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  1. hchris

    MY.GAMES integration

    @Reto.Hades ?
  2. hchris

    Assault Rifle tiers

    The photo of the Stg44 with a ZF4 is a reenactment isn't it?
  3. hchris

    What is the name of this scope?

    Question 1) is solved, found all the details :-) Question 2) remains open...any help greatly appreciated.
  4. hchris

    What is the name of this scope?

    Hey @Akinaba thank you for your reply and sorry for my late reply. I have actually two questions: 1) The optics, in the manuals it is usually simply called Панорама. I know for a fact that there are different variants, also different reticles were used depending on the production date. I am looking for the reticle of a Панорама produced around 1936-1942. It should most probably have a very simple reticle, it is described as follows: crosshair from top to bottom with a gab in the middle. Could you please help me to find photos of this variant and also photos of the reticle? 2) I am still trying to find the ranges on the range drum. I have some, but sadly it is rather difficult to read them from the photos which can be found on the internet. It would be great to get a manual for the 76mm divisional gun M1936 (F-22) from the war era, maybe there is one available somewhere?
  5. hchris

    UPDATE 1.17 - Cold Front

    Thank you very very much, please keep the snow in the future. Just add it as a weather setting to all maps, I absolutely love it! It adds so much diversity to the maps! btw the Bazooka has the optical sight now? In the render it has the optical sight, ingame there is only the iron sights?
  6. It was used on this gun: 76mm divisional gun M1936 (F-22) It should be marked "OPT - S A W GL ARTIL UGR" Anybody have any ideas?
  7. hchris


    No it seems like a bug, noticed that too. @Reto.Christiano ?
  8. Honestly I don't even have a real first hand source for Germany using the Zielacht in real life.... if anybody has any, please share. It should be replaced with the Zielsechs which was issued officially to Wehrmacht troops.
  9. hchris

    The assassination of a Game.....Disappointed!!

    If you want to play with higher powered scopes go play Recon class. Where is the problem? Most other games do the same, they too have a dedicated sniper class.
  10. hchris

    Scope disappeared

    Same here. Problem not solved so far.
  11. hchris


    Same here.
  12. hchris


    This is really a fantastic update. Thanks a lot and keep it up!! The only problem I have is that I lost a few scopes which I owned before. Will they get replaced with the new ones or will I get a refund? Do I nee to contact support or will this be fixed in a patch? @Reto.Hades