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  1. Louis.Cipher

    I don't like bots

    RETO how stupid can you seriously become? I always thought we are already at the bottom and then you introduce bots that can see you everywhere and kill you far away through foliage? Do you never think a second?
  2. Louis.Cipher

    Planes got laser weapons...

    blahblahblah fuckin barista
  3. ... when get shoot out of your Luchs driver seat in full speed. RETO please hire some game developers!
  4. Louis.Cipher

    THE PANZERBÜCHSE-39 = unfair AA

    Have fun!
  5. Louis.Cipher

    Why do tanks in H&G got tracks?

    Seriously, but let me explain. In reality one reason for tanks having tracks is to lower the chance of it getting immobile. In H&G your tracks can be destroyed by the russin AA and by 1-2 shots of an anti tank rifle. So that, a vehicle with lets say 4 wheels on each side has a much lower chance of getting immobile than a tank. So RETO can you please give wheels to tanks (lets say 4 on each side...)? Or fix the damn damage model ffs!!!
  6. Louis.Cipher

    Hot "fix" for AT Rifles

    I think it would be a good idea to limit the "aiming speed" for those AT rifles when aiming down sight like you have it for tanks.
  7. Louis.Cipher

    Armor Plates and much more

    I have countered them with good arguments. They telling that my arguments based on playing their game for 6 years now is invalid just because I don´t want to be their unsalaried beta tester shows their stupidity and I dont follow stupid persons. Despite the fact that their is nothing to test at all at the moment. What do they want me to test? The "pling" sound when the armor plate got hit? Or the new loadouts this stupid idea forces me to use? Let´s leave it like that mate. I got my principles!
  8. Louis.Cipher

    Armor Plates and much more

    Sorry but that´s not me following such stupid orders!
  9. Louis.Cipher

    Armor Plates and much more

    Thank you mate but according to RETO my opinion is invalid for not joining the test server even though I played this game for 6 years! RETO logic you know.... (damn I´m to polite...)...
  10. Louis.Cipher


    I do what I want and the number of 3 faction battles is annoying to me. You can call me whiner or whatever it just shows how restarted you are. I said what I want so I´m out of here now!
  11. Louis.Cipher


    Yeah sure its my fault, LOL! Surely 7 vs 12 makes much more sense then 6 vs 12.... Why should I play? I know how it ends! I was alone on one line, what´s the point? You play such games? Ok, have fun. I don´t play them. Maybe RETO should start less of those annoying 3 faction battles which don´t even make sense now as staged battles are shown on the map and one of the faction is hundreds of miles away.
  12. Louis.Cipher


    Just played match as russian and it started with 7 vs 12! I immediatly left! What´s the point of it? Then they wonder why the players prefer german faction! Bollocks!
  13. Louis.Cipher

    Prototype test: Armor plating

    I hope that´s irony there. You can´t take RETO.Hades argument serious. Please tell me that you don´t!
  14. Louis.Cipher

    Prototype test: Armor plating

    Well the hope is quite low because RETO for whatever reasons always does what pilots want and never really listened to tankers and nerfed them over and over again. ("Mimimimimi I got shot by tanks" "Ok, we make they can´t shot up anymore and make your planes faster" I just want to know how you justify something like Flak Jacket if you get rid off Heavy Set! I´m not against the removal of HS btw if we get rid of OHK rifles. It´s just the inconsistency of RETOs actions that pisses me off.
  15. Louis.Cipher

    Prototype test: Armor plating

    Yeah sure buff the planes... are you serious? Flying tanks is not enough? You want a Star Destroyer? Get rid off flak jacket!