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  1. more or less #free farm for those who can use mounse 1 no really. if you cant kill the panther now, you wouldn't if it had the same armor as the hellcat
  2. I have spent more time fighting panthers than i have sitting in them. The only thing unfair about the panther is that the drivers can use Haftholladung or switch to infantry because they cant compete
  3. not like the low quality development and disappointments im paying for.
  4. the RTS can barely handle itself, how would reto add even more stuff to it
  5. you mean pinpoint two of them. the rest has no armor anyways. And on those two its the cupola. on the panther the lower glacis and on the tiger 2 the gun mantlet. If you cant pinpoint the weakspots on range, either try to aim a little bit more carefull or just dont engage at long range. this game gives you all the freedom of how you want to destroy a tank, yet so many people fail to do start with
  6. Im not sure if you are trying to troll me. All 4, the su85, t34/85 m10 and hellcat do about 950 dmg at max. Pen is something totally different. And no, pen in this game barely matters. as long as you can pen the one or two weakspots needed in that tier everything is set. If you have the higher damage, you win.
  7. the 85mm of the T34 is actually the only t3 medium gun that has the same damage as the TD so only the panther and e8 share the same damage in that regard. the t34/85, the SU85, hellcat and m10 also share about the same damage
  8. which is just about the very same gun with literally no performance differences. For instance, the post war G13 of the Swiss simply used the kwk40 instead of the pak 39 because it made virtually no difference
  9. In this game the only thing that matters is turning. the plane that turns faster is better. so trying to balance other offsets with turn rate is just stupid. just look at what this "balance" caused in the heavy fighters. No one even trys to use the 410 or pe3 against the americans
  10. its just a t20 with a zis 2 57mm AT gun Which actually on a tiny side note is better than the gun of the t34
  11. like all our problems vanished with squad 2.0? judging by the past mentality of reto doing a 2.0 and how its hyped up, im having flashbacks. And it makes me feel no good about armor 2.0
  12. probably because youd have to look for ZIS 30?
  13. you said "its like m2a2 vs luchs" thats as if you said "yeah its like stg vs johnson"
  14. why would you nerf the p40
  15. well, just like 2 shoots this thread actually does hold some validity to it. Asides that the word fuckmuffin is simply to amusing