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  1. vengeice

    The hardest person to be honest with is yourself

    This is nothing but a fantasy in an attempt of justifying your own hatred for this game, this game didn't have a downfall because fraudulent actions to garner the attention of a massive backlash for any of this to be true; It's downfall was due to mismanagement. The only people that will remember this game in your view is a minute portion of the playerbase, not even remotely close to making a difference.
  2. vengeice

    Reduce the smoke when you shoot!!!

    Before you guys reworked the weather settings in this last update to prevent the editing of the weather text files, from my understanding is that this line could be edited Tweaks/render/scatter/ParticleIntensity=0.70000; turning it down would reduce particle effects in which in turn reduced the muzzle flash and smoke from all types of weapons including vehicles, what other things it also affected I do not know. However if the reworked systems are the same, you could turn that down as a stop gap measure while coming up with another solutions. As of now the new weather systems are horrendously atrocious in terms of darkness to the point I'm in a perpetual state of squinting. Added on top the excessive smoke from weapons which has been worsened by the changes, which is not new as there are countless threads years old talking about it.
  3. vengeice

    buff german pls

    This is the single greatest thing reto has done for GE, all these monkeys buying stgs and mg42s only to realize that they either can't use them or they just get clapped by GE using carbines. Papa bless reto.
  4. vengeice

    EU server is just pure trash

    It's not always the speed messing it up, the server has been giving me both packet delay and packet loss. Makes me wonder if their server host is just having issues right now. I haven't bothered recording any match to show but here's the closest thing I have from last year when I was having the same issue but not from the server but my ISP My speeds never dropped from stable 300 down, and it was just comcast hitting me with packet loss but most of the time it was just packet delay.
  5. vengeice

    EU server is just pure trash

    For the last 8 years I've been perpetually stuck on having to play on either EU or RU servers. Which i've never been a wimp to back out on them, but god forbid these last few weeks the EU server has been absolutely atrocious. You've got people flying around like its the singapore server, I figured it might've just been be getting loved by my ISP again. But multiple people i've spoken to from the NA region are all having the same issues and no other server is giving me issues as well. Reto pls
  6. I mean there's more than enough variables to consider when nitpicking weapon performance stats, I just assumed based off what he said being a SU main only which would lead to his SU stats being lower by taking the hit of being new to the game, learning new weapons, setting up a new playstyle, etc. If you mained all factions somewhat equally and consistentlyfrom the start, then that burden would be carried equally across which then you would definitely be correct. For example, his stats show that AVS is performance a ~20% deviation compared to STG while DT and MG13 are showing a ~2% deviation, there has got to be a fundamental reason why the AVS is significantly lower to throw it off that far. Compared to mine which show a ~3% deviation between STG and AVS, and less than ~1% between MG13 and DT. You asked to be objective, I never said that was the reason why US and SU are being roflstomped across the board. There's a plethora of reasons for that.
  7. Seems like I didn't explain myself thoroughly, I tried to mean that GE weapons come from my main account which is a GE main. Thus all weapons are modded and none are captured, thus at their maximum efficiency.
  8. There is a potential flaw in your stats tho if you're trying to be objective and honest, you're taking stats from your main faction which includes from when you were newer to the game. Which is one of the reasons why its possible your stats reflect with weapons statistics higher than others. A more honest comparison would be to track stats within the near past from old screenshots, find the difference and calculate stats from that difference (e.g., take your current kills and hours, deduct it from previous screenshots and calculate your ratio from that difference or start tracking as of now and base off that.) I took my stats GE stats from my main account and soviets from alts, for which all stats were acquired around the same time frame with the exception of the STG which has been in a perpetual state of the same KPH for the last 200 hours for which I saw no reason to get a difference.
  9. vengeice

    Rules of Engagement

    If I'm gonna get spawncamped then sure as hell tankers are going to get spawncamped as well.
  10. vengeice

    China and war

    It's called ping jitters, if he has unstable internet his ping will fluctuate between a range which is probably why hes showing different pings on the 3 matches for west coast. For example, comcast gives me jitters between 20-50ms: so east coast server for me is about 70ms which means my ping will fluctuate between 70-120ms or 70-90 depending on what mood my ISP is feeling. So yes, that is west coast server, most Europeans get 90-140 from what I've seen to east coast depending how east they are, add another 70 on top of that from east to west so you get a normal range between 160-210 ping to west. Also as a west coast player I get 180 to the EU server.
  11. vengeice

    China and war

    yes, since you're based of EU. Thats are normal latency to west coast server.
  12. vengeice

    China and war

    Only two of those matches are actually asian, the other 3 are west coast US server.
  13. vengeice

    Chinese players on US

    Considering what they've been up to lately, can't say it ain't justified.
  14. vengeice

    Your TOP 5 guns

  15. vengeice

    Female Characters in H&G