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  1. Agar96

    Changes to the Main Menu

    I definitely vote for this, because main menu looks a little bit boring for me. The same menu for years and nothing have changed. I know that there are more important things to do, but I think reworking the menu is next logical step. I would like to see my soldier in 3D with changing camo and equipment. There could be also live backround something like WW2 field base for each faction.
  2. Agar96

    Captured weapons is one thing but...

    I must fully agree with you. Captured weapons were a little bit controversial for community. Some people reacted positively and some negatively and only time will show us results of this update, but captured vehicles? I think with that we can remove factions and we can make blue vs red game. I think that RETO realy need money or I realy dont underestand these updates. They want to people buy more gold so they can buy other factions stuff, but that can completely ruin the core of this game. In this game there are definitely better weapons and vehicles and the worse one, but if you let people to buy everything it will only make this game pay to win.
  3. Agar96

    Waiting for the new development overview like

    Captured weapons will ruin this game completely. Why you have factions with unique weapons when you want to give them captured weapons. For example why US soldier should run with DT-29 ? It is nonsense this is not Battlefield 5.
  4. I have to confirm that I had all of these problems. My FPS fall from 80-90 to 40-50 since last update and RETO really don't care. Hit detection is madness yesterday I stabbed a guy with knife there was a sound even a blood spilled out but no damage and the guy just turned and killed me. And about the mines, when I run cross them realy fast, they explode, but dont damage me. I think that last update makes all of the common bugs even worse and somehow affect our FPS. So as ussualy working as intended.
  5. Agar96

    What will happen to stuff ''ON HOLD'' ?

    I personally think that heavy set works good(only my opinion) and I really don't want to see tanks with legs (infantry with armor plates). Heavy set is actualy only real protection against rising numbers of snipers sitting in forests. Armor plates were used mostly in WW1 and only Red Army were using them in WW2 as far I know. Just look how armor 2.0 works on tanks. I realy dont want to see Übersoldiers deflecting bullets. Masks looks weird like some hockey masks so no please. Different faces OK why not. And silenced weapons gives no sense. If you can kill by headshot hit you dont need silencers. If you want silenced weapon use SVT-40 that sounds exactly like silenced rifle. I have tried some some weapons on shooting range and trust me real rifle doesnt sound like SVT. And if RETO´s next move is to do some bug fixing I vote for it because there is too many bugs.
  6. Agar96


    I think that baseball bat will become the least used weapon in game. Same damage as knife, unlocked on close combat ribbon 8, two equipment points and not very attractive at all. And ofcourse 50k credits is to much for reskined shovel.
  7. Agar96


    When I saw an article about new close combat weapons I was really curious with what they will come. I was expecting bayonets for rifles, daggers used by SS, F-S fighting knife or even trench knives. Some soldiers even carried axes as their equipment instead of shovel. They have been using them for cutting wood for trenches and improvised shelters. But when I opened the game it was like baseball bat for everybody. So now we can add barbed wire on it and we can play Heroes&Generals - The Walking Dead edition.
  8. Agar96

    Broken Forum ?

    I have big problem with forum since today morning. It looks this awful. How to fix this ?
  9. In Recon ribbon I would personally like to see shotguns in Tier 3.
  10. Agar96

    How reto needs to approach the problem of funding

    By my opinion if we talk about profit, why not to implement "gold" weapons only? I am not talking about some super MG´s SMG etc. but about weapons that can be interesting in some way maybe a little bit "OP" but not that much. For the begining I would start with interesting pistols available for each faction but for gold only ofcourse. For example the Browning HP, 9mm luger 13-round magazine capacity, 3HK if moded (modes purchsed with gold only ofcource) but still only 2 equipment points. Many other games implement this system of gold equipment and people goes for it. As I said I would start with pistols there is a many of them used during WW2 often by more factions (countries). People pay for diference. Having a special camo is one thing but having a special new weapon is totaly different thing. Sorry for not perfect english it is not my native language.
  11. Agar96

    Punkt Ataku

    Sorry guys but this is czech forum you are on wrong place.
  12. I dont like M9A1 bazooka I tried it and I have to say it is nothing special. Sights are weird and they dont work realy well. For example if you set your sights to 150 meters and aim on tank that is about 160 to 170 meters far you will probably miss because rocket trajectory is weird by my opinion. Reloading speed is almost same as for M1A1 bazooka and only one ammo pouch is joke. I hit Pz III four times and my bazooka was empty and tank was still functional. Sights can be set up to 500 metres but i tried it on 250 metres and I have to say hitting tank on this distance is coincidence. And trying to hit moving tank with M9A1 is madness, because these ´´special´´ rockets have weird trajectory and slow speed.
  13. Agar96

    AA Upgrades

    I remember these days too I was destroying light tanks and tank destroyers withh AA gun and that was realy funny :lol: People rarely use AA gun against planes because they are quite ineffective in ground to air fight.
  14. I have to agree with you. I think the M1 carbine and its variations like M1A1 and M2 can solve many problems. I also think if Reto wants the weapon balance that M2 carbine could be a sufficient counterpart to Stg44 it is not the same but i think it is the only option to solve this problem.
  15. Agar96

    Smoke Screens

    Anyone who can explain me why smoke crashes this game ?