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  1. Goto 5:23 for proof I've been studying military history for around 25 years. I'm surprised you made it so easy for me Lol.
  2. Anyone that wants to nerf the MG34 with all the US have got going for them is either a serious sore loser, or someone that's got absolutely no inkling of what balance in a game means. Arguing over the real life application of the purpose of a weapon in an online game environment is marginally asinine. Compared to the Axis and the SU, the US have been in the land of milk and honey for well over 1 1/2 now. 5..4..3..2..1.. YA BUT you have 4x scopes and the Tiger 2!!!!!!!!
  3. The British took it a bit further attaching parachutes to the cables ("Double Parachute Link" (DPL) and "Double Parachute/Ripping" (DP/R)- bombers would be brought down by the sheer g-force caused by parachutes deploying going at 406 + km/hr lol Now that I would pay good money to see. But if you want something truly impressive then read this - http://greg.org/archive/2010/05/29/the_greatest_camo_story_ever_told.html British hired Magicians to hide the Suez Canal from German Bombers and they succeeded!!
  4. Now you've gone and scaried Kuby
  5. Ya well if you have a pleasant stream and you constantly dump shite in it... it gets toxic.
  6. You lost all credibility with this one. Sorry. Just because I'm lazy: http://warfarehistorynetwork.com/daily/wwii/m4-sherman-vs-german-panther/ I've watched 100s of hours of documentaries of actual tankers who say the Panther ruled. Soviet, German, Brits and US. It was a fallacy that US Shermans outmatched Panthers. Pathers were defeated by Allied Airpower.
  7. Well not scifi kind of teleporting more like quick shifts in movement - I find it happens most when I am crouched, near a wall or when I am in a vehicle I sometimes get thrown 3 or four "meters" in any which direction (not spinning out which I already have mastered).
  8. I'm also getting this - for me its pretty game breaking. Can't play like this. Its cruel and unfair punishment I would expect to see at Guantanamo..
  9. Increase of lag. Teleporting. Float cars. And "stuttery' movements. Anyone else experiencing any of these effects and know how to resolve them? (Head explodes)
  10. Drat I was so sure ..
  11. H&G is a "don't take it serious" kind of game. Play it to just F.. around and you will be fine. No angst. Don't use grenades, mods, tanks, planes, mines, fancy bullets, vehicles and you will be fine. Take it serious then expect to spend a fortune in RL money or grind yourself into thoroughly loathing the game. Those are you options. Not pleasant to hear, but we can pretend its something more rosy.
  12. A tiny fraction of "someone killed me they must be a cheater!' are actually cheating.. Sometimes its better scapegoating the bitter truth that one's not all that they imagine themselves to be or even the mere possibility that they just got lucky with a better ping. Also I found rage tends to be a magnet for repetition, so the cheater appears even more "cheaty" as you rage recklessly across the map in search of your truth. Before you know it you spamming grenades, teamkilling in wild hysteria.. and you have become the cheater..
  13. I hope that the med pack is more than just 1x point. Otherwise one faction is set to have a significant advantage over the other because I can't imagine why...
  14. Stab a bloke with a syringe might be kinda fun.. maybe a CPR animation. Throw in a heimlich maneuver and I'm sold.