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  1. Vote for questions for Q&A & Why #8

    There is no time for me to do it. Given average time of about 3 to 4 hours per 2 hours of Devstream I would need a complete day with only 4 hours of sleep, no food, no water etc. to get it done. What's more this does not include the mindnumbing of the activity. So I would wagger that I would need approx. 36 hours to get it done. with only 48 hours in an weekend 16 of these spent on sleeping I pass on this 10 hour stream.
  2. will happen on the 30th of November
  3. kudos to the map guy (how could I forget?) yeah having multiple maps with slight iterrations is not a bad idea. I especially like the way Payday 2 did it. I think I mentioned it in one of the other threads that one thing to add hard cover and have it alternating could be shot up vehicle convois. Consisting of several vehicles that are likely pushed of the road to make it clear, or even destroyed tank assets that just stopped dead on the road and noone had time to recover them because of the ongoing fighting. These vehicles do not have to be there everywhere and so on. And yes at least 3 different destruction models per vehicle which can be effectively doubled by having them on their wheels/tracks or pushed on their sides like the current apc model. Another idea, that pitches in with an RTS idea. Have 3 Fortification levels and 3 damage levels. thus you could have the combos 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 3-1, 3-2, 3-3. The more destruction/fortification levels come the more combinations. Fortifications are only built in front close cities, thus if the front suddenly moves the cities that were heavily fortified will slowly go down in fortification level. Damage on the other hand is different, Damage increases with fights (or later bomb raids/artillery strikes) and decreases once there is no fighting (bombing/shelling), this could also be in an city near the front. Now mentioned bomb raids/artillery strikes, could theorectically decrease fortification levels (and increase damage levels) There could even be a mechanic in place that if a heavily fortified map gets bombed and shelled to smitherens so that the fortifications are less of a problem that the fortifications themselves also have a damage level. And that trenches are no longer as useful to provide cover, pillboxes blown up etc. So a damage level for buildings and one for fortifications.
  4. Vote for questions for Q&A & Why #8

    I will not create an answer list for that 10 hour stream!
  5. That would be amazing. Not necessarily into the battlefield (which would be the most epic thing ever) But kind off like the current zoom works. That would indeed be awesome. Anyhow getting OT. a bit. agreed (may will reinstall it for another playthrough of the campaign)
  6. Mal so richtig Dampf ablassen!

    das is das problem mit denen die diese 08/15 fragen fragen und dann noch hochvoten... Da kann man leider nicht viel helfen. Was die antworten angeht, sie haben nicht mehr die tendenz gold zu versprechen und silber zu liefern. Sondern eher steine zu versprechen und zumindest steine oder gegebenfalls besseres zu liefern. Folglich wird RB zugeben wenn er es nicht weis, weil das immer noch besser ist als wir machen es! (und machen es doch nicht) Community Frontline is halt nicht für neuigkeiten da... aber das format ist meiner Meinung bis heute nicht wo es hin soll. Eigentlich laut Circinus(?) sollten ja aktuell heiße Themen des Forums besprochen werden. Was halt bei der Qualität von Posts in STG OP, Nerf US, Give SU Deathstar!!! endet. Ergo nichts für einen stream... immerhin bringt er hin und wieder Statisken über auf der map vorhandenen Ressourcen (RTS), was jedoch auch nicht so wichtig ist, da vorhanden nicht gleich genutzt und an der frontlinie heißt. Ansonsten ist es bis jetzt eher so ein News Blog stream... DevStreams wie sie waren sind gestorben, dafür soll das intelligence bulletin (sollte!) neuigkeiten bringen naja. Aber Glasnost hat auch deutlich gesteigerte Foren-Aktivitäten von Reto gesehen. Was so das wichtigste ist. Was die Kriterien angeht, anscheinend über 2k Stunden ingame (frag mich nicht wie, ich kanns selber nicht glauben) und noch einige andere sachen
  7. ah another RUSE player. indeed a tad bit too dark, the war was a dark event, oftenly gets portrayed as a darker event, but I doubt that a sunflower would have had a greyish yellow in 1943 just because of a war. So as long as the FPS is vibrant in colour, because the world was/is the menu can have its gritty looks.
  8. Help test NEW Encounter map on prototype!

    I said the stream, not the entire shores... *sigh* The bridge also has no way a vehicle could cross over it (and is also used in village skirm without all that stuff on it) The stream itselt is located in a ditch deep enough to offer protection, the rocks not needed, the cobblestone wall not needed.
  9. Mal so richtig Dampf ablassen!

    es ist eher anstrengend war aber auch cool, und würde man nicht um 2230 am Freitag ankommen und um 0400 am Sonntag am Flughafen sein müssen hätte man auch noch mehr von der Stadt sehen können (sehr schön, sehr teuer) ja noch nie... das erste was mir einfällt ist 1.09 und viele der map changes. Dann gäbe es noch die 3. deutsche Pistole die keiner wollte (außer ein wenigen community membern) usw. Das Problem ist oftmals die Kommunikation. Bestes Beispiel Squad2.0. Und mit Operation Glasnost, hat sich doch vieles verändert im Bereich Kommunikation. Also alles wie vorher, im großen und ganzen hat sich im RTS nicht viel getan, FPS hatte changes rauf und runter (zum gutem wie zum schlechtem) also den Punkt gib ich dir. Keine Sorge WarDaemon hat seinen Bart berührt, (War auch ein Community Request) sanfter konnten wir ihm nicht gegen die Stirn treten.
  10. Help test NEW Encounter map on prototype!

    I once did a video, year ago about the first blood map, ya should be able to see the complex, the small stream in its ditch and hopefully also the small bridge (why it wasn't used more often is beyond me.
  11. prototype!

    it should be auto named with Play Heroes & Generals Prototype. Otherwise in your installation folder(make sure its the actual prototype one) is an executeable file (said desktop icon is linked to)
  12. Help! Ammo count in middle screen!

    definitly not an option so must be a bug. unless some bughunters know what to do. support is your friend
  13. Help test NEW Encounter map on prototype!

    you have to set a few right in the game's folder. Because Windoof asumes that the trusted installer does not need any right of changing the files *sigh* alternatively run it as admin (this works with varying results because love windoof)
  14. Help test NEW Encounter map on prototype!

    However the road from the field spawn side does not have any exit, the boxes offer quite a good amount of cover, and with no escape route, forrest spawn has a significant advantage with this walled off cover. only so that field spawn can not camp them... essiantially field spawn is left in an killing zone, which I could not find for for forrest spawn. A walled off part of cover, that one must run around, that locks down a street leading into the zones heart.
  15. Help test NEW Encounter map on prototype!

    ok tutorial does not agree that using a shovel in hipfire or precision mode counts as firing your weapon, however reloading my shovel completes the tutorial. This is inconsistent and makes no sense. Also I think it is a visual bug, but there was not scope to modify my shovel with.