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  1. That has most likely been me and afonso then, since im the one that likes to drive the joke they call heavy tank. And yes, it was most likely a "save", due to infantry hunting tanks. Planes are not enough of a threat to make a tanker ragequit, if there has been no rambos, then there was no tanks to fight eg no need to drive a heavy to start with Also, HEing (spawncamping) inf from long range, is actually a great thing to do just because you can (a little like flying the p38, nothing can even stop you)
  2. Then he did not read the rules, got reported by me (im a c*nt, if i see people with Nazi related names, i hit the report as if it was my wife, oh wait) , and is gone for good for as he pays for his mistakes. I know that there is validity to wanting to change your nickname (lmao look at my steam, i some times change nicknames more often than my shirt), but if you got banned because you could not read the rules i dont think you should get a second chance with that account. Other than that, it would be a nice feature, as long as they can grant that player names are only available once (i shalt forever remain the unique one and first GS) and make sure you cant switch your name to often (in order to prevent trolling)
  3. You got to be fair though @Sovengardian, with the lacking skill of allied tankers, what would i do other than HE the fck out of inf, AP the heck out of planes, or quit because fighting Heavy fighters from ground is not really fun with the current state of broken UFOs hovering the maps Other than that, granted you can only see afonsoqq in staged matches, that means that you also play a hell lot of staged matches and thus you cant see him in war (as you are not there either). He who sits in a glass house shalt not throw stones
  4. ive said this earlier in this thread, while im fairly well into the german tanker uniforms, but thats where it stops. never bothered to do research about pilots or russian/american tanker/ pilot uniforms. So to actually be able to keep up the quality and historical accuracy of the suggested items, id have to do research and process everything which i wont be able for the next few (2 to 3) months due to my finals being ahead. On the Luftlande, thats mostly Paras, which are in the list and the german paras have Luftwaffe ground troop uniforms for when being deployed on foot. The gebirgsjäger though, imo put them in a mountain or they transform into gebirgfaggots (i hate to see mountain troopers in areas where they simply dont fit, they are soldiers trained to fight in the mountains/ harsh cold weather conditions, for example the russian winter) In short, without a specialised mountain trooper class, that would be preferably deployed in mountain areas, or without a preset specially for mountain regions, i doubt it would be a good thing, especially since the gebrigsjäger specialised clothing only consists of weird boots + gaiters, the smock and pants (only available in the light brown reversible to white version, not in any camo) and the Bergmütze (which just has minor difference to the m43 cap that is based on it)
  5. Ive seen the thing, twice already, yet it doesnt make a difference regarding to what i said If you have a tank burning, with crew inside, the crew is getting cooked (does not mean they cant survive, you can bake and cook things without them dying) If you have some one die in a tank, its his coffin made of metal. Every tank that ever got shot and had its crew died in it transformed into a metal coffin, no matter how you turn or twist it What i stated has nothing, like at all, to do with how a vehicle performs
  6. Im not referring to shermans per se, every tank is a metal coffin thats just how it is. And just for the lolz, what does a burning tank do? it cooks its crew 90% of the time, so if you call a burning sherman a Tommy cooker, you are stating anything regarding the tanks performance, but the bloody obvious of what is actually happening Just because my name is GermanSoldier, and im the king of german bias, does not mean im actually biased
  7. To be fair, i know all the "does not always burn" thing, then again, we are not talking about tank vs tank here, but the use of a shaped charge warhead nailing the loving side of the metal coffin, i dont think we have to argue that a body would not absorb the massive heat etc created by the impact of the weapon, and that after this hit it would have been nearly impossible for the crew to stay inside of the vehicle (on a side note its fury itself that blows up literally every sherman except fury itself)
  8. you mean the tiger, that no one would have ever driven out of the hedge because there was no reason to even do so? indeed, would have been screwed over right off the start. Then again if one Panzerfaust creates a tommy cooker while the other one just goes poof in the tank, everything can be a thing eh
  9. with patience and calm even a donkey can climb a palm so i guess other than kindly asking every now and then when it fits, and then relying on them to actually do community driven development, there really is nothing we can do. Since even if you annoy them, it wont make the process go faster. Im certain however they know of the potential this can have in money making and satisfying the community, so i hope this is being worked on
  10. to be fair, that problem could have easily been avoided by doing a "simple" thing creating assets to fill out the larger made ditches. If your game does not support small sharp trenches/ditches, make a large ditch and fill everything you dont want to be the ditch with the asset. If i recall correctly, thats how they did it in FH1 and 2, and the MOW series also has the trenches etc as assets. It ofc would require assets, that get on game performance (as far as i can recall thats the reason for reto not adding to many things per map) and would need to be made first (eg takes many time) But then again what do i know, im just a simple forum pleb and no dev
  11. If you say "we would need to revamp", do i understand that right that you currently have no intentions to do it? because that is literally what you are saying
  12. but we already have shotguns, they are called BA rifles
  13. maybe we can make them watch downfall so we get underage kids to fight for germany ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  14. what about the rest of your computer though? When i started, i had about 40 fps, it went down to 20, then i got a 760, it went up to 70 then down to 50, and now im at a 1070 and get around 120 on average again
  15. Funny enough a good number of changes people request nowdays would result in actually going backwards to the closed beta but why have a cool game when you can have this Imo that nails it the most Just revert, get us back the neat things, keep the nice things we have now, mix them up and you have truly a great game. What we have now is nothing more than meh, addicting meh, but atm im rather creating a virtual girlfriend than playing HnG actively But since the devs will for sure not listen to this feedback, and seem to think everything is going fine, rip hng, it seems i will move on ultimately also rip cool doge