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  1. pilots earn to much

    I'm happy they made the adjustment finally after a long time of complaints most of you guys think it's a good thing they get a lot of experience and credits I just see the downside of it: massive pilot spam in every war battle, guaranteeing a certain loss for the few infantry soldiers actually capping objectives and be usefull.
  2. pilots earn to much I don't know why this pilot got more points then me for simply dying, but I capped whole B line and was killing targets at church already when I took this screenshot... Also: notice how much tankers and pilots we got by the glorious matchmaker
  3. m2a2 ,where is the fird type explosive ?

    it's not useless! when an enemy is hiding behind a tree you can knock him down with a 10 shot HE burst at the groudn next to it
  4. It's ok if you are new, but don't pretend to be all knowing when this is your first day 1. only the recon class can OHK HSS with BA, infantry can only kill HSB with max damage mods. They have however worse scopes then recons. 2. since the "recon" class is not about reconaissance (just like the recon plane is not made for that task ingame) since they don't get rewarded for spotting or anything else, it's all about the better barrel damage mod, hence: snipers: camp far away and pick off targets in the distance

    if you play this game with real money, sure buy it, otherwise: save and grind
  6. when tanks start tu burn (HP)

    medium HP is 1800 though, sherman jumbo has 1700 HP and it always starts to burn, but never kills immediatly if not damaged before. so I guess the burn damage for medium's is AROUND 1700, but nobody knows the exact value..
  7. How long can Reto take to solve a problem?

    normally it can take a week or two, don't expect an answer the next day.. chances are they try to solve it but it isn't, then you send another reply and they really solve it after a week or so april is way to long, something must have happend so contact them again
  8. when tanks start tu burn (HP)

    guys, this is contradictory to each other and even to your own words.. (although the second is quite sure completely wrong: at 3 bars the bars are shown red, but it is not flaming yet, only smoking more.) but medium health = 1800 hitpoints, 10% off that is 1620 hp... any other person? I know this is extremely difficult to test because of the variable damage of anti-tank stuff and little knowledge of badge uses, but it would help me a lot.
  9. when tanks start tu burn (HP)

    lol 3 months old, yet no answers RIP reto transparency
  10. New helmet paints for infantry soldiers in 1.09

    maybe because right now we have long deploy queues in war, long matchmaking queues, half team pilot + tankers & recon & para's against a full clan of infantry, no way to attack back because of rts glitches, no auxilary seats because of squad 2.0, AT-farmers with easy unlocked H3, no fast ingame communication tool, bad ping thanks to the servers on the moon, all this on the same old maps with the same old assets, while you struggle to keep playing because this is a massive GRIND game.. it's not only about the helmets, but also about priorities. what are the bad things in H&G and how are we going to solve them...
  11. RPG question (cause it sucks :p )

    point is: credits saving! I almost unlocked the ptrd, so no need for more AT nades, with the 2 sets I now have I can go a long way "for free" (it's already bought) so both buying H3 or using dynamite lover (I have a 1mag svt-40 and two sets of rpg's) will not give the needed advantage..
  12. RPG question (cause it sucks :p )

    thanks for the feedback guys! I started this new SU account 3 months ago and I'm saving and grinding all I can. Offcourse I know H3 is better and cheaper, but right now, I save every penny I got. With the rpg's I already bought I can make it to the ptrd unlock. (I have like 0.5 mil in credits and need to buy some 1.2 mil on vehicles and weapons and stuff) about the multiplier: great, more damage thanks to the free veteran month about @Aust1n46 's reply: don't know why badges wouldn't be good, the damage of the AT nades are variable, so you can't really calculate well with the values anyway. But if you do, you can kill heavies with 2 nades guaranteed. (while without badges it's not even guaranteed to kill a light tank with 2) about you don't die when standing on tiger turret and throwing 2 or 3 down?
  13. 1. what's the best tactic to destroy a tiger 2 with those "AT" nades? I now already barely survive when I quickly try to destroy a light tank from nearby.. It seems it's more effective as grenade then as AT weapon I saw something about standing real close and then popping it just on the hood, maybe some guys have better experience with lapping it from afar and use the slow tank speed as advantage? Give me what you got 2. When you use badges to combine power (grenadier and iron fist f.e.) is it 1.15 + 1.15 = 1.3 multiplier or is it 1.15 * 1.15 = 1.3225 multiplier? (I always calculated with adding up) 3. are their people who think rpg (or panzerwurfmine) is better then H3?
  14. play as new guy in HG sucks

    just like you can get the scout-barrel in one day... but don't get me wrong, I agree that gold unlock should only come way later. right now even bronze and silver come after just a few matches... It's just about the fact of tactics: - you have a low upgraded semi auto RIFLE, don't storm into the cap going CQC... - don't buy vehicles cause you will be short on credits and need to grind heavy set - ...
  15. play as new guy in HG sucks

    just a general tactic: stay in depot encounter as long as possible, grind the starter weapon and be carefull with those credits... when you have your scout-barrel, trigger and scope + heavy set silver + medic kit (dont buy vehicle untill then, ps buy jeep with the free gold) you are godd to go.. enjoy the fun at the first matches though, in lower levels you have a lot of rifle fighting wich makes it very interesting.. later on it will solely focus on 1HK or 2HK scoped rifles and insta fast-TKK automatic top tier weapons