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  1. Germans are not allowed to have success in war, thus servers had to be stopped
  2. The luchs indeed is fantastic, since i started using hand held anti tank instead of trying to use the canon, my tank kill ratio, especially against better tanks, went through the clouds On a more serious note, i dont see a point of keeping the luchs as it is. The panzer 2 c can perform just as well with an even lower profile and a lower repair cost. The 38t doesnt need a buff either. so what do we do? Instead they can just install a 5cm gun in an open top turret on the luchs (tank saw combat - check. 5cm is a decent canon for a top tier tank - check, still more common than pershing - check). Then nerf chaffee damage so it can no longer 2hk (what is it with all the american things being able to 2hk? from revolver over lmg to tank, wtf reto) and decrease the reload speed so it cant possibly kill faster than the other light tanks (tldr tank who shoots first wins) Done, chaffee still does more damage to satisfy "muh 75mm gun muh" while no longer being a to hot washed medium tank in a light tank AT. And then they can go ahead and fix the stupid m10
  3. may i ask if you actually are colorblind? like really no offense, but if you fail to see the blue grayish guys with a black helmet and black webbing in the green and brown environment of the game, i would consider rethinking the whole point if it may not be a problem on my side who actually said to not touch germany though? In the end you may be happy that you are only left with what we have ingame, and the devs had not gotten around to actually make precise german uniforms. since in that case it would be ripperoni pepperoni you ps. what is your native language? it seems the language barrier here is blocking of a discussion that would make sense pps. who is rolf?
  4. The effort of adding this (and im certain its not as easy to add as many think) would not be worth the result, especially considering that the insignia change on your uniform is not very notable. Not a high priority for the devs, but being worked on. If you are interested in that kind of stuff, feel free to check the link
  5. Looking at this, the first thing that comes to my mind is the possibility of adding specialized trucks, with specialized bots. There could be 4 types of upgrade for the truck, all based on the regular truck we can buy now 1. The Supply truck, its what you get as standard vehicle when you buy the truck - Pretty much what you described above, except that id strip it off the Wrench, you will see why in a split second. 2. The first upgrade you can buy for your truck, that changes its entire purpose and looks, the Medic truck This would have the ability, of being driven to a point and then be made stationary, spawning medic bots that automatically heal players that get close to it. In addition it can only carry Medic crates, so the "field medics" that want to refill their medic kits can do so on this truck. Like a giant, but moving medcrate that drops of AI medics that can quickly heal wounded players in its area. Also spawns bicycles to get people back to combat faster 3. The Engineer truck, again changing entire purpose This truck would spawn Engineers that can complete fortifying tasks, like building sandbag positions etc. In addition to that the engineers will repair damaged vehicles in its area and it gives a boost to resupplying your vehicle. It could also have the ability to build pontoon bridges over the river (granted is has enough time to do so) or build anti tank/ anti air positions (even though i have a different idea for that). Can carry ammo/Panzerfaust crates but would not spawn bicycles 4. Last but not least, unlocking extremely late on the truck ribbon, the Radio/ Command truck Unlocking very late would make sure that people first gather experience with trucks before they are allowed to drive mobile spawns around. This truck would not get the ability to carry any crates, however after being positioned (would take a few seconds to set up) it can be used as spawn location (spawn timer between the APC and Regular spawns). The fact that it is rather large and thus easily visible would make it crucial to park it in a good hidden spot. would spawn bicycles to get soldiers that spawn there fast into combat. Would only allow you to spawn there on foot. Each of the upgrades would change the look and purpose of the truck. With the first one, being a generally usefull truck where you can resupply, heal up and use for transportation, however each variation unlocking later gets a special that would make it unique and very useful on its own. Since all 3 variations are based on the first one, eg the one currently ingame, it would not require a new vehicle, but only a modification of the currently existing ones, giving greater variety and choices to people. Having the truck positioned for a while could give it "upgrades" like better cover in form of netting or sandbags to reward the player for having chosen a good location, or defending it well
  6. Sounds like a good suggestion, but the wet dream of the US at the same time. I can already smell all the "US 2hk Weaponry OP" threads if this was actually done by reto. However they could finally bring some balance to weapons and there would no longer be the argument of "But X weapon is not OP because everyone uses heavy set"
  7. Well, he stated the weapon has 29 damage, making it 5 hit kill so, It is as easy as i said, since HS was not in the argument, yet.
  8. Its not bad, but certainly worse than 5.45x39, obviously, else they wouldnt have replaced it with it. the same goes for the 7.62x 25, not a bad round, but apparently worse than 9x18mm, which apparently is worse than 9x19mm. If it was such a superior round, then why would they replace it
  9. If my math has not gone down the drain completely, 100 divided by 4 is 25. so every value above 25 makes it impossible for the weapon to be a 5 hit kill. And unless anyone is going to show up right here, with an actual prove, in numbers, confirmed by anyone that actually has a clue of numbers in this game, yall stating "oh my lord jesus pps has worse recoil sway and accuracy" ima just sit here and laugh because there is hardly a difference when playing. id even say its so freaking low, that we may conclude it doesnt exist at all. Thats probably why its production already stopped in 1946 and 7.62 is no longer in use by any major army
  10. Considering there is no number in either of the top two pictures, what point are you trying to make? If i had to guess id say you are trying to say that there is no german camo (but that wouldnt make sense again) so il just wait until some one who clarifies this
  11. ground ≠ air air has 1 thing vs the other thing, ground has a lot more to look at
  12. saying that the stg is lackluster is not the same argument as saying the p40 literally only is a sligthly buffed recon plane. nom nom nom tears
  13. dont try to derail, i can taste your tears already
  14. the desert also is home to many shrubberies
  15. OH NO, IT DOES NO DAMAGE, reto plis buff. the thing has 6 machine guns, and it uses 6. i dont know what you are smoking And if you cant aim with the bombs thats not my fault. with 6 bombs the thing is like a B17 flying towards Schweinfurt