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  1. BT-7 vs. M2A2 ... fun T-26 vs. Pz II ... fun PPD-40 vs. Shovel ... fun PTRD vs. Cars ... fun AVS-36 vs. AVS-36 ... fun T-34-85 vs. Panther ... fun You vs. RGD-33 ... F1un ... and so on
  2. 20k bis 50k Gewinn als AT-Infanterist war übertrieben, daraus ein Verlustgeschäft machen ist aber auch übertrieben. Man sollte einen leichten Gewinn machen können, bzw. einen Break-Even halten wenn man als Infanterist Panzer bekämpfen muss. Hast du schonmal mit Panzern gespielt? - Wenn ja, welche?
  3. It's funny, no matter how bad I'm playing with my alt, the non-alts play worse
  4. Soviets would like to end the war, but the Burgers and Schnitzels don't let us
  5. Where's the pink-panther-skin?
  6. Of course not, I just say as new Player, you become an AT-Infantry much faster than experienced Tanker (or Pilot) to counter the enemytanks.
  7. My point is just how long it takes to get an AT-Infantry (Bazooka/Panzerschreck) compared to a Tanker.
  8. Have you guys considered, how hard it is to unlock/buy a Tanker/Tanks? You get a Bazooka by just firing your SA-Rifle but getting a useful Tanker takes a lot of time. That's a Problem new Players have to face aswell. Old Players like me can just switch to any Tank if they want to.
  9. Where's the Problem? - My first flight as SU-Pilot was with Rank 0 and I've used my own Planes, controlled by my General.
  10. ... or bolting a 39 RPM-Sniperrifle
  11. Now you just need an AT-Pistol and an AA-Pistol
  12. Voted no, because I love using scoped weapons as Infantry.
  13. that's too fishy