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  1. This is what i thought as well. Sometimes i wonder if it would be better to do this and let the matchmaker pop battles. Doing this will certainly get more ppl into playing war. Do the elitists want this? Probable not.
  2. - Thompson - M1919 - M1/M2 with tight grip Gold is insane (my mods: jackal ammo, light spring) - Captured STG - Captured AVS the ppl who say the US has nothing good are exagerating imo
  3. Arth

    SU is Back

    US have a new strategy though. Attacking when no1 is in the game... cheeky breeky
  4. "DT29 is really accurate in hipfire, more than MG13." lol no "STG44 has a lot of spread after the seventh bullet." what do you mean with this? surely not ADS. Hipfire? > "The STG acts like a jack of all trade weapon. Saying it can hipfire is a bit rendundant. But saying it has good hipfire is quite hilarious, hitting anything more than 5 meters away is mostly luck..." "AVS shouldn't be hipfired because it has 15 bullets. You Don't wan to waste your mag." you are aware we're talking in a "plz balance" thread right? Where it's common to compare X to Y. #1 With what the germans have the AVS can easily get a hipfire buff. #2 the STG is way better at hipfire then the sheer majority of guns. Obviously it's not a mp40 but it can hipfire in doors easily. And that is all you need. Your raising the required range for hipfire to be good waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to high. Obviously that makes you win this argument when you do that. You only need CQC in door levels of hipfire. Not mp40 10m+ something hipfire range. Where every other gun would ADS. i'm comparing the STG hipfire to ppd, ppsh,avs etc. like what are you doing? comparing it to the mp40 or something? STG has bad hipfire cause it's not the mp40 hipfire? *facepalm* again, a few meters is all you need for it to operate effectively in the sheer majority of in door environments or in face to face clashes when going around a corner or w.e. STG meets the hipfire requirement. "PPSH and PPD are not meant to be hipfired because of their sway since they act like an LMG." "That's why you hipfire only SMGs..." wow...
  5. wow you've clearly never played a other faction if you think STG has bad hipfire. USSR's only option for reliable/deadly hipfire is the pps-43.. yea that's fun only one gun. STG has straight up better hipfire then ppd/ppsh/avs/dt/dp/maxim and thanks for not mentioning the mg13. Every german and their german shepherd runs with one. Has WAY better hipfire/ADS accuracy/recoil then Johnson while also having 5 more bullets and a good sight. and no that a SMG has good hipfire is obviously not uncommon. I just mentioned it cause it's another good all rounder. GER has 3 ussr has one. man you sound over privileged/naive. If you wanna rile ppl up for anti-german protests then this is the way to do it.
  6. Arth


    no it isn't but i find that a bit different then adding bullets to a mag. rof inaccuracies are everywhere. AVS would be the only gun with a fantasy mag. also there are trade offs everywhere, stg can't 3hk heavy set gold at 162m no matter what, AVS can. hell STG can't 3hk hsg at all... if that's a bad trade off for everything else is up to you. But there are balancing factors implemented everywhere.
  7. Arth


    blame history/the engineers who made it.
  8. Arth


    never gonna happen, they're not gonna add fantasy to the game. Like adding 5 bullets to a mag. this is dead on arrival.
  9. *reads title* by buffing other guns. think the added recoil on guns that don't have hipfire only makes guns that can hipfire so much more powerfull. a gun needs to be able to rely on it's ADS to pull it through a fight if hipfire isn't a option. that's why i think germany is so good now, MP40/STG/MG13 all have great ADS and hipfire capabilities. other guns just need to get buffed imo. Especially those that can't reliable hipfire.
  10. Arth

    MG13, is it OP?

    the DT-29 and MG13 behave like pre-bipod patch. And imo that's how it should be. other guns need to be buffed instead of these nerfed. Would fix the US as well,
  11. yea i hate the magical spawn bus as well, only reason clans steamroll randoms. APC drives in > good pile of clan members spawn > auto win as good as guaranteed often they have 2 apcs to just immediately jump to the next one. but the forum is littered with these ppl so you're never gonna get support for these kind of suggestions Clans reaction "making my gaming experience slightly hard ? UNACCEPTABLE!" They just tell you to git gut against their clans, while you play with randoms who at the moment that they drive on the objective with their spawn bus are busy trying to attack the previous point.
  12. Arth

    US infantry camouflage of choice?

    from the guide, in the "best camo" section. "An example for the USA is the brown field camo, from my experience, the best infantry allied camouflage I have ever used for a long time. (Now there are much better camos for woods)" didn't read the last part. Is that part added later? why not remove the entire sentence and suggest the camos you prefer now. about the army fall helmet i'm not sure, could be too bright. Granted i never tried it.
  13. Arth

    US infantry camouflage of choice?

    brown field? i don't agree with that at all. The lighter patches are way to bright for most environments/bushes. imo Army fall helmet idk, took dark green cause it fits well with Army fall.
  14. Arth

    Nerf Tanks

    he quit after squad 2.0 for as far as i know he stopped updating hes weapon/tank statistic tool and left back thent: did he came back and is now leaving again?
  15. Arth

    Nerf Tanks

    when you get invited to the core tester or bug hunter group you first get a set of house rules explained to you. 1 being that your membership will get revoked if your inactive for too long. and i don't see the internal forum for a while now (the place where core testers, bug hunters and reto talk) so that gives me the suspicion that i'm not a core anymore. also the testing environment won't load anymore, but i'm guessing that's due to either a technical problem cause i didn't update it in ages or they've moved to a new client. And even if it worked i can possible not connect to it due to my membership possible/probable being revoked. i'm not seeking to get back in though, the game in it's current form is sadly not worth spending volunteer work on.