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  1. hchris

    Purchasable PF60s

    Yes please make this happen. I don't see any downsides to this??
  2. hchris

    Self Propelled Anti Aircraft Guns

    Also those (5 cm Flak 41 on different self Propelled bases)
  3. hchris

    Self Propelled Anti Aircraft Guns

    There is also this: Sd.Kfz. 251/21
  4. hchris

    Lower powered/alternative scopes

    Yep definitely interested too. Please.
  5. hchris

    Suggestion: M1917 Enfield

    It also has a 6 Rd magazine if I remember correctly?
  6. hchris


    This statement is bull----. We here in Europe have to use our holiday, several weeks a year (number of weeks vary depending on country). It is a law and if you don't do it, the company will get sued. So there is no way to avoid that your staff has to go on holiday.
  7. I think we, the whole player base, deserves that the Carbine family finally gets reworked. I mean how much work can it be? We have asked for this for years. Create a new 15 round mag for the M1 and M1A1. Up the damage (short range). If you can't find a proper balance please check how other games did it. There are plenty of WW2 games that worked out a good carbine ballance which is also quite realistic while still being fun. I simply cannot understand why H&G is unable to do this.
  8. hchris


    I never used HSG so far. It should be removed, easiest solution for this problem.
  9. hchris


    The Trello page looks rather empty? Seems like not a lot of stuff going on atm at Reto?
  10. hchris

    July UPDATE

    Yep think so too. Btw if armor plates go into the game, I will abandon the game immediately.
  11. hchris


    @Reto.Christiano @Reto.Hades
  12. hchris

    Prototype test: Armor plating

    @Reto.Stenum I rarely reply to threads like this but this time I really feel that it is necessary. Armor plates are not a good idea and there is absolutely nothing which could change my mind. I have been with the game since 2014 I think and put some money into it but if those armor plates go into the game I am out for good. This is completely the opposite of what I want from the game and of what I would expect from a WW2 game. I will repeat this again because for me personally it is the most valid point in this discussion: This armor plate system does not fit the theme of a WW2 game. Period. There have to be other solutions, other games solve this situation too without armor plates. I think it is absolutely necessary to remove heavy set, it should never have been in the game. All players should have the same chance to die and take damage. I think the easiest solution to this would be: Increase the damage a bit for starter semi auto rifles. Maybe add SMGS very early as unlocks, maybe add a new starter tier SMG set which is available to new players immediately. That is all. That is 3 simple steps to do compared to an endless list posted by @Reto.Stenum Additionally you could also give new players basic hand grenades.
  13. hchris

    Prototype test: Armor plating

    Why not simply remove heavy set badge? All players should be able to take the same amount of damage. This should not be in the game. If it were removed then no 'fix' like the armor plates are needed.
  14. hchris

    Prototype test: Armor plating

    This pretty much sums it up.
  15. hchris

    Prototype test: Armor plating

    A bad idea stays a bad idea, I don't need to try that because it simply does not fit a WW2 game. If this was a fantasy space shooter or whatever then ok, but not in a WW2 game. There are certainly other ways to solve the situation with new players which fit better into the WW2 theme of your game. This idea is so far away from fitting into a WW2 game that I had to check the calendar to see if it is April 1st.