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    need a mobile app for generals

    I remember the old "Mobile cmd" app that we had... It was super buggy, slow, laggy and hard to move ATs with it and my phone had a 3.2 inch screen....
  2. ReDemoN

    Is packet loss a problem just for me?

    If this is true, then it is not on your end and not on your ISP. Sh*t is real on H&G servers.
  3. ReDemoN

    Is packet loss a problem just for me?

    This usually happens when you are connecting your PC to a cheap wifi router. However, if you have a cable connected, then something is really smelling bad...
  4. ReDemoN

    Give us weapon statistics.

    Thank you guys I appreciate the kind words As I'm the creator of the old tool, I'm always open to help out with the numbers and the mechanics involving the game. If anybody is creating a new tool and inheriting all the damnation of keeping it updated and need a helping hand, just PM me and I will glad to help.
  5. ReDemoN

    Give us weapon statistics.

    TL;DR. If you want weapon statistics you have to gather it yourself. Long time ago I created some weapon comparison tools (from Zhukov to Everhart builds) but I had to get the data myself. Even though I was a volunteer coretester at that time and had access to a lot of development tools in the test servers, I had to work ~20 hours just to find the statistical numbers of weapons/vehicles in order to put them into my system. If I didn't have access to those tools, I would have to work way harder. Don't get me wrong, they did appreciate the work but they had higher priorities with the game itself and they couldn't help me (except in 1 occasion that @Reto.ogssan made 2 posts to explain the non-linear blast damage drop). If you check the posts in that topic where @Reto.Robotron3000 gave stats for weapons, you will probably see a post from me wondering if they would keep updating it… By the way, my old tool continues to be online at https://hg.monico.com.br… Google Analytics data says I still have ~300 users accessing that thing every month, even though the data is completely outdated (and the layout super ugly).
  6. It was for closed beta accounts, dude. That's probably even longer time than you might remotely remember. Just for remembering that makes me think I'm old like a motherfk. I might try Headshots & Grass once again if things keep going the good way, I'm always close and I'll keep looking into the changes.
  7. Well, I miss the green nickname you had I see some vets saying that it is looking promising again, and I wanted to give it another chance... but unfortunately I don't use Windows anymore
  8. ReDemoN


    Even though I only got the news this late, I still emotional for these 18 that got released this close to the holidays. Cannot forget the time I spent with devs in forums and teamspeak from the end of 2014 until mid 2016 when I left the coretester group and I know how much effort these devs have put into the game, even when things didn't go as planned. I wish the best for the fallen heroes (specially for the QA guys that I've been closer) and for the company. Hope the company will be able to turn it around and rise again. True, unfortunately. FOR NOW! MUHAHA! Sorry for the joke at this time but I had to do it BTW, coincidently, for the guys that got released, I work in a small game dev studio and we are hiring new "Unity Game Devs". Unfortunately, we require you to live here (Vitoria-ES, Brazil) and speak portuguese... And we are only looking for 2, not 18, sorry.
  9. ReDemoN

