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  1. Marines!

    If your bow and arrow can rapidly fire, is served by a two man crew and is supposed to deliver rapid fire as squad support, No because a bow is not a gun The entire problem with the avtomat to start with, is that barely anyone used it to begin the story with, i dont know why so many people praise this gun so much, its nothing but one more POS on the endless list of horrible guns from the 20s and 30s But it hardly matters anyway, i think i recall reto saying they will rather add a late war prototype than a pre war/ ww1 one, i cant recall where i heard it (probably on stream) but it was pretty much them saying that the avtomat wont be added, so even if the avtomat was intended as bow and arrow, jinx it because we wont see that gun in hng to start with and its better that way anyways Even if we take a "what if 1941" scenario, the avtomat would have never made it in the great patriotic war, because they where scraped before the war with the germans started, so unlike many other guns, the avtomat has no place here
  2. Marines!

    Now since im to lazy to read through all of the links, if i recall correctly the Avtomat was initially intended for the very same use as the BAR, thus effectively making it a SAW / LMG From modern designations, weapons like the AVS 36, BAR, Johnson, FG42 and arguably also the Avtomat, sure all fall in to the category of Automatic rifle/ Battle rifle, but back then when everything was way different, we simply end up with the fact that: The BAR/Johnson and Avtomat are squad support weapons/ light machine guns. the AVS is a horribly failed semi automatic rifle with auto switch, and only the Fg42 is an actual battle rifle that was intended to be used mainly in semi auto fire
  3. Squad 2.0 broken

    tfw i already heard its broken before they released it
  4. Should I?

    I wanted to buy one, but by accident bought two of them and already filled a support ticket (id use the two but id rather have the gold in stock for next time, i think two years of membership is a little bit to far ahead ) Imho the thing is totally worth it though, if you consider that the regular 90 day vet costs 4.700 gold (beat me if im wrong), you actually get 4 memberships for the price of barely two. So if you buy membership on a regular basis, just get this and be set for the next year.
  5. Heavy Infantry [removing Infantry Anti tank?]

    tbh i dont see where this comes from, as long as the heavy infantry would still share the same resource pool with the regular infantry, it would be just like queuing your regular infantry soldiers. The only difference would be the soldier himself having different equipment options and some character traits. You would not require any aux seat to use or not use the Soldier, the base idea of me was that he is just like the regular infantry, but you are unable to make every soldier the universal everything guy (aka equip an Assault rifle, Anti tank grenades AND a medkit). Only the new resources would then be added ontop of it, but in staged that would barely matter (you cant queue for a specific infantry resource like APCs in staged anyway) while in war, as i mentioned in the resources, it would be great if every general has the option to easily send the stuff along with his regular inf I do see where this comes from, but last time i was talking about mortars, it is obviously clear why mortars are not fun for the receiving end, no one likes to die. The grant difference between a mortar and a plane though is very simple: The mortar has limited range, you have to get relatively close to what you are firing at, making it easy for the enemy to actually locate you if you are not careful (it requires skill to not die, like snipers, but even harder because the mortar is a fairly loud item to use) The mortar has limited ammo, i think unlike a plane the mortar should be forced to resupply on either the regular ammo boxes (that are only in the CPs) or on a special ammo box in the starting CP (could be used for all vehicles except to resupply) In addition, a mortar would never be pinpoint accurate, giving you a chance to quickly go for cover to hide, due to spread that increases on range, unlike a plane that can drop its bomb on a target that is cork sized. And furthermore the mortar gunner would be limited in speed, and has just the HP (or as mentioned slightly more due to trait) of the regular infantry, so you can easily gun him down should you locate him -> something that is not possible with the flying tanks aka planes I also mentioned that the mortars should be limited, to prevent a plane spam. Now that may not be to the liking of everyone, but i hold the honest opinion that not limiting things breaks the game as you will always end up with teams just abusing the current system (hence we have battles with 6 or more pilots, or 10 paratroopers, or even more snipers) thanks a lot for actually visiting the topic though and giving your two cents, its awesome to get a response so quick since i just woke up itl take me some time but il have a look at it and see what is nice ^^
  6. Heavy Infantry [removing Infantry Anti tank?]

    would both fit fairly well in support, after all i think keeping things simple and not as spread out is the better solution
  7. Heavy Infantry [removing Infantry Anti tank?]

