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  1. hchris

    Sounds in 1.13 Stronghold update

    Exactly the same situation today with the same tesults
  2. hchris

    Upcoming Soviet map "Krepost" (Work in Progress)

    I have exactly the opposite experience. I love it. Fantastic close quaters gameplay. It is a fast map with often changing ownership and intense fights. Excellent map. One of my favorite.
  3. hchris

    Recon Vehicles

    You got enough references or do you need more? I can work on this on the weekend if needed.
  4. hchris

    What you’ve been waiting for: The Stronghold Update

    I wouldn't be so harsh with my words but basically I agree with you. The armor updated worked way better with the 1.12 release and got a lot worse with the hotfix. Any chance we can go back to the first iteration of 1.12? @Reto.Hades If I were you I would try the new infantry animations, they are really good and give a completely new experience. Just load up a Krepost map game and try it out. I am sure you will see the improvement.
  5. hchris

    Heavy Tank Destroyers

    Thank you very much @Reto.Christiano for the new tank hunters in 1.13 love then 🙂 2 questions please: - the Jagdpanther ingame has 2 zoom options for the gunsight. Is this intended or a bug? In real life it had 5x magnification and 8° field of view like the Stug and Hetzer. - are any other heavy tank hunters planned like the mentioned Jagdtiger, M36B1 ans ISU122? Just out of interest 🙂 In any case, good work as always please kero it coming! Thanks
  6. hchris

    UPDATE 1.13 ...

    Huh just played a round on Krepost with STG 44 and it felt wonderful to use, almost excellent. There is nothing I would change about this weapon. (I am using modded ammo if I remember correctly, rest of my STG is unmodified).
  7. hchris

    Sounds in 1.13 Stronghold update

    I don't hear a sound when mines are exploding. I noticed it today on Krepost map. When infantry is stepping on anti personel mines I can hear no sound, same when I step on it myself. Happened on several locations in the fortress with Soviet mines. Strangely I also see no explosions for exploding mines. I only see the corpse flying through the air but no explosion sfx. Only happens on infantry mines as far as I noticed, hand grenades are fine for example. Btw sticky this topic?
  8. hchris

    What you’ve been waiting for: The Stronghold Update

    Yeah I also experiencedrubber banding and lag today. I can confirm that.
  9. hchris

    Wow good job

    Yeah think so too. Hope to see this ingame soon.
  10. hchris

    What you’ve been waiting for: The Stronghold Update

    Hmmm I played the first time today with the hot marker in the crosshair and to my own surprise I somehow liked it. But yes I can understand that some people prefer to play without the hit markers so an option to turn them off would be great.
  11. hchris

    What you’ve been waiting for: The Stronghold Update

    Btw the new recoil animations are pure heaven. One of the best additions/fixes ever. This alone makes the infantry gameplay a lot more enjoyable!
  12. hchris

    What you’ve been waiting for: The Stronghold Update

    New map is really really good, just had a fantastic game!! New tank destroyers are sexy :-) Please give my Jagdpanther some camo!
  13. hchris

    Recon Vehicles

    I think Reto.Christiano needs the interior photos for the internal components of the vehicle for the damage model.
  14. Worst example is the COD series imo.
  15. Yeah but for games too now. It is now decided on a case by case basis. Only if the content of the game is deemed inappropriate the game will be banned. But generally speaking it is now possible to include swastikas in games.