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  1. You made me smile a little, its nice to see the good old " i got no problem but i complain anyway so i get easy mod))))) " still be a thing
  2. i will still happily repeat as i have no problem fighting the jumbo, learn to aim if you want to fight the KT. On a side note, while the "muh best tonk of war IS2 could pen tiger 2 front" is based on mere sekrit dukumint study, it is a simple fact that the jumbo has an additional 50% of its armor added ps. use the meme on everyone complaining about the jumbo, and send kind regards with the note that the jumbo non the less has to much armor
  3. once more i shall dig the meme chest to express the anger growing in me towards the incompetent soviet playerbase
  4. If i wouldnt know any better, i would say that in the first picture the parted line is how the improvement will be, while the lower picture simply shows how currently its wrong Then you realize that reto did the exact oposit, went from a logical muzzle position based shot to a sight based shot and you want to cry because its the oposit of anything logical or realistic At this point it feels like this game is nothing but a joke and the devs are trolling us. It is beyond me who enjoys this kind of RNG mechanics, since no one benefits from it. Its really not that hard to make decent gunplay in this game. Base line of fire of the weapons muzzle Remove crosshairs so no one complains "muh weapon no fire at crosshair, BS" Remove the drunken/ Parkinson sway pattern with something logical Remove conefire and weird spread Add a decent recoil system Remove smoke, yes reto, smokeless powder existed in the 20th century Remove the F+cking headshot multiplier once the weapons rof exceeds 350 rpm (no more stupid cqb headshots - check) But this in the end would require a complete overhaul, and i doubt anything like this will be done since they seem to be happy with their RNG luck mechanics that pretty much nullify any skill.
  5. how about no. - see, since i dont use ammo with any pistol, unless i want to troll (the Nambu modding for the p08 is hilarious), your statement is false You have to get mods with all t1 pistols to make them 3hk, check. The tula is way more accurate and has a higher rof, check. So lets get this straight. The most accurate and fastest pistol has to use the ammo that decreases accuracy the most so it can 3hk. Oh noes how unfair, it still will have higher rof and be more accurate when modded for 3hk than both other pistols. It comes all down to preference in the end, i highly prefer higher rof and greater accuracy for my sidearm way more than that tad bit more of damage, but maybe because im not blind enough to rely to much on a pistol, its an emergency sidearm or something to execute campers, not my main firearm. Thus for me, and the people that share a similar playstyle, the tt33 is the best t1 pistol ps. 2 out of 3 classes that you named as having a pistol as main weapon rely on their vehicle rather than hand held weapons, and the 3rd is just plain stupid unless you want to waste some credits or grief with an AT para (and there i wouldnt use anything but a knife as sidearm)
  6. The one thing i simply fail to understand: Who the love uses ammo/ any damage mod on his pistol (except for the stupid US 2hk revolver). Unless you have to run it as a main firearm (greetings from the AT nub character i suppose), a pistol serves as sidearm. Eg to finish some one off or panic fire in cqb (when using a rifle). The tula has the highest rof and accuracy of all t1 pistols, thus it is pretty much the best sidearm that you can have, unless you got no skill to hit the enemy first, then you got to suck it up and grind for the commissars popgun
  7. pretty much, so it wont happen
  8. You mean women disguised in mens uniform to not get raped by the soviets?
  9. That pretty much is the case already
  10. It sadly still doesnt give an answer to why it takes years (not joking for once) to see new maps down here, or why, if you cant work out new maps as fast as desired, there is no effort in giving the community something to help make maps, like a map making tool and a monthly vote where the best community map is chosen to be looked at by you guys
  11. The first one actually used to be in the suggestion, i cant really tell if it got out by accident or if it was due to the forum changes, il re add it (with a little more detail than a simple line of text) when im done with the tanker and pilot list as well as the camouflage "overhaul", keep in mind though that since i stopped playing the game actively until the broken state of it is fixed, my motivation to actually do something is fairly low (and its summer as well) so it may take a little longer than i anticipated The second sounds fairly interesting, however does not really fit with the base idea, of giving you the choice of how your character should look (asides of pouches/ base gear) unless you make it optional. Having it as an optional thing though (eg having some extra ammo stick out here and there or get a face point with camouflaged) would work fairly well, just like the backpack unlocked via the hoarder badge
  12. Make of map is no fun Make of map take many werk Many werk mean many time, plus no is of fun mean even more time tldr; Making maps is a pretty time consuming thing that requires a lot of work, especially if you have to make new assets, new textures, ensure everything stays with a decent gameflow and is playable. Looking at the current maps, id rather have them work 1 year for 3 maps than a month for each map. (if you ever tried making a big map in any editor, you will see it really takes some time and thought, especially in a game that has limitations such as this one here) The thing regarding the mapmaker, im fairly certain reto has no such thing thus it requires even more time as they have to carve them out of stone like cavemen, eg they cant release such tool for the community. It would non the less be neat to hear about the state of the maps, maybe @Reto.Desji, @Reto.RedBjarne or @Reto.Circinus could give some info
  13. super realistic when you cant hear a man shoot 5m away from you because he sits in a bush even more realistic when the explosions of a tank shelling the house you are in sound as if they are at least 500m away such realism that asides my own shots, i barely hear any because of dank sound system The problem with the new sound system simply is: the sounds are still sheit the sounds muffle way to fast, sounds that would be that muffled after a few hundred meters, in this game are after just a few feet of distance. From a man that is being shot at regularly, i say the only realistic thing is that im starting to get deaf of my own shots /since i have to crank my volume up to even hear footsteps 2 meters away/
  14. I wonder if people will ever learn the difference between historical accurate stats and "muh historical all out accuracy" - which btw would mean that every war would be the same, ever man would die in the very same spot every time, so you may not play at all with this "historical accuracy" that you people come up with every time people talk about accurate stats. Asides that Germany lost the war because of tactical disasters caused by our gröfaz. Not because we had a few tanks less Asides that, it would be lovely to see the tears as soon as the allies realize they are set with 20 pershings per war. for comparission a few tanks below: Pz3 - M3 Lee - RM 96,200 - $55,244 Pz4 - M4a1 - RM 103,500 - $47,725 Pz5 - Jumbo - M4A3 76 - RM 117,000 - $56,812 - $51,066 Pz6 - Pershing - RM 250.000 - $83,273 According to this numbers, German tanks are usually cheaper than their competition tanks. With the tiger being the only exception at being a mere $17.000 more expensive. Since there is no official data about the tiger 2s construction cost, i excluded it, however considering the above, its probably not much more expensive than a tiger. Since the pershing is not even a pershing in its current state, i say it is very well fair that the US has to pay for the privilege of importing korean war gear, and that in numbers the US armored could only dream of during ww2 Where can i buy my Panzerkampfwagen M24 ? since GE has the best light, with the m24 being the best light tank, i must be able to buy it as a german right? asides that, if youd care to take a close look, all tank classes except for light are fairly well balanced, however the majority of medium and low tier tanks hold major advantages for the US
  15. Il happily see you swallow your tongue so you dont have to admit you are wrong