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  1. need change is-2 turret

    If i recall correctly they said it will still be beneficial to have multiple characters, for example by simply making it way cheaper to switch character instead of vehicle, or have a time penalty for switching. Dont quote me on it, but it has always been a key point in this game to have multiple characters, so i doubt they will remove that.
  2. They think the 1945 nerfed SVT will be good.
  3. Why was the sdfkz 250 added?

    They are actually both the same hight thanks to the bed frame antenna, the GE apc is only shorter by a meter or so Not really. It has faster acceleration in forward and a smaller turn circle as well as loosing less speed in water, that is facts. Its also fact that the US APC is faster in general, has better energy retention when hitting just about anything or going up hills, can actually cross small and medium sized obstacles the 250 cant possibly move over and moves smoother on rough terrain. (ffs why does this forum never merge posts when its supposed to)
  4. Why was the sdfkz 250 added?

    Like what? The M3A1 that is already there for them?
  5. Dear Reto ..I want kitchen knife please

    Show me yo license m8
  6. Pipeline upgrade: physically based rendering

    Idk what they are doing or how they are doing anything, but i dont really need to know it. We have had sight changes and even model changes in the past, the best example for that is the FG42. When introduced all it had was its standard sights, with the addition of the "modular" scopes, the model was changed in a way that the rear sight is folded down. And very recently the rearsight itself was adjusted. Asides that, i think reto has been talking way way in the past about flipping the rangefinder down. The key point in the 1919 rearsight argument is that Reto never wanted to flip it down, else they would have done so. Its like the Kar98 sights, they could potentially do so. But they dont want to.
  7. Any way to make US faction enjoyable?

    This is the stuff that happens when you watch Anime while writing on the forums lol We are talking about multiplayer games here, not singleplayer
  8. Pipeline upgrade: physically based rendering

    I dont know what people are telling you, but you dont need PBR to do that Pretty much anything in this game needs an upgrade, i dont know what makes you think just about anything doesnt need one
  9. Any way to make US faction enjoyable?

    You want to enjoy the Game? Close it, go to bead and dream of how this game would be if it was actually enjoyable
  10. We need mortars, now.

    Tbh though, the light mortars are bad. We need the heavy ones
  11. What does it say?

    I never even go up there, yesterday i even forgot that area exists to start with
  12. What does it say?

    Dont hit your head
  13. Why was the sdfkz 250 added?

    If you want to hear some facts: GE APC: Pro: Faster acceleration on forward (and on forward only), Less speed loss in water, better climbing (on forward). Smaller turn circle Fully protected driver on crouch, forward only facing semi protected machine gun Con: Horrible energy retention on rough terrain, cant actually cross any obstacle (even the smallest pebble will stop it) US APC: Pro: Faster in top speed (enough to make up for the slower acceleration), Great energy retention on terrain (makes up for the lower climbing), can actually cross most obstacles reto likes to place around the map (small stone walls, sidewalks, train tracks etc). Less prone to drowning (it can still move in places where the 250 already shuts down) 360 machine gun Cons: Low protection for driver, virtually non for gunner. In terms of size both APCs are identical, the German one is lower, but the antenna makes it equally tall. The German APC is about a meter shorter. Passenger protection on both barely exists, however the German APC is easier to spawncamp since driver and passenger spawn right next to each other
  14. Why was the sdfkz 250 added?

    It requires you to take the sidewalk at the start, where its not stupidly lifted to give virtually any vehicle a hard time, but that part is the point in question. The German APC requires you to take a lot of spaces with extreme angles, or entirely different tours, just because of the map design. The American APC used to be able to destroy the German APC with its .50 and pretty much any terrain vehicle, take the less armor as a remain from that time. Reto is slow in fixing stuff, it took them about a year or two to fix the Hellcats HP, so dont worry, eventually they will get around to close the M3s Shutters.