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  1. Well currently only the GE Recon plane has a ?medium? bomb, while the Soviet and American Recon planes have small bombs. So equaling them to be all small bombs should be only a "minor" change. In general yeah i agree though, the recon planes should mostly stay the same as they are and also stay with a single tier It would be a very nice approach to gameplay if that was the case for all vehicles. But they missed that chance with armor 2.0 and essentially just made it a lot worse. So it would be nice to see the change at least for planes
  2. It would still be a perfectly valid move to cap the ground attack capability of normal Fighter aircraft and go with a few possible routes: A) Take away all bombs from fighters - this would mean that even "weaker" ground attack aircraft with bombs would have a direct purpose and would never be totally obsolete compared to fighers. B) dissable fighter mainguns from damaging armored ground vehicles - this would again mean that even "weaker" ground attack aircraft would have a purpose if their main armament was able to penetrate armored vehicles. C) take away fighters High explosive ammo D) replace the Bombs on all fighters with the "lower end" side of bombs so the ground attack aircraft will always carry a much greater bomb load E) a combination of all the above. I would propose the following: Replace all bombs on Recon planes to be in the lowest end range of available bombs. Remove the bombs from all "medium" fighter aircraft Replace the heavy fighters bombs with medium sized bombs Remove HE from Medium fighters and greatly decrease the penetration power of medium and heavy aircraft canon ammunition Now you have : >Recon aircraft that are generally not great", but still serve providing the entry point "learner" plane for new players and can generally still do harm to ground and air targets. >Medium fighters main purpose is now to attack planes, but they can still do strafing with normal AP ammunition and deal damage to soft and lightly armored vehicles. >Heavy fighters can still deal damage via medium bombs to ground targets but their main aim is still rather to provide air cover. Now you can implement a potential 3 tiers of ground attack aircraft: Tier 1 - Direct focus on ground attack via heavy bombs and "light" main guns - Main focus on bombing infantry and armored vehicles Tier 2 - Direct focus on ground attack via heavy main guns - Main focus on destroying armored vehicles with heavy guns Tier 3 - "Middground" with direct focus on ground attack via medium bombs and "medium" main guns - Main focus on Bombing and strafing infantry and light to medium armored targets.
  3. GermanSoldier

    Sherman vs Panther part 2 ...

    Yes, except that not my entire posting career on this forum and especially this thread is trolling. Didnt notice though, actually had a good laugh over it now that you mention lol An interesting thing i might add that ive stumbled over a couple weeks back, was the total loss of around 90 vehicles between July 1944 and Mai 1945. Out of these 90 vehicles (Panther, Bergepanther and Pz.Bef.Wg Panther): 20 where abandoned (includes almost all of the Bergepanther) either due to being overrun or due to other reasons (vehicle being stuck, tracked, etc) 4 had Mechanical failure leading to loss of vehicle (eg. given up without Hostile impact) and another 4 (2 panther and 2 Bergepanther) blown up by their crews at the end of the war. The remaining 62 where all lost in combat to enemy fire
  4. GermanSoldier


  5. Because some one at reto forgot you have to balance stuff when releasing it. Probably the most ridiculous gun in the game Perhaps, but are they as simple? Honestly back when we had vehicle limits i had more troubles with my teammates than i had with enemy anti tank (i can vividly recall some tanker putting a HHL on my Tank because he wanted to spawn himself). But that was the early beta, a lot of balance was weird and when they removed the limits, but generally Infantry anti tank only really became a massive problem when people realized how much money you can get from blowing up medium and heavy tanks. Well currently there is little to do. Even if you react immediately you will most likely be dead anyway because of many factors, which mainly have to do with armor 2.0
  6. Keep in mind that the cost initially wasnt upped because people where spamming them against tanks, but because people where spamming them against everything and using them as makeshift mortars. A reduction in price will bring back just that. What they could do is make the income from rocket penetrations go back up so on successfully hitting tanks you arent loosing credits. The only reason that AT is as powerful as it is is because reto doesnt want to limit vehicles (and at this point probably cant anymore because of how screwed everything is) and everything but powerful AT will lead to mass tank spam. A mere reload time increase will keep AT as powerful but would give the tanker a better reaction time rather than dying instantly while keeping overall balance as is.
  7. GermanSoldier

    Russian WWII related quality talk videos

    Always a bummer to see no subtitles on their videos, they have a lot of really interesting stuff. Anyway, since ive been crashing across a lot of different numbers recently, do they talk of penetration (and under what conditions)? would be interesting to hear their take on it
  8. Reminds me how that was the goal of armor 2.0 and now we are back to prior to it, except that we now have stupid modules and taking out tanks with other tanks became essentially even more RNG than before, except you have the "construction bias" on some vehicles that have extremely easy to hit modules that will melt the vehicle. Funny. Just revert armor 2.0 and increase the reload time of rocket launchers
  9. GermanSoldier

    Another brilliant "Reto.Moto style" update.

