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  1. Kar 98k Iron sight`s enhancement

    But isn't the PBR a backend update?
  2. Kar 98k Iron sight`s enhancement

    Why is the PBR on hold at the moment?
  3. Mg13 is ok for me, MG30 would be cool too. As for the other choices they are all acceptable and no problem here. Most important is the bipod system though otherwise all this will be a waste of time.
  4. Tank Sights and Periscopes.

    I know that the book is wrong about the WZF because I have the data sheets of the real one including the reticle :-)
  5. Tank Sights and Periscopes.

    Nope books are a rather poor source too. Over the last 20 years of optics research I saw way too many mistakes in various books to ever take any book seriously anymore. Only German war era documents and manuals are a serious source.
  6. Tank Sights and Periscopes.

    There are quite a few mistakes in those scans and the Google spreadsheet. Take this information with a big grain of salt. Actually nobody ever showed ANY serious evidence that this is true except it was mentioned in some books. But no serious primary sources ever suggested that the Jagdpanther used a variant of the WZF. So I am not convinced that we should take this information seriously. Nope this was proven to be fake by the creator of this image. Sorry to burst your bubble.
  7. Paint your Panther - and more!

    Read only forum section. Only some selected persons can post. Usually people who help with research. If you want to contribute to serious research please PM Circinus
  8. What games, if any do you play outside H&G weekly?

    How old are you? 10?
  9. Why don't you post a few of those behind the scenes stuff on the main Web page? Explain the stuff a bit, get into technical stuff etc. This will show the players how hard you guys are working and that stuff is indeed moving along..... Btw what about the Roadmap for 2018?
  10. Armor Thickness

    Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. H
  11. Armor Thickness

    Stug III Ausf. G
  12. Armor Thickness

    Yep Ausf. H definitely 80mm
  13. Add Corsair F4U-1C for americans

    Only used in the PTO
  14. Track types

    Sounds good. Think about the Sexy Ostkette and Winterkette :-)
  15. Not confirmed. They just said that Tey might look into alternatives in the future. Same. Also not confirmed.