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  1. I might consider hiring you when i need someone to design my own house On a serious note.. I like the C3 building rework of FW Airfield. GG. Makes much more sense now. Would like to see you give it a try on the O1 objective of FW AF now (that awfully designed / walled in bridge) in the following fashion: - A tad wider to be able to let two vehicles pass at once - a small one-man guardhouse with a manual controllable barrier / gate halfway - removal of ALL (despicable) wooden fences and stapled sandbags - just a storage box here and there to act as cover on both ends of the bridge, preferably on both sides in a staggered position. - rework of the lower waterside cellar into a small docking area for boats with just ladders leading up (no complete staircase/ fire escapes) Concerning the interior design of the bar house Would rather see a single story hunting lodge in the fashion of the hateful 8 movie: Bars, especially with second floor holding tables/seats weren't really common back then. Let alone in a forest Ensure to open up some windows and remove the insane amount of sandbags and those awfull wooden fences (again, whats up with these. If they want to minimize HE shelling how about minimizing the insane amount of tanks per match instead of walling every objective in like crazy )
  2. C3 house is yet another example of bad map /asset design. Why: 1: would there be Czech hedgehogs placed left and right of the road coming from the East? What purpose do they have there? 2: is the 'tractor parking shed' almost completely walled in preventing the tractor from... exactly going out to the field to harvest? Instead, it has to go out on the open road, cross the misplaced hedgehogs before being able to turn right to the fields and do its job. Prime example of the wall spam paranoia this game has seen the past 2 years. Reto killed their own maps by letting go of special class cap resulting in insane amount of vehicles in each match which eventually called for desperate measures in terms of map "rework".
  3. yiNMastaH

    Status of new maps?

    Sounds fair. Still to get back you your original question: specific or generic locations? I would still go for a Monte Casino (or likes) specific map instead. But once you get to background graphics, you might consider placing the citadel at an important crossroad or such Yes you can, by putting back the cap on special classes per match like we used to have. Of course this won't limit the total amount of people in queue for special class but it will eventually result in more battles to pop while keeping the cap. In the meantime Reto could work on different game modes (i support that idea) instead of having people leaving the game due to being put in the most unbalanced matches all the time. Why not in that particular order? If it was for me i would have kept Heroes and Generals based around infantry game play instead of trying to melt WoT, WT and BF game aspects all down in just one game. It has (obviously) proven to be a project of a to large scale for Reto. But hey, it's your product so time will tell. Not saying all the work should be ditched, but was aiming for the current maps that are just 'spammed' with foliage (read the 'Jungle warfare' comments all over the forum) and/or props preventing people from playing the maps freely as they once could; all due to bad implementation of spawn 2.0 --> Which in turn was invented to meet demands of so many special class players --> Which was a result of letting go of the cap....--> -> which lead to having to do so many iterations / reworks of old maps -> which lead to having so many complaints about bad map balance Long story short: Removing the special class cap is the root cause / trigger to quite some issues Heroes and Generals faces today. Anyway, i tried to say that once we got back to previous situation, there would be no need for current maps any longer. I'm sure they will be barely missed then. But hey, feel free to mention me during your meetings. I'll be happy to elaborate on my proposals ^^
  4. yiNMastaH

    Most OP defence

    How about 'stubbornness'? Not wanting to admit that these changes to the game completely destroyed H&G game play? Since it will surely cost someone I mean, i just can't imagine any of them at Reto's office likes the mechanics you just mentioned themselves either...... If only they would, they could bring back H&G's fun level by: - Removing spawn 2.0. - Reviving old maps (incl. old spawn system) - Removing squad 2.0. They just have to start facing the fact that in almost every aspect (maps, UI, visuals. HUD, spawn, squad system, RTS, game pace, balance, team play) Heroes and Generals has seen a huge downfall compared to 2013-2014 era if they want to be able to keep up with upcoming competition.
  5. yiNMastaH

    Status of new maps?

    Well lets take the béta version of that specific fortress map on the test server as being a generic location. I got to play it and was not impressed at all. Even if it was just a 'beta' i felt the complete map basis was just chosen wrongly. The setting of that fortress in pretty much no-mans land. It had absolutely zero strategic importance the way it was put in some random environment thus i proposed to create a Monte Casino type of map if Reto is so desperate in wanting to create a map that centers around a fortress. An old abbey bombed to ruins but on a very strategic important location (near mountain pass). So i'd rather see specific locations for the sake of immersion. Purely fantasy map of which we have way to many already (no offence but you know just as i do that current maps have undergone that many iterations trying to fit in H&G style 2015 - onward where there is more tanks/planes/recons than infantry players, that they are broken beyond a point of no return). Those old maps (early béta era such as Forest Town, first Airfield, first French Town and basically all skirmish maps) should have been left alone and new maps should have been made from scratch. In all honesty, as a long time competitive/ clan based gamer, i held my breath as soon as "village" skirmish (ya know, the one without a village ) was released as of being a new map. Sorry for going left and right here and perhaps not a 1 on 1 answer to your question but concerning map development i think Reto would do a really good job by: roll back failed spawn system 2.0. do a rework of all Early Béta maps finishing the maps that were once show cased to us during early development (city map? countryside?) work on some iconic maps (thus specific locations) ditch all current work I for one stopped playing H&G some time ago now also due to boredom and lack of immersion (among a long list of other downgrades to H&G since peak time in 2013/2014)
  6. This. This. And This. Leads to this. Longer time players keep saying this because we all know how game play was before numerous cash cow tanks+planes+recons were introduced. The only sane reason i can come up with as of why there is still no cap on special classes; it obvious generates sufficient income.
  7. yiNMastaH

