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  1. Which tank have good dame??

    basicly just the top tiers of each category.. (wich are more expensive then lower tier classes in the same category)
  2. Which Tanks had a Double Zoom?

    wich is as stupid as giving one faction 4.5 scope and another 2.2 for rifles every heavy should have double zoom #BlameTheDevs
  3. Bugged or missleading PTRD bullets descriptions?

    I was solely talking about the difference with ptrd (persons vs armor) cause with other weapons I understand the difference. About the range: they could give it unlimited range vs persons too, also here: it wouldn't make any difference devs *sigh* they make things so complicated
  4. Bugged or missleading PTRD bullets descriptions?

    question is: why is normal (against persons) damage different as armor damage, there is no use. All values are OHK (range, HS, ammo don't matter, ptrd is always OHK) so might be better for an anti-armor weapon to base it around anti-armor not see it as a weird sniper rifle
  5. Bugged or missleading PTRD bullets descriptions?

    but why does the monster ammo not have a green damage icon in the mod overview? It clearly has much higher damage btw: it has lower penetration then bronya, wich is best to use (I have ptrd, side pistol, infantry first gold)
  6. title spawn price and health of: - kettenkrad - motorbike - t/20 - tier1 apc - tier2 apc - car I need numbers as exact as possible, to calculate some loadouts
  7. Is there any ways to lower the explosion effect?

    i've played at 10 fps and it was doable just imagine fighting in a powerpoint presentation before I could run the game at 30 fps in training mode on my old € 400 laptop now it's €700 and I have to tweak everything to go to 40fps but it really drops too (from 50 to 25) I'm soo used to low settings I can't imagine the game on high anymore. (exception: when camping really hard with tiger2 f.e. I sometimes change it up to high because I won't be moving a lot, I can see better in shadows and further away an moustapping and shooting is also possible at 5fps
  8. Modding

    that was before battleEYE though you don't know how that works (read: if pegger is right, it can, but if it still gets flagged (or something bad happens like changing the wrong file), good luck solving
  9. Bugged or missleading PTRD bullets descriptions?

    it's another example of misinformation/missing information/bad information and you can't get proper intel on the wiki either if mods affect range or damage etc we should know exactly how it affects, so we can calculate with it and improve tactics. normally we get a louzy small visual chart, with the ptrd you only get armor penetration (not even exact numbers)
  10. new update causing game to eat cpu

    windows and updates etc are cpu eaters too, bad configuration with your graphics card could be another reason h&g is badly optimised, but since whole windows is badly optimized as well, it might be due to other things
  11. Should RETO remove scope from infantry?

    2. I don't understand the fact that you call me biased, a US cryboy etc... I said that 2 to 3 equipment points for a scope would be way too much especially for stg so I suggested to give scopes only 1 equipment point If you want it to be 3, it's fine for me, M1/M2 doesn't work as an assault rifle anyway and is just there because our smg's suck so unscoped will work. Don't complain that you have a scoped stg or avs with 1 ammo pouch though. 6. I'm all fine with a 6 equipment points avs that can't be scoped and has metal plates blocking the sights. let's implement it now!
  12. Recon's gameplay should be fixed

    recons have - ifv (although the grind is insane even when you play alone and try to chauffeur people from spawn to cap by bike cause everybody is grinding his own badge: driver/physical) - better camo's (I can sometimes only find them after ages, following the sound of their shots little by little cause they blend in bushes perfectly) - 8x zoom - chrome moly OHK HSS ... we don't need more snipers, we need more reconaissance like real spotting and communication; give recons unique ability in that! instead of bushcampers with H3 as sidearm they should be able to succesfully penetrate enemy territory without being OP snipers - when recons spot an enemy it's marked longer... - when recons get spotted they are marked less long... - recons have better map - recons get points for succesfull spots
  13. ONESHOT BUILD HELP : Karabiner 98 Kurz

    as a US inf sniper: the effect of a x2.2 scope vs a x4.5 zoom scope is not exactly "the exact same" so some mods are slightly different => the infantry M1903 OHK HSB 40 m further then mosin (if you have 4k screen and a magnifying glass cause remember x2.2)
  14. Implement gunstock to kill enemy in the game

    there is no melee in game if you run without wrench, spade, knife (or run with nothing #freespade) I sometimes want to meelee a sniper but equipped with sa-rifle, med pack and H3 there is no silent option to do so. I honestly don't understand why you would use a shovel anyway btw, unless you want to troll-kill people while dying a lot
  15. Is-2 optics. Can we get it original?

    as long as is-2 gets double zoom I don't care; but tiger 1 having better zoom then is-2 is very weird it may be historically accurate but it's not fun