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  1. Reto.KriegDK

    New Skirmish map 'Khutor' test on prototype

    We had to perform some maintenance yesterday, on a server that affected our Prototype server. So it has been down. I have now redeployed the server with the latest fixes, and it's up and running again.
  2. Reto.KriegDK

    Help test Assault Team optimization on prototype

    The client runs completely separate from the regular standalone client, so you should not install it into the regular game directory. Has anyone else experienced getting stuck at this stage?
  3. Reto.KriegDK

    Help test Assault Team optimization on prototype

    The campaign map got stuck in a situation that created a crash every time you entered the screen. We're deploying a fix right now.
  4. Reto.KriegDK

    1.09 Public Test! Prototype Server Open from October 27th

    It is currently being repurposed.
  5. Reto.KriegDK

    1.09 Public Test! Prototype Server Open from October 27th

    Thanks to all who participated in the test of 1.09. Your feedback is greatly appreciated! We intend to keep the Prototype server open until we decide to repurpose it for another test.
  6. Reto.KriegDK

    SECOND Limited Access Prototype test!

    Thank you all who participated and filled out the survey! You provided us with a lot of great feedback, along with lots of system specs. With all this info, it will be easier for us to exterminate the remaining bugs. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and following that, many of us at Reto headquarters will spend a little time off on Christmas holiday. But we will keep Prototype running, so if you haven't yet had the opportunity to test the new fixes (deployed today at 13:00 CET), then you're welcome to head over there and see how it runs on your computer. Remember to give us your feedback via this survey and if you include your dxdiag info (guide linked in the form), it will help us a lot in our investigative work. Again. Thank you for your help and happy holidays to all!
  7. Reto.KriegDK

    SECOND Limited Access Prototype test!

    We've just deployed a new version with a bunch of fixes. Please join us now and join the chat channel #feedback in the game and tell us if you run into any issues. 3+ Reto's will be present in the chat for the next three hours and we'll join in on random battles. We are very interested in hearing your feedback, especially if you have any issues. If you've told us before on the forum or in a previous survey, it will help us to know if your problem is fixed, so please fill out this form.
  8. Reto.KriegDK

    My game is glitched Plz help

    There is a known issue with Plays.TV, that could cause this. If you have Plays.TV running, please close it and see if it resolves your issue, Plays.TV developers have a fix ready, but has not released it yet to the public.
  9. Reto.KriegDK

    Further Squad Improvements

    Thanks for the heads up. We've identified the cause and reported it in our system.
  10. Reto.KriegDK

    Further Squad Improvements

    We've confirmed this bug, but it should be possible to fix on the fly, without taking the servers down. We're working on it.
  11. Reto.KriegDK

    Render Engine Feedback thread!

    Memory related issues We know configs with less than 8 GB Ram have a higher probability of experiencing stuttering, freezes and even crashes. Especially if a system only has 4 GB or if it's running a 32 bit operating system. We're working on a fix, but we'll most likely not be able to have it ready this weekend. Systems with 8 GB of Ram can also have a higher probability of being affected by these issues, depending on how much is running in the background. Tip: If you have 8 GB Ram, try to have a maximum memory usage of 3 GB before joining a battle. You can do this by closing unused programs and processes. You can check to see if hng.exe is set to always use the dedicated GPU. Use of dedicated GPU's on laptops We know that for some users, their laptop is not automatically using the dedicated GPU when starting up a battle. This can result in a framerate in the 5-25's, where one might be used to a framerate much higher than that. Tip: If you have a GeForce GPU, then the feature is called Nvidia Optimus. If you have a Radeon GPU, then the feature is called Dynamic Swichable Graphics.
  12. Reto.KriegDK

    Render Engine Feedback thread!

    Thanks for all the feedback guys. If you experience an issue, please don't hesitate to add your feedback, even if you see your issue having been posted before. The more hardware configs we collect, the better overview we have. If you're unsure about what CPU or graphics card you have, then you can post a dxdiag from your affected system (find guide here).
  13. Reto.KriegDK

    Render Engine Feedback thread!

    True fullscreen (now just called "Fullscreen") will have to remain disabled for now, due to larger issues that has come to our attention via feedback, but we intend to re-add it once we're convinced the worst issues have been resolved. If you have 8 GB of memory (or less) and experience crashes or stuttering during gameplay, you can try to close as many memory-hungry programs as possible, while playing. If you play through our browser client, you could try to use the Steam client and close your browser. When your memory usage starts nearing 80% or goes beyond, Windows will begin to use your harddrive for additional virtual memory. This will possibly cause stutters, especially if you have a slow harddrive. If you run the game on a laptop and have a framerate in the 5-20's instead of a framerate that is usually much higher, then it's most likely running on the CPU's integrated graphics processor instead of the dedicated GPU. Make sure that your driver is set to use the dedicated GPU. It might not detect that automatically. For Nvidia GPU's, the feature is called Nvidia Optimus. For AMD GPU's it's called Dynamic Switchable Graphics. If you try any of these things, and it helps for you, please come back to this thread and tell us.
  14. Reto.KriegDK

    Render Engine Feedback thread!

    Thanks for the feedback so far. Adding system info really helps us to identify remaining hardware specific issues.
  15. Reto.KriegDK

    stolen weapon repair costs

    Hereby investigated. Conclusion is you still do not pay for ammo, upgrades or the weapon condition in general, from enemies picking up your weapon and using it. And you still do not pay anything if you pick up a weapon and use that.