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  1. On which game(s) is or will Reto Moto work in future? Now that you successfully landed in Kopenhagen, what comes after HnG?
  2. und wenn 30 Minuten keiner von E2 weg kommt? Das war ja nur ein Beispiel von den vielen ungelösten Problemen von HnG. Ein kleiner Teil sind nervige Bugs, der Großteil Designfehler. Das Spiel verliert nicht an Spielern weils so toll ist ;). Aber SoldatNr444 du wirst das auch mal raffen, ich selbst hab auch lang geglaubt aus HnG wird was bevor die Konkurrenz nach zieht.
  3. Warum spielen wohl immer weniger Leute hier? Alleine wenn ich mir den ewigen Soundbug (Schüsse nicht hörbar) und den mangelhaften Netcode (Gegner steht bei dir ganz wo anders als am Server) ansehe....Hinzu kommen ganz simple Dinge wie warum gibts keinen Lockdown? D.h. wenn ein Team den Arsch nicht hoch bekommt zählt ein Timer runter und sollte nichts eingenommen werden ist das Spiel verloren. Ganz einfach, aber bei Reto ists fun wenn alle grinden.
  4. https://steamdb.info/app/227940/graphs/ goto "players every day" and set the time to 1 year or more. You will notice the last big player influx when Reto said the game is out of beta in September 2016. You may also check the upper graph and find out at off peak time there are less then 2000 players. We all know how fun this is for the guys wanting to play RTS at that time. The steady decline after release is no surprise. Anyone believing in further features and updates beside coloured hats surprises me.
  5. why is squad 2.0 designed that way? Thats the right question. Dont blame the players for using what devs give them. Why you cant switch every time from specialized class to infantry??? This happened when devs didnt play their own game and wanted one feature to fix every design failure of the past. All this happened behind closed doors.
  6. every reto map is designed around a choke point....that becomes a joke by now
  7. oh reto while you are at it: for christ sake let heroes swap to underpopulated team mid war. We know there are this few guys who alt account and always will be, but its no major issue. Some will always put all their dedication into one faction - thats perfectly fine - but let the players play.
  8. hmmm, why not merge playerbase again? I know lots of us were for splitting away the noobs into staged (like reactions above show). Tiny and split playerbase now kicks in. Half an hour good tutorial and of you go for war! Combine this with warfund costs split on heroes and generals. Also the upcoming tank only battles (are there also dogfights only planed?) you can put some smurfs only grinding aside. Some additional scenarios for most wanted roles should be created, but also played in war. For example 6 vs 6 Recons playing skrimish. I bet skirmishes will pop like hell. We all know how alot Recon only players play. Forget this! As a general you should see the outcome of this matches as randomized. Which bad recon team was not so bad like the other? Is sitting and waiting for AR better only to run into next skirmish cuz someone on the other end decided to watch a line whole day? Games not getting played while some players have a blast in staged is just stupid. For merge changes in economy can help (they solve not a single issue in HnG, but can help a bit). Its not like today war games are only played by super pros and top serious guys, still a game! But who am I making suggestions for HnG. Every suggestion was already made long time ago. The game is finished.
  9. Still my favorit is if you man a city with proper troops, everything is there. Then you queue up with your friends who also got ATs there. The match starts with 200+ ping for your squad. GG The problem with waste of other players resources is inherent to this game since day 1 and devs never came up with a solution and never will. (forget squad 2.0, while this was developed reto lost complete track of what it should be and we got something weird).
  10. I'm for removing towns option. If devs didnt plan this, they should burn in hell, but changes in player numbers are no surprise. Most suggestions made above would make it even more easy for a single RTS whale to control parts (if not all) frontlines. Same goes for 5 guys playing together alot. This is funny for this one guy in command, but not for the hundreds of other players in RTS.
  11. reduce 4x headshot multipler to 2x and we are fine. Pilots would die much less by one headshot and much more important infantry wont fight random lucky headshot baseball on the ground. SA and BA headshots would still be instant death, everything else not - expect a tank shell to the head ...
  12. weird world some live in....
  13. that will do the job
  14. For me the bullets are more important in extra damage, only secondary in extra range. I suggest go with the ammo (Anschusspatrone SS) additional to the Scout II barrel if you plan to fight close to or in cap points. There are not only enemies with full health, some already lost health due a grenade or something else. There the extra damage is very helpful and the extra kick on stability doesn't matter so much.