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  1. But the Egyptians didnt collapse,they endured reasonably well as a political entity. And if a God suddenly screamed into their ruler's brain to start spreading his word its likely that the newly expansionist Egypt could well have been better prepared to face the Bronze Age collapse. Not to mention that even if Egypt ended up sh*tting themselves they would still spread monotheism far farther and sooner than the Jews could in the same time span. There is also the question of other ancient civilizations like China,simply co opting China could have gotten God the planet in short order given their vast resources and population,all they were lacking was incentive,which he could provide in abundance. Or hell even Rome could have been more directly influenced if God just presented himself to August. Im not questioning the existance of religions on this occasion,meerly trying to comment on a story.
  2. In 1942 the Soviet Union was reeling from one devastating Axis offensive after another. The enemy had barely been stopped in front of Moscow,and the spring offensives had been a pure bloodbath without much in the way of decisive outcome. Under these conditions the USSR was willing to accept help wherever it could get it. And so ships were dispatched out of remaining Soviet ports heading for various Allied nations to retrieve what ever supplies and equipment they could as the war raged on in the Russian heartland. This is a story of one of those ships. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Sergey:"So we are going to accept the help of Capitalists?" Viktor:"Yes." Sergey:"We have stopped the Germans!Why must we embarrass ourselves in front of the world?" Viktor:"The High Command has information that the Germans are planning a new offensive,this war is far from over." Sergey:"So what,we will beat them like we did during the last winter." Viktor:"Its not our place to question orders,only to execute them." Sergey:"Fine." As the two men finished their conversation a man walked in. John:"Greetings."(In Russian) Sergey:"Who is this?" Viktor:"This is Mr John,he will be accompanying us." Sergey:"If this American came all the way here he could have just brought the supplies with him." Viktor:"Bringing in equipment and supplies from America isnt our primary mission." Sergey:"And then what is?" John:"Your government has agreed to compensate the United States by granting us a certain historic artifact of considerable value." Sergey:"First we ask help from Capitalists,now we sell them our own history?!" Viktor:"Relax,the artifact isnt Russian,some Tsarist expedition a long time ago found it in the Pacific." John:"In return for this artifact you will be reasonably compensated." Sergey:"Fine,they can have the damn thing." Viktor turned to John. Viktor:"The ship is ready to depart,have you finished preparations?" John:"Yes,the artifact is secure and ready for transport." Viktor:"Excellent ,ill inform the men." --------------------------------------------------------------- And so the ship set sail from Vladivostok on its way to the US West Coast. On the way there while passing through Japanese waters the ship sailed into heavy fog. -------------------------------------------------------------- Sergey:"Just great." Viktor:"We have cleared the Japanese islands,we should be safe to just continue sailing straight ahead even if we cant see anything." Sergey:"Lets just hope we dont ram into some random ship." Sergey turned to John who was standing next to the two men. Sergey:"So why is the United States so interested in this artifact?" John:"The artifact is an ancient statue which a Russian Imperial expedition found in a shipwreck on the coast of Alaska,the ship was American and the statue itself is thought of as originating from somewhere in the West Pacific.The United States wishes to retrieve it." Viktor:"You may as well tell him the rest of the story." Sergey:"What?" John sighed. John:"And the crew of the shipwreck was found with their bones strung across the ship in all sorts of uncomfortable positions." Sergey:"What a pleasant story." Viktor:"The bodies were probably mangled by what ever storm caused the ship to wreck itself in Alaska,its none of our concern,i just wanted the story to be told in full." Sergey:"Well i will sleep comfortably tonight knowing that we have a lovely statue on board that has already killed 1 crew." Viktor:"Superstition getting the better of you?" Sergey:"Call it a gut feeling." Viktor:"Lets just hope we clear this fog soon,we have no way of navigating under these conditions." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- During the night Sergey went bellow decks to the storage area to get a drink from one of the crates. