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  1. OddBall06

    new superman APC ?

    Last game, 3+ bazooka shots on US apc, and continuing as if i was not even there. RETO keeps amazing me with stupidity.
  2. OddBall06

    new superman APC ?

    this last game i was in, the SU truck apc took 2 bombs , several shots from a heavy tank, several machingun shots from my plane and in the end 1 more bomb to kill it. This happened both times i killed that apc. Is this a new bug or is this intended to be a supermans APC ? /M 4189258019350541399 /P 1586410157849047966 /W /lang en /NOSERVER /H 0 /PS 2605856239811972139 /V 156382 /x steam /R "ircserver=" /R "chatp=2605856239811972139::PhjMf2rbdRxv7nVPCndudc3nSLM" /R "sync.delayShow=1" /R "actionhost=" /R "useDX12=0" /R "render.enable_pbr=0" plane was german bF 109E and the Bf 109D-1
  3. OddBall06

    can it even be buggier?

    tried recon. 10 shots at 15 meter just don't register.. amateurism.. that whats reto stands for
  4. OddBall06

    can it even be buggier?

    they might suck the dying cow dry
  5. every time i ask myself this question, the answer is in the next update. And always it's a yes. Trying to select a different character, immediately spawns me with previous character, preferably without vehicle. Shooting a vehicle into hell. team mate hits it with a pistol bullet, gets the kill and preferably, me nothing. depending on the slope (nose down or up, i do not mean side slope), tank shoots meters over, or under. planes randomly takes a dive down without warning. bombs strait on vehicles do not register 10% of the time and so on and so on. Don't hide behind "we only have a small team"... the quake engine and game was made by 9 developers only. For once, get your stuff together..
  6. OddBall06

    Recon Weapons

    classes are f*cked up. Inf runs with scopes, recon with smg, pilots with antitank etc..
  7. OddBall06

    Tank gunsight freezes game

  8. OddBall06

    Tank gunsight freezes game

    already tried DX12 off, newest drivers.. no difference.. will try it now from the steam client.. EDIT ***seems to work under steam***
  9. OddBall06

    Tank gunsight freezes game

    my wife seems to have the same problem. newest drivers. as soon as you go inside the tank, the game freezes.
  10. OddBall06

    Tank gunsight freezes game

    did you update the drivers to the latest ?
  11. pretty sure it's the main client.. or there is a bug in programming, or just a bad connection to the www.
  12. OddBall06

    impossible to join my mate ?

    When i'm not in the same squad, but just clicking the name of my team mate, i never can join, i mean never. Is this a bug ? Regardless of the amount of players and we are in the same faction also.
  13. It should have vertical gun stabilisation as well..
  14. OddBall06

    Changelog 1.13.1 NEW ANTI TANK WEAPONS

    funny how insane stupid they actually are. over 1 year of development and then to end exactly as they where before.. tanks are XP farming vehicles again. I mean, how stupid can one.. or in this case a whole team, be? You still wonder why they had to let go half of them ? really.. the stupidity is beyond my belief
  15. same here. stable glassfiber, wired to pc. action game without packet loss. Main game disconnects.