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  1. BlaineUK

    British Commonwealth

    Just a reminder that game development staff specialise in different areas, you aren't going to find the character and weapon modelers reprogramming the RTS side of the game or optimising netcode etc. When the Soviet faction was added, or new weapons or vehicles to existing ones, RTS and gameplay changes were done in tandem by different people, it's not a case of everyone at Reto working on only one single thing based on what a few forum members think should be worked on. So many things can be done in parallel, hence occasionally you see a bunch of skins added to builds because the artist had time to do them.
  2. Unfortunately, I believe the BA will never be a starting rifle for Germany again as too many people are dead set on the idea that the SA is medium range weapon and the BA is a long range weapon and therefore the BA cannot be balanced against the SA because it will never get its one hit kill (with an absent Heavy set). Most other games treat the SA and BA as the same by giving them the same range capabilities but allowing the BA to one hit kill, so its perfectly balanced to have one faction with SA and another with BA as basically the only statistical differences are damage and rate of fire, giving similar Time To Kill numbers. As long as the SA is treated as medium range, the BA as long range and Heavy Set exists, it's probably better to keep both factions starting with SA rifles for the sake of the new players.
  3. I'm not convinced we'll actually see France within the next 3-4 years at all. I have a feeling Reto are going to want to pursue the British (along with a map extension into North Africa with African environments), the Italians and then delve into Japanese stuff with a huge world map expansion with some Asian/Pacific environments for fighting on islands as well as in the India/Burma/China regions (no Chinese faction for a long time either). The two reasons I think this is the pathway are 1) business sense -- these three nations are by far the most popular in the WW2 genre, will bring in the biggest profits, allow Reto to create wide-reaching marketing campaigns to get this game featured in more gaming news sites (meaning more players) and finally open two new completely unique environment sets and 2) On one of the 2017 aircraft plan diagrams they had three new faction aircraft, British, Italian and Japanese, in that order, so it only makes sense to continue working on those three factions as they begin to get equipment. This will give us 6 great factions, and to be honest, the quicker we start working on them and get to that 6, the better I think, it's not like the modelers and map designers are responsible for RTS programming and balance related changes anyway (which people seem to complain about and use as an excuse for not adding factions). Stretching further than 6 standalone factions could turn out to be a design error, particularly if the playerbase has diminished (which is inevitable without huge "expansions" to bring in new players). After the big 6, we could instead look at sub-factions, bringing in a totally new character uniform or two with a small selection of new weapons and vehicles. This can open up France, Finland, Hungary, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India as sub-factions to a parent faction, though having a sub-faction to every parent faction is not strictly necessary as the US and Soviets are unlikely to have any, or at least there is nothing to suggest otherwise.
  4. It's alright, Brits being a sub-faction would only be a temporary affair until such time they are capable of becoming fully standalone. It's only done this way to avoid a repeat of the mess when Soviets were introduced as they started with nothing whatsoever which resulted in Reto being the only Soviet RTS players for a short while. I'm personally a huge proponent of making sure the Brits do eventually become standalone and simply won't settle for them being any sort of permanent sub-faction, but in this case I do see the benefits of slowly working its way to standalone status, it will allow hundreds of people to rank up characters and buy Assault Teams in preparation. Exactly the same as other faction Infantry, is what I believe it should be.
  5. The beginnings of a new faction is long overdue now. There is no reason why we can't get a British Soldier and a few weapons in the next few builds so we can begin ranking them up as soon as possible, it'll give the character and weapon designers something to do at least whilst the programmers work on balancing weapons, armour 2.0, RTS changes, bug fixes etc.
  6. BlaineUK

    PTRD Just Needs To Be Removed...