    pretty much, just a narrowed down to the imho 3 most important for a working variety One could have narrowed the Air support and Infantry support into one, but i felt like it would be best to keep those seperate to avoid munching it up to much. it could also easily be broken down into more sub classes, but that is something im way to lazy for
  8. First of all, this is not your ordinary "muh tank, AT OP" thread take a seat and read first! Now Kinder, Anschnallen! Wall of text ahead *Disclaimer*, if you find grammatical errors the rule of "He who finds it, owns it" applies. So take them with you and give them a nice home! If you dislike something or disagree, we can argue over anything as long as one behaves himself. This thread is open for suggestion and improvement so feel free to comment There is no faction bias included in this thread, if you want some, make your own. All suggestions made are in my eyes well balanced. if you disagree, see the sentence above After having a good thought of how to incorporate 1. an alternative to the "stick n kill" anti tank grenades and the "shooting Gallery for plane" AA guns as well as introducing some more "advanced" heavy weapons on the infantry side of the game, i have come to the conclusion that the direct removal of Infantry AT weapons or moving them to a specialized class, requiring a specialized AT etc would only hurt the game. In addition, (pre) placed Guns and weapon emplacements are prone to be A) Under performing because they are free and B) easy to knock out since after one or two matches you will know where this guns will pop up, thus memorize their positions and start lighting them up as soon as the smallest fire comes from them. However a combined arms game, that does not limit equipment to knock out "special" classes, is prone to make this classes stale or even unplayable (look at the current infantry vs tanks, even the lowest rank people start to roam the fields with AT grenades to knock your sheit out, without having to face any "penalty" for doing so), while on the same breath, a ww2 game without the primary means of knocking tanks out in ww2, aka anti tank guns, is barely a ww2 game Thus after many consideration, i have come to the conclusion that adding a specialized infantry subclass, the heavy Infantry, would be the optimal way in A) introducing a wide variety of guns without making the main infantry section to powerful or cluttered with this new equipment and B) limiting powerful means of knocking out the special classes toys (because everyone wants to play, even the HE klicking tankers) Now lets dive into how this sub class could potentially work. Lets start off with how to get what you want: 1. First off, you obviously start by buying this character. This should be done by either buying a "specialized" heavy Infantry from the "academy" (aka the shop) or converting an already existing Infantry soldier (reintroducing the soldier conversion at least a little bit) 2. You then continue by choosing a "Spezialisation" for this new soldier, this will give him traits, a variety of different weaponry and some new special badges to unlock. This specializations are: 1. Infantry Support , 2. Air support and 3. Pioneers Now lets strive into what you will get out of this special class and its sub specializations (the specific guns and vehicles, how it will work etc will be further down!) The Infantry Support: Heavy Infantry with a variety of heavy support weaponry to fight off Armor and infantry, includes Mortars, anti tank guns and heavy machine guns Equipment list: Badges and traits: The Air support: Heavy Infantry specialized in making the sky safe, main focus on AA guns and weaponry Equipment list Badges and traits: The Pioneer: Masters of explosives, keeping your vehicles in the action and denying enemy movement, obviously main focus on denying movement and keeping vehicles fit as well as hazard removal Equipment list Badges and traits: Additional information on the above: Traits are special passive abilities that should make each of the 3 Spezialisation a bit more unique and give it a greater focus on actually being used as what its intended for, as well as make life a tiny bit easier for them in certain situations, while not giving them any special ability that would make them useful as new uber rambo class. In an optimal setting, each special class could have its own special passive traits Infantry Anti tank, AP and AT mines as well as the AA vehicles will be completely removed from All other classes (exception, recons will still have AP mines), dont scheiße your pants just yet! read on, the resources used are at the bottom of this thread. Now after some fluff on what you will get, lets take a look at how all this works First off, this needs a new mechanic. The dual load out for the Air and Infantry support, in order to not make them a weird broken super class. Should the player equip a mortar/ heavy machine gun/ aa machine gun, he will obviously be limited in the other equipment he can carry. To not force players to make to many characters, should he decide to spawn one of his "vehicle" based guns, this will select a different loadout, that cant include the heavy primary slot based guns In short: You have one primary loadout that is selected when spawning on foot, and one that is selected when spawning a heavy gun, say an Anti tank gun (will prevent people from using a Rocket launcher or mortar in combination with a PAK gun) Lets continue with the specific primary based guns. Those will take up space in your regular weapon selection, but therefore allow you to spawn on any CP and move around faster, starting with Mortars. Lets continue with Heavy machine guns/ AA machine guns: Now off to the "vehicle" slot based weapons, while you can equip your regular primary weapons with those, they will require you to spawn at your main spawn and are generally slower when moving around, as well as bigger. First off Anti tank