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  1. ERROR

    mate did you ever hear of a thing called spoiler, don't waste our precious time with useless scrolling please
  2. Lost old stickies - cause swaped to general

    I lost half of my weapons and other stuff when they completely rebooted all the caracters some years ago painfull, cause I have a lot of soldiers without even a garand
  3. - the south spawn frequently spawns the tanks on the fences making you unable to drive - the church hill is very steep, but there is no real alternative 'flanking' path for a slow heavy tank to reach the top - there is no point in fencing off the churchyard, the stone wall limits vehicles too much - the cap on the far side (not church) is relative small but what is good is the nice open shack in the middle of the cap, making in and outside battles fun - the ammo crate in the middle cap can't be reached - the first settlement encounterd when spawnng north and going to the middle has an unmovable post in the fences. - you can't shell the furthest cap from church with tank because a big building is shielding it, maybe make it so that 1/4 of the cap is open to fire from the church
  4. Deep Dive: Weapon Configuration on Twitch

    Mate, please, don't start this! You know very well I have no way to prove anything at all... I can edit what I want, sure, but I can never be sure of certain facts. Who knows wich tanks has the best penetration? Who knows how tick the frontal armor of the jumbo really is? Who knows all the values, lists, statistic distribution of damage, luck factor etc? It's you guys Please don't blame the players for inactive wiki-editing. You bluntly released a secret tank without any proper intel about it whatsoever - speed - armor (all armor, not just the front) - damage - health - spawn cost - deploy time - ... this is my 6° year with you guys, understand our frustration, aid us with our needs, coöperate by releasing the datasheets thanks in advance
  5. M1/M2 - what was that?

    proof? according to redemon's tool, a M1917 revolver with akita kinetic does 42 damage at close range. When you shoot someone in the legs, a multiplier counts (torso x1; head x5, arms x 0.5; legs x 0.8) this means a revolvershot damage of 42 * 0.8 = 33.6 when there is no rounding off, you should get killed in 3 shots (close range, without heavy set) test it and I'm pretty sure you survive
  6. M1/M2 - what was that?

    how was this not clear? I only said that the calculation MIGHT be round down after EVERY calculation apart, wich I also thought (and said so) to be wrong. This is not about maths but about the programmed code and how it works. Just read what I wrote. FYI: 3 bullets that do 33.9 damage DO get rounded (33*3 = 99 instead of 33.9 * 3 = 101.7)
  7. M1/M2 - what was that?

    how is it that 33 equals 36? if you refer to the health bars: out of the twenty health bars, with 33 damage you should still have 13 bars with 36 damage you should only have 12 bars left (agreed though that both numbers automatically regenerate to 100 again over time)
  8. Bazooka + Grenadier Gold = burning APC?

    wel, let's go further into this one, shall we? The 600-900 value is very old, but never confirmed by the devs. We only 'know' this values because if we calculate with 'known' HP of tanks and the proper use of combat badges and we do literally tons of testing out in the field, then sometimes a bazooka kills tank A in X shots, sometimes in Y shots, but on tank B with badge P it does in Y shots or Z shots; etc, etc ... (medium tank = 1800 health; bazooka kills in 2 shots: maximum damage is at least 900) (but with grenadier bronze (x 1.05), the medium tank very rarely still has 13 out of 20 health bars wich means 630 damage or less, thus a minimal damage of 600 or lower) 3 things: 1. the damage is variable between 600 and 900, but how is the variability set? gaussian curve? lineair? random? Problem here is that it's really difficult to test the 600 or 900 damage conditions because they happen very rarely (if choosen randomly, even worse with a gaussian distribution) you might need to test 10K times in order to get exactly that 600 damage, once. 2. (see previous statement) This also means that who knows the real damage is actually 550-950 but it happens really rare and nobody has been able to test this yet. 3. In the video of atway, there is no prove that the grenadier badge works on rockets, since the bazooka damage in both occasions fits nicely between 600 and 900. (600 * 1.15 = 690 so a bad shot with badge can be way worse then a 'lucky' 900 shot without badge) conclusion: I really want more databases and central intel gathered, so I did some testing myself on the panzerfaust, got some new values, updated it on the wiki but it was deleted by a mod because it's difficult to really prove some statements. possible difficulties when testing: - random damage - unknown health (jumbo tank f.e.) - badges only work when alive - sometimes it's difficult to know wether the armor is more or less then 20mm - discussions about things (does grenadier affect bazooka, explosive penetration versus real penetration (hollow charges)) - the tank health bar is not an exact number but 20 bars
  9. M1/M2 - what was that?

