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  1. -Ger-Schilli

    Long term damage of the Moscow server

    Thank you for confirming my observation the amount of 3hk with semi auto has drasticly increased for me as well and I thought something was off for me. Friends of me did observ the same thing.
  2. -Ger-Schilli

    H&G is even sh*ttier game than ever today, gj

    And yet it works in other games too like Rising Storm, Squad, Hell let loose etc. The ingame voip adds another layer of communication with in the game without having external programms.
  3. -Ger-Schilli

    Faction balancing

    Like in old times 😂
  4. -Ger-Schilli

    Casual War

    Been random queing as well with a friend lately and haven't really gotten matched against clans either, maybe 2 or 3 in six hours of gameplay. I think the biggest advantages that clans have is the communication. I mean MIC comms vs text comms is just way better, I think an ingame voip could help here be it squad based or team based. Yea you probably have some toxic dudes in there, as well the soviet anthem (ear rape version) mic spammer or the Erika Song spammer, but hey a mute could be implemented a long. From my experience in gaming is that when one uses his mic two or 3 others will do as well and try to communicate. Another point is that players should get more control when queuing, I think one of the most requested features is the battlelist, which has been posted numerous times. If players want to play a few rounds in war they can simply choose from the list where to play and can also see the ressources, now you either have to click around the map or just random Q and hope to get a good match. You can find the battlelist on the right side, this is the 2013 version.
  5. -Ger-Schilli

    Game is disappointing

    I think equipment based matchmaking could be a solution here. We have classification in the game already but to less players to make fully working I think. The next problem would be that then experienced players with better equipment would matchmake with their new toon to get in those games. Once in the game they switch to their better equipped character. If this kind of matchmaking really comes at one point, then the game should prevent you from switching to your better equipped character.
  6. -Ger-Schilli

    Next round of weapon balancing

    People throwing around nice statistics facts and do excatly the same mistakes as the developers by not paying any attention to the weapon handling. It is just beyond my understanding how so many people still think the HMGs still handle like assault rifles. No penalty to getting the weapon ready when coming out of the spring, the amezing hipfire accurarcy which Imo is better than SMGs most of the times. HMGs are basicly ARs with 100 Round belt and bipod at this point.
  7. -Ger-Schilli

    Please rework the Bloodscreen effect

    Who ever thought it was a good idea to add this feature had definitly never played a FPS Game before in his life. Please fix it !
  8. -Ger-Schilli

    Next round of weapon balancing

    actually quite easy, apply some realism, bipod only, NO ADS in standing or crouched, no hipfire.
  9. -Ger-Schilli

    Solve the captured weapons dilemma now!

    nope nope nope nope nope nope SO MUCH nope.
  10. -Ger-Schilli

    flamethrower is a terrible weapon and could use a buff

    much to learn regarding outplaying you have
  11. -Ger-Schilli

    flamethrower is a terrible weapon and could use a buff

    And yet we still have a difference here as random headshots still effect the whole game and most of every possible scenarios, while your flamethrower concern most of the time apply in CQB. Most of the control points have an outside capzone and have some room to outplay flamethrowers.
  12. -Ger-Schilli

    flamethrower is a terrible weapon and could use a buff

    What a lot of you guys are missing is that the flamethrower is a CQB only weapon which can be only good in a certain amount of radius. You are basicly defendless until you get in the range, but once you do you should be rewarded for that. The map design of most HnG maps is just open fields + plus that random pleb headshots from automatics are still faster than any flamethrower can be CQB. And honestly if one manages to get into the point with a FT then it is his time to shine with it, so it actually feels rewarding to use it. Stuff like this is just BS:
  13. yep you're right, the problem is that once a point is neutralized the defender still keep their OP spawn while the attackers keep their shirty spawn + a less shity spawn. The less shirty spawn most the time connected with open fields. and all other farming opportunities for the defender.
  14. The newest episode of funny random moments: