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  1. forget everything you know, nothing works the same anymore
  2. Call911

    M8 Greyhound Camoflauge

    the question is not about how bad the M8 greyhound is compared to competitors (which it is though) but if you would have bought the camo, would you equip it or leave it on default?
  3. Call911

    Matchmaker broken

    more matchmaker works:
  4. the matchmaker is broken for a long time now, but still no fix, why? who at reto was thinking it would be a great idea to - put 12 pilots in one game? - put 3 full clan squads against 18 fresh grinding randoms - put people against the same people over and over again (game dying?) - fill the battle with special classes so only 3 infantry soldiers actually participate at one team - let random squad leaders decide if you can use auxilary seats or not - present the same battle over and over again when you decline there must be more balance, more infantry, more 'AI' into the MM s the enemy team already captured two control points, we have 5 pilots, 1 tanker, 1 paratrooper; MatchMaker (MM) gave them 4 infantry and 1 tanker the enemy team is capturing the second objective (4° cap already) we have 8 pilots, 2 paratroopers, 1 tanker, still no infantry, game is already almost lost, enemies have 11 infantry and one tanker 12 pilots, 1 tanker, 2 paratroopers, 3+2 infantry (2 of them have to wait to spawn cause planes rarely die while infantry is exposed to a horde of capping enemies) bonus: 7 out of 12 players are pilots no need to describe pure cancer I know you are working on other methods but it's way to slow, simply limit the amount of pilots or other special classes and think before you implement some more things: - fix the constant automatic logout thing every 5 seconds - make us able to upload screenshots from our harddrive - at driver ribbon level 3 you get mechanic bronze, but you have to wait for level 5 to actually buy the wrench to be able to repair? devs, do you ever play your own game? reason this please
  5. Call911

    MP40 or Tiger II?

    none of the two => you are still grinding => you are short on credits ==> buy another soldier and start leveling him up (infantry assault, physical fitness, driver, chauffeur, medic, tactical etc) ==> wait untill a sale comes along, buy then
  6. Call911

    Basics to being a Tank Destroyer?

    please rate the 6 TD's we have in game from best to worst cause mine would be: hellcat > stug > hetzer > wolverine > su-85 > su76 a tank is not 'good' because it plays well as an ambusher, lol every tank should do well when you ambush and sniping just doesn't work when you can't pen a tank because your cannon lacks power
  7. Call911

    Basics to being a Tank Destroyer?

    haha LOL su-85 very good tank? against what? MG tanks? - the gun depression is horrible, can't reach crouching enemies in front of your tank, you have to ride all the way up the hill, can't kill tanks from a higher level etc.. - the armor is horrible, light tanks can pen your front easily, better tanks don't even try to aim at weakspots - you are big and bulky, turning is horrible, fixed gun etc - you have bad shell penetration - no mg against infantry hellcat has at least speed (and they still have proper mediums), stug and hetzer have mg's, good armor etc real tips: - always remember you are on the battlefield to support your infantry to cap the objective - td's are meant to hunt tanks, no enemy tanks = no need for TD - use your high power shells good against light tanks - flanking is nice, but against weaker opponents you can just camp it out - when defending: use tank to hold crossings against vehicles - watch for mines and infantry - if you are killed by infantry guns, they can capture your tank and use it against you, warn teammates in chat for that - wolverine is good as hellcat backup, when you are wasting much tanks in staged (cheaper) or when you need some extra armor against ptrd/OHK H3 (infantry first badge) - the wolverine armor doesn't do much, use the angles on it though - your cannon is your weapon, not speed or armor - equip a wrench and proper badges - learn weakspots of enemy tanks, learn tank spawn zones etc
  8. Call911

    Fastest way to level up ribbon exp, War or depot?

    first thing: get ribbon booster second: pick up BA rifles or assoult rifles they give more points and are imo a bit easier to use third: if you are pro with good combat badges (HS), good sniper skills etc go staged, if you kinda suck: go war, find a camping recon, kill and steal rifle, sit back and camp while picking off targets from safe distance with 1 shot lastly: try to always grind something when playing, if you unlock the carbine but you don't have enough money (or you are short on cash): grind another soldier till some sale is coming
  9. Call911

    wrong combat badge/ribbons

    hello I have this problem with my infantry soldier wearing a wrench. I gave him the mechanic combat badge cause what else would I give him But now when I want to see my evolution I have to unload this combat badge and see it in the right menu in the vehicle combat badges list where i can click on the real driver ribbon. In the left menu itself the ground support ribbon (for pilots) is shown. It's not just a visual problem, you can affectively click on it and directly go to that ribbon. It's quite new cause until yesterday it showed another wrong combadt badge (tank driver). This isn't the only loading problem, i have multiple problems with wrong combat badges loading... Have fun with it, I hope you guys can find the problem
  10. Call911

    Tanks guide/performance/weakspots

    unfortunately, a lot of intel is missing, escpecially crucial info about the tiger1 and tiger 2 (and stug) also it's from the perspective off US tankers, while they have better guns then SU but I'm mostly looking for pics like this; and this:
  11. Call911

    Tanks guide/performance/weakspots

    1. doesn't work when you use a russian tank (tiger 2 is also not penetrable from the side) 2. stuart needs at least 4 hits against any other light, which kind of noobs do you face that doesn't gets his tank turned after the first shot? so we assume that tanks turn around, even when flanked, so what are the weakpoints?
  12. Call911

    Matchmaker broken

    yet another staggering performance of matchmaker, the battle didn't even last a full 9 minutes, because we had only one infantry guy to cap against 4 of them (and even that guy went tanking as seen in chat). and then we had 5 tankers against 6 of them with better tanks. since SU tanks are inferior to the german ones (we don't even have double zoom) (even panther > KV-85) and the fact that german soldiers unlock the H3 sooner, there was nothing we could do, it's in the DNA of the game! (that's why one tanker already left the match) so while we are at it: buff kv-85
  13. Call911

    Tanks guide/performance/weakspots

    bump, can the original files with the weakspots get restored? they aren't visible anymore secondly: can the new tanks be fit in as well?
  14. I don't really think the 9 meters really matter, smartass, but the metric system has some advantages: you never need these odd numbers, just multiply or divide by 10. besides that: this post is about the question to buff current aa guns, since you admit that stationary aa's are not powerfull and easy targets, you support the need although you say the opposite (we can't expect 5 guys to take the aa gun for 1 enemy pilot) the fact that it's stationary is because the mobile aa guns: - are more expensive - need apc spawns - need a driver (otherwise you are static as well) - it's difficult to hit while moving -are spawned far away from a known location, and they can always see IF one spawned the badges &MG guns: you cannot effectively down a fast medium fighter that makes bomb dives; it goes to fast, but it repeats it killing diving patterns around the spawn smart people flank around big time, stupid people just rush and die you can't expect everyone to be smart, especially because that leaves the cap unattended
  15. first of all, let's convert that to non-restarted units so the normal rest of the world understands too => 1.6 km secondly: which maximum distance would still be in the threat zone for you? thirdly, a skilled pilot can take out a fixed aa gunner from a long distance, since you know where it's gonna be.. and lastly: if you only try to take out enemies when they are a threat to you, the game will become a whole lot more difficult ^^
  16. so you finally understand what you didn't understood the first time: planes are too difficult to take down?
  17. spawncamping could be prevented with AI bots that wander (guard) the spawn (especially the a1 vehicle spawn if the fight is around a4 f.e.) and also with AI bots helping you guard the tank (AT hunters would then need to kill the ai guard then kill tank..) nobody wants to sit in a1spawn the whole match for a potential enemy that lays down mines
  18. you may live in your own imaginary world, but it's probably more like 5 shots then 50, maybe play the game and see how fast and high those planes are. sure I can land more, maybe 15 shots, but when you are traveling to the woods and a plane flies over, it's difficult, but show me a clip of your insane skills offcourse..
  19. Call911

    Is the STG good or bad?

    wow dind't know that german soldiers could choose between avs, johnson, dp28 or m1919.. your intelligence amazes me
  20. I thought the mods didn't make any difference to vehicles (somebody once said that) (redemon's tools back this up: but again: when I start firing the pilot is most times OUT of the vehicle, still repairing, so no flak jacket, no full health. I assume that they can't have ALL flak jacket GOLD (it's a long grind, like the whole rest of the game) even so, when you are that pro that you have flak jacket gold, you don't neccesarily have veteran membership and even so, what's the second badge going to be? Bombs away or fast reload? Thus they need time to repair most of the times I start shooting like 10 seconds after they start to repair, difficult to time, cause I need to spawn before they actually land
  21. Even my latest tactic is not working: waiting till they land to repair, drive up, shoot the jeep MG and destroy them. IT DOES NOT WORK! You can doubt my skill as a player, but point blank emptying an MG, 60-70 rounds in their plane (while most of the time they are not even IN the plane so NO flak jacket) doesn't kill it, they hop in and fly away, it only works with recon planes or very badly damaged ones when I'm really fast.there. I don't know if damage stats are still the same, but with 15-20 damage each bullet it should go down with 40-50 bullets, equivalent of 5 seconds firetime. I'm tinking about using my M1919 guy with infantry first silver, but the small clip is not usefull...
  22. this indeed +1 it's so damm difficult to hit with the su aa at far distances or high altitudes, also, because you look in your own body when shooting up (bad coding) the us one is oke, but runs out of ammo very quick, the german one has limited ammo... sure the mg42 is annoying flying recon planes, but heavies are too fast to put a whole mag in. and ptrd does nothing with flack jacket gold, hell we don't even know the armor values of planes.
  23. I very very rarely die twice because of spawncamp mines! the first time you are like WTF but second time you look out a bit, destroy the mines and kill waiting enemies on foot. If you can't deal with enemies you already expect, what is your plan on the real battlefield where enemies come random out of nowhere? also: use chat to warn other tankers also: use chat to ask help from teammates also: always use infantry auxilary seats also: spawn a faster tank to outrun them also: use other spawn also: quit the game also: just wait and grind some crouching, I don't know If one or two members of their team are contributing zero, your team can afford one soldier less too (balanced again) you essentially prevent them from capping by doing nothing also: don't blame spawncampers, blame developers, why would a guy wait to destroy a tank untill it's safe in the open field when you can also easily wreck him in narrow streets just at spawn? (I camp a lot at steel bridge with panzerfausts too in town map, not at spawn because of the faust crate ) also: suggest a minesweeper as tool (like a wrench) also: watch in advance at the matchmakerwindow what's the battle about: if enemy team has no tanks and your team has a huge amount of slow heavies and mediums you are going to be a target, not the other way around
  24. show me a clip where you down a few german top-scoreboard heavy pilots with flak jacket gold using your russian stationary aa guns
  25. completely disagree with tank roles what's better? a guy that wrecked 10 light tanks with his heavy from far away while infantry was completely outcapped by their soldiers or the guy that kept driving around the cap, killing fresh incoming enemies from spawn, HE shelling in the cap zone, shielding own infantry from enemy fire and attracting much enemy anger who would hunt with bazookas resulting in much deads but a clear victory because infantry can cap? this game is about conquer the flag, not team deathmatch, deal with it