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  1. 3HK mg42 builds tests

    I don't like the recoil produced by these mod. I prefer sight + with / without trigger + precision / steel barrel
  2. King Tiger: Why NO MG-42, but MG-34? ...

    And today that weapon cost more than a grain not include the licenses
  3. veterans 1st H&G battle experiences :D

    I rent Internet Cafe to play this game and joined Axis coz get bored play as allies side on every FPS game. Get hype by using G43 then get owned by a guy camping the room with auto weapon. Facing AHQ clan (Amendeon, Schili, Patton and their friends). Got reset on New garden build and Reto refunded all the modification, meet the best US marksman name Nichunter with his 1ohk ba + Zook setup which inspired me. cooperated with Tadamichikuribayashi and his team. After some build it limit our capable to use AT's. Internet Cafe goes bankrupt which in result I have to play this game in 5 - 20fps on laptop. Couple build later cannot play the FPS anymore. The lowest salary in our country is $100 and I still try to save some to buy a new rig.
  4. German Loadout Thread

    Badges: HeavyGold + Combat Medic Gold Weapon: G43 Scoped + Pocket Pistol Equipment: Wrench + Medic kit The best money maker loadout. If you want multiple task soldier change pistol with PZWF
  5. Japan, so they can push Soviet
  6. How to play Luchs?

    Hit and run tactic. Always hide and move or else you will get hunt by AT Infantry
  7. Was the M1/M2 actually buffed?

    That is not old
  8. Was the M1/M2 actually buffed?

    Good old days when MG42 can kill in 2 shot? YES!
  9. bend barrels

    You are spotted then enemy randomly shoot through it = unlucky time and place
  10. I'm having very serious trouble and so bye for now!

    Sorry for your loss,I believe your mother want you to raise and shine. I hope you will stand up and fight for it.
  11. Give some love... Love to the Germs ...

    I would love to have / can do this It also has mounted attach like this
  12. Best Clans POLL

    Penis contest
  13. Pistol Mod Discussion

    I go rof, use it as primary will lead you to pay expensive repair
  14. STG 44 scope. Yes or No?

    I use scope, mostly with single fire, and auto when in emergency
  15. Panzerbüchse 39