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      On our prototype server you will now find a very early preview of the Soviet Skirmish map called 'Khutor', that we have in development.   Please note that this is a preview, and not a public test as such, which means that you should expect that a lot of things are not final yet.   The 'Khutor' map will be on the Prototype server until Wednesday the 24th of January.   Read more here:    


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  1. Armor Thickness

    Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. H
  2. Armor Thickness

    Stug III Ausf. G
  3. Armor Thickness

    Yep Ausf. H definitely 80mm
  4. Add Corsair F4U-1C for americans

    Only used in the PTO
  5. Track types

    Sounds good. Think about the Sexy Ostkette and Winterkette :-)
  6. Not confirmed. They just said that Tey might look into alternatives in the future. Same. Also not confirmed.
  7. IS4 tank possible?

    No Probably post war?? Or from a movie?
  8. Fantastic work!! Where did you find those? Wow how beautiful. Niiiiiice thanks for sharing!
  9. Tank Sights and Periscopes.

    Do you mean the reticle of the ZF 3x8° for ground targets? There are basically 2 variants depending who produced it and when, but they are mostly similar. I can send you those if you still need them. This one posted by German Soldier is actually ok, but it is missing a few details as you can't see them in the photo. Do you need a better reference? Then I can send it to you via Email.
  10. Tank Sights and Periscopes.

    Absolutely nothing on the Light Tank M2A2, sorry :-( Concerning the M45 Quad Mount I did a lot of digging and all manuals state that it used the Navy Reflector Sight, Mk. IX, same is used by the M16 MGMC. I will send you the stuff via Email as Imgur still doesn't work :-( Sources among many others e.g. FM 44-57 Service of the Piece Multiple Machine Gun Mounts January 1945
  11. I have info on this in the original Italian tank manuals from that era. Sadly I cannot read Italian.
  12. Tank Sights and Periscopes.

    WORK IN PROGRESS!!! So lets start with the M3 Lee: There are several options for the gunsights for the 37mm and 75mm guns, depending which variant and which date of manufacture of the M3 Lee. I will list all options and you can choose what fits the game best. (Sorry IMGUR does not work for me atm so I will have to send the reticles with email). 37mm Gun M6: (early variants) Periscope M2 used with Telescope M19 Magnification: 1x Field of View: 11° RETICLE SENT VIA EMAIL OR (late variants) Periscope M2 used with Telescope M19A1 Magnification: 1x Field of View: 11° RETICLE SENT VIA EMAIL (early variant) 75mm Gun M2: Periscope M1 used with Telescope M21 Magnification: ?? Field of View: ?? RETICLE SENT VIA EMAIL (late variant) 75mm Gun M3: Periscope M3 with M21A1???? Magnification: ?? Field of View: ?? For the Protectoscopes, I found no indication of any sort that it used any kind of reticle :-( @Reto.Christiano where did you find that the M3 Lee uses the M21A1 Telescope for the Main gun?? I only found the Periscope M1 used with Telescope M21?
  13. Tank Sights and Periscopes.

    I can get you this, but I need a bit more time, maybe tomorrow, have to dig through several manuals and they are contradicting so far....
  14. Tank Sights and Periscopes.

    Real research is done like this.... I do this stuff for about 20 years now.