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  1. Reto.muerteh

    Didn't get First Blood badge leveling from 0 to 2

    Hi there, Glad you received it after restarting the client. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  2. Reto.muerteh

    T 26

    Hi gkov71, I confirmed that there is an issue and i have fowarded the info to the dev. It's still possible to plant the H3 mine on the T26 but it's more difficult than other tanks - especially on the rear. Thanks for letting us know!
  3. I'd say there's tons of things in Heroes & Generals that can be disputed by Mythbusters As you know the game is not a simulator and doesn't aim to be one. I fully understand your frustration. As mentioned earlier i felt the same the first time i experienced the new behavior, but i can see pros and cons to both tweaking and and keeping it. I agree it could be reduced a bit, but if the community is 50/50 on the topic, it's difficult to argue why it should be prioritized, on top of other tasks, to change this in particular. I hope that makes sense.
  4. Hi HorstVII I'm sorry if i didn't make myself clear. This is not something we added as a feature. This is the raw result of how the physics behave. There's no "implosion" or "anti-physical" about this and i'll explain why: The shock wave is mainly affecting the closest and lightest part of the plane, which usually happens to be the tail. It pushes the tail up which makes the plane dive. Simple as that. So it's not a question of a specifically implemented feature that is supposed to punish the player beyond regular physics. Changing this default behavior could be done by either reducing the shock wave or adding a feature that counters physics. What happens when the bomb hits the target is a whole different discussion which i don't feel qualified to get into, so i won't comment on that. But for now we're just debating how players see the physical behavior and so far i'm seeing both pros and cons...
  5. Reto.muerteh

    Panzer 3 Town map - cant enter A1

    Hi robotpilot, I have confirmed the issue and forwarded it to the dev. Thanks for letting us know and please make a new post if you stumble upon similar locations.
  6. Reto.muerteh

    Full screen freeze

    Hi pomi11, Please contact support when you have issues. We don't have the tools to help you in here. This is purely for bug reporting. Thank you.
  7. Reto.muerteh

    Krepost - Roof jumps

    Hi there, There hasn't been made any final decisions yet to whether it should be possible to go to the roof or not - and if it should be possible; how easy it should be. We will that later on. Thanks for letting us know anyway
  8. Reto.muerteh

    Error 599

    Hi Conserved, This can happen if you have a firewall or similar blocking the port our IRC connection uses. If it keeps happening for you, please contact support.
  9. Hi HorstVII, I'm sorry for the late reply. This behavior is something we discussed internally before releasing v1.2 and in the beginning i personally had the same impression as you. I considered it to be too much of a punishment, but after a long discussion i was actually convinced that it's somewhat fair. Let me share some of the thoughts with you: When you've been used to be able to drop your bomb drop a certain height it's difficult to adjust to a new situation. But before a skilled pilot (such as yourself, i'm sure) would be able to hit a target 10/10 when dive bombing, which I'm pretty sure most tankers wouldn't consider fair. As soon as the tanker heard the plane engine diving, he knew he was going to take a hit. Forcing the pilot to drop the bomb earlier leaves a larger room for error and in some cases gives the target a chance to dodge the attack. I would say that a skilled pilot should be able to hit his target around 7-8/10 and i'm sure that is still possible with the current design. Of course veteran pilots have to adjust to the new behavior but i guess that's the cost of playing a game which is constantly being developed. That said, nothing is set in stone and everything is subject to change in the long run, so I'll urge everyone to speak up. Both pilots, tankers and everybody else who has an opinion about this. I can't promise any sort of change but if the critique is pretty much one-sided it'll of course make an impact on us. I hope this has shed a bit of light on the situation.
  10. Reto.muerteh

    invisible wall on each stairs from bridges left side

    Hi there, If this is related to D4 on the Town map it's a known issue. If it's in a different location/map please create a new post with a screenshot.
  11. As mentioned, these are different weapons.
  12. Reto.muerteh

    New Krepost Encounter map test on prototype - round 3

    It seems something went wrong in the process. This is the type of weird things you can expect from a prototype test We will fix it before the next test. Thanks for letting us know!
  13. Reto.muerteh

    New Krepost Encounter map test on prototype - round 3

    We will need to do a thorough overhaul of the AI before we can implement the bots into other parts of the game, but hopefully we will get there one day
  14. Reto.muerteh

    New Krepost Encounter map test on prototype - round 3

    There has been bots on Live for at least 1 year 🙂 The reason you probably haven't noticed is because they're only available for brand new players, so they won't get steamrolled in their first 1-3 matches
  15. Reto.muerteh

    Help test the Krepost Encounter map on prototype - round 2

    This test has been concluded. Thanks to everyone who participated! As mentioned above, if all goes well, the plan is to have another public test of the map during the upcoming weekend - this time with a completely new capture zone layout. Hope to see you all there, and thanks again for all your awesome feedback! It's truly appreciated 🙂