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  1. Nurf America to help make the game balanced

    A sure sign of insanity is believing one's delusions are real. You should seek help immediately.
  2. Nurf America to help make the game balanced

    Bipods will never work in the setting of H&G. 1. The lanes of play are all premised on the notion of getting into a CP and capturing it. Not sitting off on a hilltop somewhere laying down covering fire. 2. The equipment points will prevent any MG user being able to get into a capture point and have any decent way of defending themselves so they completely neuted in offense. Another cornerstone of the game. 3. The pace of the combat in H&G actually is very fast. Its as fast as it takes to capture a point, and move to the next. I don't see much point to having more than one member of my team running around to trying to setup a mg, when I need them in the CP with me. 4. Prone in deployed mode, the MG user is 100% blind to anyone attacking him from the sides and rear and suffer a penalty of getting out of bipod mode to defend themselves. 5. Bipods will suffer from a major issue of the terrain not being suitable to be used on. I see major issues with this. Major. 90% of the time I imagine folks will loose the point of the match trying to find a their gravemarker. 6. You might as well decouple the heavy MGS entirely from the player stack and set them-up in pillboxes where they will probably be more effective than some wannabee bandit in the hills. Sorry sod doesn't realize it, but the moment he commences with his symphony of blitzkrieg.. he's as good as dead, as all that Wild-Bill suppression fire, his dancing with there, will light-up the hilltop like a sightly wayward fourth of July party at the Osbournes. .
  3. most stupid thing on global map

    Are you sure? Because I'm fairly sure this tops the charts
  4. Historical Suggestions

    No thanks. I'm pistolled out and I don't much care for RETO's theme of factional balance. I can just see it now. US Winchester strips off the frame of the Statue of Liberty at 1000m's
  5. Too much? I was aiming for wounded emo, with a predisposition towards self-harm.
  6. AVS Still best gun in the game.

    Well then. I must be wrong. Bugger. And @WarDaemon forgive my attitude.
  7. The game feels less like world war 2 and more like some fantasy cold war what if scenario... Its so sad. I cry a little everytime I log on. You broke it. And you broke my soul.
  8. AVS Still best gun in the game.

    Cr#p. I only play war. And compared to the Johnson, the STG etc, the sound of AVS on the battlefield is infinitely less common.
  9. AVS Still best gun in the game.

    I've been playing SU for about 8 months now and in all that time I can count on one hand the number of AVS I've even seen used. RETO stats are as believable as the Guptas trying to convince the world that they are running a clean show.
  10. 11 ATs trashed by broken mechanics

    Apologies - long day came home for some R&R, and I misread your post as sarcasm.
  11. All were in battle when I left and ta-da came on line all surrendered and I'm down 2k warfunds. No-one fought .. at all... when did you transplant my army with the charge of the damn home guard. There's your broken war economy right there! Your mechanics in every possible way feel a lot like I'm being continually trolled.
  12. m1919, garand, johnson...

    Only three - looks around nervously.
  13. I was banned for being too good

    https://heroesandgenerals.com/support/ Khan!
  14. A nice feature

    LOL someone is bound to try autoresolve themselves!