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  1. inspiration for soviet themed maps

    I mean desji is no longer here, but he told me that he was especially interested in WWII soviet village photographs.
  2. Help us shape the future of the Dev Streams

    Well the problem with them preparing their answers more in depth are as follows (if this is still up to date, since I proposed this after the very first streams) 1) severe time constraints, especially on RBs end, he is the Game Director and busy with a metric ton of other stuff. 2) uncertainty, sometimes there is not excatly this will happen answer, especially with the metric ton of repeated questions (new factions, yes probably these, probably introducing them this way and that is probably all you could say for new bloody fricking factions) 3) undefinied questions, try and answer a broad or ill asked question precisely etc. What they could do, if we ignore 2 and 3 is let one of the CMs create a list with precise answers to the question, but this will make a boring read it from a piece of paper stream. Not to mention that the issue of time constraints still is not solved, since I doubt that these developers have about 5 minutes for a precise barista understandable answer of their working precioussss working time, which they could also use for bringing the game along, for several questions and not one. Furthermore more often than not, more than one developer is concerned when it comes to these questions.
  3. Help us shape the future of the Dev Streams

    First off, what about the promised, but so far not appeared new question survey? Secondly, I know a bit late now, but how about a post-summit stream (presumeably after the next summit if to come...) also reminds me that the meeting minutes pdf, has not been updated so far. And now for interesting stuff. Seeing as the qnany is currently 90% repeatomatron3000 ( @Reto.Robotron3000 ), how about instead of doing it biweekly, do it once every 3 weeks/4 weeks? Also qnany related, is a we answered this within the last 2-3 qnany's list post voting results feaseable, to than skip these questions reffering to the list? This would allow to answer more original questions. Furthermore, get someone to actually do a follow up on last stream stuff. Answering "unclear" stuff and showing the goddam medium and heavy fighter stats! Finally, why not make them themed? We would like you to ask questions, about how weapons work in hng. So you guys can answer the bits and bobs that are uncertain. These kind of streams may even be more interesting after a deep dive. Also, How about having a deep dive more often? So far we had one. Community Frontline, was as far as I understood it, intended to discuss topics currently strongly discussed within the community. Thus the host is Reto.Circinus. But there is not a lotof talk about these topics, and mostly not more than what the CMs, can tell us on the forums anyways. The RTS stats are nice, but few. I also don't think that gameplay is the best, backdrop for these discussions. This format needs a ton of work until it works right. For a new type of stream, probably interesting for the community that is longer here. How about a "Intelligence Data" stream? What do you mean? If I can't portray it clearly, forgive me, currently ill waiting to get to my doctors appointment so I can stay away from work as I am officially ill.
  4. Because the development overview, only includes stuff currently in development (or on hold) and so far without the war server refactoring finished, doing any other large RTS overhauls is just twice the work. Working to implement it Working to convert it to the new system. Even working towards them wasted development ressources. Design meetings are probably already done/ongoing since RB does have a clear vision of what to expect.
  5. Watch Q&A & Why #14 Twitch-stream

    Hit me up, I'll happily bring it in over my random weird stupidious question. (Although churchbell was not random nor stupidious) If we were, to address your other points, there would already be more than enough time for stuff that is ye same old phrase bashin. If someone (I probably could do it, although I have severe time constraints during the week, so likely won't be me) were to cooperate or @Reto.Hades himself willing to go another mile more the repeating questions, could just get a check this thread reply there is a post with the excerpts of certain list regarding your question. The we already addressed this within the last 2-3 streams point you brought up. Bam suddenly there is time. Well this thread is more of a tool, for those that watched/those that could not watch, it is to get back to information one is looking for as well as having a shorter sift through 22.5 minutes of stuff that is interesting. Well negativity is overwhelming, I definitly saw stuff that was new. Although an ambush gamemode idea has from time to time floated around the forums, I can assure you (without looking it up) that this question never was asked before(new gamemodes yes, but specified semi worked out ideas on this particular idea no). There have also been a few other odd ones out in the mix. Anyhow still does not change the fact that most of it, well was answered just shortly before. Going through all of the questions, or just the 40+ votes would take a rather long time and would be an exhausting experience for both times. Even if there is now new stuff, ultimately it would be a lengthy deal. The 2 hours, actually was filled with quite a lot of different questions, but also some had 30 minute follow up phase before, the problem was that for the viewers, it was simply getting too long(I mean the odd one out stream that lasts 2 hours no problem, but after 2 streams it got apparant that it was no use), and for the devs it was the same thing after a while the answers got shorter, and some good questions were finished with maybe has to do with x we will see how this part develops next question. No I think that someone already said, a themed stream were better. If it were coupled with your ideas it would make for a good deal. 5 min "NEWS" 0-15 min follow up of whatever needs follow up (if you present stats, please for the sake of presentation look at them beforehand, make notes and prepare... I mean the was it headshot kills question already had me again *sigh*), this could include follow up questions to the last themed qnany and a answer to this. 5-15 min The top 5 free questions ignoring the theme (although sorted out for already answered within the last 2 qnanys and those getting referred to a certain post I mentioned earlier) *5 min why you have set this theme (not necessary, could be in the survey etc.) 60-70 min The themed questions 15-20 min Chat questions (which might or might not follow the theme) 5 min recap. This leaves me with roughly 90 to 120 minutes, with a base aim for 90 minutes to keep the length not too long but not too short either.
  6. Q&A&Why answers