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sergey:"Heh,those cyka's drank half of it already." As Sergey was taking a sip of the vodka he looked at the statue close by. It was around 2 meters tall,made out of stone and was in the shape of some sort of woman whose lower part was like a fish. Sergey:"How would you even begin to bang that?" Sergey thought to himself before taking another sip. As he was drinking he noticed something in the corner of his eye. In one of the windows he saw a silhouette moving. Sergey:"What the..." Sergey walked up to the window thinking some fish was trying to get in. As he stood in front of the circular glass he couldnt see anything but darkness. Then suddenly something smacked into the glass before disappearing. At that moment John walked in. John:"You look upset." Sergey:"Something tried to break the glass!" John:"Probably some fish got attracted to the light. Sergey:"Maybe,say,what is that thing?" Sergey pointed his bottle at the statue. John:"Its a mermaid." Sergey:"A what?" John:"A mermaid,half woman,half fish,they are surprisingly common in many cultures,doesnt Russia have them?" Sergey:"Closest we got is ghosts of drowned brides." John:"Sounds pleasant." Sergey:"Why would anyone make a statue of a half woman half fish,what are you even suppose to do with such a woman?" John:"From what i could research it might have been some sort of deity,maybe the creators thought they could appease it." Sergey:"Someone should have introduced them to socialism,then they could have spent that time and effort on something useful,like real women." John:"You dont seem to care much for culture." Sergey:"Im a sailor,my motherland is burning,and im here with an American discussing fish women." John:"Fair point." Sergey:"Want a drink?" John:"If you insist." Sergey:"Pick one up from that crate,the cyka's have had enough." As the two men were enjoying their drink something smashed through the circular glass window and water started pouring in. John:"What the hell was that?!" Sergey:"We must inform the crew,come!" The two men ran up yelling to wake the crew. Sergey:"Wake up you cyka's,we are taking on water!" The crewmen ran to Sergey. Sergey:"In the storage area something broke the window,seal it!" The men rushed down to try and repair the damage as Viktor came to see what was going on. Viktor:"What is happening?" Sergey:"Something broke the window in the storage area,i told the men to seal it." Viktor:"How could something just break the window?" John:"I think i saw a hand..." Viktor:"It could have been some sort of fish." Sergey:"What ever it was we should brace all the windows bellow deck to make sure it doesnt happen again." Viktor:"Agreed,ill tell the......" As Viktor spoke the men heard a loud scream coming from bellow deck. Sailor:"Aaaaaaaaaaa!". The 3 men ran down. Viktor:"What the hell happened?!" Sailor:"Something grabbed me and tried to pull me through the window,almost ripped my arm off!" Boris:"Its true sir,some arm just grabbed him,i smashed it with my hammer and it let him go and disappeared." Viktor:"What is happening here... Sergey:"I suggest we throw that statue overboard." Viktor:"What will that solve?!" Sergey:"Strange things with arms trying to kill us,might be the sea cyka's!" Viktor:"That is redicolus!" Sergey:"What else could swim in the middle of the Pacific and overpower Russian sailors?!" John:"Gentlemen,relax,im sure we can figure this out." Sergey:"You came for this thing!What is going on?!" John:"Im not responsible for this situation." Viktor:"You researched that statue,what is its purpose?" John:"I only found some old testimony from the American ship that was carrying it about how the natives had built it to appease some sort of sea deity lest they all be slaughtered as a sacrifice." Sergey:"And the natives just let them take it?" John:"The crew grabbed it during the night while the natives were sleeping." Sergey:"Ha!Typical capitalists!" Viktor:"Now is not the time for ideologies,how can we solve this problem?" John:"I dont know,even if the story is true it wouldnt explain why they are attacking us." Sergey:"Either way we need to get rid of it." Viktor:"We cant." Sergey:"Why not?!" Viktor:"The Motherland is using this thing to pay for a large amount of supplies,supplies we desperately need!" Sergey:"What good are they if we die?!" Viktor:"I forgot,i was the only one who got the letter." Sergey:"What letter?" Viktor:"The Germans have started a new offensive,they have reached Stalingrad and are advancing towards the Caucasus,we are instructed to get this thing to America and in turn we will load the ship with what ever we can fit and return to Vladivostok as quickly as possible." Sergey:"And you tell me this now?!How long did you have this information?!" Viktor:"I got it hours before we left port,given how many of our crew are from Southern Russia i didnt want to spread unnecessary panic." John:"We should just seal the windows best we can and continue on.Better hurry,the ship is starting to flood." Sergey turned to John. Sergey:"You!" John looked at the man somewhat disturbed. Sergey:"We will throw this thing overboard and you will write a report to whoever you answer to that it wasnt us!" John:"That is out of the question!" Sergey:"You want to die here?!" Viktor:"Enough!" A sailor walked up to Viktor. Sailor:"Captain,the windows have been sealed." Viktor:"Good,keep a few men here to watch them just in case,the rest can return to sleep." Sergey:"Im going onto the deck to see if any of those things will try to climb on top." Before Viktor could say anything Sergey walked off. