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  1. Fallschirmjäger Flugzeug

    genau genommen fasst dies die degenerierte Free2play Scheiße zusammen. Keine Grind, macht man nicht. Ein Match einfach zu gewinnen lockt keinen mehr hinterm Ofen vor. (nichts gegen Evilspace, die Analyse stimmt natürlich).
  2. Suggestions for hiding the APC

    There are the obvious spots like garages or graveyard at church. This wont work long, expect you are extreme perky placing APC early in the match in forward position. Only a good rushing team can win like this. Some also try to circle around the next cap. That works versus low bobs, good APC hunters will have a one shot zooka or shrek and get you soon. APCs on riverbanks seem to stay unnoticed quite long. I prefer just captured objectives, so defence and attack for next cap isnt slowed down by 200 meter walks from remote spawns (example: A4 garages). If you play in a team, coming into cap with 10 guys instantly spawn is still the coolest and most effective use of APC. One (the driver) staying to defend is helpful, but dont let 4 guys defend the APC, these guys should go cap. Obviously the driver should have a wrench. If your team runs to next cap, and doesn't stay 5 meters from your APC unleashing thousands of bullets so everybody will notice the APC, your team can win. IMO best way is to work with defence and attack APC. Hunters killing one APC may not notice there is another one. Good APC drivers seeing when better stay back and when be on the road again already for next cap are needed and can win the match. In some matches its better to stay a bit back and move with your team, so they can gain some map control. Often you see an APC flanking somewhere, place the APC on the obvious spot, while the team dies on the direct route to cap. (example factory B3 - O1: while often APC try to get around and come from A-line, an APC helping to control B3-O1 would be more helpful and also gets your team to cap).
  3. retreat... to the enemy!

    and guess what: no dev has ever seen this cuz they rarely play their own game. If you would ask this question in Q&A first Gargamel would make some jokes, then you see two guys guessing whats meant "ähha, haaajaaaa, ähhh", then someone behind the camera talks about something completely different. They may look into it would be the end.
  4. "That germans are OP"

    Schießstand und Tutorials wären trotzdem toll, wohl war!
  5. "That germans are OP"

    Ich glaube an den beschriebenen Mängeln würden auch 50 Stunden Tutorial nichts ändern. Manche sitzen immer am gleichen Platz (ob in einem Busch, Flieger oder Panzer) und farmen XP und Credits. Im nächsten Spiel machen sie wieder dasselbe. Alle 3 Spiele treffen sie auf schlechte Gegner, sodass diese "Taktik" zum Sieg führt und alle sind glücklich.
  6. Vote for questions for Q&A & Why #2

    no one can read so many questions, except Reto guys who get paid for , fix the list above and we are fine.
  7. Mal so richtig Dampf ablassen!

    200 Seiten Dampf! Moment mal schauen auf Seite 1... 2015, hm, der Druck im Dampfkessel ist eher gestiegen.
  8. not enough players to fill the battles?? Face next facts: we, the players demanded from devs to lock away some players in staged. It was a failure!!! Merge staged and war again. Maybe create a second set of "fun" conditions: the existing fun settings are for manual join (f.e.x. you see on your side only 250 inf without cars and the enemy has heavy tanks? you decide if you join) additional fun settings - call it tier 2 - going in more detail to create somewhat okay battles (f.e.x. if the defender has tanks, the attacker must have tanks). Also Reto may check what in average is needed for successful attack, double the numbers and find that way settings for "fun tier 2" battles in war. We the generals seem to have enough stuff to supply these battles. Then delete staged or change it function to training ground. Alot players seem to enjoy staged. I played staged lately, and there is no big difference to players in war matches: there are some trying hard to win, some very skilled players, and ofcourse some unlucky bastard sinking a tank into water, and sometimes even in staged some are alt accounting. So no big difference
  9. Balance for a week? I wont mind a reset, but pretending that changes anything is ignoring the facts: 1. most credit or warfund millionaires dont play anymore 2. there are plenty of ways to farm warfunds and credits. What you reset today, will be farmed by some next week. Expect Reto does big changes to ingame economy, a wipe does exactly nothing. I wont mind a reset, but its not clear what it should help today, but its clear we would be at the exact same situation within a few weeks.
  10. Its about command points online! Some like to play alot, some play 2 hours in evening and all of them want to move ATs. If you move 75 or 5 command points doesnt matter, its about faction balance and an end to this zerg. I would suggest Reto to keep it simple!!! Leave all this ideas like production by fabric towns, harvester AT, reserve ATs, moral system and fiddling about autoresolve aside, infact simply delete it today. I'm for a much more drastic ways: the same amount of ATs is available to every faction at war start. A general can take over control by spending warfunds. A generals reputation system defines what costs he needs to spent to gain control. The more generals online the more control over ATs must get spread. Communicate. When a general goes offline, another general takes over. When an AT is dead, it stays dead. If a faction gets wiped, they can join one of the remaining factions, but only as hero.
  11. but at least due low playernumbers everybody can be part of the overstacking.
  12. There was a saying by top members in DUSD: "Die Leute müssen auch mal was töten!". - "Peps also need to kill some sometimes." You need players to win at least the 1 vs 1 fights. Some must go through the meat grinder attacking stupidly frontal, some need to support by driving the APC, but most need to kill and for them KDR matters. First your team needs to upper hand in numbers, or make it so by killing, and then kill the remaining enemies. Die Leute müssen auch mal was töten!
  13. waste other players resources

    Before squad 2.0 I can remember a match where almost all 18 players decided to switch to plane, all bombs out and para on the last objective. It was hilarious. Although I think we didn't win in the end, burned 40 planes within 2 minutes, but thats it - a game for fun and everything is allowed within what devs give you. There are no rules beside it, except I missed a memo. IMO the issue is ingame currency trying to fix the game, fail hard, and we see the results of some paying for the masses, resulting in salty generals and play style police. While the game should give you all the toys to have fun. If no better idea than ingame money comes around, its better to take the warfunds from the hero who needs a plane just right now to win the match or try something stupid or if this time the bridge is not so low.
  14. lol all this butthurt due some yellow rectangles we see as ours.... what if reto removes all your precious ATs,
  15. waste other players resources

    he may want to level tactical ribbon to unlock a binocular. Or he just do so cuz he can. However if in war the warfund costs would also get paid by the hero - not only the general - I guess we are fine. Additional lift some stupid restrictions out of squad 2.0 and maybe someday he will switch back to infantry if tanks get to expensive for shovel time