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  1. Make a resizeable HUD, this is a QOL for yesterday my beloved RETO. RETO, you guys need to try your game on a different resolution that isnt FHD and realise that the HUD is overly polluting or unnoticeable for the FPS screen. It feels only optimal to play on FHD 1920x1080 and 2560x1440, but at HD (1280x720) its a big and polluted HUD (huge cap markers, killmarks, team marks and names, notifications...) that you can barely see the game itself sometimes. Now at 4k 3840x2160 you can barely notice parts of the HUD apart from Cap/spotted/rally marks, now health, killfeed, f7 stats... basically things you see on the corners are too small to notice; Now the spawn screen is in bad shape here, its hard to select a spawn point (too tiny) and the spawn options are too small for the size of the screen, it needs to be adressed, its bad to stream it since its hard for players to see your stats/killfeed, the encription always mess the tiny font. Its a thing that I hope it gets addressed, idk about the time required, but it is a necessary and very welcomed QOL along with the option to remove the HUD for cinematics pourpouses or player option. Regards edit: no clue about this white background and cant remove it wth..
  2. Kachaum

    1.15 - THE WAR UPDATE

    Great update! Now I wonder if we are going to get the HUD Resize tool because its way too big on FHD and way to small on 4k.
  3. Kachaum

    Update 1.14 - NEW TANK vs TANK GAME MODE!

    Dear RETO, your matchmaker has never been good at all, now its on full worseness, WE PLAYERS DON'T WANT TO WAIT TO PLAY! Bring back the match list selection and end this cycle of time consuming coding for a system that never worked well please, PLEASE! Once again I repeat on caps lock WE PLAYERS DON'T WANT TO WAIT TO PLAY!
  4. Kachaum


    abra o jogo e depois o H&G sync (que abre junto) clica em File - editlocalsettings.ini e depois muda o "render.resolution="800x600" e veja se da certo.
  5. Kachaum

    Jogar com gringos

    O pouco que sei é que passado 5 mins de procura no MM (meu caso) tu vai ser jogado nos servidores gringos, seria mais fácil colocar um filtro pros jogadores selecionarem aonde desejam jogar, mas pra reto n sei qual é as intenções, tiram pick battle e deixam nessa forma cega de cair em match. edit: o matchmaker sempre vai usar o lider do esquadrão como referencia pro server, então atualmente se tu quer jogar com os gringos pede prum gringo squad e seja feliz.
  6. Kachaum


    Dica: se joga no browser quando começa a partida é bom deixar o tamanho da janela bem pequena, arrastar o canto pra ficar uma mera aba, eu fazia isso aqui quando tinha pouca RAM e dava uma melhorada no fps.
  7. Kachaum

    H&G Está a morrer lentamente.

    Tá difícil mesmo, o que da a entender para quem joga a anos é que o jogo aos olhos dos devs o jogo esta pronto, o que resta é criar limitações para aumentar o grind e extrair mais cash dos newcomer ao invés de adicionar conteúdo mais complexo e inovador e que realmente adiciona algo ao jogo. Pelo menos já temos um Beijing Simulator no mercado...
  8. tinha a interface mais antiga ainda e bem mais temática, reto é expert em perder tempo fazendo o desnecessario
  9. Kachaum

    Out of memory

    ??? video game tem os mesmos componentes de um pc, só que por ser um sistema embarcado tem mais desempenho que um PC que necessita divergir sua "potencia" para outros processamentos que sempre vão estar em segundo plano. Tu pode mudar a resolução do jogo pelo HG sync (programa que abre quando tu loga) vá nesse programa clique em FILE -> edit localsettings.py render.resolution="XXXXxXXXX"
  10. Kachaum

    Out of memory

    O flash é usado somente na interface do jogo no browser e não tenho certeza se no stand-alone da steam, o Action Game não roda no flash, é a retox engine deles que roda o fps.
  11. Kachaum

    Upcoming F-build stuff

    Is there the possibility to add an AT filter? Something like a tiny icon for infantry, tank, recon, paratrooper and plane on top of the ATs on Generals map? Or maybe an option to sort by AT type?
  12. Kachaum

    Não consigo sobreviver muito tempo

    Olha vivente, recomendo sempre que capturar ficar tocaia e não ser spotado e tenteiar matar a mais de 200m (não rende muito ambos) se tu é dos que sabe mirar bem na teia vai de rifle semi-automatico e fica caçando as testa alheia que ai sim rende o trosso, é melhor do que usar um rifle BA pra upar a ribbon recon.
  13. Kachaum