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The crew wasnt able to get any sleep and so were walking around the ship,drinking,gossiping,looking over the sides of the ship,being on the whole quite restless. Viktor:"What are you doing with that?" Viktor pointed at the gun Sergey was holding. Sergey:"If any of those cyka's try to come over the side im shooting them in the head." Viktor:"Put the gun away." Sergey:"Need i remind you i served in the first war?I can handle a gun!" Viktor:"You are disturbing the men!" Sergey:"Arm them to!" Viktor sighed as John walked up to them. John:"Im sure the worst has passed,we should all relax." Sergey:"Maybe we should just tie you up and hang you over the side,then when they come to grab you by the balls we can haul one up and put it in a museum." Sergey laughed to himself as he took a sip from his bottle. At that moment the men heard shouting. Viktor:"Not again..." The men ran to the site of the shouting and saw the sailors huddled around something. Viktor:"Out of the war,what are you...." As Viktor cleared the huddled mass of men he saw something on the deck. It looked like a fish,but it had arms and a torso and head,but it didnt look quite human. Its hands were muscular and had fins on them,the fingers looked more like webbed claws. But what was the most unsettling was its head,it looked like an angler fish stuck to a neck. The creature was being pressed down by the sailors who had beaten it with oars from the emergency boats. Sergey:"SEA CYKA!TOLD YOU!" Viktor just put his palm on his face. John:"This cant be real." Sergey:"Oh its real alright,want a sip make it sink in easier?" Sergey stretched the arm with the bottle towards John. John:"May as well." As John grabbed the bottle the creature lunged at him and grabbed him by the neck wrestling him to the floor. Sergey smashed his bottle over the creatures head and then pressed his pistol into its eye and pulled the trigger. A loud bang was heard as the creature fell lifeless on top of John. Viktor:"Maybe i should just shoot myself at this point..." Sergey:"Well at least we know they can die,you alright American?" John pushed the creature off himself and got help from a few sailors to stand up but he didnt say a word. Sergey:"Oh come on,its just a fish man." John:"How can you be this relaxed?!" Sergey:"I got gassed in the first war and had to beat a German bastard to death while my eyes and lungs were burning,this is nothing!" Viktor:"Throw the statue overboard!" John:"Dont!" John said half heartedly as if his own mind was starting to disagree with him. Sergey:"Whats the matter,dont like them dead?We can just wait till another tries to kill you,maybe the next one will be prettier." John:"Fine,throw it overboard,at least we have that thing to prove what happ......" As John spoke he saw white smoke coming out of the eye socket where Sergey had shot the thing,and the creature started moving again. It looked like it was healing. Sergey:"Oh no you dont cyka!" Sergey yelled as he emptied all his bullets into the creature,it stopped moving again. Sergey took a moment to look at his Nagant having fired off all the bullets. John:"Well we cant bring it with us if it keeps doing that!" Sergey:"We could tie it up." Viktor:"It took a dozen men with oars to beat it into submission,i dont think a net will hold it." Sailor:"Captain,im not even sure we beat it into submission the first time,we hit it a few times but it didnt seem to struggle much,as if it was waiting for something." John:"Lets just throw both the creature and the statue overboard." Sergey:"Agreed." Viktor:"And what will you tell your people in Washington?" John:"Im good friends with the man in charge of this operation,we will arrange some random statue to fool the government,not like they even know what it looks like,they just know its some Pacific piece of stone." Viktor:"Very well,lets get rid of these damn things." The men dragged the creature to the edge and pushed it over after kicking it a few times for good measure,then they started pulling the statue from the storage area. As they brought the statue up onto the deck a sailor shouted. Sailor:"They are climbing up,there are many of them!" Sergey:"Arm yourselves men!" Viktor looked at the sailors who were dragging the statue. Viktor:"We will hold them off,keep going!" The men grabbed what ever they could find,oars,harpoons,pistols,and set about beating back the creatures which were acting far more aggressive now. Despite their efforts a few managed to get onto the deck and had to be shot and stabbed until they stopped moving,yet more kept coming. Viktor:"Hurry up damn it!" The sailors finally managed to drag the statue to the edge and as they were about to push it off Sergey ran up to them. Sergey:"Wait!" Viktor:"What now?!" Sergey hanged a couple of metal disc's connected by a rope around the neck of the statue. Sergey:"A parting gift for the cyka's!" Viktor:"Where did you get that?" Sergey:"Remember when we sailed to Hainan to drop off those supplies for the Chinese back in 38'?" Viktor:"Yes?" Sergey:"Well the slanty eyed cyka's forgot a crate of land mines!" Viktor:"And you didnt think to inform me of this?!" Sergey:"I just found out tonight when the men were taking stuff to seal the windows,some cyka had stacked a bunch of random crap onto it." As the men spoke the sailors pushed the statue into the dark water bellow. As the statue hit the water and disappeared into the depths the creatures broke off their assault. John:"Is it over?" At that moment a loud detonation was heard coming from bellow. Sergey:"Now it is." