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  1. OddBall06

    SdKfz 251/1 flamethrower probs

    flames that magically go through armor ? good ?
  2. OddBall06

    fix hitdetection

    1 bazooka shot killed both the track and the engine.. amazing... the exact thing you see with the random headshots or no headshots when you only can hit the head, happens exactly the same with the vehicles.. things you cannon hit like a frontal shot without penetration, that kills the engine in the back, or as i just wrote, kill a track and also an engine.. or kill the engine on a side shot where the back and so the engine, is impossible to see and hit.. sometimes it looks like RETO though the US tanks had the engine in front as it happens a lot more with US tanks. they don't really know about them anyway if you see how clumsy they move compared to the real deal.. while the german tanks sound and drive like a rolls-royce, but that as side note..
  3. the flamethrower kills everyone inside even with closed windows and the guy standing outside on the ground. This can't be right
  4. OddBall06

    captured vehicles

    i actually think the whole captured weapons was a bad idea in the first place. However, if the balance between basically GE and SU/US (both armor and planes) is this big and RETO does not want to adjust it for more equal gameplay, then it would be a reasonable option in my opinion.
  5. many games have a 100+ ping again, some 200 and some close to 300 while it used to be normal to have a 35ms ping for me.. servers FU? my last server was, in singapore.. im from europe. makes no sence..
  6. i would like to rework the whole thing. You get the weapon you stole from a dead body until you die. then you loose it. Afteraf it's called caprured weapons, not bought weapons. Also this should count for vehicles.. You steal it and didnt die, you keep it until you use it and loose it or die. i agree.. or, remove the captured weapon as a whole, or also allow captured vehicles.. however as i also wrote in the previeous reply, captured weapons and vehicles should be only yours when you really stole it and loose it again when you die or loose it for some reason. that way you can have your stolen kingtiger in another game..
  7. seeing we have captured weapons, why not captured vehicles ? i'm sure many would like to have their hands on the german kingtiger and fucke wulf to balance the game a bit more as the KT and FW wont het nerved to a normal level.
  8. tanking as non german is extremely difficult as GE always spams planes. 7+ pilots is totaly normal. so often you have to deal with Kingtigers (almost every tanker uses the KT) plus 7+ planes (mostly Focke Wulf) It would be nice to have some more staged games without planes as the current situation it not very much fun for tankers. I'm saying this as both pilot and tanker.
  9. OddBall06

    max ping option

    it's pretty simple to implement. Again i get in a server of 260 ping which is unplayable. better open that playerspot for someone that has a normal ping.
  10. well, no.. many times we get spammed by OP kingtigers and have to wait way too long before we can spawn while strangely enough, they can spawn one after another. So they are the strongest tank and therefore thay allready loose less. And if they loose one, it's an almost instant respanwn because they lost less than the other team. So a tank you hardly would meet in WWII spams every tank game now. 2, we did not grind this equipment to sit and wait 3 minutes. and 3, most tankers will go AT when they can't spawn a tank, or a plane.. strangely i often have to wait 3 minutes for a tank and instant spawn a medium plane time after time.. So the whole game shifts, which also destroys the original idea of it.
  11. OddBall06

    Fix the tank mechanics

    with the amount of antitank people every game nowadays, a sniping tank is no problem at all.. all AT ramboing is pretty brainless and very easy
  12. even worse, an apc is easely tracable now because the bots go in a strait line from the apc to the objective..
  13. OddBall06

    kingtiger cannon/barrel damage

    you should be able to penetrate the weak parts on a KT regardless of the medium tier. and a 76mm long barrel can certainly penetrate the side*back and bottom of a KT it's OP on all things, firepower armor and speed compared to all other heavy tanks.. however, that it keeps shooting the same speed with a destroyed cannon, can't be right..