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  1. Festival69

    Merge Assault Teams feature

    Not the same as it is now. The Merge will be permanent, untill player would like to unmerge it. So it will be like the AT Group, f.e. 2 inf AT + 1 tank AT, or 3 inf AT, being moved together in one click like the usual AT.
  2. Suggestion is about adding a feature to merge forces for Global Map. This feature will allow us to merge several (f.e. up to 3) ATs to send them to the point on the map. Having different speeds they will move separately but will be moved together in one click. This will provide us more flexible strategy gameplay and better game experience. One can combine different infantry ATs or inf_AT + tank_AT and so on. I came up to this idea because sending 1 AT may kill it in few battles. While a Merged AT group will hold longer, because resources will be picked from both (or 3) ATs randomly, making it as a big AT that will stay alive longer untill it is depleted or ressuplied in time to prevent it's death. If you're unable to babysit Glomal map all the time.
  3. Festival69

    Bugged RTS lines - Submit yours here

    There is a place that didn't turn after battle was over. AT resupply keep stucking there since they can't move by grey(?!) line. Moving ATs through this line doesn't solve it. https://imgur.com/a/IKAXgPn
  4. Festival69

    How infantry badges actually work

    Are you planning to update your article? Some badges surely has been changed. f.e. Marathon man and sprint or some weapons' firing mechanics.
  5. With Dynamite Lover badge I have 3 h3 + 5 mines or 5 rpg-43 + 5 mines. https://imgur.com/a/EErqosA Fix it please.
  6. Festival69

    How infantry badges actually work

    It does not work. Look https://imgur.com/a/EErqosA
  7. Festival69


    DP28 DP29) It's just DP or DP27 in Russia) Officially just DP. Might be nerfed when DT will be added. So no point to call for DP tweak yet
  8. Festival69

    soviet faction, random queue in war = desaster.

    I always use war matchmaking at war. Reduces search time and finds best ping. 20% players care of global map. 80% players use war mm for their good. Wherever you play, you will help your faction.
  9. Festival69

    What are your favorite AVS mods, and why?

    Just use https://script.google.com/macros/s/AKfycbwF7UGqPbT8Ad_PscA2IftxJRh2hDu7Za8tkJ9y2vr7ckZhFsG0/exec Advanced options - add heavy set gold. With sniper ammo 3 shots to kill, 4 without. +25% dmg
  10. Festival69

    What are your favorite AVS mods, and why?

    Sniper ammo + sights + trigger + lightened spring + urah2. Train to control it and you'll rock. If you fail - remove lightened spring. Tip: try not to strafe on distances longer than 20. Strafe reduce accuracy dramatically.
  11. Festival69

    Drug Addicts

    You forgot that 1st purpose of all games is FUN. Rest is less valuable for people.
  12. Make a badge combo bonus from having two specified badges. That would be cool.
  13. Festival69


    I hope we will see the post from reto with total average results of this survey.
  14. Festival69

    Soviet Loadout Thread

    Spam-topic? Everyone use what they prefer, even if it's not effective in general. AVS+Wrench+MedicPouch + DeadEye DP+MedKit + MarathonMan Mosin+Panzershrek + IronFist SVT+RGD33+MedicPouch + FirstAid SVT+RPG43+TM35 + Grenadier Recon: Mosin+MedicPouch + Camouflaged Tankers: Nagant+Wrench+Binoculars + Gunner Pilots: Nagant+Wrench+FirstAidKit +BombsAway Paratroopers: SVT+FirstAidKit + Camouflaged/CombatMedic K/D = 1.9