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  1. daeqolax

    Shotgun bug

    Hi @GPAKOS. This is already reported. Thanks anyway.
  2. daeqolax

    Green screen

    Hi @MrSimh This is known issue. Thanks for report.
  3. daeqolax

    Nagant M1895 only reload 1 ammo

    Hello @bbrabbittt. This issue is known. Apparently it has too low priority to be fixed at the moment. Sorry.
  4. daeqolax

    SU100 no ammo upgrade unlocks

    Hi @Aust1n46. Sorry for late reply. This issue was fixed in HOTFIX 162875 (December 4th). Thanks for report. If you still have the issue, please create a new topic. /closing this report for now
  5. daeqolax

    Skiping vehicle field maintance

    Hi @GPAKOS. I have created a report for this issue. Thanks for your report. /closed
  6. daeqolax

    Name sorting systems in Heroes Tabs

    Hi @mrthu. Already reported. Thanks for report though. /closed
  7. daeqolax

    Item stuck in inventory bug

    Hi @GPAKOS. This is known issue. You can drop the item from your inventory by interacting with anything on the map (supply boxes, ladders, vehicles, etc.). Thanks for report though. /closed
  8. Hi @Davide94fg. I can't really help you as bug hunter. Please try contacting customer support on this matter. They can restore the lost items for your account. https://handg.kayako.com/Tickets/Submit
  9. daeqolax

    Wrench no longer appears in depot

    Hi @Jmj191. Reproduced and reported the issue. Thanks everyone. Regarding other lost items you may have to contact customer support to get them back (before this gets fixed). /closing topic for now
  10. daeqolax

    Heroes & generals Bulletin tab

    Hi @MrMandel. Confirmed and reported. Thanks for your report. /closed
  11. daeqolax

    Missing weapons in weapon specialist ribbons

    Hi @mughalspy and @NathaelP. As said by @Robiero ribbon for captured weapon only shows up if you have fired the said weapon in-game with said character. (Picking the weapon up doesn't seem to be enough to reveal a ribbon.) To be clear it can also be bug, if the ribbon still won't show up.
  12. Hi @Snots. When you matchmake using advanced filters, be sure start matchmaking from the same screen. Filters only work on that page. Here: http://prntscr.com/q53p2j If you for example choose instead "Quick battle" (from main MM window) your filters don't apply.
  13. daeqolax

    soldier sorting on menu broken

    Already reported. Thanks for making a report. /closed
  14. Clearing Download Cache: 1. Go to Settings. 2. Choose "Downloads" tab. 3. Select "Clear Download Cache" https://prnt.sc/nl76vb Verify files: 1. Right click HnG in Steam library. 2. Select "Properties". 3. Choose "Local Files" tab. 4. Select "Verify Integrity of Game Files". https://prnt.sc/nl774u
  15. daeqolax

    Green Screen when healing

    Hello @chiken009. This is a known issue and has already been reported. Thanks anyway. /closed