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  1. hchris

    Hit Markers

    You can disabled it so where is the problem?
  2. hchris


    No it was end of THE month 🙂 which could mean, at least here in my country, any month 🙂
  3. hchris


    Which month? 😕
  4. hchris

    Hit Markers

    Some people like it. Don't assume that if you don't like something, that nobody likes it...... I actually like them.
  5. hchris

    Give the H3 Back

    No. K thx bye
  6. hchris


    Still no Trello update? February is almost over 😞
  7. hchris

    bipods and molotovs when?

    The MG13 is neither weird nor barely known. It was the standard German MG until the MG34 arrived in greater numbers and was used even then regularly by the Wehrmacht. Actually I think this is the perfect Tier 1 starter MG for the Germans from both a historical and gameplay point of view. I cannot find anything bad about it other than personal choice....
  8. Do you have a single real source which shows the MAS36 CR39 in use in WW2?
  9. MG13 was used until at least 1942 by the Wehrmacht by frontline troops. There are several photos of this so it can definitely be in the game.
  10. hchris

    bipods and molotovs when?

    Very early? The videos which I saw looked VERY promising and looked like they worked very good, maybe even better than in most other games. Same for the Molotov, looked like it almost worked with only minimal adjustments needed like longer burning time and some work on the fire/smoke effects. Hope they will be in the game too.
  11. Perfect match for me, Bazooka and Ampulomet fodder 😄 I love hunting down tanks!
  12. Mas 36 cr39 and Mas 36 / 51 are post WW2 weapons.
  13. They already said that the DT and MT will be added soon. Same for the MG13 and M1919A6 which will replace the A4.
  14. They will be added soon, check the Reto Reference Regiment forums.
  15. To be honest I believe that this weapon was probably never used by infantry units.