    Oh boy, here we go. The whole sway/accuracy/cone-fire system is very complex (not even sure I have my head fully wrapped around it yet) so I don't think what you're even asking for is possible. Firstly, to my knowledge it's not possible to have sway larger than the size of your crosshair because sway is based on accuracy (it happens within the crosshair, based on the size of the crosshair). If you want to reduce sway (and therefore increase accuracy), equip precision mods, stand still (don't sidestrafe or move the mouse too quickly) or even go crouch/prone. If you want more sway, equip damage mods etc that make accuracy worse. Also, quickly turning and moving the mouse increases sway because your crosshair size increases dramatically, and that can be reduced by Dead Eye and Quickdraw badges. Secondly, sway is a pre-determined pattern within a square. Heroes & Generals has square "cones of fire", so I'm not really sure why we even call it cones, it's technically a pyramid of fire and all those circles you see on a weapon's state page? Somewhat misleading, they should be squares if we're going off the system that exists but they're not because everyone will go "WTF". If you don't understand what I'm saying, here is what almost everybody thinks it is: Here is what it actually is in Heroes & Generals: If we wanted the PTRD to be like you suggest, really high sway but really accurate, we'll need an entirely new cone of fire system, one that actually makes sense too -- - All of the Adams changes would need to completely disappear (including that strange system where a gun barrel pointed at the chest will see bullets magically fly up to heads and half-randomness). - We'll need actual cones, not squares. - There needs to be no patterns for bullet trajectory, only sway (the only purpose is to simulate human sway in reality). We can use a lissajous curve for this (something like a sideways figure 8 or a couple more curves). - The gun shouldn't have random horizontal and vertical movement in addition to set horizontal and vertical recoil; it should only have recoil, and the bullets go randomly within the cone. If you don't understand what I mean, take a look at the pyramid above -- just before every single time a bullet is fired, the gun moves to where on the pattern it will fire AND it will move again to account for recoil, so basically the gun moves twice, after a bullet is fired to account for recoil and before a bullet is fired to align itself with the randomly chosen point on the preset pattern. Ideally this shouldn't happen, it's completely unrealistic and the only movement that should happen is horizontal or vertical recoil when firing and sway when not firing. This system will then allow you to do what you're asking for with the PTRD: Basically, what I'm describing is very close to real life except for sway patterns, we need a sway pattern just to simulate human sway in reality, but we don't need a bullet trajectory pattern as that's what the cone is for (bullets go randomly within the cone). The downside to this system? Your crosshair on screen will physically move with sway, which might seem strange hipfiring because you're crosshair won't be static in the middle of the screen, but there will be no change when aiming down sights because the crosshair isn't visible. Technically speaking though, the crosshair doesn't HAVE to move in the sway circle, but if you hipfired, when your gun is swaying in the top left of the sway circle, then your bullets will land outside of the crosshair. I don't think a change will ever happen though, the current system just seems to "work" despite it being one huge spaghetti-code mess with magical head seeking bullets and half-randonmess (I'm referring here to bullets being able to go random within the pattern but not the entire square "cone" making the cone as a measure for accuracy not that ideal), and because very few people know about this, there is no appetite to change the cone fire system. I guess the perfect analogy here is people don't give a shirt about being spied on when they don't know they're being spied on, but as soon as they find out, they are deeply annoyed and want things to change (as you can probably guess I'm not exactly a fan of our current "cone" fire system or the Adams changes as they failed to achieve anything meaningful and only made gunplay worse, in my view). -- On the subject of PTRD though, most people that complain about the PTRD being inaccurate are still trying to shoot things standing or crouching. Go prone damnit, you have a huge and heavy anti-tank rifle with massive recoil, not a bolt-action rifle that can be controlled with two hands. When we get Bipods, you should really be forced to deploy before shooting regardless of whether its deployed on a wall, window ledge or the ground (and it should of course be accurate) otherwise people are still going to fire undeployed and complain about it. The best way to teach a new player how best to use anti-tank rifles properly is to simply not let them use it improperly and if they try to undeploy-fire, a hint should pop up saying they must deploy the weapon first. LMGs are of course different they should still be able to be fired undeployed, just with massive recoil so its abundantly clear you're going to want to deploy for anything beyond a few metres.
  7. BlaineUK

