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  1. Lobo[PT]

    Sleep my little Prince...

    i m thankfull for the years of fun the game gave me. but i m more glad i changed to enlisted.
  2. Lobo[PT]

    New technologies and gaming communities

    Rip Forums.
  3. Lobo[PT]

    The grass is in fact greener on the other side this time

    they do. left botom corner. and infact, it detection / fps performance is way better there
  4. Lobo[PT]

    Do you have a battleworn skin?

    yes, it was
  5. Lobo[PT]

    Do you have a battleworn skin?

    Have 2 GE g43s if i recall correctly. but doesnt beat the adler and the golden shovel
  6. Lobo[PT]

    Nerf this, buff that

    they dont have no one to work on that. they simply lack manpower. and wont change anymore.
  7. Lobo[PT]

    next upgrades

    None will happen.
  8. Lobo[PT]

    Great servers there , reto

    Strong op mame to thread content ratio
  9. Lobo[PT]


    i was so hyped with this: that it was almost 1 year ago and still nothing. and to be fair, its pretty much past now.. i still cant understand why the need to push the flametrowers, that will be useless with such huge open maps, with the silenced smgs/masks and so on still on Hold...
  10. Lobo[PT]

    HnG and maps

    we over the years did gave them map ideas. just go to this forum map section. we have lots of good feedback that never went nowhere. a good example was the costal town map... had lots of good feedback and suport from the community. but went nowhere. when reto did had the staff capable to deliver they didnt . how they will now? sadly we wont see nothing huge, nothing worth, no patch will make a diference now without manpower to work on it.
  11. Lobo[PT]

    Recons feel extremely "meh"

    i used to play recon like this: (this is on staged if i recall correcly) just for quick scopes... its a boring type of character, but this is somehow a fun way to play recon for me.
  12. Lobo[PT]

    HnG and maps

    as far as i remember its something around the sourcing the work . we working for free for them. not about the assets . its prety much all i remember that i saw in this forum/devstream also, they did talk alot about the multiple softwares they use to make a map. its not just place assets like unity/unreal and its done. i coudlnt care less about the DK laws to be fair with you. i remenber also to read something about lootboxes and such. the laws simply dont alow it.
  13. Lobo[PT]

    HnG and maps

    at the end of the day they have to follow laws . Its the main reason they dont give us tools to edit/create. the other reason, as explained in a dev stream and multiple times on foruns by devs its the multiple softwares they use to create something. Sadly this isnt like unreal engine, where a single software with assets may do the job. Using a unique “engine” to deliver a product can be better To prevent cheating/moding, to a downside that everything that needs to be done takes ages to deliver. and the worst part, is having maps like old montain town map, that could stay in the game as it was and have this one as a second one to be played... at the end of the day was replaced by a worst one. How i miss x1 fights for a hour on old montain map... or defending the fuel depot bridge ... ffs i srsly cant understand the fact that We could have both maps right now, but ... reto.
  14. thats why most people play staged. that argument its just invalid.
  15. Lobo[PT]

    X-Ray (Mountain Town O1)

    I did know about this when they first released the current montain town version. And if you deploy your bipods on d3 roof inside you can shoot from the wall