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  1. Reto.GreenBow

    Second bipod test!

    I watched a replay of the only mission you played on Prototype for this test to investigate on your observations but there were no APCs (it was an infantry encounter against bots). If you used a different account name when you made that observation about sinking APCs and flapping biplanes please let me know so I can investigate further.
  2. Reto.GreenBow

    Help test performance optimizations on prototype

    No problems for me when I'm using your settings. Are you pressing CTRL SHIFT or ALT maybe? (maybe caps lock accidentally turned on?)
  3. Reto.GreenBow

    Help test performance optimizations on prototype

    Did you make sure that DX12 is disabled? This setting is highly experimental and can result in crashes and performance problems depending on your system and drivers.
  4. Reto.GreenBow

    Help test performance optimizations on prototype

    I tried that but had no problems with A and D in classic controls on a Warhawk. Maybe some other setting is interfereing. Can you send me your localsettings.ini (located in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Heroes and Generals )?
  5. Reto.GreenBow

    Help test performance optimizations on prototype

    Yes the test has ended. You can still post your logfiles here if you encountered an issue (see the responses to messages above).
  6. Reto.GreenBow

    Anti - Cheat

    Please contact support, they can check your account status and help you with further instructions. Link:
  7. Reto.GreenBow

    Help test performance optimizations on prototype

    You can paste your desription of the issue, the lofgiles and secreenshots here (use a spoiler section for the long logs).
  8. Reto.GreenBow

    armor 2.0 population objective ?

    That is a very wide interpretation of what I wrote. But of course that needs to be constantly monitored, not only since the vehicle update. However, for me in QA it is important to know if there is a bug involved or not: as I said, the matchmaker is not supposed to launch a mission that doesn't have at least one infantry squad per faction. So if you can provide examples of such missions I would be interested in that data.
  9. Reto.GreenBow

    armor 2.0 population objective ?

    Thanks for providing this screenshot with mission ID and build number. While there are no hard limits on the class composition of a battle, the matchmaker can not launch a mission without at least one infantry squad for all participating factions (this feature was added a while ago to prevent extreme scenarios like this). The ability to freely switch soldier class (re-introduced with the recent armor update) should also help to mitigate the issue, since players can now actively respond to a class imbalance within the mission and switch classes when needed, which adds a certain tactical gameplay layer. However, we in QA want to make sure that no bugs are involved with these extreme examples, so if you have more examples of missions where one or both factions started out with practically all non-infantry classes then please send me a PM (don't forget to include mission ID and build number).
  10. Reto.GreenBow

    Game freezing / crashing in spawn menu

    Can this still be observed? If yes, please provide the mission ID again and also your player-live.log file (from right after the incident).
  11. Reto.GreenBow

    Playing Warehouse duel causes game to freeze

    Try disabling DX12, this is experimental and not supported on all systems. It could easily be the cause of your observation.
  12. Reto.GreenBow

    [CLOSED] Help test a bug fix on prototype!

    Our logs indicate that the latest commit (Build 151852) got rid of the last cause for the rejoin-issue. We need more missions to be played though to be sure (or as sure as it gets), so keep them coming!
  13. Reto.GreenBow

    Bugged battle

    Can you explain a little more in detail what happened here? Did you see the battle report right after joining it? Was the mission resetting and did it have to be played again? PS: Keep the mission IDs coming, trying to find out a pattern. Include the build number too if you can please, it's really hard to find missions without having a build number.
  14. Reto.GreenBow

    The protection function of the reborn area has failed?

    Thanks, this issue was already reported, reproduced and forwarded.
  15. Reto.GreenBow

    Hacker? Bug? German Bias Confirmed?

    The gun in the video above is adjusted for 200m. It would be expected that you overshoot when the target is closer. However, there is a known issue with the auto-adjustment getting sometimes "stuck" after switching between ammo types - I assume this is the issue that Vudu_guy is talking about. This doesn't seem to be the case in the posted video though (it would show an adjustment to 0 but still overshoot on a very close target if you had encountered that issue).