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  1. Is hard to set a rules here since a community and Reto decision play the same part on weapon balance. About memory usage, i have to try it, looks promising. Tks for the update
  2. Mg42 setup

    If it is suitable for you then why not?
  3. Trigger vs light spring

    Imo to calculate the cost of a mod you need to divide the price with max total shot you can get
  4. Soviet counter to 1919/johnson/m1m2 spam.

    But AVS can 3 hit kill Heavy Set Gold.
  5. Sway and weapon mods

    If you could give us enlightment about badges and their effect on stability, recoil, sway & cone fire: - Pointer Quick Fire - Dead Eye Badge - Tight Grip - Quick Draw Another question about the different in game stats between ADS and hip fire in terms of: 1. Cone Fire 2. Stability 3. Recoil 4. Sway
  6. Sway and weapon mods

    The circle or cone fire works as bullet spread. When the bullet leaving the barrel it won't travel straight. Additional info: [(Sway when firing) ?= That is not sway but recoil. When you fire a gun it create feedback the person holding it. recoil can goes to up, down, left and right.] Sway has nothing to do with it. For sway in scope modification for better understanding you can try using phone camera low vs max zoom and hold it with hand. In game Reto try to reflect it. The only way to reduce sway is by asking Reto to reduce it via code.
  7. Sway and weapon mods

    You can't fix sway by mod. Stability is recoil and how long the cone fire back to normal position (easily notice in hip fire)
  8. BA and SA rifles not useful on infantry

    In the past people can make SA and BA 1OHK against Heavy Gold and those gun didn't have a scope for infantry, 1 shot for 2 people is possible too. but since a lot of people get snipe and complain about it Reto made a change about it.
  9. Super German SMGs Class

    Do German have anything faster than just a gun with below 600rpm?
  10. Camos

    Go with the one which make your enemy thinking that you are his/her friend Edit: Camo to match with the enviroment kind of useless with the spotting system that we have now
  11. German Loadout Thread

    Wear ghillie gold and your good to go. Beware friendly fire can occure lol
  12. G43

    Try full rof + sight/scope + Scout barrel + standard ammo. Use it like SA AR everytime you shoot.
  13. "4x -> 5x headshot damage multiplier"

    That several hours means he is incapable and can't continue his duty for that time of periode. The reason behind headshot multiplier is to give a close gap between skill / vet player and new player (something i agree). making the hit box the same size as the real human head is a good idea and in before the hit box is bigger than the todays build. About realistic, a full or kurz rifle round will always penetrate steel helmet on every range.
  14. 3HK mg42 builds tests

    I don't like the recoil produced by these mod. I prefer sight + with / without trigger + precision / steel barrel