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  1. Was the M1/M2 actually buffed?

    That is not old
  2. Was the M1/M2 actually buffed?

    Good old days when MG42 can kill in 2 shot? YES!
  3. bend barrels

    You are spotted then enemy randomly shoot through it = unlucky time and place
  4. I'm having very serious trouble and so bye for now!

    Sorry for your loss,I believe your mother want you to raise and shine. I hope you will stand up and fight for it.
  5. Give some love... Love to the Germs ...

    I would love to have / can do this It also has mounted attach like this
  6. Best Clans POLL

    Penis contest
  7. Pistol Mod Discussion

    I go rof, use it as primary will lead you to pay expensive repair
  8. STG 44 scope. Yes or No?

    I use scope, mostly with single fire, and auto when in emergency
  9. Panzerbüchse 39

  10. New sounds for familiar weapons

    I can't even enter the game and it keep asking me to rejoin. Ticket submitted today
  11. Wich tank to level Panther etc.

    PZI for grinding Panther
  12. MG 42

    Rof with sight + tight grip gold For a veteran member, get pointer quick fire gold or fast reload gold as secondary badge. I use this to camp a room, outdoor is a big NO!
  13. Is the Panzer 2 Luchs worth it?

    Stay move with this tank
  14. MG-15 for new German Machine Gun. Thoughts?

    All weapon are welcome as long as it has a good stats especialy mobility, rof, accuracy and damage to kill heavy set gold fast
  15. 2 equipment point pistols useless now?

    I have the German one, tbh it is hard to bring down enemy with low RPM and damage