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  1. Ich habe auch nicht schlecht gestaunt als ich plötzlich geiler Sack las, obwohl ich nur vor drei Abfallbehältern stand.
  2. Sometimes I wonder if it's asked too much getting killed by a Tank when playing Tanker.
  3. Most times I'm loosing Warfunds, no matter how careful I use my units. Currenly only Infantry of my alt-account is active, my main-account didn't deploy last few wars.
  4. Maybe someone very annoying came back to the game ... well hopefully not. ps: Normally I don't scream alts, but when I do, I do it with my alt!
  5. Because my alt makes a kd of 1k/4k in one match?
  6. Das erklärt warum der Facepalm plötzlich mehr Schmerzen verursacht
  7. For mining in general I recommend explosives.
  8. Don't wanna get kicked out of your Squad? - Leave the squad before you get kicked! Say no to EP-Farming for tryhards!!!
  9. Last war I've made a huge warfundincome of !! 567 !! Warfunds ... ... as SU-General ... ... using Infantry only ... ... with Underdogbonus of +71% ... ... I mean I've used about 900 Infantry, some with vehicles ... ... this war no vehicles ... ... self-exploiting (mix of foottroops and mobile troops) doesn't work as effective as I wish ... ... oh my alt-account btw lost +5k warfunds and he's only using guards ... ... guards, not trollguards!!!! ... even though they're supposed to be trolling once the army is big enough Just sayin' again the warfundincome is way too low
  10. Reto müsste mal Regen einführen. Zwei bis drei Tropfen auf der Windschutzscheibe, schon fahren manche ganze 30 km/h langsamer
  11. Meines Wissens gibt es Clans die ausschließlich Deutschland spielen, weiss aber nicht ob diese gleichgesinnt sind. Manchmal machen sie Werbung im GlobalChatDE, hier im Forum (zumindest deutsches Subforum) ist es generell ziemlich still.
  12. Reto will consider this and do you a favor by changing the word tier into grade. Seriously, I agree - don't forget the different Tiers of Tanks. Like hey you bought a nice T-28 now fight against Panthers.
  13. Normally I don't spawncamp but when I do, I do it on my own spawn!
  14. Sure why not? They troll me, I troll Reto and Reto trolls everyone so I'm sure they get their trolling paid back