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  1. They do have the core testers. Which is what you ask for.
  2. humorous player names and game chat

    loosing the war? Not that that would be too much of a problem...
  3. The best RTS solo campaigns I have played, must be the ones from the Blitzkrieg Anthology. You had your assets, your mission(s), and depending on scenario reinforcements as well as air support were either limited, non existant or dependant on other factors. Since there was no unit production, in many cases a lost tank, meant you lost that tank for the entirement of that mission. Now in HnG this is entirely impossible imo. If a faction would only get reinforcements after achieving certain goals many players would never ever be able to play their ATs. But hey you asked about my Top3 Other RTS games, yeah there are non that stick out as much as Blitzkrieg, I did not like its successors for the reason that these limitations on men and ressourcepower got weakened. Knights of Honor was pretty good, played it a lot. And I reckon Stronghold was also one that I enjoyed, but these two had a higher dependancy on setting up a functional economy, with knights of honor also having a very deep layer of diplomacy too.
  4. Is there gun convergence on planes?

    No right now they fire straight forward, neither do any other wing mounted weapons e.g. the cal. 30s of the P35A have it.
  5. bombs away was changed, years ago. now it reduces the time for rearment.
  6. das scheint dasselbe rpoblemw ie hier zu sein einfach mal in der firewall checken. Wahrscheinlich denkt windoof mal wieder für dich...
  7. Deep Dive: Weapon Configuration on Twitch

    @Reto.Robotron3000 will this only cover from when the trigger is pulled ingame? As far as I know you can also have an impact on sway and cone of fire depending on your stance etc. before even pulling the trigger. I.e. beeing out of stanima comes with a hefty sway penalty. Could you also cover these bits too? I think this would be a perfect opportunity to explain these things too.
  8. mine indicators.

    As far as I understand him the red skull and bones icon does not show up when you turn the capture zone stuff off. I personally would like another option (what?!) or an improvement to the current turned off option. In earlier builds the stage of capture zone ins conflict was shown underneath the timer. Which personally is quite handy to know if you turn the icons off themselves. It was I believe Germans neutralizing E4 (X%) and obviously for capturing too. If it would just be mini icon with the current circle on the top of the screen I would not mind either. But at least some way to tell what the progress is whilest on your way there, which you do not have right now if you turn it off.
  9. more proof that germans are right

    So yeah, if you still wish to drag me into a pub in Copenhagen for the sole purpose of drowning me in alcohol, I do have plans (plans nothing concrete mind you) to maybe go back there in August (depends mostly on my financial situation) But this time I demand you also appear in Army Boots.
  10. more proof that germans are right

    Oh yeah you were so biased. I remember how you said that spending gold right now is more than UP... You had to drag me into this saltmine right? At least it seems that you guys could settle it in an civilised manner. On the other hand, I did not need extra salt for my chips.
  11. Well I think both values are important. I much rather have some like this whilest waiting for players: Forces are deploying since: x m y s Once the battle started: Forces have been deployed for: a m b s Forces are engaging since: c m d s
  12. Ask questions for Q&A & Why #11

    I am not saying do not release them, but I think that watering down a stream that goes about how weapons work, which mechanics cause which problem, with yeah weapon X does Y dmg has Z sway value etc. makes for a boring stream. The hard stats are much better off released in "paper" format. Something that the more interested can read through. Yes we can describe weapon mechanics, but it will be 10 times easier to understand when you are able to show the effects whilest describing them. Especially for the huge parts of the community not fluent in English.
  13. Ask questions for Q&A & Why #11

    Probably not if you read the announcement, and I do wish for that information to be released, but not during this next stream. they will show how weapons work, probably related to input(page 3 wall of text) from me in @BroskyBro thread about weapon balance. As even my input notes, that all I stated is based upon observation and speculation. (I recently also observed that the cone of fire penalty for moving is smaller in crouched than in normal running stance, maybe this is the benefit of walking? of which I was not too sure about at the time I posted my input, at least for LMGs that is.) And do not get me wrong, but hell yes I want to know what excatly happens. An official up to date bit about EVERYTHING. The weapon data can be released in a spreadsheet anytime of the year. The only thing I wanted to know, will they also cover how sway works before firing? @Reto.Robotron3000 @Reto.Christiano
  14. Newspaper for Allied Armed forces

    only if Freedom Eagle is not discontinued!
  15. Reto mentioned that in that case, they may as well increase speed in general. Resulting in still slower cross country speed, but overhall higher speed. However, I also think that it makes each factions cross country Infantry vehicle an interesting choice.