    British Commonwealth

    I think we should avoid duplicating weapons across factions wherever possible to keep them unique. I think people should also be reminded the US M1A1 Thompson can't just have a drum-mag attachment (which I've read a couple of times as a suggestion on this forum) because the gun simply didn't accept them, it'll need a whole new variant. A solution to this is to give the US the M1928A1 Thompson (should Reto even decide to add such a variant in the future), the variant in the picture @killer553 provided above, with the drum-mag. These went into mass manufacture just before Pearl Harbour late 1941 and as pointed out, were more commonly used by the US. The British could be given either the M1928 (preferred) or the M1921, both of which can also take a drum-mag and were used in 1940. I don't think they should be top-tier though, they should be PPD/PPSh-esque -- a whole lot of bullets but poor damage and accuracy. The Sten had a better effective range than the Thompson anyway (100m vs 50m). Plus it just makes sense if the M1928 is Tier 0 since it was mostly used early and mid war and phased out mid and late war for the likes of the Sten Mk II, Mk V and some Thompson M1A1s. To be entirely honest though, if it was up to me, I'd stop this whole Tier 2 being better than Tier 1 nonsense. I'm personally more in favour of side-grades so we see a greater variety of weapons amongst the Veteran players. The Sten should simply offer a different playstyle to the M1928, Sten more suited for accuracy and long range, M1928 more suited to close range with high rate of fire and more bullets for room clearing. But, it's clear Reto won't take this route now, they want higher Tiers to be superior, so it has to be picked based on what we want to be more commonplace, with the highest Tier being the weapon everyone is going to want to use, which in this case, is a Sten variant because you know, this is the British/Commonwealth faction, not the US faction.
  8. BlaineUK

    British Commonwealth

    There is some confusion on this issue I admit as different sources can say different things. Everything I've read and heard states that no tanks were ever issued 2-pdr HE ammunition, only AP-HE ammunition (and to my knowledge none were actually used in combat). The only HE shell available for the 2-pdr was in 2-pdr Artillery units. Unless I see multiple, reputable sources that state otherwise, this is what I'm currently lead to believe.
  9. It could work, you just need to think outside the box a bit. Firstly, we need to implement a clan/alliance (Division?) based system that encourages everybody in the community to join a clan. This in itself has benefits because we know games that foster communities tend to have more loyal and longer-term playerbases and players that don't know each other form new friends when joining alliances. You should be able to link your alliance in chat, send out invites etc etc, as in your standard MMO. Being in a clan is all about forming friends, playing together and getting bonuses. Then, you create a faction screen that everyone on the faction can see (Rank 12 minimum) clans leaders can propose things, which could be anything from voting to form an alliance, which has a material impact based on the result, or things that are just text based such as Attack X City, that other clans can see. The alliance proposals are then voted on by all other clan leaders, the amount of votes you get is equal to the number of clan members you have that are Rank 12 and above. Persons that are not in a clan can also vote, but they obviously only get a single vote. This system encourages guild leaders of the same faction to work together by pushing through motions that the majority agree on. In effect, there is your high command, the clan leaders, each deriving their power from how many members they have that have at least one Rank 12 character. The Rank 12 business is to avoid double accounts and not show a very confusing screen to new players or players who don't play the RTS.
  10. BlaineUK

    Update 1.07 - Care Package

    Perhaps now more than ever we need to separate headshot multipliers and set fully-automatic weapons to x2 and everything else x5; I get this was only done for pocket pistols, but the biggest impact comes from the change to how automatics will play at longer ranges as it will result in more one shot luck kills, which I've seen a lot of complaints about. We should be rewarding skill over rewarding luck, in my view, as it can be incredibly annoying. Many people were calling for a reduction in the headshot multiplier to stop fully-automatic luck kills at distance but still obviously keep the precision weapons as one shot killers to reward good aim.
  11. BlaineUK

