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  1. Who remembers these games?

    Lol. These are literally the first PC games i ever played: (Driver had a PC variant so meh)
  2. Who remembers these games?

    Its been a long time...
  4. Found More WWII Artifacts

    Nice. Although it might be haunted.
  5. List of unusual deaths

    Paid who? The governments which the CIA treated as a game of musical chairs? Or maybe the guerrilla's who were under Soviet control? Or maybe the criminal organizations whose only motive is profit,which they can get more of than Hitler could ever load into a U-Boat if they simply handed him over to one of the superpowers. Adolf has literally zero leverage in this situation,anyone can take anything he has and just hand him over,and there isnt a damn thing any surviving Nazis could do to help him without further risking their own short lifespans. And this is ignoring the facts that Hitler was horribly ill at the time,was clearly going fully insane,and was utterly suicidal. I really cant see what logical foundation people have for assuming he would even want to escape,let alone if he even could physically achieve it. He didnt need to go around,he spent all his time raving like a lunatic in a bunker giving one pointless order after another. And those people who were with him didnt feel the need to mention any escape plans to their Soviet captors despite facing certain death. And judging by sorry Speer there was no shortage of people in the Nazi government with a healthy sense of self preservation.
  6. List of unusual deaths

    My precise point is that they are corrupt. Hitler couldnt have stolen enough gold in Europe to make up for what the superpowers could offer for his head. The loyal ones ate cyanide or shot their brains out as Berlin burned. If they had any faint hope he could survive they wouldnt have died so easily.
  7. List of unusual deaths

    I think you are forgetting the kind of man Hitler was. He blew every resource and thought he had on his Reich. From gassing people well into 1945 to building those abominable projects,its quite clear Adolf gave no f*cks for even the possibility of defeat. Besides,when you look at that nice footage from the hitlerjurgen medal giving you see his arm swinging wildly,he was dying. And finally,neither the USA nor the USSR would tolerate him getting away. The USA and USSR could look the other way in terms of specialists like scientists and soldiers but when it came to purely political figures they were dead set to find them. And every country in South America had its government under US oversight and its rebels under USSR oversight. Someone that high profile aint hiding for long. Not to mention the little question of logistics,for this to work thousands of people would know what he was doing,since it takes that many to organize this stuff. And the gentlemen freezing to death in Siberia would have a lot of "positive encouragement" to say anything that might relieve their situation and spare their families further Soviet wrath. That is if some poor bastard in Latin America doesnt identify him,walks over to the friendly local US or USSR embassy and offers the information for some quick cash. All the people who had a personal interest in keeping Hitler alive died in Europe,either in the fighting or when they committed suicide when the Reich surrendered.
  8. Best game chat

  9. List of unusual deaths

    Im implying it cannot work when anyone ratting you out would leave them set for life,while helping you gives them no benefit apart from painting a target on their back. Mengele was simply a psychopath,Hitler was actually politically relevant. There is a difference between being tracked by some angry jews,and being tracked by the secret services of superpowers.
  10. List of unusual deaths

    So did Eichmann and Pavelić,didnt save them.
  11. German Army Chat - Political Abuse

    Ive mostly been playing EU4,chatting with people on steam,browsing the internet for videos and stuff,and restarting my social life since conveniently the death of H&G Anatur coincided with the death of certain academic pursuits(i found new ones,no worries) so i got plenty of free time now. I do wish the game would go back to what it was like back in 2013 when i first placed it,it felt fancy being Axis back then.
  12. German Army Chat - Political Abuse

    Well my "vacation" was scheduled till December,so i kind of just uninstalled it all. Whats the point anyways,the FPS is boring,the RTS is broken and the chat is nothing like it use to be. Im firmly convinced the glory days of the Axis chat in 2015 and early 2016 i experienced are long gone.
  13. German Army Chat - Political Abuse

    That Anatur has suffered a bad case of butt-hurt-scrubs syndrome resulting in his demise.
  14. List of unusual deaths

    Given how quickly the Axis survivors got killed off by jews and commies i dont think Adolf could have survived long even if he escaped. Assassinating him would have basically guaranteed a lifetime lottery win for any commie or jew getting him.
  15. List of unusual deaths

    I feel like this song is fitting for this thread.