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  1. Hello, sorry this is in english but my russian is really not that good Are you guys experiencing issues when purchasing other stuff through steam or is it only in H&G? I can't find anything wrong on our end, and as far as i know it is only happening to you guys from Russia. //Reto.Tobby
  2. Reto.Tobby


    Alright, thanks will forward it to the action team.
  3. Reto.Tobby


    Is this crash in the action game or the RTS/loadout part?
  4. Reto.Tobby

    Login Server Issues [2014.05.12]

    Just to clarify, when we took the server down a second time yesterday it was to fix another queue related bug not this requeuing. When you picked a war you got send to the back of the queue - this we fixed in the second deploy yesterday. So this came as a nasty suprise, trust when Vashu wrote it was a high priority it was sincere. We have been working on a fix for this one and hopefully it will be out soon. I do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. I do know how frustrating it is to wait only to be told to wait all over again.