canons, light and medium AA guns, light and medium Heavy AT and AA guns will be added later, since i dont have a solid idea yet on how those would be best implemented, though im thinking of a vehicle towed variant. this non the less is a little complex Resources that should be used probably the most interesting for now: The resources used by the Heavy infantry, should simply use infantry resource. This way, the AT launchers and grenades are somewhat limited by a limited class, but it cant ever happen that you end up in a match where you say to yourself "i grinded all this sheit, i bought all this sheit, but i cant fcking use it and will be farmed by tanks now, fck this game!". You would always be able to use what you would use now, granted you have the fitting soldier for it For the more advanced things, like the canons, heavy mortars and APCs, generals should be able to buy those as ATs. Where the AT guns and AA guns can have the passive ability on the RTS map of reducing enemy resources before the battle starts. Those new ATs would only hold the vehicles/ guns and regular infantry soldiers, Production in war on the regular guns should be extremely high to make sure that there is a wide presence of them (and no queue unless there is one on infantry). they should not require AT points, but you can only equip as many of those as you have regular infantry ATs equipped (thus everyone that has inf can actually get them, the only question would be warfunds, but there would be no struggle of "uh id love to have the guns, but id rather use regular Infantry" Generally there should be 4 tiers of Gun ATs that a general can have: Light - Medium - Heavy and Mechanized (giving the ability to spawn the APC based guns) For staged, the gun resource of matching vehicle resource would be added (eg. Light tanks -> light AT guns, medium tanks -> medium AT guns) Additional notes before you will see the massive list of all the equipment that can be added, some additional notes 1. Hand held AT could receive a slight nerf, in reload time or similar, to make them more of an "emergency" weapon for when you dont have the guns available 2. A limit for guns deployed would be necessary to avoid teams of 12 mortars o.s. Thus a max of 2 Mortars, 2 AT guns and 2 AA guns can be spawned at once (vehicle based or not doesnt matter) 3. Capturing the guns would not be possible, everything that has to be deployed despawns if the owner dies or goes to far away from it for a longer time (preventing a team to acquire more than the limited number of weapons) 4. Class specific traits could be added for all classes, so this is a general idea that imho if done correctly and not to excessive could improve the game and make all classes a little more unique and fun 5. Fixing the static AA guns would still be required, but they could eventually be included in this and then the gun spawns according to the AA gun resources in the city And now, what you have probably been waiting for (or not so much) the list of new items (spoiler is big, duh) List is set up the following GE - US - SU (will flesh this out a little more over time, worry not) Additional new weapons Note for the end, this took some time to write so i may have overlooked something or forgot things, this topic will be updated/ improved over time. Tho im way to lazy to continue for now so that is it. A small tldr before my forum quits entirely (lagging really weird for some reason. Add new Infantry subclass, move Infantry Anti tank, mines and Anti air to specific sub class so they can be limited, make stuff powerful, slightly down adjust hand held AT -> profit (since summon box is broken im to lazy to fix, mark yourself!) ps. have mercy with me, i havent done a lot but hoax around on this forum for quiet a while, this is the first logical and worked out suggestion im making in ages lol
  9. just that im seeing this now, could it be that the tank despawn timer has been "ninja" nerfed as well? Last time i died while repairing my tank (stray handgrenade, the user was dead already), and spawned on a close by friendly tank, my tank despawned in a matter of seconds (so fast i couldnt even get back to it), and not only once, but (since i tested) multiple times. The only unfair way i see is that virtually everything gets either a free or semi protected 3PV, except for tanker, which is a pretty stupid system in a game where virtually everyone can get a one hit kill rifle with scope AND is able to unlock tanks to their hearts desire. One of the easiest abused feature of this game, is using a Tanker with anti tank grenades, damaging an enemy tank slightly so its tanker bails, kill him and steal his tank. The fact that i can hop around an enemy tank like there is a fiesta hosted on it, without him even realizing. If it wasnt for armor 2.0 in work, id honestly tell you to remove tanks from the game since everything is made so tankers have a hard life (cant even cross certain bridges, or CPs because the tank doesnt fit)
  10. tank camo

    you mean "we tried to africa but we horribly failed, pls no judge" color?
  11. Notes for

    i think you can cut the heavy TDs out since they are in the pipeline already
  12. What happened today, in WW1/WW2?

    September 17th 1944 Some one got shot by some one because some one had a very bad idea some time ago
  13. List of unusual deaths

    it is common knowledge that he was shift supervisor for Volkswagen in Mexico until the 60s
  14. I reached 2k post here

    2k? you need some 2k more! off to //forum warrior intensifies//
  15. i was explaining it to silva, since he seemed a little confused ^^ live and blank translate pretty bad into other languages (german for example doesnt even have a word for "live" ammo, and the word for blank is fairly weird as well) though again, both of the pictures where taken on reenactments so they obviously used blanks. To not get his point false though, hip and shoulderfiring the mg42 is possible if trained tho