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  1. I installed the game, started it, and it swears "HnG Service not installed properly, please reinstall ...". I check the files, as a result I write "Files (11654) did not pass the check and will be downloaded again ...". And every time after I upload 2.5 GB, I turn on the check and this message appears. I tried to delete the game and reinstall it - it does not help. Disable antvirus - does not help. I also did “Clear Download Cache” in Steam, it does not help if recommended on your site. Restarting the computer does not help. What is the problem I do not understand, there were no suitable solutions on the Internet. P.S. Windows 10x64 File "hngsync-steam.log" in the path:% USERPROFILE% \ AppData \ LocalLow \ Heroes and Generals, the folder is empty
  2. Mr.Juggernaut

    Light tank T-70

    All the same, please add the T-70 instead of the BT-7. BT-7 as a paper, often the enemy sneaks in the back on Willys or Kyubelvagen or R75 and shoots a machine gun. The tank is destroyed faster than if it shoot other tanks with of guns.
  3. Mr.Juggernaut

    Soviet military motorcycle

    I ask all the same to consider a model M-72 as a game. America - Willys with M19191. Germany - Kubelwagen with MG34, R75 with MG34. Soviet Union - ???
  4. Mr.Juggernaut

    Model Tank T34 / 76

    I have the picture which model was the most common. That model is the game picture below.
  5. Mr.Juggernaut

    Optical sight Tank T34 / 76

    Here's another example of an optical sight
  6. Mr.Juggernaut

    Model Tank T34 / 76

    Why does not drop down gun barrel? Despite the fact that the T-34/76 optical sight with the sighting point above the center, the barrel gun not drop down. This fact gives the advantage of the enemy tanks on the terrain, hills. Technical Data gun barrel sinks to -5°
  7. Mr.Juggernaut

    Amphibious tank T-38

    Necessary to reduce the turning radius of the tank. A feeling that you go on a heavy tank. Increase the speed of rotation on the spot.
  8. Mr.Juggernaut

    Testing ground for weapons and equipment.

    Yes, I use a translator. I play for a long time, even when the game was only available in English. Also want to see improvements in the game.
  9. Mr.Juggernaut

    Dress code Soviet soldiers

    I think that the model of equipment should vary depending on the use of weapons. Ammo pouches for different types of weapons look differently.
  10. Mr.Juggernaut

    Dress code Soviet soldiers

    Just look at the soldier in the game and it reminds a cheap knockoff. :cry:
  11. The fact that primary education in the game does not allow to use in the action tank or plane, or maybe a motorcycle. The game is often seen players who do not know how to manage equipment and this leads to a rapid destruction of the assault team. There were many cases when beginners are undermined by the mines of his own team or shoot at his team. Testing ground will provide an opportunity for beginners to see the variety of games and understand the basics of combat. Old people polygon das opportunity to hone skills without fuss
  12. Mr.Juggernaut

    Sale unnecessary weapons and equipment

    I was told to sell all that is not being used, including duplicates. I have no problem with the game volute, I want to put things in order. Well, for example by selling semi-automatic rifle base for half the price you do not like yourself can not buy that steeper. Let even a quarter of the price.
  13. It is possible to make hull destroyed equipment remained in place, but did not disappear? This would allow time to evacuate the crew to take refuge for a while, but do not run aimlessly. If near the hull within a radius of 5 meters no one, it disappears after 5 seconds, which makes it not load the game server.
  14. I offer the sale of unused equipment and weapons already for half the price of their value. This will provide an opportunity to clean up and make a profit. Why players dead weight?
  15. Mr.Juggernaut

    Dress code Soviet soldiers

    In the second photo the soldier dress code sample 39-41 years, whereas there was no the shoulder straps. In the game, the soldiers already have shoulder straps, an example of equipment on the first photo. And the backpack that the second photo is not as great as in the game, plus a equipping with him goes assault equipment But with the layout '42