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  1. Iglix

    Spawn Camping & ways to fix it?

    HAHAHAHA. I can´t help but laugh at this thread. This crap is almost 2 years old. It was this along with their implementation of Squad 2.0 (and lots and lots of other minor stuff) that drove me away from this game and suprise suprise, close to two years gone and people still complain about same things and RETO still just keep listening and never doing anything about it. They would rather eat live spiders then admit that they did something wrong and rollback it to previous state. Good old H&G. Funny how some things never change. Shame too.
  2. Hmm when exactly was H-build? I remember that was time I started (EDIT: Ah, It was around February 2013. I remember I came to forums 3 months later for first time) . And I quit permanently after Z-build with visit like this one every half year or so to check if game got any better. Funny to see General Troll Gaius still sticking around while so many people left. And yes, it was exactly because I remember how insanely funny, lively and action packed (even on campaign map!) was game during I-build. Before all that horrid grind really came into game. Before so many "improvements" came and slowed everything and made it dull, Before lot of "Quality of life" mechanics were removed for no apparent reason. If I came to game at Z-build and did not know how it looked in past, I would not realize how annoying this game become in that time.
  3. Every 6 months or so I check on this game again to see if by some chance it would not catch me again but alas :-( 1) What made me stop playing FPS: Squad 2.0 New Spawn system. Those are my two primary reasons that untill removed will ensure that I will not return. Then there is a lot of smaller issues that I was willing to overlook until above mentioned "features" came that supported my decision to stop playing Artificial delay before you can start battle Queues for everything. Poor graphics Poor UI Doritos Grindfest of credits Grindfest of Warfunds Grindfest of badges Grindfest of everything. That grindfest is so bad that I simply had to put it here 4 times. High depressing maintanance cost of everything. Inability to pick my own battles - technicaly I can but I would have to scour constantly entire map and click all conflicts all the time to have any chance. Old way where we had UI with all battle going was much much better. And probably some more minor things that I already forgot. I do not care about weapons. I do not care about vehicles and planes. Variety is nice but as long as there is some usable equipment on all sides that is enough for me. But all those "Quality of Life" things that are screwed up are making this game unplayable to me no matter its very solid basis and idea. 2) What would make me come back? Remove Squad 2.0 Go back to old Spawn system. Set prices in such way that players can think of "how to have fun with things I have" instead of "can I afford shooting two more clips without bankrupting myself?" This is not post-apo survival game. DO not limit players so hard resource-wise. Reduce or remove maintanance so that everything they earn will be directly spent for new weapons/characters and not sadly watching how I lost 3000 credits in battle just because matchmaking decided to throw me into game that was 2 minutes before end and I dared to shoot 10 clips of my modded gun in that time. Crap like that is depressing. 3) What I would like to see new in game? Quality of life improvements. Things that would give players access to more informations. Make UI more fluent. Oh well. With this I will be back again in 5-6 months to check if something actualy changed. I still can't believe how awesome and fun this game was in times of I-J build so long time ago. How you could run circles around enemy in O2 house in good old mountain map. How you actualy had to land plane to refill bombs for it. And so many things that will never return. Memories of fun that were replaced by frustration from new features that made game less fun and more annoying.
  4. Lots of looong empty spaces and fields where you have very little to cover behind. Put one MG42 at far side of any of those pictures (or any sniper or MG user in the end) and just count the kills.
  5. Iglix

    What i think of this game

    Well at least it is showing how new players may feel when they do not know nothing about the game. You do understand that for new players to learn intricacies of the game they have to want to learn and not be discouraged by their first experience right?
  6. 13/17 is generic size of set in many countries of Europe.
  7. Iglix

    The Pokemon Go Thread

    So it is still just "attack enemy pokemon while he is standing there and taking it". Meh. I think I will keep my hopes with virtual reality development. Augmented one is quite limited
  8. Iglix

    Being off topic

    Yeah, no risque stuff here. Only aproved things allowed [thumb]http://31.media.tumblr.com/f9960e9db80a48f785901f358e125285/tumblr_n2g1b2I81V1s2wio8o1_500.gif[/thumb]
  9. Iglix

    Being off topic

    Heard about it. But at least they got good fighting spirit and good aim. That fleet sunked some 2-3 ships.... from their own fleet... during training where everyone was using blanks :-D Only in Russia
  10. Iglix

    Being off topic

    Best proof that you are not opressed half as much as you think is that you are not arrested in your country for posting this. Trust me. Take my words as from someone who is living in post-comunistic country. It always amazes me how some people are whining about how current goverment is so much worse then communist (or insert any dictatorship) one without realizing that if we still had comunistic goverment they would get arrested for their words or possibly even worse.
  11. Iglix

    Being off topic

    What also kind of grates on my nerves is Edrogan call to citizens to come into streets and fight for him. Like "Hey guys, there is army running amok, please go out and stop them. No need for weapons or organization. Nothing bad can happen to you" if this coup was real and ready to overthrow goverment, they would make mincemeat from those civilians who knownigly went to counterattack them.
  12. Iglix

    Panther and Luch rant !

    eh what can they do when Germany throwed towel in WW2 before USA could roll out with more tanks
  13. Iglix

    Being off topic

    2000 soldiers tries coup. 10000 civilians that had nothing to do with it arrested. Turkish democracy.
  14. Iglix

    The Pokemon Go Thread

    Just question since I did not try P:GO and due to time limitation am not even inclined to try: What is the difference from previous games in actual combat? Afaik only thing that changed is that you are catching pokemons from around you but did combat system changed from times of gameboy? Or is it still turn based where both sides patiently wait until enemy hits them with attack?
  15. Iglix

    Being off topic

    When alreay topic of Turkey was brought here, can anyone explain to me why over2k judges were arrested? I get it that they are arresting soldiers who were part of coup. That makes sense. But what have those judged to do with this at all?