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  1. How come that defending is worth nothing? a measly 10 xp if I do it wrong, 15 if my squadleader thinks we shall defend. If I do it the correct way zero xp or 5, if my squadleader thinks its the better idea. Okay granted it is one of the easier jobs, as you have many advantages you can pick at which range you will engange an enemy attacking you can use bottlenecks to further predict your enemies movement you can use cover to your advantage. you can place ammo/health crates behind cover (vehicles) If you have to do it alone or in a small group (2-3 players at cap), all these advantages mean nothing as the enemy simply will overrun you by sheer force of numbers. Okay you may get awesome killstreaks within a minute, but you'll be dead sooner or later none the less. Still the fact that you get nearly nothing leaves us with the problem that points are oftenly left undefended. Since capturing, long range kills and hunting tanks are the only main xp income sources for Infantry, and as long as you don't get overrun defending is a very boring job. And points that are undefended are easy xp for infantry. This also means that players literally bee-line from one point to the next, into enemy fire and get frustrated for beeing killed... If points would be defended more often, I am certain that also the capturing party will take more of slower approach instead of slamming their cars into the perimeter wall and than running into the capture zone, thus likely surviving longer, but at least are able to return fire. Now what can be done to make defending worthwhile again? Increase defense xp gain (previously it was 60, but I think 30 will be fine already) Award defense kill award the same way you get squad order fulfilled award when there is an defense order placed around your point. (Which is granted when you are in/near the capture zone you should defend and kill someone) Consequently also raiding kill award could be given same way as squad order boni for assault order. Add a successful defense award that increases by 5xp for each defense kill you did. This award will be paid when 1) as assaulting party the next point gets taken or 2) as defending party you played down the clock/next point is taken or 3) the skirmish/encounter is finally over. Once the award was given out/the point neutralized it will be reset.
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen. Whilest beeing busy working on a different video, one battle filled with action had to be produced in a video. (Okay first scene was from the pile of material we had lying around that makes for good starting scenes) So we hope you will enjoy the video. Thanks for watching!
  3. congratulations to all that won
  4. if it is a small entrance (e.g. doorway) than there is not a great angle of fire availble. Likely that you have to get into the firing field of the opposing parties... If I remember it right, the rooms next to the corridor where sleeping rooms. If there is a small corridor seperating these a small opening in the outer wall, where this corridor is allows you to see the part of the corridor where there is no cover from any party firing at each other, so yes you can flank, but your entry position is inbetween an likely very active zone without any cover.
  5. heck no... adams did excatly that to infantry gun hipfire. bullets leave the barrel and go straight to the crosshair... Previously they left the barrel in hipfire the way they were supposed to leave a barrel. Reto should just not think that their community is dumb as sheep and can't grasp the concept of gun convergence...
  6. The problem is that there is no AT-limit anymore. so becoming a whale is extremely easy if you have the money.
  7. The only thing, I think is missing, is making an CQC/Long range area. How? Tons of hard cover along a street for example. Where you can get real close, but also snipe someone as he sprints from cover to cover. With a few health crates inbetween. I think the road from d3-d4 medium french village/town would be perfect for something along these lines. A dozen or more houses and there you have your cover, add maybe a few sandbag/rubble barricade and its ready to go, snipers can do some nice trick shots, whereas CQC inf can use the cover to regain stanima and dodge the next bullet.
  8. British Riflemen around WWI were trained for the so called mad minute. 15 accurate rounds in one minute. and that includes reloading. If at all stock BA needs a bit more ROF... and way more accuracy.
  9. so the prototype of the sex-change-gun you wanted is actually working? wow.
  10. great story. But the contest ended last month... Hate to break it for you.
  11. what when did RB leave the reto gulag unguarded? Great to see you back on stream. And don't forget the beer. The later devstreams lacked quite a lot of it. Only RB drinking "vodka" that was a important thing of the older devstreams.
  12. ähem may I remind you that reto said F2 is only disabled "temporarily"... Rest in pieces F2 ...
  13. Great to hear! Aslo bring back the warbond posters (at least as long as there are cheap warbonds to buy) I mean "Feed The Guns Support The War Buy Warbonds" For anybody interested these were the advertisements for the bonds during early open BETA days. The seven posters can be found in your h&g folder
  14. A little something sounds good. make that little something something good though (hng merch )