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The sailors threw the corpses of the creatures overboard and observed the sides of the ship till morning. As the sun rose the fog started to clear. The ship continued on to the USA without anymore incidents. John said his goodbyes to the crew and went to see his friend who had organized the operation,after a few drinks and some bribes he convinced him to substitute the statue for another one they had found on Hawaii. Viktor spent his time signing paperwork and overseeing the loading of supplies bound for the USSR,he managed to get in touch with the Pacific Fleet command from who he learned that the German offensive into Stalingrad had stalled and that the Soviet lines seemed to be holding. Sergey went shopping and bought himself a new revolver to replace the nagant whose bullet casings he couldnt remove,having realized that he hadnt changed the bullets(or properly maintained the gun) in 20 years and the damn things had gotten stuck in their barrels. The Soviet sailors loaded the ship with as many supplies and munitions as they could and set sail back to Vladivostok. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Report to:Pacific Fleet Command From:Captain Viktor of the transport ship Ladna Subject:Transfer of artifact and transport of US supplies Sir,the operation has been successfully carried out,the Americans have received the artifact and we have brought a sizable amount of supplies to Vladivostok. My crew and i await further transport orders. Sincerely. Captain Viktor. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. I wonder if Stalin ever requested cake in the shape of countries like Poland or Germany.
  4. You know that whole thing about God molesting the poor Egyptian for the sake of some backward desert nomads? Why didnt God just pick the Egyptians to do his work instead? I mean you got this advanced civilization covering most of the region capable of standing up to anyone who threatens it without any direct input from you and all you have to do to flip them all to your side is to fry voice into the brain of 1 dude on top of their hierarchy who can make you the state religion,no questions asked. Instead you decide to cripple this advanced civilization for the sake of some people who nobody on earth is ever going to give a damn about and who themselves have no ability what so ever to spread your word to other civilizations. I just dont get it.
  5. Had Putin really been active for over 100 years i think he would be a bit more pro-active with his policies. Far more likely that these guys are just some distant relatives,or hell maybe its even his grandpa.
  6. Maybe he could just find an old backed up disc of the game from 2015 and just use that.
  7. I think the question is a bit misleading. Nationalism isnt directly opposed to communism. Nationalism is simply a desire to benefit ones nation,communism is an ideological system whose purpose is to benefit people,as such a communist could act in a perfectly nationalistic manner inside his own nation with the overall goal of benefiting his people. There are different types of communism of course but not all of them advocate internationalism at all costs,no reason why every nation cant be its own SSR with its own unique culture and language in a global USSR.
  8. Like i said. West doesnt have peasants anymore,so the furries have to find other ways to fulfill their perversions.
  9. What is that thing sticking out of the wing? I mean its not a machine gun,and the other wing doesnt have it,it just makes my OCD rage.
  10. Ground meat. Ground beef,pork,chicken etc. I like my meat delicious and formless.
  11. Every village in peasant infested Europe had that one bastard that would go f*cking the people's farm animals. Furries are just the natural progression of such people being born in places with no freely available farm animals.
  12. You will never dig deep enough to find a limit to human depravity or stupidity. So rest assured,humanity will have an eternity to entertain itself.
  13. I never understood the whole threats thing. If someone spent weeks making a bomb and risking blowing his own arse up is he really going to waste the opportunity to see it in action?
  14. Did they really need to keep it up,i mean they would take over,grab a bunch of british soldiers and police and hold them hostage and then mostly afk until the british respond. Then the Brits can f*ck off and get their men back,or go reconquering northern ireland at the expense of everyones lives while dooming their own hostages. You only need enough men to pull it off,not enough to permanently garrison every village in the region,then they can just survive off of what ever they find in the towns thus costing them nothing besides the equipment used to start it. And if britain is that hardcore then they can just turn a few towns into stalingrad and when they lose they can just use it for propaganda and plan to do it all over again. Not to mention that hundreds of british soldiers dying in ireland without any british civilians in britain being hurt by bombings would influence public opinion more. "Why are we sending our boys to die when we ourselfes are in no danger."
  15. Given how castrated the British millitary is in terms of manpower i wonder why they resorted to terrorism in the first place. Wouldnt it have been more viable to try to be a proper political force,gather up a few thousand goons and then just outright take over the towns they want in spontaneous uprisings?