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  1. Loopping_Louie

    Defend and earn more experience

    I fully agree on most of the arguments in here. I don't however agree on the vehicle requirement to start a battle. This would almost completely render foot infantry ATs useless and also rise the requirement for new generals to start any kind of battles even higher. You might aswell just get rid of the foot infantry completely and replace them with equivalent motorised ATs. Also, the requirement for vehicles in battles would also mean that the production of vehicles would need to be increased and the cost for resupply to be reduced, for it to be feacible for generals to make the battles fun again. I do however agree, that the infantry only battles aren't many times much fun to play, and usually end up in defeat, this being the case especially when attacking. In my opinnion the gameplay is way too dependent on vehicles at the moment. Vehicles shouldn't be a necessity, but rather an asset you sometimes have. The maps and gameplay should be tailored to have less need for players to have and use vehicles to play and have fun.
  2. Loopping_Louie

    Join UK faction today! UK 1st Airborne is recruiting!

    For king and country! Shall our great general lead us to many glorious victories!
  3. Loopping_Louie

    m1919 sights FIX ! ! !

    This, considering that they have already stated that the ladder sight is one of the balancing features on the weapon (wich imo doesn't really make any sense). It might be interesting feature if it still popped up, when aiming at those longer ranges. Also, the bipod system is still shelved because of other features in development. Hopefully next year they start looking at it again.
  4. Loopping_Louie

    Remove friendly fire from mines.

    Must agree with this. Other wise we could argue that friendly damage from grenades needs to get removed and this would just result in more grenade spamming, not something I want to see really. I would much rather settle with a system where you could defuse a friendly or maybe even a enemy mine, maybe take 15 seconds to do so, refunding the mines if they were set by your friendlies and give xp if they were the enemies. There is also old post of mine, where i suggest adding the owning factions logo over the mine and giving a penalty for blowing up friendly mines.
  5. Loopping_Louie

    Plane map + third person view visual bug

  6. There seems to be a visual bug when you use map while in the third person view in the plane. You see the pilots torso holding a map through the plane.
  7. Would upvote if I could.
  8. Will the underdog bonus be removed or noticeably changed in the near future, considering it is causing a lot of frustration on the currently losing German faction?
  9. Genious! Let's make Germany OP again!
  10. Loopping_Louie

    Suggestion: Light & Heavy AT Mines

    I like this idea. Wouldn't also mind if they added faction markers to mines.
  11. Loopping_Louie


    Congrats Reto! May there be at least another 500 wars to come for H&G!
  12. Loopping_Louie

    Request for 4 UI fixes

    +1 The battle report can be quite irritating during intense clan battles, when both are trying to outmaneuver each other after every battle.
  13. Loopping_Louie

    cant play the game after joining battle

    Seems like a bug. There should be a starter battle whith only bots and you. I would try again, but if it doesn't work, contact support at http://support.heroesandgenerals.com/
  14. Loopping_Louie

    Map suggestion: French hedgerow field encounter

    Added a Reto style game flow visual map as a bonus in the end of the post. This ofcourse made after the "final" map design unlike how Reto does maps, but should possibly still give some additional information and ideas.