    enable battleye gold

    There is another way for this to happen. Parts of the body can clip through the walls so they do take damage from shots and explosions. But this is a known bug for ages. When I mean ages I mean before the original formation of the Bug Hunters I have to say that I have only found 3 suspicious hackers in HG in all my time playing: Might have been a very good player with a good headset + good enemy calls on teamspeak or any comm software + very crazy internet to lag-deflect bullets Friend of mine that assumed hacking in a secondary account just to prove it was possible to cheat (used a "paid hack"). He only assumed he was hacking after this account got banned ALONG WITH HIS MAIN ONE. Got rekt. Myself (but shhhh, don't let them know!) I think the game was very well protecetd against this plague the way it was, making battleye not needed. But I hope that bringing a third-party AC will free some devs that were working on the in-house one, so they can work in new shiny features that will make the game better
  10. Sorry for the delay. I had an unexpected (but pleasureful) invite for having fun during these last 4 days of Carnival (yes, brazilian carnival!!). I got to say sorry also for my mistake saying that I had got everything from the data I had because I still had some more: prices for each AT resource and some values for badges that could affect the equipments/vehicles. Not touching a single line of code of it for over 1 and a half year makes devs forget of what the heck was done Now I separated stuff into files for each equipment like I've said I would do. link to download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1A-11KuGPsMdArGEt7JhmMfZ3gb2tJSOv/view Now I think that is all from there. If anybody prefers it to be in XML, I know a good tool that I can use in order to convert them to it, so don't be shy and let me know
  11. Hmm, I will take a look at this when I get back from work, but taking a look for some seconds at the code, it seems to me that it is an Array of strings containing the names of the weapons See, its a list of weapon names. EDIT About accuracy and recoil: my tool never supported them. I don't think it was possible to get precise values even with the test server functions. And I bet the new testers still can't get it from there at the moment. But my modeling supported them, in case the devs gave the values I needed, like what happened now.
  12. I "dumped" everything I had in JSON format, so I compressed 2 files, one with "mininal" (more for other developers *cough* @guncolony.com *cough*) and another in "pretty" if you want to "read" it directly from the file. The builds here are Zhukov, Adams, Bauer, Churchill, Devyatayev and Everhart. Every single one of them includes assault teams, explosives, upgrades, vehicles (tanks too) and weapons data I collected, including from the test server in times that I was coretester/bughunter as @Reto.Circinus gave me permission to undisclose those (as long as new features were not leaked). Links -minimal: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MMjWHJEO7Tqhi7yprSnz7uR39khT5BO_ -pretty: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1A-11KuGPsMdArGEt7JhmMfZ3gb2tJSOv ** If you are not a developer and don't know what is JSON or how to read it, use any JSON viewer, such like http://jsonviewer.stack.hu/ and paste the text there. In quick time I had to solve a "bug" related to the Match Sights that had reference to PTRD41 in my code and the PTRD41 did not exist in my Zhukov and Adams DBs. This is all I can do for now, but probably tomorrow or later I will separate every single item into a file (a file for each weapon, a file for each upgrade and so on). Have fun.
  13. I will see what I can do and post here soon... From older DBs (I only checked Zhukov until now), some values are just zero-ed, like repair prices, rate of fire etc.
  14. ReDemoN

    Weapon and ammunition configuration values

    By 11% "only"
  15. ReDemoN

    Weapon and ammunition configuration values

    The real recoil value (after the randomization in between the min and max values) is the one that is multiplied.
  16. ReDemoN

    Weapon and ammunition configuration values

    From my experience, there a maximum and a minimum recoil would be calculated (one for horizontal and another for vertical). It would be like this: realVerticalRecoil=(camerarecoilup, camerarecoilup+camerarecoilup*camerarecoilvariance) realHorizontalRecoil=(camerarecoilright, camerarecoilright+camerarecoilright*camerarecoilvariance) The "camerarecoil<direction>" is the minimum value and the "camerarecoil<direction>+camerarecoil<direction>*camerarecoilvariance" is the maximum value
  17. The S.m.K.Hart increased the penetration values to 20-12mm. So shooting the rear of the M2A2 Mae West, which had 7mm of armor, with Infantry First (not Iron Fist) did the trick With about 3 full magazines, that same MG42 setup was able to destroy M4A1 Sherman shooting the top of the hull with a low impact angle. Unfortunately, the S.m.K.Hart was nerfed months later and now it barely penetrate the tires of the bicycles
  18. ReDemoN

    Weapon and ammunition configuration values

    If you need to consult me or ask for any help, I will be glad to help out, so don't think twice in PM'ing me. I love numbers and doing maths is what I do love, so I will be enlightened if I could help. As I offered to Reto in my last post, I can make the source code completely open so you can consult it for info or how the things were calculated wherever you want.
  19. ReDemoN

