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  1. US Navy ship accident awarness

    So were the Japanese,didnt really work out for them though. In other words "we dont have any clue of how to properly fight battles so we will just keep spamming explosives and hope to god that it does the job because if we face anything that can actually oppose us we are f*cked". Which was almost never the case seeing as the US was either constantly on the offensive or was occasionally being pushed back,it never seriously had a situation where those guns provided any more utility than the infantry AT units or air support or tanks would. The existence of the Bazooka renders that whole method utterly pointless. The jeeps part makes no sense since any US formation with jeeps also had tanks to call upon as well. Not to mention AT guns are horribly cumbersome weapons that leave their crew exposed unless they are seriously dug in with well developed defensive lines,which is something the US airborne formations never were. But its fun. :3
  2. US Navy ship accident awarness

    6,406 Wolverines and 2,507 Hellcats vs 10,000 Stug's and 2827 Hetzers and 2000 Jagdpanzer IVs. Not to mention the German counterparts had more armor and lower profiles. And this is on top of the US diverting resources producing fairly useless towed AT guns as can be seen by the 2500 3-inch M5's and 18,702 37mm M3's which dont even have an excuse of being lend leased,these guns were literally useless considering the type of warfare the US was waging.
  3. Kv-1 stronk tank

    Like they did around Kiev? That worked out great... Simply put fighting the Wehrmacht at its peak from static positions was doomed to fail as long as the Wehrmacht could maneuver,and as long as the fighting was going on in the Russian Steppe they could always maneuver.
  4. Kv-1 stronk tank

    And what was the alternative? Sit in static positions only to get bypassed,encircled and annihilated anyways? At least the counter attacks slowed the Germans down and bleed them to an extent allowing the Soviet heartland to mobilize and fresh formations to be organized.
  5. US Navy ship accident awarness

    I simply refuse to take things at face value. Only way such information has relevance is when considering its context of being. For example for all its industrial potential the US kept spamming inefficient towed AT guns instead of self propelled ones all the way to 1945 which cost the lives of many US soldiers. There are numerous other examples of the US mismanaging its industrial potential to the detriment of its war effort.
  6. US Navy ship accident awarness

    The Soviets had 1 year to make those 1,600,000 SVTs before half of European Russia was overrun and the country thrown into total war on its own soil. Meanwhile the USA had years to cr*p out as many Garands as they wished with no relevant enemy interference and still only produced 5 million. By that math the Soviets would have shat out far more SVTs than the USA had Garands if only they had been left alone. Then again given the experimentation with the AVS's its possible the Soviets,if left alone,could have had an entire army equipped with assault rifles. As such trying to have a d*ck measuring contest in production numbers is silly given the nature of the Eastern Front.
  7. US Navy ship accident awarness

    1,600,000 SVT-40s built.
  8. US Navy ship accident awarness

    There,fixed that for u.
  9. Flat Earth

    What is North Korea's stance on Flat Earth? I mean surely if anyone would openly speak of it being true then it would be them since they pretty much hate everyone who thinks the Earth is Round?
  10. At this point im just a pro-Ruskie imperialist with the only exception being Uncle Joe.
  11. It was Tinnitus brought upon by an ear infection blocking the Eustachian tube. I finally resolved it after 2 months by going to a specialist when the antibiotics did nothing. I got some nasal steroid spray and after 2 weeks it mostly went away letting me finally enjoy some peace and quiet. I doubt most people can even grasp what its like to have the equivalent of a buzz saw clashing with a metal pipe going on inside your ear for 2 months.
  12. Egypt? Tunisia? Greece? Then again given these are Czechs we are talking about they will probably fit right in...
  13. US Navy ship accident awarness

    Mostly by spamming planes at the Jap ships...
  14. Perhaps,but at least then they would be the Italians problem. In truth Czech tourists are pretty useless. They usually bring loads of canned food with them and barely spend on anything,which combined with the traffic jams caused by their heretical driving speed(or lack of) and the cost of constantly rescuing them makes me wish the Iron Curtain was still a thing.