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  1. Progression screen is horrible how it is implemented atm..... For me it gives 0 benifit.
  2. Then you are doing something wrong. I usually need 3 or 4 hits to destroy the tanks.
  3. Mmmmmmm Panzerschreck fodder 🙂
  4. hchris


    This is definitely not true. It might appear that way because maybe the percentage of personell equipped with the STG was higher for the Waffen SS (the Waffen SS had way less troops overall) but in absolute numbers the Wehrmacht used way more of the STG family. I could dig out the numbers of the officialGerman archives but my research is currently focused on other WW2 topics. Wikipedia is almost always wrong about facts of WW2. I use only official German WW2 era sources of the German archives for my statements. In your quote there is even another wrong info. The MG34 was also used alongside the MG42 until the end of WW2, it even continued production until the very end. (And I am not only speaking about the Panzerlauf variant, also the infantry variant).
  5. hchris


    Simply more interesting for me. This all boils down to personal preference. Ingame the MG13 and Mg26(t) would be very similar. Not prewar. MG13 was used regularly until at least 1942 by Wehrmacht infantry units. This has been proven several times already with historical photo evidence. I say it again, the MG13 or MG26 (t) is only a personal preference. From a historical point of view both are possible. But strictly speaking the MG13 is more correct as it was used by the Wehrmacht, the MG26 (t) was mostly used by the Waffen SS.
  6. hchris


    I favor the MG13.
  7. hchris

    Spawn menu in action game, regular freezes

    I have this too sometimes since 1.14
  8. I regularily get freezes in the spawn menu in the action game, I had 3 today in less than 30 minutes. I could not figure out how to reproduce this yet, anybody else got the same? There is some error file located somewhere, where can I find it so I can post it here?
  9. Also the quick deploy menu never shows me all 4 choices I have with my tanks, it shows max 3 choices, sometimes only 1, sometimes 2..... what is the logic behind this?
  10. In the Quick Spawn menu, I have the choices: 1 for Panther 2 for Panzerkampfwagen IV etc etc Then there is 1 spawn point marked as it is flashing with yellow. When I select the other spawn point, it is impossible to select, but after like clicking 15 times I can select the other spawn point. But then when I spawn it does ignore my choice and spawns me on the initially marked spawn point. All of this is very confusing....
  11. The UI in the action game says: (0) Numpad to open Deploy menu I mapped the 0 Numpad instead of SPACE for jumping, But I can only open the spawn menu with the SPACE bar, despite the UI saying otherwise, is the SPACEBAR hardcoded and does it ignore key bindings?
  12. In the Flash UI, in the upper right corner is the tab NOTIFICATIONS where it lists the last few games etc (Rewards, Defeat or Win and who won). In the latest build (has been this was since 1.14) the text in those notifications says e.g.: REWARDS: number of credits earned DEFEAT! UNITED STATES NULL What does the NULL mean? I guess there is a function or a text missing?
  13. hchris


    You can disabled the new spawn menu in the options.
  14. hchris


    Would be a good idea. Honestly I have no idea what it should show for me??? What does it say? I am past level 10 anyway so I have no idea why I need to see this after each battle?
  15. hchris

    Prototype test: Tank versus Tank

    I can confirm that (I am in Euro Zone too)