    Summer Sale: 14 days of sale

    It's not just the AT that is been messed up; it's also the insane amount of tanks per match. AT should be put back to special class and special classes should be limited to 3 max. each. All problems solved concerning tank and AT spam, and the game will actually see teamwork evolve naturally instead of forcing it upon people with Squad 2.0. strait jacket. Anyways, a 60% discount on TD's brings the costs at a level it should have been in the first place. So grab it while it lasts. Just be sure not to refill when you run out of them...
  8. yiNMastaH

    Summer Sale: 14 days of sale

    Good time to reinstall, burn some stashed credits on stuff with discount, uninstall and wait for the moment the game becomes enjoyable again. Since sales are always a good gesture but they do not fix the game nor do they get rid of the nuisances the game suffers from so heavily for years. I also believe people would be willing to pay full price for everything if H&G would be restored to former glory game play wise. At least i would fork over €50 instantly if i was able to play the 2013 version of H&G.
  9. Just stop playing. If everyone does this they will have to change something about all the long time complaints.
  10. yiNMastaH

    Prototype Server Open June 21st-June 23rd - UI Test

    No, believe it or not but it was designed by Reto-Moto themselves. But if my memory serves me right, some other UI artist was in the lead. Man, I just keep looking at the calendar to see if we really ain't living on April 1st because this whole UI thing just sounds and looks like a complete joke.
  11. yiNMastaH

    Prototype Server Open June 21st-June 23rd - UI Test

    My first reactions when reading the remark "UI test" was: 1: "God, no. Not again". And: 2:"I wonder if they were able to pour even more FB + Twitter sauce over our once beloved old-school look&feel alpha/early béta UI?". Still, some teasing comment made by one of the devs some time ago on the forums ("you guys are probably going to like it (new UI)") for some reason gave me hope Reto got their act together and saw the light by going back to that great old school look&feel. Perhaps they DID ease down the UI with social media spam and laggy drag&drop system. Perhaps they DID went back to clean and ogranized UI with less overkill in weapon info that is barely informative and Perhaps they DID give us back the character lay out screen? Perhaps they did clean up the UI and gave back the great, clean and nicely laid out RTS screen? Who knows?! Boy! So excited! So said to myself "i'll give them slack and install the prototype to find out!". But guess what. I first read forums: Why is it that my feelings on forehand proved to be right again? Thanks @Geronimo553 for saving me time. Project UI 68.0 is on the wall next to Squad 2.0., Spawn 2.0., Iron sight 2.0. now Sorry @Reto.Robotron3000 but it is getting kind of predictable.
  12. yiNMastaH

    Is this game dead?

    Aye. It seems stable and probably will be for some time. However a game of this size which breeds on new players and pretty much ignores the long time (Alpha / Early Béta) veterans, is eventually doomed to fail since the 'new player pool' to replace the bored and ignored players will dry out eventually.
  13. Well despite your heroic efforts i'd like to make you wake up and smell the coffee. That station is passed. Face it. The game will never become as how players would want it. First of all because it is impossible to personalize the game to everyone satisfaction. Second of all, the game is / will become as what developers think is best and what makes enough revenue at the same time. Plain and simple and no one can blame them as long as they realize that what goes around comes around. Seeing long time players leave because game kept getting hit by more and more bugs and design flaws while seeing new content being added is a prime example. Eventually it will hit the Steam era players too. If the game was molded in the way players want it, we would not have a WW2 Hitman game. Thing is, what frustrates many is that developers just tend to be too stubborn and focus on different priorities than what the player base mentions in the numerous top 5 issues. If i can recall, reverting Spawn 2.0. and Squad 2.0. are two of the biggest game breakers to many. Too stubborn to revert something that is clearly broken just as a token and sign that they are indeed listening. And, to stay on topic, removal of cap on special units is the biggest reason leading to crap matches as pointed out by the OP.
  14. @RadicalEdward2 Concerning your interior design: Why make an elevated kitchen area ?? There is no reason to do so unless that part of the building encompasses a cellar underneath it that requires a raised ground floor and stairs leading down to it. For example, closed down by a wooden two-doors hatch accessible from the outside as was pretty common back then as being used as bomb shelters) Wished to see you getting your hand on old Forest Town map and slightly tweaking secondary spawn area's and X1 killing zone. Perhaps if you ever get hired to assist on badly needed map (re)work.
  15. yiNMastaH

    War Reto making it worse

    It's mostly the "Steamers" that are the believers and keep frantically write posts describing the exact same issues that have been described years ago. Those that have played H&G during those glory days are hard to come by.