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  1. well both are still fruit. So from that point it is comparable, but gameplay wise you can only say they are different games, tailored for different playstyles. But I think this was discussed over and over again already before its release. The doomsday preachers said it will be the end of everything we know, and here we are now, just having had a minor update. Reto is working on something big, and I hope they won't repeat the same mistake as with the introduction of the soviet union, which was rushed into existance and some of its kit sold peforehand for the lack of other new content that could have been released.
  2. The invetory system has seen quite a number of iterrations. And the current one seems to be the most limiting, especially if you don't have veteran. Now if you use heavy equipment, the current inventory system is quite more than enough. But the moment, you want to use lighter equipment, to perhaps squeeze in that extra bit of utility gear, you get restricted by the 3 slots. As an example let's take a simple Infantry loadout. A rifle 5 points A secondary 1 or 2 points depending on punch A set of Ap grenades 2 points This would leave you with 2 or 1 point left to spend on utilities. Things like a first aid kit or for 2 points even a whole medic pouch, binoculars, a wrench or melee weapons. But due to the restrictions of the current system, without veteran you will probably opt for extra ammunition, since you can not pack these things. Now making the 4th slot free for all would be a simple solution, to make light loadouts a bit more feaseable, but I would even go so far as to introduce a new (5th) slot reserved specifically for utility gear. You can still pack utility gear in normal slots, but no normal gear into this utility slot. Of course there is the possibility of spinning this further, as in restricting players to only have one primary weapon or not etc. Although right now my biggest gripe is how light equipment gets the short end of the stick, because you can't use the increased space for other stuff, especially utility gear which quite oftenly can come in handy.
  3. Input Latency/Buffering?

    Honestly, I could be quite a lot of things that fixed it. Reto fixing a bug... me upgrading memory... I do not know. As I said long time ago. I reckon it must have been 2015 or so when I last had the issue.
  4. Input Latency/Buffering?

    Jolly me that is a long time ago I had this issue. I do play the standalone version though most of the time. (and with long time ago, I mean a bloody long time ago) Yeah well I think you are better off asking support on this one.
  5. actually, your old picture is from post walker build. The T-post recticle was introduced with walker. As I said, it might be possible that it once was bugged or, the other alternative could be different zoom factor. As far as I understand it, the higher the zoom the more you should notice this rounding of edges. Another probability is that factory buildings all have a very old model which could also explain the difference. Well that is the way a game progresses, however if they were to do nothing, it would get nowhere. To reach your destiny you will have to move, even though there is the probability that you might move the wrong, not moving at all will mean there is no possibility of making a step in the right direction.
  6. Why doesn't the M10 have an MG?

    it does exist. it is called RMB. you need to keep it pressed though.
  7. Here we go @TheIthuriel dev stream #37 00:14:27 so It was always there after the introduction of infantry scopes, unless it was bugged out a while.
  8. I think this was done with the introduction of Walker, however walker changelog is a bit mangled... I do think they mentioned it on a dev-stream presenting the infantry scopes added with walker. I'll see if I can dig it up for you. About that effect, it don't really notice it. If this is realistic or not, is really not important, this is an arcade game, with a wee bit of realism.
  9. new lens effect on scopes?

    new? new? That was introduced with Infantry scopes. so a longt time ago.
  10. New encounter map is terrible

    Well you just figured out the issue with your first suggestion... If you would not earn anything in staged after X battles a day, war only has a monetary gain to offer. Otherwise I casually play my 3 matches and than leave, because who cares if I play 3 or 30 matches a day other than my sanity? Actually war has something different to offer, when in my group of friends someone new started to play, the two longer playing friends said, its a shame we can't play war from the get go. And what is war better in than staged? It actually has different scenarios, it ain't repetetive. This is what war has to offer. Its a surprise what you will get if you random queue it. And even you pick your fights, you decide on what excatly you want to play. As for grinding equipment in staged or war, it does not matter for me, as long as the player tries to play cooperatively I don't care if he wields a G43 unmodded or a modded to the finest Johnson...
  11. Lost Assets

    that's supposed to be a trash can? Well its always been this bright.
  12. The Great Problem

    Actually half decent players, grinding in war are better than headless chickens with late unlock weapons. Heck some people can do better than most randoms with only melee weapons in war. Anyhow, I do support the idea, it might be interesting to allow starter generals to field their ATs in this staged war, so they can get gripes of things in an "protected" environment. For a short time period only of course, so that the AI-generals should still form the bulk of the generals preparing these matches. But this goes beyond the FPS part. Does it solve the problem, probably, I would however not grant any boni for normal staged, so players that are in staged to get the hang of things are not swarmed by player that know things and just need a ton of bonus xp for grinding(so only base xp and base credit income). Knowledge is a even more devastating factor than superior weapon power. As already stated I prefer a rank zero char @matziti(other good players are available) with an unmodded M1G in war than randommcrandom with an nicely modded MG42, that apparantly only knows the word CHARGE!
  13. repair

    which back in the days? back in the days, or back in the days? If you mean the 30k credits for my first AT back in the days we have it way worse now, if you mean the other back in the days it is better now that is true, but not back in the days time good. That's a lot of back in the days... As the others already stated, try to limit your use of unecessary stuff, why spawn a car if you can hitch a ride? Consequently, what tanks and planes are we talking about? The "better" the more it costs whilest the starter tanks a pretty much dirt cheap yet effective (in the right hands that is). Aircraft are a costly matter after the first stage, especially heavy fighters, if you still need to get the hang of how to maneuver an aircraft it is better to stick to the crop dusters (I mean reconplanes) like starter tanks, they are dirt cheap (except maybe HE ammo, which is also useless on this caliber) Also beeing inactive, but alive won't net you any salary. (There is an afk mechanic in place, except reto noone knows how it works)
  14. Which is your best and worst map ?

    it's causing less frustration than? I'd bet if it were more oftenly in the roster the flaws would become more appearant. Anyhow all maps are fine with me, there are not really a lot that stand out as beeing particularly better than others. For some reason I like medium french village still the most (probably, because of the change of fighting required once you get into the town). It is more of a okay, okay, okay+, okay- matter for me. The best map imo was the first Airfield with one objective. The capture zones were all very close to each other, and the only one objective to take/defend made for a great difference in how the game was approached.
  15. Defend and earn more experience

    I don't know... but It no longer appears to be possible for me if the paratroopers entered the fight as an air unit, if they entered grounded it obviously is. than you probably have a different gameplay experience than I do. But as long as you actually are defending your points the rest is simple rolling through undefended territory. It oh so appears that if the enemy has no vehicles most defending teams suddenly only know the word CHARGE! So once you get a simple stolen car and 4 players on their point, they will just spearhead through, whilest the remaining unmotorized brigade will just move up. This probably can be blamed to the fact, that I mostly play random war. But even some "clans" made this mistake already. Generally once the team starts to actually realize that they can do way more than hold their ground successfully (despite expecting to be run off the map within 5 minutes) there is a way better feel of teamplay and nice chat than in a match with vehicles were players use them as one way trip for a single person only. Oh yeah my first level AT as Infantry is guard, unmotorized ground unit written all over it. And as if 30 jeeps and 20 bikes would do anything, I've seen assault parties wasting this magical number of 50 vehicles within 5 - 10 minutes. The next assault for the general will be a long way off (especially if he is a newer general that does not have an overabundance of spare ATs to throw into the frey). And before we continue this, I'd say we agree to disagree, you don't like them, I enjoy them. This would be the better way, does not penalize anyone and increases the likelihood of generals providing a stronger assault force.