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  1. Anti Tank Infantry Weapons

    I am sorry to say this but I agree with this statement. :-(
  2. Anti Tank Infantry Weapons

    I rarely voice my opinion here in the Reto Reference Regiment forums as I see my job mainly to provide info and research but in this case I would strongly suggest to get a fully working bipod system into the game before the weapons mentioned above find their way into the game. This system is long overdue and honestly I would not add any "heavier" infantry weapons until this system is in place. Btw any chance for a Stuka after Vehicle 2.0? @Reto.Christiano please share your thoughts about those points above.
  3. @Reto.Circinus this has come up quite often. Any chance we could get a better notification?
  4. WWII related museums in Denmark?

    Wow what a fantastic town Copenhagen is!!! We were at an event called Midsummer at the ports today and it rocked :-) there was a live band and we ate some pork sandwiches. Tasty beer here, excellent food and I think there are the most beautiful women I have ever seen anywhere. Every second women looks like a model here, it is absolutely unbelievable. To conclude the evening we visited the Hard Rock Cafe at our way back to the hotel. The people in Copenhagen are very relaxed and they know how to party :-) I love this town so far. One of the best towns I have seen and I visited a lot of towns in Europe.
  5. Periscopes (T2 Binoculars)

    Just came across this today, will try to find it again.
  6. Hello guys, I will probably visit Denmark (Copenhagen to be exact) soon and I wanted to ask you guys, especially RETO as they are from Copenhagen, what kind of WW2 related museums are in that area? I remember that a few years ago the RETO staff did a journey to a WW2 museum which features lots of anti tank and anti aircraft guns etc, where was this museum located? Is there probably even a tank museum in the area? Looking forward to your suggestions :-) @[email protected]@[email protected]@Reto.Circinus
  7. Anti Tank Infantry Weapons

    The US research stuff was sent to @Reto.Christiano, if you need anything else, just ask away. German stuff will come soon, working on that. Generally: I would go this route with ballancing: Bazooka M1A1 (already ingame) Ammo: M6A1 rocket (already ingame) Unlock 1 Bazooka M9 (better aiming apperature -> optics) Ammo: M6A3C (improved ammo -> better penetration) Note: There is also a WP (chemical) rocket type for the Bazookas called M10 (anti personell and smoke screening). This could be an additional unlock? Are you interested in data for this? Unlock 2 Recoilless Rifle M18 (even better aiming apperature -> optics with magnification and good reticle, much greater effective range compared to the Bazookas) Standard Ammo: M307 (Anti Tank HEAT) Ammo Upgrade 1: M306 (Anti Personell HE) Ammo Upgrade 2: M308 (Anti Personell, Smoke Screening WP) Have you considered this idea additionally? https://heroesandgenerals.com/forums/topic/43076-panzerfaust-models-and-research/ Create a new badge for unlocking different Panzerfaust models. When a player grabs a Panzerfaust on a crate on the map, he will then pick up the according Panzerfaust depending on the progress of the badge. The following Panzerfaust models could be unlocked: Infantry Assault Ribbon - Certain Rank unlocks Panzerfaust 30 Klein Panzerfaust Ribbon: Unlock 1: Panzerfaust 30 Groß Unlock 2: Panzerfaust 60 Unlock 3: Panzerfaust 100 Unlock 4: Panzerfaust 150 Unlock 5: Panzerfaust 150 Splitterring Please share your thoughts!
  8. dev update

    I guess he meant monthly Dev streams
  9. dev update

    New level designer? How about a meet the developers post on the news blog?
  10. Anti Tank Infantry Weapons

    I have all this stuff for the US and Germany completely researched and everything backed up with official sources. I will write together some summaries over the next few days as I have hundreds of pages of research material about this topic. If you have any other questions about this stuff ask away, I am absolutely convinced that I can answer everything. Will reply again over the next few days as soon as I have summarized some stuff.
  11. The game is losing player overtime

    They are waiting with the advertising atm to complete the critical development one of RETO said.
  12. [German] Weapon Suggestions

    38 or 39? I hope they choose the 38 as it has never been in a video game so far.
  13. Depends on which brand of beer :-)
  14. The Makarov Pistol of soviet is so hot... sir reto :)

    Makarov was not used in WW2, post war weapon design so no.
  15. The game is losing player overtime

    Ever heard of summer time?