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  1. Grenades - Help a Newb Out

    some other exclusive tips: - a tanker with nades (or just a minesweeping soldier) can be usefull to clear underwater roads, like at e4 river crossings, town map, just lob your nades all over the crossings and any AT-mine will explode, it's easy, you don't have to spot where the mines exactly are, it's difficult to shoot the mines with weapon becasue of the water effect. - don't throw nades when friendlies are storming the cap, f.e. at the start of a match and you captured e4, they captured e2 and both teams rush to e3: don't nadespam, cause your whole team will try to rush the building too at the same time (cause what else would they do, bushcamping? ) - don't equip nades only or with only tier 1 pistol or knife etc.. when you die you would drop nades and give infinite free spam to an enemy near ammo crate - always have at least one soldier (not for the very starters) with nades so you can clear attics if needed. - if an enemy is hiding behind a tree and you can't come closer because distance/cover is your advantage: throw 1 nade and finnish him of when he needs to run away. - practice on quickly lobbing nades into upper floors through a window when clearing a building - you can 'cook' nades by throwing them at angles to your enemy: instead of throwing it directly at them, throw it at a nearby objective so it bounces and makes a longer trajectory then it will explode sooner after it lands - you can trick some tankers: throw nades at their steel armor so it makes metal sounds, they might bail because they think it are stickies, then they explode when the nade goes off and you can cap a tank with full health (again: to 'cook' grenade: throw it high in the air so it almost explodes when it lands on the tank (works only when he is already peeking out)) - you can use grenades to 'scout' rooms for enemies because you get a message that you wounded them (even if only slightly) - there are 4 nades: use redemon's statistic spreadsheet for explosives to find the best one for you (against HSG, against newbies in staged, to scout etc..) some have higher damage but faster dropoff at distance, some good range but worse damage. - if you are chased in a building or somewhere enclosed: throw a nade just in front of you, it will hopefully exactly explode when you already ran to safety and enemy is on your old spot cheers
  2. Falling pilots?

    you gonna wash my pants after someone dropped a body right before me when I'm sniping with my garand with 2.2x zoom that forces your eyes to stick to the screen?
  3. wich weapon is dropped when you die

    extra question: since this is about wether you are holding weapons or not: I can only speak for myself, nobody can speak for enemy players, they might have instaswapped their gun just before dying or have held a stolen weapon, But what happens if my bazooka+pistol (and ptrd+pistol and f.e. BA + SA and SMG + BA) guy picks up another weapon, lets say a smg and then dies? the stolen smg disappears, but which weapon is dropped?
  4. sorry to necromance, but today I was playing and some hellcat disturbed the party from the other side of the map I was too lazy to spawn a stug and drive all the way up the mountain so I took my tankbusterguy He has H3 and infantry first silver. I put a H3 on it and stepped back. I watched as it exploded (so I stayed alive) The tank only smoked and drove off according to the topic: 1200 * 1.3 = 1560 => tank should be instant dead.
  5. the matchmaker is broken for a long time now, but still no fix, why? who at reto was thinking it would be a great idea to - put 12 pilots in one game? - put 3 full clan squads against 18 fresh grinding randoms - put people against the same people over and over again (game dying?) - fill the battle with special classes so only 3 infantry soldiers actually participate at one team - let random squad leaders decide if you can use auxilary seats or not - present the same battle over and over again when you decline there must be more balance, more infantry, more 'AI' into the MM s the enemy team already captured two control points, we have 5 pilots, 1 tanker, 1 paratrooper; MatchMaker (MM) gave them 4 infantry and 1 tanker the enemy team is capturing the second objective (4° cap already) we have 8 pilots, 2 paratroopers, 1 tanker, still no infantry, game is already almost lost, enemies have 11 infantry and one tanker 12 pilots, 1 tanker, 2 paratroopers, 3+2 infantry (2 of them have to wait to spawn cause planes rarely die while infantry is exposed to a horde of capping enemies) bonus: 7 out of 12 players are pilots no need to describe pure cancer I know you are working on other methods but it's way to slow, simply limit the amount of pilots or other special classes and think before you implement some more things: - fix the constant automatic logout thing every 5 seconds - make us able to upload screenshots from our harddrive - at driver ribbon level 3 you get mechanic bronze, but you have to wait for level 5 to actually buy the wrench to be able to repair? devs, do you ever play your own game? reason this please
  6. mate wtf just git gud whiner or give actual constructive feedback so developers can implement positive features instead of nerfing the crap out of the game what's next? infantry can't cap with johnson because it's OP?
  7. wich weapon is dropped when you die

    OHK rifle is indeed with smg (5 points each), ptrd, bazooka, anti-tank minesare with pistol but I don't need to equip extra ammo on the pistol so it's also 3 point like the mines, this is new! and when I encounter lots of heavily armored enemies I better switch fast to smg instead of OHK rifle => but what if I hold a wrench when I die and the other weapons are a bazooka and a pistol?
  8. wich weapon is dropped when you die

    is this absolutely sure correct? I don't have to worry about my mines/ptrd/OHK BA/bazooka rifle if I just switch to my secondary?
  9. wich weapon is dropped when you die

    but what if the weapon runs out of ammo? or a 'weapon' is not the heaviest but a medpack f.e. (when using minipistols-
  10. Who i have to kill to get these?

    go to gamescon and find redbjarne for the red hand one, (the others will be released by vouchers soon? ) they did a greetings from cologne thing last year too i think, a shovel skin if I remember well
  11. Vehicles despawning right in front of you

    agreed, vehicles despawn way too fast :'( I often get killed around spawn, I spawn, run to vehicle, boom GONE, and i'm lost in knowhere on foot
  12. SU & US bias in melee weapons

    better focus on some real melee controls, I'm often out of bullets, but I can't strangle a camping sniper with my bare hands :'( or throw a few punches :'(
  13. Are we second rate customers?

    question: can packet loss, lag spikes (periodically), ping spikes etc also be influenced by your internet provider? since I switched I have really bad internet, but I don't know who to blame the most... when i press f6 the green bar is quite constant at my first home with very well known provider, at my second home with cheapest provider available the green bar bounces up and down like on a trampoline and frequently fleshes down to red (like all over my screen huge red bar)
  14. How did they see you to get that kill?

    this channel?
  15. Flak jacket

    imagine steel jacket for tanks, the crying would be unbearable, but planes are op anyway indeed: flak jacket should be for pilots only, not some magic protection even against tank shells ps: can a tiger 2 kill a recon plane with one shot f he has flak jacket gold?