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  1. Stay move with this tank
  2. All weapon are welcome as long as it has a good stats especialy mobility, rof, accuracy and damage to kill heavy set gold fast
  3. I have the German one, tbh it is hard to bring down enemy with low RPM and damage
  4. But some of our braindead teammate either shoot it or step on it
  5. Everybody wants a bipod, yet the mounted MG on vehicle user die faster than a regular tank get sticky or regular infantry
  6. SKS in WW2???
  7. I like the change, it gives the damn semi or bolt gun a change against auto spammer.
  8. Sight / Scope + RPM + Scout Barrel. 2hk to 75m
  9. It is fine as it is. No sarcasm here
  10. With tank hunter around i choose anything with speed and great gun
  11. Lots of recoil and sway
  12. M712 without rear stock, i would like to play it like a glock
  13. Wait until you have Panther
  14. I don't recommend STG44. Go MP40 or MG34 Mod it full ROF, Precision or/and Damage is up to you. Incase you cannot counter your enemy? Nade spam!
  15. -1st APC = Coffin Truck -DP-28 = Dinner Plate / Pizza Gun -PTRD = Petard / .50cal BMG -T-38 = Boat tank -Soviet APC = Rental Car -BA-64 = Shoe -Komsomolet = Sofa / Walking bunker -Mosin Nagant = Vasilly -AA Truck = Gun Truck -PPS-43 = Pop Corn -Soviet para = Pajamas -Johnson = Johntard / Johny -Thompson = Mafia -PPSH = Papa -PZ I = Tin Can -STG44 = Stage Gun -MG42 = sh*tty Gun