    I watched the video closely and the bad picture quality makes it too difficult to see all details, but I think I saw a modded bullet boing used for the koreabine and I also saw 3 hits being registerd they could all have been in the opponents arms, I can't know your ping, his ping or the server ping, but bullet travel time and lag can make the 10 cm difference... If we calculate really bad (round damage down) that means 3 hits in arm (0.5 damage) while he has heavy set gold (0.85 damage) en your bullet has 29 damage so: 29 * 0.5 = 14.5 => 14 * 0.85 = 11.9 => 11 * 3 = 33 (i think the arm multiplier and heavy set multiplier work together though, so: 29 * 0.5 * 0.85 = 12.325 => 12*3 = 36 damage) offcourse the enemy probably doesn't have HSG (he would have a higher tier weapon then) but still, this is reasonable enough to explain the half health
  10. Bazooka + Grenadier Gold = burning APC?

    reaction 1: there is no central intel source, everything that exists is made by players trying to test things by repeating experiments; there is often no general 'source' off course you can't find it, because the forum lacks a good search engine and the wiki lacks data shure bazooka shoots explosive rockets, that doesn"t make it count for the badge though reaction 2: you asked it and some players say it counts as explosive, some say it doesn't. so moch for 'asking other players', right? but since you are confident about the proper results i'll follow this tread in a few days the answers must be flooding in... - apc health - apc armor - bazooka damage - explosive badge criteria
  11. Bazooka + Grenadier Gold = burning APC?

    I thought bazooka wasn't an explosive, but this is all bullsh*t since devs are destroying the game further and further with useless updates and their resistance to give actual intel to the players like armor, health, badge info etc game is dead, move on
  12. Best faction to be recon?

    use the search function, it's asked a lot before on the forums (or complain against the devs because the forum is sh*t)
  13. I heard something about the badge 'fast reload' that used to work on that, can't confirm and even if it was true, it's said to have been changed so reload speed can't be affected.
  14. Deep Dive: Weapon Configuration on Twitch

    redemon didn't suddenly vanish into space, he's still trackable if you are willing to, at least for the devs but about the wiki: just look at the pages of the newly added tanks... f.e. the sherman jumbo: armor thickness, speed, spawn price, health, ... => no intel = WRONG intel it exists for 1.5 year now so what's the problem there?? and if we look a bit closer it gets even worse!! like for real, the closer you investigate, the more faults you discover and it's not even difficult to find them the only intel given (frontal armor thickness = 187 mm) is stated in the text description as incorrect (less armor: 101 real armor; 130-140 LOS) => at least 1 value is WRONG but yet they say "even IS-2 top ammo can't pen it" however on the is-2 tank page the ammo has 110-160 mm of possible penetration => WRONG however I still don't understand the "even is-2" part because it's the tiger 2 who has the best penetration values (up to 170) => WRONG we go further: in the official jumbo release post (made by the devs) it's mentioned that: " The M4A3E2 Sherman’s additional armor brought down the operational speed and maneuverability, but the damage it could take was noticeably superiour to its little brother " yet it's said that the jumbo only has 1700 HP where the normal and the E8 both have 1800, wich in turn is never mentioned on the wiki => WRONG and this is only for 1 page but yet for an important vehicle wich is bought and used frequently, without people knowing what the get or have If I could just receive a pdf-file with all the armor stats I could Copy paste and update the wiki in a matter of minutes, that's why we are furious because we don't understand why it takes so long..
  15. Deep Dive: Weapon Configuration on Twitch

    see, but exactly that: why don't you just coöperate with redemon? His tool is great, just needs an update.. (or work with the devs, or work with the wiki..., playerdriven wiki's is great as long as players get all the intel needed to make fancy weapon lists and stats) But i'm really looking forward to it.. finally be able to calculate all the new updated ammo type's and rpm's and weapons etc. Then I can finally go finetuning wether it's worth to buy certain mods or weapons or not.