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  1. H&G is a "don't take it serious" kind of game. Play it to just F.. around and you will be fine. No angst. Don't use grenades, mods, tanks, planes, mines, fancy bullets, vehicles and you will be fine. Take it serious then expect to spend a fortune in RL money or grind yourself into thoroughly loathing the game. Those are you options. Not pleasant to hear, but we can pretend its something more rosy.
  2. A tiny fraction of "someone killed me they must be a cheater!' are actually cheating.. Sometimes its better scapegoating the bitter truth that one's not all that they imagine themselves to be or even the mere possibility that they just got lucky with a better ping. Also I found rage tends to be a magnet for repetition, so the cheater appears even more "cheaty" as you rage recklessly across the map in search of your truth. Before you know it you spamming grenades, teamkilling in wild hysteria.. and you have become the cheater..
  3. I hope that the med pack is more than just 1x point. Otherwise one faction is set to have a significant advantage over the other because I can't imagine why...
  4. Stab a bloke with a syringe might be kinda fun.. maybe a CPR animation. Throw in a heimlich maneuver and I'm sold.
  5. Very nice. Perhaps I must phone Mel and ask him to make a movie about a mortar guy.
  6. grind and performance and reto's design philosophy of trashing weapon handling=balance I rate as the main culprit.
  7. Ju people wand da troef? Ju KANT hendal deh troef!! Axis US Alts plying soviets AR their own factions prova how baeed the SU are!!! Da I sedj dees furst!! In Russia wee no fool! Leader Stalin kno how thees game go. Das why he say Yankie Cowboy hev Berlin. Ha-ha! Ha-ha!
  8. Thees idea Crazy funny yankie cowboys Sovetskaya game pop like one shoot.
  9. I bet mah monies on AR. Sheza winner!
  10. TLTR? BLITZKRIEG Kids you can practice this at home. Grab a flyswatter. See an unsuspecting fly on the wall. Pretend now to raise the swatter above you head.. then with all surprise SWOOSH BAM beat down on the fly @ss repeatedly, smashing it with your coordinated unity of command. See Blitzkrieg and welcome to Poland.
  11. I suspect Reto balances weapons based on demand. Call me crazy its just an observation. Although one may argue ya but the MG-42 was high demand, not really as most people already owed it.
  12. Maybe to make it easier for some people to aim at?
  13. I get it too lately. Its like I'm playing along nicely then suddenly BAM! I'm right in the middle of a
  14. Yes more epeen stroking information requiring significant communication and data processing for a game already as well optimized as the Columbia at launch.