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  1. Its really disappointing to see where the game has ended up.
  2. If the Bazooka, Panzershreck can 1-shot cars, I see absolutely no reason why a PTRD can't. And compare to them both, the PTRD has relatively under-powered.
  3. Well I only play against German because I like 'em. Playing Soviets is a major pain in butt. Its miserable. Yuck. But it beats my Axis nightmares which still haunt me...
  4. Its impossible to see I agree. I found a fix though. I just log off.
  5. This is what a Panther is supposed to sound like .... Not sure how one could mess this up. Instead we have this..
  6. Yip this spawn system feels like I'm in the Matrix with invisible lines all around me. I even get the slo-mo combos 99% of the time, so yeah. Call me Neozi. LOL
  7. Christ...... Its numb-skull ideas like this as to why I have not driven in a tank in close to 1 year.
  8. For every action theres a reaction. Its the universal way.. Players lost interest in the game and treated devs like soiled pajamas in summer, and its little surprise they left us here in this echo chamber to die alone..
  9. Player: This Game sux! Google translate: That thing [Google adj. piano, plane, spade] rocks and player love it! Reto's concept of asymmetrical balance is unfortunate, because its really not working.
  10. Here's a trick I learnt. Don't aim for the plane when its diving towards you. Aim just above the plane's cockpit about 2-3 mm. I guarantee you you will kill the pilot Its leading the target and the plane will have to fly through your arc of fire. Its so sweet seeing his lifeless corpse fall from the air.
  11. Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4771 CPU @ 3.50GHz (8 CPUs) with windows 10. 16 gigs SSD 4 gigs dedicated to graphics on AMD Radeon (TM) R9 200 Series
  12. Yeah I have that combo SMG + SVT ... I have been grinding them on 10 soldiers which all started breaking into assault team level 12 as of today. Yippee - now to start unleashing the Horde!
  13. Thanks mate - bugger