    Sobre os times de assalto (WAR)

    O personagem que é dono da AT ganha XP dependendo do que os jogadores fizeram na batalha com tuas tropas.
  14. I wish soviets could get some overall love by reto, our armour is garbage vs armour and inf, the sloped t34s/t70/su85 armour is completely denied by OPcr shells, the lack of gun depression is a really annoying downside, alot of times you get surprised and cant fight back because the enemy tank is in a lower position (nor your slopped armour will be more effective cuz OPCR again). Our overall armour is bad and expensive to maintain, our Heavy is the worse AND ITS FULL REPAIR COST IS 71750!!! More than the King Tiger itself without 2x zoom and a impenetrable frontal armour. We should have the KV available as a heavy tank, it would help on making the heavy armour AT useful (Axis got the inexpensive Tiger I, Americans should get a counterpart too... the Jumbo?) The only Pros of soviet tanks are 85mm weapon APCR shell high speed that you can use with the exaggerated up depression to shot planes and the exposed driver forward hatch protection. I know the PTRD and T-20 are satifactory but both are the only equipment the soviets have that give joy for the faction, we dont have weapons that dominate on CQC effectively and the AVS is a half weapon with its bullet capacity. The soviets need their SMGs to be great again, the current state of ppsh and pps are deplorable against anyone that uses Heavy Set gold, if one day we get clan wars then the soviets wouldnt even need to join because we would get always undergunned.
  15. Kachaum

    Nova Build

    Pior build que eles já largaram no jogo disparada, Squad 2.0 sendo desenvolvida a mais de anos e sai crua desse jeito e cheia de limitações e falhas e ainda toma o espaço de mt coisa que funcionava bem, a unica coisa positiva dessa build é que agora o povo ta se mexendo e sendo mais agressivo no jogo. Infelizmente já era esperado o fracasso da build, já que todo jogador veterano sabe que a maioria dos devs mal conhecem o jogo deles e não ouvem o feedback de nenhum grupo de teste antes de jogar essas bostas mal pensadas e projetadas no live.
  16. Kachaum

    D-Build Discussion

    +1 bring back the working HG, squad 2.0 is yet too raw, the class limitations is lame, no manual battle pick is shirt, you cant change squads in-game is a bad thing. WHY KILL THE GOOD FEATURES TO IMPLEMENT THIS???
  17. Kachaum

    Render device problem causing crashes

    Had this kind of problem, starting with screen artifacting and then driver crash and recovery on a R9 290x, the way I solved it is resetting Power Limit and Core/Memory overclock on the MSI afterburner or Crimsom to default values.
  18. Kachaum

    Please Help. AMD users!

    I had a similar problem if not the same runnning the game with a ATI 6780 and 4GB RAM (the issue started back on Irwin build or idk, sometime when the LOD were added ingame). I tried ANYTHING I could (annoyed the support guys alot), when I added a +4gb RAM to my system the problem was solved, so you prob need to UP your gear.
  19. Kachaum

    Churchill Update - Changelog

    This PPS43 nerf is a bad joke... :cry:
  20. Kachaum

    TankCrewMan - Problema

    Tank Crewman não usa rifle SA nem BA e nem metralhadoras, só submetralhadoras e pistolas.
  21. Kachaum

    "Special light bolt"

    I got the bundle just to test if the mod was transferable to higher tier SMGs and its not. :cry:
  22. Kachaum

    Pergunte aos Veteranos

    Sinto-me estranho... só pressionar print screen no teclado abrir o paint e ctrl + v. Olha se o programa H&G sync ta rodando, ele normalmente abre quando loga no jogo, checa se o anti-virus ta bloqueando o programa tb. Se nenhum dos 2 der certo e tu tiver usando a versão steam tenta a versão browser game.heroesandgenerals.com.
  23. Kachaum

    Bundles are Awesome!

    Its surely a nice addition, my only wish is that the SMGs special light bolt could be transferable to tier 2 SMGs.
  24. Aqui tbm ta ocorrendo isso no inicio da partida, uns 3~5 segs de de travadeira logo q spawna na primeira vez, depois roda liso.
  25. Kachaum

    Bauer Update - Changelog

    IS2 still the worse heavy garb in the game even with apcr...