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  1. Lol, kids, why should you even bother what someone said to you over the internet. You dont even know him IRL... Relax, play the game, and laugh at those nolifers.
  2. black_mamba24

    Luciano's Vids

  3. black_mamba24


    Noobies there is no need to take this game that seriously, everyone calm down. You all sound funny with the kindergarten comments, when arguing with each other. GLHF #Reto fix the spawn system.
  4. black_mamba24

    Happy New Year

    Same to you and your family bro!
  5. black_mamba24

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to all of you HnG noobies!
  6. black_mamba24

    z.b.V Chucca

    Dude makes a video of his own gameplay and these forum nerds come and start talking about their little imaginary world of HNG or whatever it is. P.S. Nice to see you Chucca and rest of the ZBV coming back together,
  7. black_mamba24

    First fragmovie

    Nice video bro!
  8. black_mamba24

    1.09 Public Test! Changelog

    +1 to Mastah
  9. black_mamba24

    Lycan's videos

    Nice videos, had a good laugh.
  10. black_mamba24

    Heavy Infantry [Infantry Subclasses]

    Nice picture bro, brings back memories.
  11. black_mamba24

    MEET THE PLAYERS – Janston

    What about you? Who is you ;P
  12. black_mamba24

    The last one

    The things you wrote made me leave the game. 6 months ago I stopped playing. I couldnt fight the game mechanics anymore.
  13. black_mamba24

    ORB vs TIO

    Blame reto for the spawn system, thats what it makes boring IMO.
  14. black_mamba24

    Ban appeals

    Just tell them your cat used your account, it works all the time.