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  1. Historically Accurate Updates and Balancing

    Lower ttk and less accurate, how deadly
  2. Historically Accurate Updates and Balancing

    Its hard to fix something if you dont even acknowledge that its broken
  3. Historically Accurate Updates and Balancing

    in that regard i agree, yes. Though the point remains, instead of fixing a problem, it just solidifies it
  4. Kv-1 stronk tank

    Oh i do quiet a bit, but this is more bragging than humor. We cant see the other side of the tank, and judging by the fact that a shell penetrated the barrel, we can be pretty sure that this tank took more fire than just that. In addition the way the tank is sitting in that ditch it looks pretty much like the left track is knocked out and the tank drove itself into that ditch There is two things that might have happened: 1. The tank got hit by the 3,7 cm PAKs, had its left track destroyed and took a fairly nice hit to the barrel and the crew abandoned it 2. The 3,7s imobilized it, made the gun useless, and some infantry destroyed it with infantry anti tank weapons. I doubt that this tank was just abandoned and then some one claimed the kill for it randomly (this is not the US army after all) Lets be real here, had they actually worked out some defensive actions rather than hilariously wasting men and material they would have had a chance to stop the germans early on. The way it ran, they where lucky hitler was a delusional cookie that couldnt get his brains to work
  5. Historically Accurate Updates and Balancing

    But it actually is. As long as LMGs and Battle rifles perform like some SMG on steroids, those guns are pretty game breaking, especially if we consider that they also dont have the hipfire penalty of the other LMGs and even have one less equipment point. Why would i ever want to use the STG or the Mp40 if i can have an FG that outperforms both, in cqb and at range
  6. Historically Accurate Updates and Balancing

    well, The AVS was probably one of the worst guns on the field during ww2, but its the best gun in the game The Johnson was practically nothing but a BAR in light, yet it vastly outperforms the BAR The Mg34 and 42 where practically the same, with minor differences in how durable and reliable they are, and a slight ROF difference, yet the difference between both guns is magnificent in the game, and the ROF difference is quiet great. In short, even if it irl was somewhat worse, it can be quiet a lot better in the game. Reminds me of how the FG42 cant be added to infantry because its a paratrooper gun that wasnt used by infantry hm
  7. Historically Accurate Updates and Balancing

    I cant remember since when special forces count as infantry, or paratroopers, or even as both at the same time. Asides, with roughly 100 guns used, we might as well go ahead and ask for the STG 45 and Mg45, after all, those where manufactured
  8. Fixing the Wasting of Vehicles

    And instead of fixing the weapon balance, tada token system. Why fix when you can break more? As for OP: Fix the spawns and no one will spam vehicles, just as a quick reminder, the vehicle spam was not nearly as bad before we got new spawns.
  9. I like yellow people

    The real question is did you get one? and if yes, what is on it
  10. Kv-1 stronk tank

    pretty hilarious if we consider that this tank was knocked out by motorcycles
  11. We need more graphs in the Game!
  12. Tanks are more weak than a player

    I still have to giggle about the fact that the King Tiger is inferior to recon planes
  13. The real reason people play for Germany

    You dont miss anything, its like fighting randoms for the most part both PPS and PPSH offer quiet some competetive play if you know how to, the PPSH still remains one of the best SMGs in the game. Asides, LMGs and ARs render SMGs useless to start with, what counts is how those perform, plus the SA rifle for some part. SMGs are overrated and useless in the current game meta, and so are paras.
  14. What is this?????????

    Probably because their camo is from the 80s.
  15. well tbh, if anything what we need is actual AT guns. Something that allows for a somewhat "equal" fight between infantry and tanks, especially when it comes to ranged combat. This would also allow for the handheld AT weaponry to be reduced to what they actually where during the war, emergency equipment for when tanks managed to slip past the AT guns.