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  1. Icewarrior

    change the kar98k iron sights

    Even back in the day, before the zoom nerf, kar98k had the issue with the sight picture. I recommend to watch some old clips of the gun zoom back in the day. I really do hope they implement the zoom back to all guns, since it would be equal buff to all factions and it is there just to make the game more enjoyable, when you don't have to squint at your monitor all the time, with iron sight. Cheers Ice
  2. Icewarrior

    Paratrooper Suggestion

    Afaik all WWII era parachutes were non-steerable, during Normandy landings 101st used type t-5 parachute which was not steerable. I would like to see more realistic para action, more realistic chute opening times and such. Though I do love the idea that every time a player jumps, there would be like 3 other "dummies" jumping with him.
  3. Icewarrior

    what is a m3 carbine

    First off, I think we would all prefer that there would be no insulting in history area, thanks Secondly I took a deeper dive on the subject and it seems a lot of people confuse the subject that the guns were named m1 m2 and m3 where m3 was either m1,m1/m2,m2 with m1,m2 or m3 infrared scope attachement. I noticed that this resulted in some articles, straight up just contradicting each other. Even though they were referencing the same article/book. First versions of the models required a custom built m1 carbine to fit the m1 scope to the gun. AFAIK and as far as I have researched okinawa did indeed see infrared scopes, but they were m1 carbines with either m1 or m2 infrared scope mounting. Back then the combination was called the t3 and the scope was called t-120 Part that I am not sure is, when did the m3 receive its type markings, this would have been the time when t3 - t-120 would have been renamed to m3. Part that you are referring shadowsouls12, where the scopes was interchangeable, was actually after the war. 1450 the mass production of the "20,000 volt Set No. 1" began. When applied to a m1 or m2 carbine, it would have been definitely been called the M3. Though nearly all guns by that time were m2s Links (last one is the best) http://www.2ndgebirgsjager.com/uploads/2/9/0/1/2901957/w_m1_carbine.pdf https://www.quora.com/How-does-the-US-Military-name-their-weapons-M1-Garand-M1-Carbine-M14-M9-etc https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M1_carbine#cite_note-Rush.2C_Robert_S._2002_p.53-25http://www.sadefensejournal.com/wp/?p=3406 http://ugca.org/07jan/night.htm -Cheers ice
  4. Icewarrior

    what is a m3 carbine

    m3 which was a m2 with the infrared scope was given the name t3 during the world war 2, when in Korea this had the new name M3. Source Wikipedia So M3s were not in ww2, but T3 infrared M2s were?
  5. Icewarrior

    what is a m3 carbine

    Do you have proof for m3 being operated in European theater? Since thus far Reto been telling us, that weapon it has to appear in Eeurope before it would have any hope in being implemented in-game. M1 and M1/M2 only saw service in Europe and M2 saw service in pacific, not sure where the infrared M3 saw service. Pacific I assume if it saw any. This naturally holds true until pacific front gets added.
  6. Icewarrior

    WWII Drone boat?

    During landing at Anzio Germans atleast fielded Linse suicide assault boats, unmanned, unguided surface torpedo of sorts. Later versions, after the project was given to Kriegsmarine deployed wire and radioguided linses http://strangevehicles.greyfalcon.us/Ladungsschnellboot%20Linse.htm As for US I could not find any pics, but only something more to read Unmanned Systems of World Wars I and II By H. R. Everett, Michael Toscano World War II US Navy Special Warfare Units By Eugene Liptak TL;DR Project stinger Mother ship was a stripped LVT-2, it included radio equipment and a crew to operate drones and the boat itself. [thumb]http://www.quartermastersection.com/american/afvs/img/lvt2.jpg[/thumb] LVT-2 which could operate 2 stingray suicide assault boats suicide boats where at the start modified Higgins boats LCP® r meaning ramped [thumb]http://23aa11d28fcf2eb980f2-650f7b390294ee3bc134c877ae8a4be4.r52.cf1.rackcdn.com/2011.102.382_1.590x590.marked.jpg[/thumb] Later the stingrays received a new name "Apex". Male models were still based on the old variant LCPR with displacement of 670kg and the females were LCVPs with displacement of 900kg. LCVP [thumb]https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/92/Darke_APA-159_-_LCVP_18.jpg[/thumb] -if you wanna see the pics, I recommend getting the first book, it referred in itself to see the pics. So it should have some atleast, I failed to find any pics of it from the webs.
  7. Icewarrior

    Bagim in the game

    Double post / lock -Cheers ice
  8. Icewarrior

    Undeployed AT moraled out

    Alright I found similar bug like this and I am adding this to the list of "further information" Could you please check if you have the mission id of the battle(or at least city name and time of the battle starting) (check player logs on your H&G folder) it keeps the player log data even after session ends. -Cheers Ice
  9. Icewarrior

    [Churchill] Client gradually loses fps then crashes

    Please create a new ticket to support.heroesandgenerals.com, remember to post your computer specs ('dxdiag') If support can't find a reason behind your problems then please PM one of the BugHunters to reopen this thread. -Cheers Ice //Lock
  10. Already in database, thanks! -Cheers Ice /lock
  11. Icewarrior

    Matchmaking Issues

    Couple questions. Are you queuing on Staged or War? what characters you tend to use, when you receive long matchmaker times? - If you are in War trying to find game, time nearly irrelevant as you are given a battle if there is any. with characters like pilots, there is a good chance that you can find a battle only handful of times a day. - On Staged this is not a problem. You should be thrown into a game within 7 minutes with any character. With the most populated faction on staged, queues are naturally bigger, since they have to wait for the enemies to join the matches. -Hope it helps- ///Leaving open for few days, waiting for answer ///
  12. Icewarrior

    Dont know where to put this, help please.

    Sorry man. Sadly there is nothing bug hunters can do. Please just patiently wait until support opens again, and then send the support ticked. Support should be out of maintenance tomorrow. If the matter is absolutely urgent, you can send a PM to Reto.Gargamel, though it would better to submit tomorrow. As a tip, open a notepad. Then add all the info you can on it. So you won't forget them till the support opens again. Like time of the incident and the character that you tried to apply them to. - Good luck! //Not a bug / lock -Cheers Ice
  13. Found a report of this from days of old. I will forward it to devs and see what they got to say. Thanks for reporting! / will add info later, for now //lock -Cheers Ice
  14. Icewarrior

    MP 40

    Update: not a bug, both triggers grant the same amount of Rpm. if you change tab after selecting/deselecting a trigger mod, you should be able to see the change. This is since, after the first pick, the client has always one of the mods picked. /lock continues.
  15. Icewarrior

    Finland: Tech tree

    AFAIK Finland had at least 2-3 different plane types where the dropped crew could exceed over 4 men. Smaller 3 men + gear drops could be orchestrated from any bomber variant. Troopers were housed in the empty bombcontainer area and exited through the bomb-bay doors. Planes which were commonly used to drop 10 or more men, were the Heinkel He115 [thumb]https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/5c/Heinkel_He_115_Finland_Air_Force.jpg[/thumb] He-59 [thumb]https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/7f/Heinkel_he_59.jpg[/thumb] FYI this is what i remember and what I could quickly find. Please let me know if you find further information