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  1. Eastern Europe needs to unite with(submit to) Russia and it will all be grand. Who cares about West and North Europe anyways. The USA can have fun when the petro-yuan drives them into hyperinflation and collapse.
  2. I picked up smoking and alcohol when the tinnitus hit,i figured if im not gonna live enjoyable i may as well cut the years of misery down a bit.
  3. I played it enough to know that nova cannon's are inaccurate pieces of sh*t. Not to mention that data theft and convoy escort missions are cancer.
  4. I have no recording software,and i felt the pimp "FOR THE EMPEROR" stuff portrayed my emotional state from playing it.
  5. Space battles where you can ram enemy ships. Apart from that,decent wh40k games are somewhat rare so i gues if anyone is into that sort of thing its a decent game. But i didnt really buy it.....i got it as a ((gift)).
  6. And no,Battlefleet Gothic Armada is in no way in competition with H&G,so this isnt advertising.
  7. Utopia

    But Basker,what alternative is there on that island of yours? Maybe this.... Just saying,the sexbot at least wont bite....
  8. Utopia

    Coming soon...
  9. Utopia

    If only you had listened to the snake in your pants instead of the one on the tree.
  10. Utopia

    We could at least be immortal lazy asses to each other...
  11. Utopia

    My idea of utopia: Fully automated economy with robots doing everything while medicine and technology advances to such a point where everyone is not only cured of all illnesses but is immortal. Then every time the world gets overcrowded we send some to other worlds to colonize the galaxy thus allowing humanity to spread across the universe. What is yours?
  12. I can hear Charles the XII of Sweden yelling in the distance.
  13. That would have to happen after the fall of france,if it happens before there probably is no fall of france and Germany is doomed. Hell without adolf its unlikely if they can even remilitarize the rhineland,let alone grab territory.