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  1. You may ask the support if it's now possible, a while back when I asked for that matter, they said it's not possible to change the Username.
  2. Howdy everyone, to offer a simple but hopefully effective solution for the current issues of Axis, Spain and Portugal including their capitals Madrid and Lissabon should be added to the RTS-Map. This area should be designed so it's easy to defend for Axis so they got a place to retreat with their units. Have fun discussing, best regards, KingFuJulien ps: If this suggestion was already offered, I've been too lazy to digg in Forums
  3. My best Moment? Well I've once cleaned a Point with a Rifle, a Wrench and few Grenades. Nothing special you think? - After this match I was sure, hell I need a doctor! You know those guys who have 800 Bullets and reload if they only have 799 Bullets left? - I'm one of them! - After five kills in that capturepoint, I realized it's time to reload the rifle. Of course I went crazy because it didn't work. The rifle didn't reload no matter how hard I've hammered the R-Button. Another wild enemy appeared and I took the wrench ... *FACEPALM* ... and killed him with the rifle, ... which I thought it was the wrench. Yes I had a killstreak of five kills with Melee - awesome isn't it - and I freaking tried to reload the wrench *sigh*.
  4. the M24 Chaffee is a very powerful tank, so they balance it with repair-costs
  5. That's the theory - what if the alts are winning battles? - Everyone says alts only loose battles
  6. 1. Laggs'n'Crashes 2. Fix'n'Updates 3. Female Soldiers
  7. Why nobody mentions alts? - It's the alts who make muerica great again!!!
  8. @kesselring123 - you should tell them you're founder of the CMC and they're nothing!
  9. Yes but it's not the first time they get their Troops rekt, this happened since last ... uhm ... two? years
  10. Du hast die 7 Aufklärer vergessen
  11. @TheEricksen - What I never understand is how those bad Generals are able to afford to do this.
  12. Tanks are good to stop Infantry from advancing - they get rekt or they rekt the tanks by loosing the focus
  13. The Pz. 38t does better on range against medium Tanks - not the best solution but better than being limited to flank-tactics. But that's a matter of personal taste I guess.
  14. Luchs against Infantry and most light Tanks, Pz. 38t against Stuarts and medium Tanks. For myself I got two GE-Tankers because their Tanks are very different but effective in different roles.
  15. Then every Veteran would sit inside SU-Tanks