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  1. What is your main concern in HnG?

    Maybe the biggest problem in HnG is its depressive population
  2. Its based on the real steering mechanisms of the vehicles yes, but each of them has its ups and downs. The Pershing however is running on the same system as pretty much all US tanks, which if i recall that correctly right now would be a Controlled Differential. However keep in mind that it doesnt mean you have to drive forward and pick up speed to turn your tank left or right, it just means the tank cant turn on the spot, but has a turn radius (i think its about 6 meters IRL for the pershing). But from our POV virtually everything ATM is speculations, so yeah dont take anything anyone says or talks about for granted. Even in the RRR there is only data being collected and not much more.
  3. Female Soldiers

    The perfect circle has been achieved
  4. There was at least some "mockup" or "prototype" menu and visualization some time back, impossible to tell at what development state either of the systems is ATM without being a reto From what ive been gathering and seeing in the RRR so far we have: Modular damage or rather internal modules, Terrain based speeds, Steering system based turns, reworked gunsights and magnifications and reworked armor thickness (or rather reassured i guess). There has at least been some talk about reworked/ overhauled penetration as well And except for the offroad speed the Pershing is not looking to bad tbh, but that still doesnt change the fact that the Pershing and IS2 will never be on par with the Tiger 2, which is why i am counting on the token system. Which as far as i have this in mind (disclaimer, ive not been to deep into the hng meta since a few weeks for various reasons so this might not be on the newest page anymore) will have a token cost across the board, so a Panther might even be more expensive to spawn than a tiger, or a Chaffee will be more expensive to spawn than an M4 sherman. What this will effectively mean is that the better a vehicle in its class is, the more tokens it will cost you. Now this is not really balancing anything, but rather than trying to balance something you cant (eg. Pershing vs KT) they will simply punish the KT driver way more for loosing his vehicle, and thus make the super good tanks much more rare. In short, we should be seeing much less of the super duper awesome top tier tanks, and killing them will make a much greater impact.
  5. Arent the vehicle update and the token system going to come relatively close to each other? Anyway, its armor and gun should get an overhaul, just like those of all other vehicles. I suppose that will take care of at least some things. The token system should then take care of the rest
  6. AT... again!

    You can place the H3 in game literally anywhere on a vehicle, hell you can plant it on glass on some houses
  7. cheaper/ easier to spawn with token system
  8. Best of MCbl4 Part 2

    10% blyat 90% insults
  9. Mal so richtig Dampf ablassen!

    zweige bzw. kleine bäume und die meisten Objekte die problematisch waren sind soweit gefixt. Aber es gibt da immer noch einige tolle stellen wo die Map deinen Panzer einfach frisst
  10. AT... again!

    For when you combat Housing blocks instead of tanks Police station CP to cramped? problem solved
  11. AT... again!

    We would have to look at the "teamkill" ratio of either weapon to come to a conclusion here
  12. Highest headshot ratio you witnessed?

    Not even impressive or something but i still love this image Also quiet an old piece of the cake
  13. Still there remains a certain complexity on how to transport/ deploy it And if that is overcome, you can still just make it so a single player can carry it for gameplay simplicity. And it would also need some form of limitation to prevent a team from having 18 HMGs deployed.
  14. SU76I Soviet TD:

    afaik they are going to be heavy TDs, not medium. So their own AT
  15. AT... again!

    APCBC tungsten cored rounds are not affected by T/D ratios as world war ii ballistics armor and gunnery specifies. Yes