puge
  7. OddBall06

    Armor 2.0 sigh

    s m k ? link ?
  8. OddBall06

    Armor 2.0 sigh

    haha that clears up the confusion 😂
  9. yup, the real anoyances have not been removed.. only added new ones..
  10. OddBall06

    Armor 2.0 sigh

    actually.. i forgot about that one.. yea played that too. even MSX with a tape.. "Dare and win" i think it was But somehow, you seem to troll a lot of posts inhere.. Why ? tuler du eller er du et drittsek ?
  11. over 4 minutes this last game.. i just quit these stupid games.. well done reto the waiting time was soo long, GE just captured the whole line before we could use 1 tank. How i know ? with the new Matchmaker, it kept on putting me in the same goddamn game after i quit 3 or 4 times.
  12. OddBall06

    Armor 2.0 sigh

    yea i'm a noob, only playing this game for over 6 years, and FPS from the beginning of MOHAA.. sure babe..
  13. OddBall06

    Armor 2.0 sigh

    i know how it works and that why the claim is there. Random parts get hit without outer damage,
  14. OddBall06

    fw190 nerf wasn't enough...

    ever thought of the fact, GE is just overpopulated ? Every game it's full of pilots... well not only pilots.. playing together on voice against randoms.. War is maybe a bit different, but there are just more pilots and so also Good pilots in GE.. just because of the massive overpopulation. 1 FW against 2 goos SU or US fighters is just dead meat. But the situation is always just the other way around.