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  1. there goes your serverstatus
  2. Field adjusted sights or 4x scope on semi-auto?

    sad to see you give up to answer your question depends if you want to engage on range the scope may be the better option (although reto made an extremely bad job with the t-post) if range is not an issue and you prefer the iron sights added accuracy without downsides is a no brainer.
  3. Corner Compass

    oh yeah true it is only partially right history classes boy-scouts when you do anything orientation related in the army when you do anything orientation related (here is a map, a compass, you are here move there see you in an hour rekrut) and many other things. Many games even incoporate their maps with north is the top. For the simply reason that many (by far not all) maps use this concept in real life. Guess what this game is loosely based on the real life, but even fantasy games have north=top If this is not the answer you seek I can actually give you an early open BETA trivia information about HnG and the map. The battlefields actually were located that way on the general map. Which resulted in US/GE mostly fighting the same lines over and over. This was deemed not fun and thus the battlefields were rotated, however to not confuse new players in the FPS the ingame fps map was not rotated, thus A line is still located in the north-east.
  4. Corner Compass

    school, that should be one of the first things to learn in geography class... does not mean it is wrong though.
  5. Corner Compass

    Because IRL unless there is a compass printed on a map, the top of it is north, to make communication/orientation easier. The map ingame has no compass printed, thus the top is north.
  6. city was in this case meant near the objective... although airfield not having one neither factory...
  7. squad resources

    congratulations you know realised why people think that this is not the best coding in the world
  8. squad resources

    to make room in the match for other players in case a squad would not have matching auxiliaries
  9. I guess Reto-Moto has to do some coding to seperate APCs and tank from each other and than look into it. Personally if an attacker chooses to spawn a tank in the city so be it... I reckon the scout-cars were move from light vehicle to large too with that instance.
  10. yeah it was done vice versa to improve the flow of battles and limit the possibilities to throw APCs at enemies.
  11. squad resources

    The type of squad determines which are its primary ressources. If there are no tanks to spawn and you have a tank squad with Infantry auxiliaries you will be kicked from battle once all squadmembers are dead.
  12. it actually was the vocal community. The problem was not tanks, but APCs. If you captured one objective and held it for the fracture of a second pop APC spawned in town. Back than you also could have used a tank as apc... But I believe it has more to do with the fact that APCs and tanks both count as large vehicles, and thus have the same spawn spots. Therefore attackers no longer can spawn large vehicles inside the town. I am not sure about defenders beeing able to spawn large vehicles on access points they own...
  13. shooting ranges

    Personally that is a rather snarky answer for something valid to have ingame. in early development a shooting range was teased and dropped/shelved somewhere inbetween stages. First Blood although only your factions equipment (wasn't updated with weapons such as the M3GreaseGun etc.) was removed lateron because not really beeing anymore what is needed. And thus there is no ability to test weapons. This section here is to suggest things this game could use. Sure he could have used the forums (not perfectly fine) search function and bring an older topic to the surface. But beeing able to once in a while after downloading another version of the game on currently very small servers beeing able to test "equipment" also only in the extend of what you can unlock for your 100k gold VS a proper shooting range to test all weapons any time is rather big difference.
  14. hm did the call to arms not work this time... whatever. I think the next important step is to a) clarify what the community frontline stream wants to be b) get the community frontline stream to where it should be As far as I understand it Community Frontline is Circinus playing the game and answering questions appearing in chat and talking about pressing matters in the forums. This was achieved in varying degrees from not really for a solid 50 minutes to extremely well. across the last streams.