    Just for a little reminder, people forget that you cant just write what you want in your TOS and then have it be the law, im not into specific laws or anything but there is a chance that their TOS would not hold in a lawsuit (which afaik they have also written in their TOS that you cant do one) But i digress. If the badges really where as problematic, we would have seen a change long time ago with Retos large pushes against vets. But i honestly feel like the "but the new players" is in most cases merely an excuse because we havent really seen any changes that would help new players. The heavyset change itself sounds more like a "quality of life" buff to certain weapons that didnt OHK on headshot and thus to veterans. The true newb buff would have been to make it so you cant get headshot in the firstplace by a super fast automatic weapon, which these newbs dont even have access to.
  10. GermanSoldier

    Another brilliant "Reto.Moto style" update.

    All badges at gold give an advantage, not many of them are straight up unfair. The only ones that are, are the Meta badges. There is nothing inherently wrong with the badge system itself, its just that there is a few badges that are to much. Heavy set is simply the one that stands out the most because it really has the biggest impact on gunplay
  11. GermanSoldier

    Sherman vs Panther part 2 ...

    You really need to try harder than this. So far ahead that the panther was still the first tank that deserves the term MBT asides, are we talking about the same USSR that didnt manage to build a working tank that isnt a t34 until the 50s?
  12. GermanSoldier

    Sherman vs Panther part 2 ...

    Pointless. Production times vary greatly depending on what you actually compare, to the point where its impossible because you cant track it accurately anymore. Asides what you would want to compare is the industrial capability of the Nations, which again is pointless because the US just pretty much hands down had higher production capabilities than all Axis nations combined There was 11 plants building the Sherman while there was three assembling panthers. But if you want to compare the price, a Panther cost roughly the same as a late model Sherman (around 50 thousand USD). Which again shows what kind of milk maid argumentation "cost" is. I wonder if it had anything to do with Germany loosing the war? No cant be, must be because the panther was absolute Trash. On the other hand i wonder which tank would have greater influence on tank design post war. The problem is that need to do better than this pointless teary rant. Im getting bored man, give me something to at least chew on a little.
  13. GermanSoldier

    Another brilliant "Reto.Moto style" update.

    Most "vets" would have the badge regardless of specifically grinding for it or not and on top the number of "vets" complaining would be pretty small. Asides that, even with the vets there is those that already want heavyset gone to allow for proper balance. So its really beyond me why changing any other badge is not a problem, but smh heavyset changes are a big problem. Nerfing weapons big time was also never a problem, so "grind" or "money spend" really just sounds like a weird excuse, especially if we consider that A) heavy set has been preventing proper balance since its 3 stage introduction and B) it really is the single most notable advantage when comparing a vet and non vet. There is only one problem with a heavy set removal really and that is the BA rifles. While this is currently true If you let them OHK again, i promise you the number of BA rifles will drastically increase. The best thing is to simply make them pinpoint accurate and drop them to a solid 2hk. On the topic of the thread. The cockpit view really is wasted if you consider that it only holds no advantage what so ever over nose view asides of looking a little more immersive
  14. GermanSoldier

    Sherman vs Panther part 2 ...

    A good troll is something to laugh about if its done properly, even if you are the subject to it. But id expect some effort and not this "weewoo" type posting that is not even worth the title troll, not even bait because its done so poorly. Even without any context, the results that a Panther possessed better cross country capability than a Firefly Sherman and thus any other Sherman in a similar or the same configuration remains (and its not some new sekrit data either because people had already concluded during the war that panthers where faster and better cross country than shermans) As for training etc. The swedes had the vehicles for quiet some time (purchased around 46/47), so since they keept them running a bunch of years while doing tests with them means they where probably capable of doing maintenance. At the end of the day, what this has come to is "weee but the sherman was better" tears, for no reason what so ever. Raising pointless questions or making dubious unrelated points about some sort of weird "standardization" (which on a side note is kind of weird considering that the US build like some 20 different variants of the Sherman, while there was only 3 Panther production variants) with the clear goal to shift away from the original "problem" shown by the video, as well as the unwillingness to actually deal with points made or disregard them as bias, really just goes back to crying that the item you like is getting "attacked"
  15. GermanSoldier

    Sherman vs Panther part 2 ...

    Its funny that even when you try your hardest to not be a brainless troll You are still a brainless troll