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  1. I already did about 1 1/2 years ago. Now I'm living the dream building mah own game and occasionally shooting bad guys for a break.
  2. lol I could copy paste this and it would fit nicely into an Axis reply to a nerf MG42 thread from about a year ago.
  3. My personal thoughts on this are my own, but eventually.... eventually something will happen.. or the game dies. Its not rocket science.
  4. Not from where I'm standing. This community is filled with immature adolescents that instead of acting their age, behave like 5 year-olds. The point is its pointless (lol) to argue about one faction being OP over another in terms of weapons because it will not last. Reto likes to nerf things when their stats show its time for nerf. So US get to click the "I-win" button for a while until they nerfed into the stone age and the cycle repeats. Balance in H&G does not exist - its a micro-transaction driven sales figure bonus box.
  5. God this thread reminds me why I hate online gaming communities. 5 year old adolescents with emotional maturity of a grapefruit. There's a reason why you all love your hand so much.
  6. Thats more than likely a Vickers Class C Hell they even had an odd Naval AA 25.4mm guns before the Poms-Poms took the show Make a nice AA emplacement though lol
  7. It actually is a Heavy Machine gun armed with 15×104mm 15mm Mark Iz & 15×104mm 15mm W Mark I which could punch a 27 mm / +- 100yrds Eventually replaced with the BESA Machine Guns seen on the later VIA, VIB, & VIC models. Funny story I was just researching this gun this afternoon.
  8. That looks like a Light Tank Mk IIA with a fiesty .50 in Vickers machine gun
  9. To be honest... when last did anything not work out in favour of the mighty US? Reto got their backs. All good.
  10. I say rework the Carbines, and perhaps down the line somewhere Reto in all their wisdom realize how crap SU & GER weapons have become. Been grinding out SU for a bit now, and every time I unlock a weapon, one thing comes to mind, "Sod off"
  11. LOL must .. have ... optic fibre ... in my porn Keeps me regular
  12. No American faction players will tell you - everything is very well balanced. But I leave this to ponder. Have you heard of nudge theory? Nudge theory (or nudge) is a concept in behavioural science which proposes positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions to try to achieve non-forced compliance to influence the motives, incentives and decision making of groups and individuals. Sound familiar? *cough* underdog bonus. Bias means weighting or leaning to a particular view or behaviour. Other words which equate to bias are spin, inclination, and preference. When thinking has a bias or is biased towards something then it is not balanced or truly objective or neutral. The common existence of bias in people's thinking is a central aspect of Nudge theory. So on a theoretical level. YES - everything about the design of the game is based on BIAS.
  13. lol... must ... watch ... poooorn
  14. Everything speeds up like insane 1920s movie. Freaks me out. At least I now know why. But WHY?!
  15. Define big lol It was leveled in 1940. Maybe there was a tuck shop, not sure.