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  1. More, less or same amount of bushes?

    If they are unhappy by what the vocal majority decides hey feel free to join it and twist it. For as long as you dont open your mouth you have no opinion and subject to those of others.
  2. The Carbine Family Rework

    Asymmetrical balance i guess? I mean we are talking about people here that justify the less EQP of the Carbine with "its worse than stg and avs", while the gun that is the exact equal also has this "balancing" advantage There is no logical explanations
  3. The Carbine Family Rework

    What is coming? did i miss something? The reasoning behind this seems to be reto being hardcore opportunistic. What ever just fits/ comes up in the mind is added or being worked on. It would explain why the development goes so weird and in random directions Unless some one at reto thinks the carbine rework just snugly fits in with the rest they are doing, nothing will ever happen with this guns
  4. The Carbine Family Rework

    Afaik the t30 is the commercial designation for a gun that surfaced not long ago, its like the BD42 (commercial produced FG42 repro in germany). it is still based on that T3 carbine using its rail for the IR device. But on the fair hand neither of the 3 scopes is really historical, the STG scope was never adopted because it didnt work good and the AVS cant mount a PU. So so much about that I wonder who those people are and how long they actually play the game on average. Or the modern gamer mentality where you always need a scope or you cant play. A self fueling fire where you have to use scopes because everyone uses scopes and reto thinks scopes are the hot shirt because everyone uses it.
  5. More, less or same amount of bushes?

    there is a simple thing called representative voting. If more than 50% of a small selected base already vote for a certain answer, there is a quiet big chance that the rest of the people will either have the same or a similar vote. Asides, it is the same with politics. If you dont vote you dont have an opinion and thus no right to complain.
  6. The Carbine Family Rework

    "later" means after the war, most likely in the early 50s just like virtually all the other mint Scoped carbines There is quiet a few of these carbines, non of them is a war variant since they are all using t3 scope mounts. *edit* though to not spin this further, IMO these guns shouldnt have scopes to start with. Not the carbines, not the STG, and not the avs.
  7. The Carbine Family Rework

    Id like to see a reference for that considering that the T3 itself only briefly saw action in 1945 and then the war already ended.
  8. More, less or same amount of bushes?

    HnG lacks cover outside of every object. It has to do with the fact that they bio engineer their maps according to gameflow instead of looking for a real world thing. Which is the reason why they A) lack natural cover and B) look like barbie, unrealistic and dead. People have been asking for cover for quiet some time though, i dont get how the only thing that resulted out of it is bushes
  9. The Carbine Family Rework

    The Carbine in the game is using the T3 scope mount, and no, M2 Carbines with T3 scope mounts using M84s where not a thing It is like combining the literal unicorn with the diamonds in the pigs snout being ridden by a fairy
  10. More, less or same amount of bushes?

    If people for once would learn that foliage is not cover, we would not have to have the same argument over and over again.
  11. More, less or same amount of bushes?

    Vegetation is no cover, meaning no matter how you tweak the damn bushes, there will not be more or less cover. The cover on current maps is an equal 0 all along. There is virtually no cover to use with few exceptions Im glad this is a forum and not an army, yall be dead considering a damn bush cover.
  12. The Carbine Family Rework

    M1 and M2 Carbines with M84 scopes just to name one To name another, the 7N1 sniper round is from the 60s (fits fairly well with their camo though)
  13. [Forum Game] Granting wishes with drawbacks

    You pass the 5 exams and can go to uni but they throw you out after a week I wish @Sumpfe would share some more information about his sister ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  14. there is always two parties to a conflict. Some times it is as simple as a Forrest not being an impenetrable fortress the germans cant overcome for the second time in 30 years, but stupidly this forest being part of a neutral nation or a nation being the perfect launching pad for an invasion of monkey island but again being a neutral nation Other times it is much more complex with two nations being total dickheads and a third supposed neutral nation not really being as neutral as they should be in combination with a lot of other countries interest etc. ww2 is not as simple as "hitler invaded entire europe and russia because his quest for lebensraum", even if that is what people like to make out of it.
  15. there is a difference with the czechs, they could have actually done something had they tried, the polish? not so much. There is no possibility that the polish would set up decent plans and defenses prior to the german invasion. Which is quiet funny if you consider how much they actually provoked the invasion, they should have known what was coming their direction