    We did it, this time forum question may not only be ridden of useless stuff, but differently written as we pulled them from stream directly. Forgot to annoy @Reto.Hades to send them so sorry for the inconvenience. 14 streams still going strong here is your long awaited changelog. A 08/15 case this time around. 03-16-18 put Q&A&Why answer list #13 into spoiler updated Q&A&Why list with Q&A&Why #14 updated Q&A&Why answers list with Q&A&Why #14 answers EDIT: btw the backup right now covers 82 A4 pages (although spoilers do not portray properly, so round it down to 80ish)
  7. Watch Q&A & Why #14 Twitch-stream

    No, it was excellent. Except the time part. In the starting phase when they actively gathered information about the streams, I advocated to lower the time, two hours was too long, a bit of overtime no problem there. Although the only two times that really went overtime (not 1-2 minutes) it was actually 10+ and 20+ minutes. Okay there is also 3 (albeit one was the expected short CEO stream) that got cut short, one by 30 minutes (that was the one pre-summit) and the last one by a whopping 10 minutes. Currently for 70-80% it is actually quite exhausting to watch (even more so most of the 2 hour, 4 starting streams), so if there is nothing interesting to say anymore (cos repeat-o-mat-9000 is at the works) end the stream. If it was a god of beard in depth answer than yes going overtime is certainly a good move. But that is about the only instance, going overtime won't send me towards insanity. So partially agree, but you later said(technicly you wrote it, but who cares?) don't cut the dwarf of. The only reason to not stop the stream is our bearded friend talking about something in depth (or a good joke, no not so 3 germans walk into a BAR) Anyhow I've got work to do... I'll see you in 'bout 3 to 4 hours.
  8. Upcoming Tank Map "Gorge" (Work in Progress)

    I said that already! albeit, yes now is his chance! Could public opinion influence him getting the job? technically maybe, logically probably not.
  9. I advocate for this already since the ungodly introduction of the "starter" SMGs and LMGs. I mean the BAR - M1919 thing was actually different enough to be warranted, but the MG34... meh. And now with the johnson the BAR is just another inferior weapon to still exist. I still don't use the johnson, cos I love me my BAR which is still a rifle! (Browning Automatic Rifle) And instead of introducing the PPS -43 in an instant, they introduced the ppd, because they already had the magazine modelled already... *sigh* Well good for you, than either believe it or not. He did not even advocate for any nerfs or buffs or anything. Instead he summarized what reto needed 30+ minutes to present to the community, and was interested in what the current statistic looks like. There was not even a single line requesting balancing actions, only one line touched balancing acts, and did further underline his interest towards new stats since there have been some tweaks after the publishment of these stats. calling @d|ng a noob is a bold statement, I have you let it known that for the first summit one of the criteria was more than 2k hours invested in the game. On the other hand, insulting people (and noob is just that, probably won't touch him) is normally a sign that one side has run out of arguments. Yeah erm I think we did let them know about bigger issues(and yes not knowing where to throw my gold at reto is pretty darn big issue right @WarDaemon?). And coincidently there is also a ton of threads, pointing these out? Why not go and post in these threads? Would result in those threads getting bumped up instead of this request, which you find unecessary, because who cares about stats? Also pointing out issues is only one part of the problem, knowing that something is wrong is the first step. The next one is realizing why something is wrong and one step further down this road towards the solution, is designing an idea that perhaps and only perhaps can change that to be better. As for aircraft, wait for the vehicle overhaul and see how long a plane can fly with a destroyed engine. So right now doing anything in that deparment is naught but a waste of development ressources better spent elsewhere.
  10. Planes arent OP)))

    oh hey, I did know about this. But since he advocated to use excatly this loadout, it would be a net loss. Although, who cares we are playing for fun not economics. Also since it is not a rank 17 char there is still potential to increase the passive income to get over the gap of 200-300 credits to break even. So this has still potential to be fun and not killing your purse. The bane for aircraft is combined efforts, my god a group of infantry suddenly opening at an unware aircraft and just be it SA-rifles is going to leave some marks until its clear of the units firing ark. Using MGs is just adding to the potential DMG.
  11. Planes arent OP)))

    so without veteran you run at a net loss.
  12. Upcoming Tank Map "Gorge" (Work in Progress)

    Reto.RadicalEdward2 confirmed? @RadicalEdward2 now is your chance!
  13. How is he gonna notice if you ain't tag him? And now, who wants some more stats? I mean, not sure if it would yield any result, but chanting stats in the stream chat might help (albeit, I am unable to attend any stream due to working)
  14. God let it rain brains, or stones, but for sanity's sake hit! I concur, I would like renewed statistics on that matter, even more if we could see a broader arrangement of weapons. As for earlier unlocks performing better than later unlocks, only in a few cases, I think this would be true. And honestly, I wouls not think it would be bad. I'd prefer it if the earlier unlocks, would be a bit more in the overall good performance category and the later ones in the has advantages here and there, and disadvantage over here and over there. Or if both weapons would play out differently, the one better at CQC brawls, the other shines at medium engagement ranges Also @Reto.RedBjarne since we are talking about stats, do not forget to remind the stats guy to get the aircraft stats you promised since already two streams. You have now officially been reminded a few times. If they ain't coming next stream, I'll send you a written letter just to remind you once more!