    Weapon and ammunition configuration values

    The data is wonderful. But still not complete as there are no data for upgrades/modifications for weapons (like triggers, barrels). The tools that I've created depends on those values too. What about letting me do it myself, then? I'm a programmer too (mostly backend - check my tools and you won't take a minute to realize I'm not good in frontend/design choices), and I just need access to the code plus how the things work (structure-wise). I don't need the whole game because 3D models, flashclient and more visual stuff are useless for me. Basically, I would only create RESTful routes to GET the full list of names and IDs of each type (weapontemplate, ammotemplate and weaponAmmoMapping — and for the upgrades/mods too as they are still lacking info) and routes to GET the full stats of a given item identified by the ID. So the third-party tools to compare weapons would only read those values and combine them. Deploying it or not should be decided by you guys. But I can't promise it would be done as I don't know the internal structure of the code. I can open up the code for you guys to see it. I can give permission to let you copy and paste anything/everything and make another tool. I'm simply handing it all over to you, if you want it.
  20. ReDemoN

    Weapon and ammunition configuration values

    A BHC asking an ex-BH to come back? Come back to what, when, where, why? Looks like my ex-GF messaging me It's a lot of data. More than I could handle with some minutes looking at them. But nor the structure nor any of the properties of the weapons or ammunitions surprise me. At all. But if I "come back", who will keep the data updated? We have had previous experiences with tank data within these forums that @Reto.Circinus said the values would be updated and they weren't. Without proper updates, any work anybody does in order to develop any kind of weapon tool will be useless within a couple of months, like what happened to mine. I don't trust the Reto's PR guys in order to keep it updated. However, I do love the dev guys and trust them, so unless there is an API or webservice that will retrieve the data directly from their servers, I won't even think in another tool or even updating the values. On the data release: Feels good to see transparent things, even though some numbers might look weird at first thought.
  21. ReDemoN

    Is explosion damage linear?

    Of course they need to. And for this reason, a bug report was filed, don't remember if it was done by me, BlaineUK or any other tester. But I'm sure it was filed right after we discovered that (~mid 2015). And I kinda was for 1 and a half year as a volunteer tester (core tester and bug hunter).
  22. ReDemoN

    Is explosion damage linear?

    Long time ago, @Reto.ogssan mentioned to us that the explosion damages were not linear and provided us the chart that you see in @Gerrit.'s post. (source: BlaineUK's post) I found the damage to follow a quadratic rule over the distance. I guarantee that it haven't been changed until the day I left the testing team back in mid 2016. After that I don't know, but they wouldn't have reasons to change it as it works nicely in game.
  23. ReDemoN

    Deep Dive: Weapon Configuration on Twitch

    PM me, or just mark me in public posts like @ReDemoN About the possibility of making the tool alive once again: https://heroesandgenerals.com/forums/topic/85148-bertie-clay-vs-match-m72/#comment-1221401 Indeed. Hope this damned flu give them more time to make this stream worth it, because it actually got me interested in watching it.
  24. ReDemoN

    Bertie Clay vs Match M72

    Getting too offtopic, aint it? But [someone let me know if this is wrong, I won't mind in removing or editing this post] HLL is too simulation-minded, which makes it boring as players like to be rewarded, and it seems that it takes so much for just a kill. A football (soccer) match that ends 5-4 is usually more fun than one that ends 1-0, because you score the goal (the objective, "ecstasy") more often. That's where COD made its success back in 2009 by flashing points and cards on your screen whenever you killed an enemy, that wasn't a hard task at all. Any new player could just point and shoot to get some kills and luckily a care package that could give him an AC-130 On COD:WW2 itself, it is COD and it's always very arcade, so it doesn't reward good players as much as they deserve, but any player (skilled or not) will find his place in it and shine once in a while. This is where H&G found its place on FPS games, by staying in between both styles: arcade and simulation. That's also why we always see in these forums people complaining asking for more realism/simulation style (like requesting more damage for certain weapons like MG42, more penetration for LMGs, tankers to be able to use the periscope and look around inside the tank...) and the devs adding more features for more arcade features (to favor new and unskilled players) like Adams' ConeFire "Cancer", NPC piloting paratrooper planes and so on in order to avoid the huge leak from the low-level playerbase that happens day and night in here. And anyway, H&G is mixed arms, featuring jeeps, tanks and planes. And has a sort of RTS that works. Kind of.