    British Commonwealth

    For anyone wondering why the Lee-Enfield is the fastest rifle compared to the likes of the 1903, K98 and 1891, I've compiled just a few of the reasons for you: 1) The bolt when closed is located behind the trigger, not in front of it, this means you can work the trigger with your middle finger whilst operating the bolt with your thumb and forefinger. If however, you prefer to work the trigger with your forefinger like you would with a 1903 or K98, then you can simply use the top of your knuckle to open the bolt -- you can't do this with a 1903 or K98, you first have to take your hand off of the trigger, adding time. 2) You can keep your head in exactly the same place looking down the sights when working the bolt as it doesn't come back far. With other rifles, you have to either keep your head back further, or tilt or move your head when operating the bolt (otherwise you'll hit your face!), costing valuable time not only in repositioning the head, but putting the sights back on target. 3) When the bolt handle does come up, it doesn't block the sight picture whatsoever, meaning there's almost no target reacquisition involved, again, valuable time saved as you have to reacquire your target with other bolt-action rifles. Try this with a K98 in real life, when the bolt is up, the sights are totally blocked! 4) Rear locking lugs means that you don't need to actually push the bolt forward a lot when working it. Other WW2 rifles had forward locking lugs, which means you spend more time working the bolt and less time shooting. 5) Bolt rotation is only 60 degrees, the shortest of other most commonly used rifles, which means, again, there's less time spent making huge movements with the bolt. The French went on to copy this on their MAS-36. 6) Positive primary extraction. This is a little harder to explain if you don't know the inner workings of a rifle, but most rifles do cartridge extraction when the bolt head or handle hits a specific cam surface, however, with the Lee-Enfield extraction is a lot more positive as it's all controlled by the bolt lugs. This basically means it's a heck of a lot easier to extract those sticky cartridges, particularly when operating the bolt fast, so you don't waste valuable time messing around with constantly trying to push the bolt backwards and forwards to extract a cartridge. And finally, probably the most important factor when it comes to bolt operation: 7) The Lee-Enfield is the only rifle which is cock on close, rather than cock on open. Ever watched videos where the person operating the bolt is struggling to open the bolt? It's probably because the opening action does multiple things (which means more potential for slowing you down) and you have to put more force into opening the bolt. In a Lee-Enfield, you only need to put force into extraction and not extraction+cocking as cocking occurs only when you're already pushing the bolt forward, where you already have quite a bit of force. Essentially, it means opening and closing is a lot smoother as force is distributed, not "front loaded". All of this put together results in a simple 2 action bolt movement, up at an angle, down at an angle, compared to other rifles, which tend to be 4 actions, up, back, forward, down. If you operate the trigger using your middle finger and the bolt with your thumb and forefinger, you can pull off some pretty quick shooting. Also, a little fun fact, the Commandos had a third, even faster way of manipulating the bolt. They would operate the trigger with their middle or lower fingers and do nothing but push forward on the bolt with their thumb-- they wouldn't close the bolt fully, only hold it forward but not locked down, so when the gun was fired, the gas caused the bolt to fly backwards, allowing the Commando to merely push the bolt forward whilst continually tapping the trigger, effectively turning the Lee-Enfield into a self-loading rifle. This obviously wasn't used for accurate fire though, and some Commandos even did this from the hip for close quarters.
  12. BlaineUK

    When is this new update ?

    I'd still like to see a Q&A dev stream every now and then, with the questions coming from the forum. I miss those.
  13. BlaineUK

    British Commonwealth

    Excellent find, I had no idea that even existed. Will add to the list when I update Pistols. The 1907 is even smaller!
  14. Sort of. You're allowed to use the Walther PPK model, but the gun cannot be called the Walther PPK or PPK and it can't contain any trademarks on the model itself. It just doesn't appear in many WW2 games because it's low on the list of iconic WW2 firearms. If you look at James Bond games however, it appears under a completely different name (PP7 or PP7 Special Issue), but the model is of the PPK; similarly, the Walther P99 (the gun that replaces the PPK) appears under the name Wolfram PP7. So, for Reto to add the Walther PPK to the game, it needs a completely fictional name, or something basic like 7.65mm Police Pistol.
  15. BlaineUK

    British Commonwealth

    Some possible candidates for the smaller Tier 1 pistols. If you have any other ideas, feel free to add. Webley Mk IV Pocket Model: Webley .450 British Bull Dog Model: Webley Mk V: Webley Mk III Pocket Model: