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  1. JosefSvejk

    Update 1.10 is up on the Prototype Server!

    - If I change light tanks M24 Chaffee to M2A2 tank its bugged. Chafee missed and its only M2A2 there. I dont restart game for check out if this bug still there. So please test if its bug or not. - I play some battles on the prototype Mill map and its everytime very dark light conditions like night. I dont know if this change over time.
  2. JosefSvejk

    1.10 Public Test! Changelog

    @Reto.Robotron3000 Sorry, but this new little map is not funny for me. Its big camping place. I like to be positive because I know you like game just like me, but this is blind way. I like new big maps (like Forward Airfield or Town map) and not this little maps. What is reason for this map? Its only for grinding weapons? or pay credits for grenades and bazookas? Its for rookies? I dont know. Is this game Call of Duty WW2 or Heroes and Generals? I must say very good work on camouflaged helmets and paint jobs for vehicles and tanks. Its stuff what communtity looking for. Good luck guys. Regards to Copenhagen.
  3. JosefSvejk

    1.09 Public Test! Prototype Server Open from October 27th

    I testing badges Infantry fist gold+Iron fist and they not work. I use M1919 in stock and MG42 in stock first. And second time with special ammo. I shooting to basic vehicles and bycicles and nothing happens. I dont know if on prototype not work this badges only. Any ideas why ii happens?
  4. JosefSvejk

    Server Issue update - September

    Same happens to me now and server down. 3-Way battle and only one guy in our squad still play agaist 5 guys from other sides. Strange.
  5. I agree with Killer553 about balance. I think for RETO is more important if that plane was heavy fighter then it have cannons or MG. On that logic its A-20G-1 very good candidate because its heavy fighter variant. A-20G-20 is ground attack variant. I think better choose then P-38, because Lightning is long range high altitude fighter not heavy fighter.
  6. JosefSvejk


    Mp-40 Suppressor L41 (Arado - Brandenburg): cylinder diameter 43 mm length 295 mm weight 0,7 kg Mp-40 Suppressor L42 (Schneider/Opel - Berlin): cylinder diameter 45 mm length 350 mm weight 0,6 kg Both suppressors official not used in combat. With this mods MP40 need special low speed heavy ammo (Nähpatrone) with speed under 320 m/sec and weight 9 g per bullet. Bullet have light green color with bottom symbol X.
  7. Pirikitum do some great turorials when I start playing this game. Very useful for me.
  8. lol, I think that funny video is best here.
  9. JosefSvejk

    P-40 fighter is USELESS

    It may be because you fight against bad pilots. I found score from my first or second game with P-40 with factory ammo(3-way battle) 10 fighter kills same amount of Paraplanes(not count on score) 9 vehicles 16 enemy soldiers I see better P-40 pilots in many battles who used Warhawk as very deadly weapon. So I think its only in players hands.
  10. JosefSvejk

    P-40 fighter is USELESS

    I think P-40 is good plane with good MG. Only what is bad is 6 small bombs with very small damage. If I leave historical things,(this bomb setup not used in real combat)so I think its better one large bomb like Bf-109 than 6 small bombs. With one bigger bomb load was be more historical correct and more better. Many times I drop one bomb direct hit to enemy soldier and its only damaged him. So its need some upgrade.
  11. JosefSvejk

    Testing new render 3

    Yes, for me I have regular 30-40 fps in normal servers and on Prototype I have around 90-140 fps. So I think its good improvement. Of course for every players are different fps parameters.
  12. JosefSvejk

    Shot down and angry 2 [1080p]

    its youtube I edit picture and add new thumbnail.