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  1. The majority of images with those masks are linked to them, afaik there is a book that made the connection. The unit was very well known for its brutality, blood-lust, excessive alcohol consumption and looting, raping etc etc.. by pretty much everyone, far far exceeding the "hideous crimes" commited by pretty much any other combat unit, but they didnt gain this reputation while wearing masks, as far as im concerned the habit of wearing masks started after pictures had been taken of them during the Warsaw uprising (where they also where found unable to take their objectives due to being to busy raping, murdering, drinking and plundering). That being said though, the mask developed is just a botched Winter cold protection mask, not the same as the mask worn on pictured associated to the 36th
  2. GermanSoldier

    Uniforms [Rank based Uniform Unlocks]

    Nah, just a Fancy Leutnant of 21st Panzer Speaking of Pz HG though, im not even sure if they received the knochensack, afaik they primarily received the Felddivision splitter B jackets
  3. GermanSoldier

    Submachinegun Tiers

    Actually, the so called Mp3008 actually is just a sten with a different mag well. they are not less accurate or less effective, they are literally sten smgs and the germans even called them that way. One of the German stens even is more sophisticated than the original sten by having a wooden stock. The B&V Sten is even better than that on top. Really, the German stens may be last ditch, but just like the VG 1-5 they may be made crudely to be as cheap as possible, but they are still fairly well functioning guns that shouldnt be underestimated. The only problem of the 3008 is literally that its just not any different from the Mp34 and Mp40 making it pretty pointless for as long as the game is the way it is.
  4. GermanSoldier

    Submachinegun Tiers

    There is no eligible gun to suggest, so i dont really know what the point of this entire argument is. There is about two weapons that fit the original intention of the thread, which are the Suomi and the PPSh. Since one of that is out of question and the other one is already suggested, there is no point to go any further. Virtually every other SMG is pointless since they are all essentially the same as the two existing guns.
  5. GermanSoldier

    Submachinegun Tiers

    This and the 3008 in the same post is quiet ironic
  6. GermanSoldier

    Submachinegun Tiers

    Where is the difference between a gun made in Germany for the Germans, or one made in Czechoslovakia made for the Germans? hint
  7. GermanSoldier

    Uniforms [Rank based Uniform Unlocks]

    I made a bunch for my impressions, easy to make, easy to take on and off, easy to store etc etc. Just the perfect item to compliment pretty much any impression and they where extremely common, to bad there is non in this game
  8. GermanSoldier

    Submachinegun Tiers

    The Mp41 is an Mp28 evolution, actually pretty big difference
  9. GermanSoldier

    Anti Tank Infantry Weapons

    Damage is a pretty two edged sword if you ask me, it certainly is no 150mm warhead panzerfaust that will rip and tear where it hits, but its not an irrelevant threat either, IRL if it hits about anywhere on the tank that is vital (crew, ammo, engine, you name it) its going to knock it out clean with a single penetration. The biggest drawback of the weapon simply is the range and the inconsistency on range, 75 meters for a static target and 50 for a moving one is rather low, and hitting at a decent angle etc is an entirely different talk on top. I wouldnt mind all of the weapons in the current suggestion be added, as long as the bazooka stays in the soviet arsenal as easy to use weapon with decent AT capabilities. Alternatively i wouldnt mind if the Panzerfaust 60 would be available for all factions as purchasable weapon
  10. GermanSoldier

    Anti Tank Infantry Weapons

    i still dont know where those 150mm come from, the best legit i can find is 120 but a 61mm warhead that weights about half a kg is not exactly small for a rifle grenade, the M6A3 rocket after all also "only" has a warhead diameter of around 60mm yet also penetrates around 100mm of armor
  11. GermanSoldier

    Why dead?

  12. GermanSoldier

    Mysterious weapon Sevastopol 1942

    Looking at the stock it could be an arisaka, the magazine looks ZB 26.
  13. GermanSoldier

    Anti Tank Infantry Weapons

    How so? the only thing different in the guns is a different action, with one having an automatically unlocking bolt (and if we look at some sources even an automatically opening one) and the other one being a magazine feed self loading rifle. In terms of anti armor performance etc, the guns are so identical that there is no difference (though the PTRS has slightly less projectile energy due to being a SL weapon) The only difference is that Siminovs design is more complex / less reliable and the difference in the maximum achievable rate of fire, which is not significantly different. The Germans estimated that with a PTRD you get around 10 rounds per minute, with a PTRS 10 to 15. This is an almost negligible difference if you think about it and in practice this gap becomes even more narrow. Overwhelmingly superior is quiet more than just an overstatement in this case. But the key point here is, that what is happening is simply comparing apples and oranges. The lineup does not match up and leaves for a lot to be desired, hence i am saying, rather drop the PTRS in favor of something else, or keep it tied to the PTRD so it doesnt take any room up where there could be a much better weapon in place, preferably an actual rocket launcher.
  14. GermanSoldier

    Anti Tank Infantry Weapons

    Its not really a "problem" i see in the PTRS itself, its rather that what we see now and how this development is going, the PTRS just seems to be a really lackluster addition as a standalone tiered weapon that is somewhat supposed to mark the top edge of soviet AT weaponry. The only thing the PTRS would work awesome as, is a solid OHK semi auto sniper, and granted nothing happens to how those weapons deal with planes, the ultimate nightmare for any pilot. BUT, and this is my problem, its real purpose, aka defeating tanks, can not really be achieved against anything bigger than a light tank, so what we are looking at in the soviet lineup, is a lackluster AT rifle, a lackluster semi auto AT rifle and captain hookolins private broadsider from fallout 4. Compared that to what is on the other two factions and you will see what i mean with out of place. The M18 is just another talk, if you only give it its HEAT shell, its pretty pointless compared to the M9A1, give it HE or WP and we reach the point that this game is creating stupid situations because its lacking the counterpart weaponry, which for the Germans and soviets simply was more static but with bigger punch to it, bringing us to the age old "pls add statics" just as with the MGs. And on top it seems to take the room an AT rifle would take, which i see much more valuable in total than another launcher It may have been badly put, i dont think the PTRS itself is out of place, its just that in the context it doesnt really fit in, the ampulomet while looking comical at least has some added value to it when looking at the Anti tank capabilities of the weapons I will 100% agree with that, but not as a standalone weapon in the AT tier. As an upgrade or sidegrade from the PTRD in some sort of AT rifle progression it would be perfectly fine, but if it is to be one of only three choices for the soviets, id rather see something else with better AT capability There has been no word of bipods or tripods so far and the development for that still seems to be shelved, so far it actually looks like that is what its going to be
  15. GermanSoldier

    Anti Tank Infantry Weapons

    claiming its "the best choice" because you or some other people want it seems to be pretty subjective Objectively speaking from a gameplay POV there is really nothing great the PTRS has to offer, keeping a bazooka as easy entry AT launcher is the vastly better option than adding a PTRD with a slightly higher ROF * especially if you compare the PTRS to what is to hit for the other factions, it just gets more and more lackluster the closer you look